How Long With The Recession Last?

Capricorn darkMost feel we’re in a (world-wide) recession even if it’s not been formally announced, outside of Germany. I’ve been avoiding writing about Pluto’s last period in Capricorn, hoping for something definitive to occur that would be acknowledged by conventional media.  This way I could avoid (Pisces) being called morose (Saturn).

I’m giving up on this now, because many of us can see the Emperor has no clothes. With this is acknowledged, we can look ahead.

What’s ahead is Pluto is headed back into Capricorn. I have associated this transit with “collective depression” for a ten years. I’ve also chronicled the demise of businesses of all types, all the way back to 2007, then yesterday, I wrote about Pluto retrograde back into Capricorn, explaining that we can expect more of the same.

I am not sure what kind of devastating surprise we may see with Pluto in Aquarius, but I’m pretty sure, the period when Pluto is wrapping up in Capricorn will be stark.  Recession, depression, call it what you will.  I expect it to be sustained into 2025 at a bare minimum. This is best case scenario.

On the upside, Uranus and Pluto will form a trine beginning in 2025, to be supported by Saturn and Neptune in Pisces.  To see the outer planets in harmony gives me a lot of hope.

What do you think?

42 thoughts on “How Long With The Recession Last?”

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    Madeline Kasian

    The complete remaking of America is in process.. and of course, world economy is affected as well. I see it as a time to lay low a bit , to keep being frugal, volunteering, studying.. fortifying relationships where I can, cutting off the hangers on who sap my energy, and offering my assistance to anyone who is in need, spiritually, or in other ways. Friends come to me for advice and astrology and tarot.Oddly, I have mediumistic tendencies that come and go as they will.. and lately the ancestors, and other people’s relatives have been coming through.. what’s up with that?I have never formally studied mediumship… maybe the “other side” is trying to save this Earth!!! I am personally pulling out of a 2 year doldrum.Our son is finally recuperating from a long illness.I am recuperating form the stresses that entailed.. I am actually feeling in a better cycle than in a long time but the larger picture is stark..I’m an elder now,I have been here before. Resilience and faith are called for. I am always working on that.

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    Madeline Kasian

    Also, have seen many small businesses in my are closing due to low business and/‘or inability to hire enough staff! A lot of “consolidation” and less choice. I am told I am not supposed to shop at Walmart, at amazon, now at Target..I don’t usually express my political alliances that way.I am retired, I have to shop somewhere affordable! I have tried to patronize local shops..we have a bike shop where I get my tunes up and bought my helmet.If we do go out to eat it is ALWAYS at a locally owned place, not a chain. But the $$ are figuring in. Becoming LESS of a consumer if def. a way to go.I buy clothes only at my local consignment shop—cause it’s fun and affordable too and keeps more out of the landfill. Other than that we buy what we need to keep our home in good repair.I think many of us will be in a “GET BACK TO BASICS” frame of mind as Pluto moves backwards..

  3. You have been correct Elsa with predicting businesses closing. And correct on the recession, which I had the same thoughts on (the Emperor Wears No Clothes). It kept getting “predicted” in the media but never landed there. Maybe it will this time.
    I heard on the BBC news a news correspondent mention A.I. and a potential to send Killer Robots to war, but he warns against the dangers of this and we shouldn’t do it because it could quickly get out of control. He said we are living in Sci-Fi times. He felt that the government (and I can’t believe it was even released before safe guards were put in control of it) would not be able to control A.I. but should be on the lookout for mis use in war fare, where the real harm could come from. This what we are facing at the moment with Pluto going into Aquarius.

  4. I think you are right,Elsa. I have been preparing for recession.
    I have also been noticing push back on AI…but for how long? Chat GPT is already banned in some schools here. IT is smarter than us. Quicker at ‘thought’. The thing that worries me most is we designed it. Made it in our image. IT has access to all on line knowledge, including history. IT will make us lazy and ultimately redunant. I keep getting ‘Terminator’ imagery. Spy drones. Fighting robots coming…Our brains are already changed.It happens so easily. Time wasted scrolling-we are like lab rats rewarded with pelletts. I turned off FB. Everything, but here. Got to have truth tellers, Elsa.

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    victoria gale

    I have Sun (Leo 27 degrees) conjunct Pluto (Virgo 0 degrees) (natal) with Pluto leading the way on the cusp of 12th house or just inside the 12th, depending on chart system. It’s been a damn weird ride all along and getting weirder all of the time. My son was born with 0 degree Aries Sun and 0 degrees Capricorn asc. I have Chiron in my Aquarius 5th house and Saturn hovered over it for all of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. I saw that Saturn transit years before it happened and held my breath through it. So much bewildering strangeness for my son and myself during that time and I thought we had survived the worst of it as Saturn pulled away from exact when my son was murdered on Jan. 29, 2022. The worst of my grief for him was that he died not understanding what happened to him – truthfully, it has taken me this long to figure it all out. I go to his grave and tell him what really happened and who was behind it. It’s so damn weird that I can’t possibly tell anybody else (other than my daughter who lived through it as well and knows) as they will think I’m insane or in denial through grief. I don’t have high hopes at all for Pluto in Aquarius.

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        victoria gale

        Thanks, Elsa. Your comment came into my e-mail and it brought tears to my eyes. Something about the non-questioning acceptance and support is a relief.

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        victoria gale

        Thanks, Elisa. It’s been great to be able to talk frankly about it without fear of judgement. This is a fine community.

  6. @victoria gale You are not insane. It is horrific and my heart goes out to you as I am sure from many others who read this. May your son hear you and finally be at peace. So gut wrenching ((((victoria)))) Glad you came here and felt safe enough to share with us.

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    victoria gale

    Thanks Astrojazz. I hope he does hear me but I tell him every week just in case he missed it :). I left out that his Mars, North Node and Jupiter conjunction is right on my Sun/Pluto conjunction. Astrology – you can’t make this shit up. 😉

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    victoria gale

    His Mars and NN are in Leo at 27 and 28 degrees respectively in his 8th house and Jupiter is at 2 degrees Virgo in his 9th house and the guy that pulled the trigger was born Mexican and naturalized here. See what I mean? It is so literal that you can’t even make this shit up. I get nauseous looking at our charts now.

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      As a mom with a son, reading about the loss of your son felt like a small loadstone on my heart. The feeling of no air and the blood draining away. From one mother to another, I truly grief for both of you. I know the only thing I can do as a stranger is wipe my eyes and hold a space for you and your daughter in my thoughts today. As many do at this moment Im sure. Thanks for letting us in.

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        victoria gale

        Thank you so much for your thoughts on this Memorial Day. I did feel safe sharing with this community and I’m grateful for that. I’ll tell Adam of your thoughts and wishes for us when I visit him today. I hope you have an enjoyable day with your family. Give them a big hug from me and my daughter.

  9. I really dread the return of Pluto to Capricorn since I have seen an obvious shift in Aquarius. I associate Pl-Capricorn with old patriarchy which I am personally more than sick of. Old men telling young women what they can do with their bodies. Banning books; are book burnings next? Returning to 16th century ideas. Repression, regression and perhaps recession of a sort. At least there is an end in sight. But, with Jupiter in Taurus (at least when its not retrograde or in some negative aspect) and Saturn in Pisces making decent aspects in the US chart this yr and next
    will bring some help on the money front.

    1. Nobody is banning books. SANE people ARE taking Pornography out of SCHOOLS to protect our children from deranged Psychopaths. And thank God for young and old, men and women standing up for children! The Leftist Marxist Satanists HAVE brought the DARK AGES to America, the only Repression is the consciousness of pedophiles attempting genocide on children via Trans Sterilization. Thankfully we see now and they can’t escape what’s coming for them!

      1. You have been reading to many conspiracy theories my friend. Pornography is not included in school curriculums and leftist Satanists are a figure of your imagination.

    2. pluto in any sign i notice is horrible. the dark side is really really bad. I’ve seen alot of uprisings towards women too, example, poland had women on the streets protesting all through pluto capricorn about abortion.

  10. I agree with you, Leslie, l’d like to see the end to the gobbledygook pushed by ignorant narrow-minded people. SANE my arse! Maybe a more inclusive enlightened Pluto in Aquarius will help.

    1. Oh look! Another Pro-Pedophilia Sexualizing Kids Fan! Come on out! Let’s see who is for Crimes Against Children here. I’m sure Elsa wouldn’t mind!

  11. Historically Pluto in Aquarius has always put women to the forefront. It is after all about humanity.

    1. I too think this transit could potentially empower women..or at least raise those issues from the dead. Journaling here—

      Pluto in Capricorn set a lot of limitations on everyone, and all of reality

  12. For at least the past 15 years I’ve been telling people that 2025 is when “The Tower” will fall and civilization as we know it, especially in the USA, will have to change and be reborn, It’s been a long, excruciating ride watching this happen. I just want it to be over so we can begin to rebuild fresh. Perhaps its my double Aries and Sag Asc. But it’s also my Virgo MC and Capricorn moon…lets get to work, lets take control, lets heal. But as in hospice care, the decline is hard to witness. Much less live. I have been unable to afford my own rental for a year now, after divorce and forced relocation 1300 miles away.But….My hope is we will come together as small local communities and let the government and consumerism fall to the ground as The Tower….

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      Madeline Kasian

      Holly, you might enjoy reading an old book called “The Fourth Turing..” It is a sociological look at the cycles in progress, from past to the future..for USA AND the world and all of it syncs pretty perfectly with the astrological cycles.I like that it delineates the generational shifts.. there are young people who are coming up now who will be at the helm of the changes.. the chaos we have now is a part of the process of the tearing down.. it is painful! But over time, rebuilding, a fourth turning, and a new first turning, will happen. We have to secure our base right now, draw loved ones near,create small “tribes” for ourselves of people we can count on and vice versa.. and get through the muddle.There will be a rebirth.I may be a bit long int he tooth to enjoy it fully but I kind of like knowing my very elder years may be more peaceful than THESE times are!

      1. If the Cabal of Satanic Pedophile Human Trafficking Eugenists at the Helm of the World now are not Totally DEFEATED in this WW3 Information War, their PLAN is to eliminate us which nobody will survive. It’s just that simple. Pluto can watch over the ruins of a once-great Western Civilization.

          1. No, actually, American children being sterilized by a Satanic Cult will continue to be on BLAST from here on out. Better get prepared.

      2. Thanks for this Madeline I will surely look up this book. Enjoy reading all viewpoints. We all live in our own universes after all. 🙂

      3. Oh yes! The Fourth Turning, by Willian Strauss. I hear that referenced sometimes. Very interesting. Good reminder that I should pick that up.

  13. Even though they keep silent, there is no doubt of the recession going on. Pluto in Cap will close down on the last ones of these businesses, top management types and what else, to get it all pruned for good.

    And at the same time I see the ChatGPT/AI wave take form, though now that Pluto is retrograde, we are “re-shaping” our perception a bit, to move forward more consciously (hopefully!) in the autumn.

    It not either or, it is more like “this but also THAT” – and with Saturn in Pisces, we are seeing a lot of smoke around issues that should be crystal clear.
    Pisces is excellent at swimming both ways, so I guess that’s what it all boils down to. But with Pluto now entering Cap, there will be endings. And big endings, cause Pisces is the final sign, and these endings will be a bit more crystallized, and definitely more concrete/no going back type of endings.

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