How To Deal With Pluto Transiting Aquarius

Pluto planetTara asked on Meaty Psych & Astrology, if I were going to hold a workshop on Pluto in Aquarius.  I don’t plan to, because I don’t think it would be that helpful.

Saturn transits a sign for 2.5 years. You have a job to do. If you can define the job (with or without help), you can work through whatever the issues are, and ultimately be successful. Outer planets are something else, entirely.

Pluto will transit Aquarius for around 20 years.  The changes this transit will bring will be largely out of your hands, though you can choose how you react.

To understand, let’s look at Pluto transiting Capricorn.  I was writing about businesses closing, immediately after it ingressed into the sign. I could see my own neighborhood transform in real time: I reported this!

I’m talking about watching the restaurant, Jason’s Deli, where I used to take my kids for muffalettas. It closed; a Planned Parenthood opened in it’s place.  Just think about that.

“Let’s go to Jason’s!”

Now fast forward to today and consider all the independent businesses lost in the pandemic, when people in power forced us to shop in specific venues.

We’re now coping with waves of layoffs as businesses close or consolidate.  Further, in my opinion there will be finale, before Pluto leaves Capricorn for good.

Note these things were all outside my control. I could witness them and I feel there’s a benefit to being aware, but we cannot control outer planets.  We can channel the energy, but that’s something different.

If you want astrology to help you with this upcoming period, this is the thing to grasp, again, in my opinion:

Shellshocked! Adjusting To Pluto In Aquarius

Capricorn is slow. It’s, Roto Rooter.  Aquarius is instant.

This is why you hear this: “Slow, slow, slow and then all at once.”

You will have to adapt. There is no other way.

Also, check the tag. I’ve been covering this since 2015. There is a lot information on this site.

8 thoughts on “How To Deal With Pluto Transiting Aquarius”

  1. Yes the retail mix in neighbourhoods has been devastated in Toronto, Canada. Mom & Pop places replaced with condos, marijuana joints and electronics and dollar stores. Not very interesting except in the monied areas.

    1. Killed the family… and the family business. Wrote about it extensively. while people stared.

      No one takes their kids to lunch anymore! I could write about this all day.

  2. I have sun/moon/merc/chiron in aquarius in the teens, 4th house Ive been told last night that Iam aggressive by my much younger gf a gemini with mars in aries, I said no Iam sarcastic and to the point. Iam looking forward to the next decade and what all I can f-up. oh joy!

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