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moon signIt’s usual to have a preference for certain sun signs when scanning for romance. But have you ever thought about the moon sign of your potential partner?

Some years ago, I realized every man I’ve ever had a serious involvement with had his moon in either Scorpio or Aquarius. There are no exceptions! I don’t know how this escaped me for 25 years but it did.

When I realized this, it was pretty confusing.   Outside of being Fixed signs, Scorpio and Aquarius don’t have a lot in common!  Scorpio will get all the way inside you – Aquarius will not! What does this mean?

Well, I don’t know. I know I like intensity and quirkiness. It’s almost ten years since I realized this. Today, I’ll say, they’re both extreme.  You may not see Aquarius as extreme but we’re talking about the moon here, which forms attachments. In Aquarius? Attachment?  It almost seems I like to be agitated.

Can you identify a pattern in regards to the moon sign(s) you gravitate towards. What do you think it means?

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  1. yeah I tend to partner with other fire signs… and weirdly I’ve been attracted to a lot of Cap moons which I don’t get other than being cardinal.. since I have an Aries moon.

  2. I think house plays a big part too… I attract a lot of Leo moons, my Aries Moon is in 5th… or I attract a lot of 9th house moons with my Moon conjunct Jupiter

  3. maybe because aquarius and scorpio have uranus in common, scorpio exalted in uranus and the formers ruler is uranus. Although i think that maybe the mars /venus plays a part and goes into someone’s moon sign. i realized after doing charts correctly, my husband and the last bf i had were virgo moons. (i always thought he had leo moon like my first husband but nope, the birth time is still virgo though) I prefer them to be honest. It fits my virgo mars. And they were sag mars, which fits my sagittarius moon. lol like a perfect fit. plus my husband is actually stellium in 4th. makes more sense. he’s a homebody like me, thank god. two homebodies is perfect. i dont like them going off on all hours and adventuring while i’m crying alone at home. ;_; we can sit together just being together xD

    1. i just had an epiphany or flash of thought. Since Scorpio is exalted in Uranus, Scorpio in general likes things NOT boring and to shake things up and changes in people, not stagnant. That makes alot of sense. Uranus is the liberator, and thus, change, not boring.

  4. I married a Pisces Moon and I have a Virgo Moon. He is a Virgo Sun. I have been very attracted to Virgos all my life (women as friends and men in general) but don’t have knowledge of what those people had as Moon signs. They say opposites attract. My Sun is in the 12th so it understands the Pisces energy but we feel opposite a lot – ie “What do you want to do? Go out or stay home?” Me “Go out” him “Oh…I was going to stay home.” Him “Do you want this piece or this piece?” me “That piece” “oh you want the piece I wanted, but that’s okay”. Me”I chose that that piece because I like them less burnt”. “I like mine burnt so that’s fine.”😵‍💫Communication is not our forte.

  5. My Gemini Venus seems to have the word in this. First husband Libra Moon, Second Aquarius. Venus is my only not water or earth planet up to Uranus in my chart.

  6. It seems many Aquarius usually are more cold in their emotions. I would think if the moon is Aquarius they would be more so. I notice a high number of Aquarius on the dating site. Wondered about that??

    1. maybe those aqua suns have alot of libra and they cant help but partner up. its the energy. and maybe they have a strong 8th or scorpio personal planets. Scorpio loves other people’s energies, they need it. so maybe those aquas can’t help it. but usually aqua like to stay single, focused on bachelorhood. but every sun sign has different energies, but going deeper into chart gives you explanations. and you will go Ah-A!!! no wonder they love to partner.

  7. The first one had Sag Moon, the second Pieces, the third Leo as do I, the fourth Scorpio moon, and the last and current one Gemini. But I do attract Gemini Venus or ASC. I have NN and Chiron in Gemini, maybe because of that. And tho I’m mostly water, I tend to attract Air Signs. Especially Aquas.

  8. I am Aquarian who was married to a Pisces with Aquarian moon for 10 years. Now with an Aquarian with Aquarian moon for 33 years. So yeah, I like Aquarian moons.

    I think it means I like individuals who don’t fit any mold, who think independently and who give me plenty of space to do my things.

    Also, other signs like Cancer seemed to expect a level of emotionality that I could not live up to. Leos, who I really like a lot, found me a little too cold and withdrawn even when I didn’t mean to be.

    An Aquarian moon just seems to allow me to be myself.

    1. Very interesting! Aqua sun DOES get well along with Aqua moons in my experience too.

      Do you have a pisces moon too? Libra ascendant? Scorp Venus?

  9. In agreement with Signs and Houses given to commonality for success in relationships.
    My Virgo eighth house Sun is compatible with my husband’s Scorpio moon.
    My husband is a Virgo and I have the Moon in the sixth house.
    We find it very easy and comfortable to be together. Intensity and passion for good or bad go along way in this relationship but it does seem to work.
    Another observation I have noticed is that opposites attract like a magnet.

  10. Leo Moon husband.He likes to see me dressed up to go out to dinner. Tells me how nice I look, often. He likes to dress up himself, once in a while.. Brings me flowers (brought roses today!) and generally is a romantic guy! I am happy with this. We’re both Sun in Cancer.His Aquarian Ascendant is calm cool and collected but boy does the Leo moon express itself in our relationship.I am appreciating it a lot lately, when some stresses are hitting our family.

  11. I always found that I preferred the moon sign of a partner, to any sun sign. I love pisces moon, dated them exclusively through my teens, 20s and 30s- it takes me away…i like to swim in their eyes… that said, now in my mid-40s, I haven’t been with one in years, I am a libra with a libra moon with an aries with an aries moon. It is definitely not as dreamy.

  12. My ex-husband and current bf are both Libra Suns with Virgo Moons. I’m an Aries Sun with a Cancer Moon, so it’s been rough, lol.

  13. I’m experiencing a bit of a twist to this..I have a very good male friend who is Capricorn sun with a Sag moon. I’m a Sag sun with a Capricorn moon..I’m enthralled with this man, not only do I find him physically attractive but I’m mentally drawn in. Problem is he only wants to be friends..the positive side is it’s still a lovely relationship even if it’s only platonic. 🙂

    1. aw i was watching ” the crown” where lady diana went to new york in 1989
      and i remember she is an aquarius moon. I cried too much. she is so different from Camilla who is cancer sun cancer moon. That aquarius moon is really the ” people’s moon” as she was the ” people’s princess” ^^

  14. Carl Jung did a paper on long-term relationships & astrology. I read it a long time ago but as I remember he cited 3 main connections. Sun conj Moon, or Moon conj Moon or ASCs opposite each other. I’ve seen these over & over & they make total sense to me when I consider the function of Sun, Moon & ASC in a chart.

  15. There’s a pattern. Most of the guys I’ve liked either had air or Cancer moons. The exceptions being one Virgo moon (just a crush) and one Capricorn moon (a dirtbag I got bored with).

    I’m currently smitten with a most likely-Libra, possibly Scorpio moon. Gotta tease out his birth time and make a plan.

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