People With Pluto In Virgo; Tweaked By Stellium In The Sign

Stellium in Virgo october 2015Do you have Pluto in the early degrees of Virgo? ย If so, this stellium, in effect today, in sure to have you tweaked.

If you have Pluto in Virgo in the later degrees – your turn is coming. The stellium will be sustained into November. See Good Fortune.

Many of our USย congressmen and women have this placement. It’s a good, visible example of how this is playing out. Deeply stirred and disturbed, basically.

Do you have Pluto in Virgo? ย What’s happening?

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    Just pluto hitting my moon. But I’m used to that my whole life. Best wishes to those being tweaked. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. If you have Pluto in Virgo in the later degrees โ€“ your turn is coming.

    Something to look forward to then! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (I have it late in Virgo and Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus too, and then Venus in Libra, all in the 11th. So. Not freaking out.)

    [‘Also, not a member of the House GOP, but am highly entertained by the hijinx.’]

  3. Pluto @Virgo 11, 4th house, closely conjunct the angle. Family members disrespecting my boundaries and me getting bitchy with them about it. It’s true that I’ve allowed them to ill-use me over the past few months, and I must accept responsibility for that… but it’s also been a peculiar situation, directly related to 4th house stuff. The law and Child Protective Services are involved (not with me, but with a couple of my family members). I’ve had to say to them, in no uncertain terms, “look–if you are planning to ask me for something that simply makes your lives more convenient, but isn’t a legitimate need, *don’t even ask me for it.* You got yourselves into this, and I am not going to absorb or mitigate the fallout of this for you any longer.” This couple is early Sadge sun and early Pisces sun… I get why it’s happening, and with a child involved, it’s harder to “detach.” But there are *some* boundary lines that have to be drawn, and I’ve had to identify them and draw the lines *hard.* I’m concerned things will get even harder as we move into Capricorn toward the end of the year. My chart orientation is very “cardinal,” and 3-8 Capricorn is a very sensitive spot in my natal chart… Christmas and New Years, of course, and family will be all around us this year … LOL/ugh.

    1. We have to have boundaries with clients, family and the world! If we did not have them, we would be drained, financially, mentally and physically! Bless you!

  4. Pluto at 4 degrees Virgo. I’ve been on a mission to cut out the clutter in my apartment and striving for a cleaner, safer environment. Over the last year or so I’ve purchased a carpet cleaner, steam cleaner for my tile floors, and various other cleaning implements. On a personal level my attitude is changing with Pluto conjunct natal Saturn and exactly opposite my Sun. First do no harm BUT take no shit. I’ve had to draw a line in the sand with family members who have been drunk dialing me. I even got rid of the phone because it only gave me anxiety attacks when it rang and it will save me $300 a year to be rid of it. They have to write me now because I won’t give them my new free cell phone number unless and until they promise not to call me drunk. It pains me to do so but is necessary for my mental and emotional health. I haven’t gotten any response from the last letter I sent a month ago. Seems many non-essential things are falling by the wayside and I hope some of this energy will help me lose pounds and inches. If I could only lose my taste for chocolate.

    1. I know the feeling of family calling drunk. It irritates the crap out of me, too. My brother never calls me when he is sober, but when he gets drunk, he wants to call and go on and on. I like your motto, “Do no harm, but take no shit.”
      I wish you luck. But I will never lose my taste for chocolate. Haha! My brother has not called in a month, so, I am hoping he will stop calling while drunk.

  5. Jupiter is almost conjunct my Uranus/Pluto, everything else is squaring my Gemini Sun/Mercury. I feel great, hopeful even. Did I just doom myself? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Pluto @ 14.09 Virgo, Uranus @ 9.56. Deeply stirred and disturbed for sure. Especially since both trine my Sun and Merc in Cap, sextile Neptune in Scorp for added clarity – NOT!

    1. You can go here:

      Go to the extended chart section and put your information in and you can choose Placidus, Equal or any other system that you want to use and you can choose the style of charts to use. This will help you see what your chart looks like.

      Elsa works with the Equal system and it is pretty accurate. You can order charts from her and you will get an interpretation of your chart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have Pluto at 7 degrees in Virgo, and opposing Jupiter, so don’t know how this will affect me. No other planets in Virgo though.

  8. Pluto at 7 Virgo/12th house, Chiron opposite. Neptune and Jupiter are playing havoc with me now, and have resulted in a health downtown (I’m sorry for your help issues, Elsa! Mebbe you know what I’m talking about…) With Merc turning today in the 1st, it’s like I’ll now start to climb up that hill again! Need more energy, a recovery. All depends on it. Feel better soon, Elsa!

  9. I’m a last degree Virgo, so I’ll be ‘watching’ with my learning goggles on, in order to be prepared.

  10. I don’t have Pluto in Virgo, but I noticed this. People around 45-55 are on edge. I love the energy myself. I feel tons of grace.

  11. Pluto at 16 (Uranus at 14 and moon at 18) in Virgo in my first house. Major transformation in my way of thinking. A HUGE shift. I feel like my mental health depends on learning this. It’s difficult, it’s a long process, and I’m worried and losing some sleep over it but it feels like part of the process.

  12. My Pluto is at 27* of Virgo and my Sun is 28* Virgo. I feel drained of energy right now. Just got over a cold and I have a dr appointment this week. I have a packed Virgo, 8th house and right now, all I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep. UGH!

  13. Hi, Elsa! It’s me from waaaay back in the old blog days. Remember the one with Sun and Moon conjunct in different houses, and a great honking stellium? Pluto’s at 5 Virgo, with Moon at 0, Venus at 16, and Neptune at 6, all Virgo. Sun’s at 29 Leo, Mercury at 20 Leo, and Uranus at 21 Leo.

    Lately, I’m all antsy, restless, and all about connecting and reconnecting with various people and how that’s going to work. There’s a lot of joy in much of it, but wow, am I surprised at how I’ve changed (and what I won’t put up with any more).

    Anyhow, HELLO!

  14. Pluto and Uranus are tightly conjunct at 18 th degree on my 10th house. I have been very nervous about my career and can not sleep much. A Lot of things have been happening at my work place, a lot of manupulations and enemies,but also supportive good people. I am not sure how things would turn out at the end. Very stressful. Also, I am experiencing my Chiron return and Neptune is transiting on my IC and natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn will be squaring my natal Saturn in 4th house soon. I need a nervous system as strong as steel. If I don’t loose my sanity, I will reborn very powerful with my Scorpion stelium.

  15. Yes, I have Pluto @ 3 degrees of Virgo in the 9th house and yes, I’ve been deeply stirred and definitely disturbed by a meddlesome family member, but I’m hoping with the new Moon in Libra, I’ll get some clarity and boundaries because I’m so tired of giving so much energy into this dysfunctional relationship and I need to get a life. I’m a Libra Sun/Gemini Moon and I’m having problems cutting this person off, but hoping now since Mercury went direct today and Venus is out of it’s shadow, this relationship will ease up, but basically I know it won’t because this person is jealous of me…and I have to let go and it’s scary but I know I’ve got to do it eventually.

  16. Not pluto at early degrees but uranus at 7 degrees. Pluto is at 13 degrees, moon @ 14. I have been laughing recently to myself. I figure its transiting jupiter to pluto/moon. All tenth house. So what will happen to my status?

  17. My Pluto is in Scorps, so that’s not the problem. Tr. Jupiter though is squaring my Uranus, and every time they’ve had transit contacts, I’ve moved house. This time though, I haven’t. I’m totally waiting for shit to hit the fan, because I’ve always had it with Jup/Ur. Current transit Pluto conjunct my Jupiter has helped me revamp my idealistic views of the world. The world really isn’t as nice as I hoped it would be.

    Perhaps this is just preparing me for Saturn conj. my poor (idealistic and optimistic) Sag sun.

  18. All in my 12th house. Feeling like I’m in limbo. Hopeful, restless, and like there is one thread left to my rope.

  19. moon (12 degrees) and pluto (26 degrees) in virgo. i was accused of something that prompted me to suddenly delete/give up my online crutch for the last 5 years. it feels…like the right thing to do even though i’m feeling the phantom limb pain. now what do i do? it’s sobering realizing how much i’ve used that as my escape pod. gulp.

    1. Yes – I know the feeling well. I recently (like about a month ago) went without the computer for a full 24 hours. I liked it. But I was in the mood to do that, and it proves that I can do it. I cycled up into the hills. Takes about 40 minutes constantly cycling up hill. But I felt above the human generated electro-magnetic fog/mist/white-noise. It was great. But I am not sure that having transiting planets in virgo was the reason. I think at the time that venus was trining venus/jupiter.

  20. Pluto in Virgo at 0. Four planets (Sun. Mars. Mercury. Pluto) and AC in Virgo too. 12th house for most, Merc 1st house.

  21. Progressed pluto is at 0 Virgo. Uh about the exact conjunction . . . it could be coincidence . . . but it hit really weird with a rapid succession of external events. I must have been behind in my process or something, and needed to catch up quick, days end the 9th. What an eye opener. Was everyone barfing up their darkness or was I just not seeing it before. After removing myself from the din, I had a sensation of extreme liberation. It ended up being a really good thing, awareness extraordinaire. A life changer. It is a happening that I will never forget.

  22. Yes born with Mars/Uranus at 10 degrees Virgo complemented by Pluto at 13 degrees Virgo in 1st House. So feeling it now!

  23. Hi, I have Pluto & Venus in Virgo in my first house I also have Uranus & Moon in Libra in my first house. So I have got a 8 planet stellium in my first house. Mercury is also in Virgo but it’s in my 12th house. Tight. My chart looks like 4 triangles sitting right on top of one another. Is this common?

      1. Thank you Elsa. I have a lot going on in that first house. Needless to say i have a very enteresting life. I’m not your average run of the mill. Any fees back will be greatly appreciated. BTW, B-day is August 6th 1970. In numerology my birthday and name are both 22 + 11.

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