Black Moon Lilith and Mars in Synastry

ropesWhen Mars and Lilith are in aspect in a synastry chart, the effect is powerful. Whether the aspect is a trine, opposition, or anything in between, the chemistry will smolder and the intensity will burn. So if you see Mars and Lilith in aspect in synastry, what do you need to know?

·        Sexuality will be huge. This can easily be one of those relationships where you can’t keep your hands and eyes off each other, and the chemistry crackles so strongly that random passersby need a cold shower after watching the two of you together. Of course, with more challenging aspects there can be issues. Sexuality might take an outsized role in the relationship, and there is potential for sexual coercion and wounding. But this can also be a great placement for sexual healing and particularly makeup sex, given that the Lilith person feels truly heard. Which brings me to the next point:

·        Fights will be explosive. Mars and Lilith both bring fire and fury to the table. Working together, no obstacle is insurmountable. But when they turn those horns toward each other, talk about a fight to the death. Mars fights because it is his nature. Lilith fights to survive. It can be very difficult for either person to give up their side, even when they know they’re wrong. And it’s just as unlikely that either side will truly know they’re wrong.  Lilith, in particular, resists any attempts at control and is highly sensitive to feeling scapegoated and unheard. And Mars will sometimes secretly feel bested by the Lilith person’s fierce tenacity and will fight even harder to regain their pride. The only way to stop the destruction is to remember:

·        They can achieve anything. When Lilith and Mars team up in synastry, there’s nothing they can’t do. They have a very strong sense of “us against the world,” and they will fight to protect the boundaries of their relationship at all costs. They may cause each other significant pain and strife, but God help any outsider who dares to point it out. In fact, the most effective way to keep them together is for other people to try to drive them apart. And when they are intentional about directing their efforts, they are able to build anything they desire, no matter what rubble they start with.

While of course the nature of a relationship depends on the whole chart, this intensity of this aspect can’t be denied.    With Mars and Black Moon Lilith together, you’re guaranteed a feisty, intense, powerful connection that will be anything but boring.

Do you and your partner have Mars and Lilith in aspect? What is it like?

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  1. I have Lilith square Mars with an ex. I’m Mars. We also have Venus opposite Pluto (I’m Pluto) which I thought was where our chemistry came from. I was aware that my usually controlled Venus in Libra was over ruled on matters of how long to wait before we had sex. We still talk regularly, something my Scorpio Sun never does with an ex, but I don’t know if I can see him. He keeps suggesting we meet and I’ve put him off. This shut down is making it easier. He’s an Aquarius Sun which isn’t my favorite but there’s something undeniable about him. Maybe it’s the Lilith Mars square, it’s electric.

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    Clifton Greene

    Never liked “make-up sex.” I’ll take it if I have to make her happy, but I prefer regular I love you or I miss you type sex.

  3. What if you have it in your own chart my Lilith is in my first house don’t know the degrees but it might be opposite my moon or it might be square my Mars in Scorpio

  4. My 2H Aries BML trines my significant other’s 9H Sag Mars. It’s a good work partnering aspect; at my behest, we do a project together.

  5. I am currently seeing a guy whose Mars trines my Lilith. The chemistry is seriously strong and the sex is amazing. But we have several more of the steamy aspects. Plus, his Mars sits on my Ascendant, while my Mars sits on his Descendant. He can annoy the hell out of me. 😀

  6. My new guy’s Lillith is on my own 7H Mars in Aries , which, coincidentally, is opposite my own 1H Moon/Uran/Lillith conjunction in Libra. Sex / attraction is overpowering. Though, my Pluto Rising trines his Sun and sextiles his Mars in Leo. So, I had thought that had something to do with it as well.

  7. This is dangerous! Any aspect to lilith results in heartbreak, speaking from experience. I had it conjunct someone’s moon. Yes attraction was sizzling but ended up burning us both. It was a literal obsession on both parts it seems.
    The aspect to mars is currently happening in a certain friends relationship and they are definitely fighting not to be torn apart. Even though it is for the best. Any advice to make them realize that it is dangerous?

    1. Just went through a shocking break up with a man I deeply loved. My Lilith exact conjoin his Uranus oppose his Sun and his Lilith trine my Mars. The trine had no chance in mitigating the opposition. It’s been a month, we’ll see, but I will say the Lilith aspects should not be glossed over!

  8. Lilith’s energy and realm is out of this world as it may represent, at best, such an infinite vertigo of absolute, an unfathomable and timeless level, beyond one’s ego. Like the other trans personal/trans-saturnian points in the chart, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and both Nodes axis, it may open new paradigms of experience, triggering one’s individual underlying sense of oneness. Therefore it’s only once the previous stages of experience of the other “inner” planets are sufficiently integrated in one’s evolution and psyche that those points are also likely to contribute to this lifetime journey, no wander that they’re likewise also linked with karma and unconscious levels.
    Hence, when the ego rules less and less while the, “higher”, self presence emerges more and more, the Sun which is indeed the only star, gifted with its own light/energy/consciousness, is about to give its best too, for the mutual benefit of every involved planet. In my experience, and according to its chart’s importance, placement and configurations, Lilith is this first & last point to be integrated that gives this unique and unmistakable flavor, where one’s ego’s “death” goes through this alchemical process of metamorphosis, resulting in a kind of rebirth and awakening to one’s genuine being.
    To sum up, the deep work and achievement of Lilith’s energy-consciousness is about reaching one’s inner truth, beyond the manufactured tricks of antagonist made dominant patriarchal patterns, having brainwashed any one’s elementary sense and purpose of integrity with an ersatz of distorted basic sub cultural duality.
    Lilith, at its deepest core intimately knows the exhilarating infinite power of the oriGINal source, that flows from love and blossoms as a flower in one’s heart.
    At last Lilith may participate in the emergence of this ultimate id-entity awareness and insight, as a cosmic blueprint in harmony with one’s undivided freewill, winning over the falsified persona’s fated determinism.

    1. Pierre, I love your post, especially the bit about lilith being the first and last point! to directly quote you “Lilith is this first & last point to be integrated that gives this unique and unmistakable flavor, where one’s ego’s “death” goes through this alchemical process of metamorphosis, resulting in a kind of rebirth and awakening to one’s genuine being.” …stop seeing lilith as bad, lets work on our liliths!!!!!! Highlight of my day! Thank you Sir!!!

    2. Pierre, thank you for this incredible explanation of the Lilith energy, it really resonates with me. I had never given much thought to the role of Lilith or understood how it manifested in my life. I could identify with the sign/house description but I can see how integral this is (and has been) to the lessons I’m learning and trying to integrate.

  9. My BML falls in my 8th house in capricorn conjunct to venus.
    His Mercury and Mars conjunct them.
    Our way to interact is absolute, consuming, extreme, sublime, dangerous. In both goods’n’bads…so felt.
    Loved to read the article, very enlightening, thanks for sharing.

  10. I don’t have a choice- my BML and other Liliths are all intricately involved with my Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mars (my chart ruler)… so in order for someone to hit my relationship points, it’s going to involve Lilith. But I have one failed marriage and multiple short term relationships, so….

  11. (to mere…)
    BML/Liliths aim is about restoring this oriGINal Oneness where the ego’s has no clue, so Mars eventually is likely but to surrender, one way or another.
    From a perspective of evolution, one’s self is able to apply one’s discernment and therefore take the best of Mars, and work out any issue connected with it in the chart and as a more general principle.
    The pattern would be that BML/Liliths range of frequencies will be integrated once Mars is so, not the other way around.
    The difference between “would be” and “is” depends to which extent different sets of stored “emotional memories” and how loaded some unconscious patterns are still influencing and underlying one’s ego behavior.
    Actually and to begin with, this applies to the Sun.
    The Sun is the ON(E)ly planet which has One peculiarity : it IS (a) Star!
    Within its own Light, and therefore Its E-ner-gy/con-scious-ness, It Is The Life giver, not just as a symbol, but as a Reality, according to every-body’s awareness…
    To allow one’s Sun to reach its oiGINal potential and crown the self, implies to let the intermediate planets, each with its specific range of frequency, to enrich the core energy of the hub of the wheel of evolution : The Sun.
    Like a musician playing in tune, we’re supposed to balance our complementary frequencies ranges (planets), whose outcome would deliver an as close as possible harMONic sound/(SUONO)*
    In this journey of transcendence from one’s ego state towards the re-integration of One’s original Self energy/consciousness, the BML/Liliths happen to Be the very last cornerstone which is this one of a kind glittering gem, worth of this accomplishment.
    At the core of one’s DNA energy/consciousness, this is not another fancy statement but the vibes frequency tuned on the infinite and timeless grace where our 3D plane may appear closer to its right perspective, on the way (back) to why we’re here.
    To get closer to one’s BML/Liliths wild and unfathomable sIGNature, so unique of its own trans-gressive and untamable purity, you’ve got to bridge the roots/radix and the top of your “Tree of Life”, at the core of your Being : the Hearth of “your” Heart.
    Then everything is possible.


  12. I have a (special) ladyfriends Mars conjunct my lilith, sextile my Mars, trine my Pluto, My Sun and opposite my Neptune 🙂

    Any thoughts on that?

  13. A quick question, Midara. Are you speaking only of Ptolemaic aspects, or do minor aspects (e.g., sesquiquadrate, semi-sextile) also count? Thanks!

  14. BF: Lilith at 8 degrees Libra square my Mars in Capricorn. His Lilith falls in both his own 8th house and my 8th house.

    Me: Lilith at 16 degrees Capricorn, close to BF’s Saturn/Mars conjunction in Virgo at 19 degrees (his 8th house).

    Hot? Sexy? Wounding? Fights?


    Oh my *fans myself*

    Not only in the obvious department, but the thing about being able to conquer anything? Of being with someone that makes you feel you can handle ANYTHING together?

    Hello Corona, hello newly diagnosed ADHD… Hello personal issues, ghosts in the closet, putting lights on them and rootthem out…. My 8th house is as good as wiped out and tidy clean after this period ! ?

  15. i had this aspect with an abuser and sociopath. I was lilith and he was mars. my actions in response to his abuse got him in trouble with his company and he was weirdly fascinated by the multidimensional aspects of the situation

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