Neptune Station: Escape & Disorientation

hall of mirrorsAstrologer, Stephen Arroyo, estimated a stationing planet was ten times as powerful as one on the move. I know no way to quantify such a thing, but I keep this in mind, particularly when we’re talking about an outer planet.

Many were overwhelmed last week, when Neptune turned direct. You may feel like you’re drowning in the fog, or hopelessly lost around what direction to take. But some had the opposite experience. They found themselves overwhelmed with clarity.

What’s great about this, is you can easily go from one situation to the other, very quickly, though you’d never think it’s possible when you’re swirling in confusion. This is what the idea of a veil lifting is all about. You see something, hard to make out and decide it’s threatening. The veil lifts and reveals a friend of yours, holding the piece you need. Two days later this scenario reconstitutes. It’s a marvel.

The key is to keep your bearings in the hall of mirrors (aka “stay in the boat”). I’ve lived in that hall all my life so if you need help with this, I have it mapped. These skills can be learned!

I wrote about the, “Apocalypse Now”, boat, with the moon conjunct Uranus. Today the moon is opposing Uranus so game on. Refresh your memory here.

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6 thoughts on “Neptune Station: Escape & Disorientation”

  1. Have lived with Uranus opposite my Moon all my life.Also Uranus is close to Mars and my Sun! nYes, I have had, ad contune to have, a very EVENTFUL life. I am having a lot of swift awakenings lately.Yes, a veil lifting. Some of the realizations are a bit sobering (and realistic) as I enter age 70, I am experiencing some slowing down on the physical level that is surprising (who did I think I was, super woman??) but I am sort of reveling in rearranging my schedules and routines to reflect NEW WAYS I wish to spend my energies..

    And so the sands of the hour glass…..

  2. I remember reading about stationing planets being like this analogy: say you have a path of wet cement in front of you. If you run across it quickly, it leaves shallow footprints – this would be a transit planet at normal speed. But if you walk and then stop half way, the footprints end up much deeper – that would be the stationing planet.

    Anyone who has a stationing planet in their chart would find that planet more pronounced, even more so than the chart ruler. The themes and traits would show up prominently in the chart holder’s life.

    So for example, someone with little or no Scorpio or 8th house placements, but who has a very intense character or life events centred on power struggles, may have a stationary Pluto in their chart – even if Pluto is not really aspected in the chart.

  3. I am in the soon last part of my Neptune square. The past two years have been an endless plethora of veil, fog, random acts of kindness, of disillusionment, everything one thinks one know (Sag Neptune), is up for negotiation. Especially around values, boundaries (2nd house transit by Saturn in Pisces) and money.

    I had to cut my dad off again.
    He is a narcissistic drinker, and this is like, textbook Saturn in Pisces. Just after Saturn went direct, my sister was off my grid too, by my own choice. I have had to put my boundaries in place this month, and she + my dad the past 2-3 weeks has been sucking everything out of me.

    Drunk dad’s, emotional vampires, it’s all so classic Neptune.
    I am really happy about Saturn helping me in this area, protecting my border and stand firm!

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