How To Spot A Vicious Women?

harpyMy husband and I were discussing women who are vicious. We each have a question for you:

I want to know what percentage of women do you think are vicious.

He says, “Tell them you are writing a story with a vicious woman in it and you want to know some character traits of this kind of women. Just a couple lines. How would you spot a woman who is vicious?”

Character traits and the astrology too please.

75 thoughts on “How To Spot A Vicious Women?”

  1. It’s an interesting, yet difficult, question.

    There are different types of vicious and different women that engage in them. My SIL, for example, appears nice and truly interested in other people, but will rip others apart behind their backs. She can’t handle confrontation, though, and will either flee or cry if approached.
    That’s completely different from the stereotypical ball-busting wench who brooks no shit and will chew you out at the slightest provocation. (I’ve never met one of these, btw.)

    In my experience, women who eventually turn out to be vicious are those that present pleasant facades initially. If you look close, though, there’s a hardness to the eyes and a certain unyielding set to the mouth. There’s also a (usually unacknowledged) air of entitlement about them, as if the world owes them something or they’re better than others because of it.
    I’m sorry, I can’t link the astrology. I don’t have it all assimilated to that point yet. 🙂

  2. Hmm.

    I’ve only met a few really vicious women. Definitely would agree that they present pleasant facades initially. Sometimes that manifests in a physical way, very well dressed and put together, accessorized, make up, hair, all of it.

    I have met other vicious women who do not put that effort into the physical appearance, but put as much effort into some other sort of pretense. Psuedo intellectuals or martyr-like stuff.

    The people that I’m thinking of are both pretty cardinal. I would link it to a desire to control. Not that “control” is limited to only cardinal energy.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  3. 1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate: a vicious life.
    2. given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal.
    3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception.
    4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.
    5. unpleasantly severe: a vicious headache.
    6. characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.
    7. savage; ferocious: They all feared his vicious temper.
    8. (of an animal) having bad habits or a cruel or fierce disposition: a vicious bull.
    9. Archaic. morbid, foul, or noxious.

  4. I really only have the one vicious female in my life- my aunt. She’s a Sadge but I don’t recall her birthdate, and she doesn’t act like one.

    Generally speaking, they are always looking for a way to hurt you. They are snakes waiting to strike. SaDiablo’s description fits my aunt to a T. In my aunt’s case, the world revolves around her and my uncle, and everyone is below their standards.

  5. I see two different types specifically.

    1) water type– wants to be your best friend and then sabotages you from within. I amputate them.

    2) air type– like mentioned above: entitled, hard, and impeccably turned out. they will allow you to be their friend and then pick you apart inside and out. no need to amputate: they won’t notice you’re gone anyway as long as you smile each time you see them. they won’t notice if it’s genuine or not either.

    I think both types stem from low self-esteem (not to be confused with low ego). the first wants to BE you then hates you cos they can’t. the second is so shallow that any deviation from their norm is unacceptable and must be eradicated.

    1. Your observation regarding vicious water signs is spot-on! I’m a fire sign and my best friend growing up is a Pisces. Our personalities meshed well-and we cracked each other up all day. But, she would alternate between these well, creepy episodes where she would subconsciously imitate my personality, steal my stories, dish out enthusiastic compliments left and right, openly envy things I had or the way I looked, and then suddenly switch to a much nastier, passive-aggressive state where she was constantly trying to sabotage my self-esteem and reputation. She’d make random mean comments, hack my online journal accounts and try to talk a bunch of smack, etc. After many years I wised up and starting putting miles between us…very interesting to see others have similar views!

  6. Dear Elsa., I don’t know how to detect it astrollogically. But, personally I can give some tips.; You can detect it by means of psychollogical test (ha ha) but you can’t test everyone – at least I can’t. Except my Scrpio brother, He tested his girlfriend and came to me with results – I told him don’t test people with my stuff: no way he he did anyway. His girlfriend resulted a psychopatic person or ‘vicious woman’ I telled him – and months latter he was attacked by her with a knife.
    Well, except a test, a god one (rorschach mmpi2 and so on) you can’t know if a person or woman is a vicious one. Lots of them can pass a lie detector without problems – that means they can control visceral manifestations of emotions.
    But still all of us have a detector inside: when you fell fear about that person and you can not explain how or why you feel that way. The woman arises in you a sense of fear or anguish: surely the person is dangerous

  7. No more than 5%, but you could add it: resentfull, controlling, narcisistic ones, rigid hostile paranoids, pasive agressive, simply bithes and so on and you could easily reach a 95% ha ha ha ha!

  8. Viscious. I have met, befriended and been betrayed by women who became viscious when they feared trespass. The thing is it’s the strength of their character that originally attracted me. and then things changed …

    Wahine(woman) 1. Long-time friend, an only child in a family that ‘rescued’ us during the early days from the craziness of alcoholism. A solid, social worker Taurus with strong opinions and a quick wit/sarcasm. Generous, but very controlling. “I can give (when I deem it), but YOU CAN’T(you don’t know how exactly), and don’t touch MY STUFF/FAMILY/RULES.”

    Wahine 2. Another Taurus I met just before my 23 yr old marriage disintegrated. Another social worker with equally strong opinions and wit. “I give, I like getting, but if you get too different I will peel you to the bone … for your own good, of course.”

    Elsa, I see two vicious bulls came for seasons and for reasons…

    Wahine 3. An April Fool Aries. Long time adult friend with strength and financial savvy. The sting is not so much ‘vicious’ as ‘class-ist’ and entitled. “I just don’t know how to deal with you … the sky … the sky is NOT falling.”

    We have different world views. I have Scorp Sun and Merc also in Scorp, Cap Moon/Ascend with a Venus that loves adventure and change and mischievious Mars in Leo. It’s hard to keep up with the way I change, and harder yet is it to try to make me do something I’d rather not. The Taurus women hoped to ground me into a mould like their own. Taurus lies in my 4th House … so I do know what “home” means for me.

  9. Satori, I agree. I’ve met the water type in my Mom and a few friends. Not so much the air type.

    From my limited experience, these types actually like you but can’t tolerate anything positive happening to you. So they end up with a love/hate situation. Like you said it appears they want to be or have you (or part of you) but cannot for whatever reason, so they sabotage you to keep you from reminding them of this. And they show no guilt or compassion doing this. Too much closeness too fast, threatened by any boundaries between you, don’t want you to be too independent. They basically don’t trust you (or themselves?) and don’t want to have a balance of power – even though they like part of you. It’s controlling behavior that shows a remarkable lack of self-control. How can you tell? well just ask them, they’ll tell you they can’t help themselves. And of course, where’s YOUR compassion? Cripes.

  10. Hi…hope everyone is having a good day. What is the difference between low self-esteem and low ego? I am fascinated by this comment and would like some elaboration.

    I think the percentage of vicious women is a lot higher but then again it depends on how ‘vicious’ is being defined. I would say it starts young, with cliques and mean girls. Those type of girls (unless something major happens to them) most likely grow up to be vicious women. Not only is this behavior the norm but it is encouraged. I think a good example of the type of women that SaDiablo and others mention can be seen on the show Mad Men. Sorry this doesn’t make more sense…

  11. AnaBanana… yeah, that would be a good way to tell. See what happens when something good happens to you. Are they pleased, or not? That’s a really excellent litmus test for people in general.

    I would agree somewhat with Rox and say that about 90% of women have the capacity to be vicious. Same goes for men. If there was a food shortage, we would see vicious, you can be sure. I remember this story of a woman on a sinking ship in India. There were about 20 people on this life raft and she was the only woman. The men pushed her off. That happened to be men but women are equally capable.

    But for some people the bar is way too low, and they get vicious over nothing. The everyday freaky vicious people, I’d give it 5 percent that I would call truly vicious. I’d say some weird mashup of Pluto and Mars could result in vicious behavior, but I’m not speaking from experience. That’s just a guess.

  12. Talking about a woman who is potentially dangerous, a woman that enjoy causing damage in other persons: In wathever case you will have a damaged ‘super-ego’ a father or image of father or masculine image damaged or absent (saturn? sun?) The person don’t have conscience, can not conceive other people as persons – can not relate with others persons like persons, they are things, may be a fail in the right side of chart? Lots of first house? They have secret plans of course I could look-up for 8th or 12th house?
    I could look-up for high level of energies and self-confidence – a vicious person without energy is simply depresive,…. The person can not sustain rutinary or boring tasks I could look-up for a damaged saturn. They are narcisistic, all of them: that is a trait to look for. I think that cardinal may be the more bold of them, mutable the more intelligent and manipulative, fixed ones? the resentfull and vengative variant may be.

  13. i tend to always think (unevolved) libra first- nice to your face and then manipulating people behind your back to try to break you down.

    but my pluto’s in libra so it could just be me.

    1. Unevolved Libras are remarkably vicious. I was betrayed by one I was semi-close with, and the depths to which she sank shocked me, because she’s so preachy about morality, doing the right thing and being a kind person, so I got lucky to experience a quick glimpse of the hypocritical, ugly ogre within. The thing about Libras, is that they’re so damn concerned with their “image.” They NEED to be looked at as the experts, the most intelligent, the most-put together, the most well-rounded people in their social group. They do anything to protect this facade, including lie, manipulate and literally become a parasite to something that is serving them well. I also suspect many of them have a thirst to control their environment–through utilization of their seemingly well-meaning and caring “representative” –not something they can admit easily though. They are more conniving than they can admit. Most Libras have gigantic egos, weighing their scales unevenly. It’s ironic that so many actually live such unbalanced emotions and actions. Through their own bias they hold themselves back because they underestimate/dismiss others because they simply think they already know everything. They aren’t able to look at themselves objectively. Evolved Libras make my little Sagicorn heart sing hearts and rainbows, but even they have a long way to come in terms of reigning in their ego and impulses.

  14. That’s a good point llama, everyone has the capacity to be vicious when put in a ‘survival’ type situation. It’s in everybody on some level. But the problem is when some people perceive danger where there really is none, and then they do something vicious. Rarely do they see (or acknowledge) their own side, which IS danger personified from the other person’s point of view. And how can someone on the receiving end of this have compassion for the ‘vicious’ person attacking them? They’re very lack of caring creates the situation that leaves them receiving none – it’s a vicious circle. One they can get out of by showing some care for the other person too.

  15. I just wanted to add that I think any combination of aspects or conditions in the chart can be expressed in a high fashion as well as a low one (viciousness).

    I like what llama said about pluto-mars relatedness too.

  16. I’ve met them but couldn’t tell you how to spot them. I’m intuitive and drawn to women who are strong enough to want to share their resources (emotional) with the world. This is because I like to do that myself. I’m happy when people feel loved.
    I consider myself a highly emotional but sound, stable person with killer instincts and zero desire to see anyone down on the ground. Maybe that’s Aries Venus opposed Pluto.

    Because of my faith in myself in being a “good person” the usual trigger for me is general dismissiveness. The Vicious Person will have a difficult time ‘recognizing’ someone genuine.
    It generally begins with suspiciousness, which would lead us to the self-esteem issue…

    One doesn’t have to be a fawning person to be kind and generous. You don’t even have to be particularly open…shy people come to mind.

    I feel very strongly about this because of my familial history. Multiple generations of only women (I am the 4th daughter of a mother who was the 3rd of 4 daughters…and so it goes down the line).
    2 of my 3 sisters have seen the worst of women. My mother has kind of given up herself.

    I have very, very string relationships with women, and my female friends are gay, straight, married, some have been in the sex trade, all sorts of women. I consider myself what some cheesy circles would call a woman’s woman but I consider myself a humanitarian…

    As for your question as to the percentage of women being vicious, I couldn’t say. I’ve been blessed with what I’ve got and an innate inclination to see it a mile away, and keep it to a smile and nod. There has been a select few who broke this pattern, and believe me I’ve paid dearly and still do. I got caught up in being their saviour and confidante and in the meantime I got psychic-hitchhiked all the way to the next planet and back.

  17. 50% of the women (with penises) who my boyfriend has banged are vicious while 100% of the women (without penises) that my boyfriend has banged are vicious.

  18. Vicious women? Well, there’s the outright-violent-psycho kind of vicious, and then there’s the energy-drag-lack of compassion kind of vicious, as in:

    Women who snoop on you and invade your privacy, and when they find something they don’t like, they yell at you.

    Women who are relentlessly critical, and when you point this out, they criticize you.

    Women who claim to *neeeeed* to spend time with you, and the pack your running with, then ignore all of you while they arch their backs to show off their bosoms to everyone else in the room.

    But I must say, I’ve encountered these traits in men as well. And I don’t know how to tell what percentage of women are outright-never-gonna-change-and become a more evolved person-kind of vicious. Maybe I don’t want to know…

  19. I am probably not the norm, but to give you an idea, I cringe whenever anyone says, “If women ran the world there would be no more war.” I just think, “What planet are you living on?” And I’m a woman!!

    My experience in life is that almost ALL other women (90% +/-), starting with my own mother, have been stunningly vicious to me for no discernible reason. It doesn’t seem to matter how old they are or their social status, etc. Similarly. the vicious women I’ve ever encountered have come from all astrological groups, but I find the most unpleasant energy comes from women with Taurus in their charts. I have Saturn in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio, what a surprise… :/

    Currently, I work with 8 other people (three men, five women). THREE of them are Sun in Taurus (two of the women). Two (a man & a woman) have Mercury in Taurus, and three of the women form a fire sun sign triad (Leo, Aries, Sag). Overall, though, a pretty shallow, earthbound, ego-centred bunch, not too intellectually curious. They treat anything outside of their very limited understanding with barely disguised contempt and ridicule. I often feel like I’m back in high school.

    The women (except for the one Taurus with Pisces in her chart) are only “nice” when they want something, and are very syrupy and insincere about it. When they are done with you, they will do everything they can to make you feel invisible or unworthy, including talk behind your back without really trying to hide it from you (whisper whisper whisper snicker snicker snicker). I do the grin and bear it thing a lot, knowing I will never find anything in common with these people, and keep my distance accordingly.

    They have not yet succeeded in beating me down, but there are days when I want to scream at them… or die of boredom listening to them talk. It’s like an intellectual diet of cotton candy. I am guessing that there is very little air sign energy there, as the interoffice “banter” is mind-numbingly, repetitively dull (or non-existent)—and I don’t think any air sign worth its salt would perpetrate such a crime. 😉

    Which brings me to my next point: one thing I’ve observed, time and time again, is that most vicious women (or men) are NEVER truly dynamic, interesting, or intelligent people. They are vicious precisely because they KNOW (even if only subconsciously) that they’re taking the easy way out by swimming in the shallow end of the pool (to borrow the metaphor) and are too scared to go deeper for drowning. These types get envious & frustrated; they try to sabotage anyone who has risked deeper waters and become stronger “swimmers” as a result.

    The Cruel and Nasties MAY have some understanding of how short-sighted and counter-productive their behavior is, but the nastiness is all they are made of. Straying too far from their viciousness comfort zone would collapse what little personality they have left.

    My 2¢!

    1. I like this. I feel it could be extrapolated to the other signs as well. Viciousness in all groups, so 40-50% – so it’s like the wise Native American saying, what Wolf are you choosing to feed?

  20. “But the problem is when some people perceive danger where there really is none, and then they do something vicious. Rarely do they see (or acknowledge) their own side, which IS danger personified from the other person’s point of view.”
    this is interesting.I think that “fear” aspects like sat sq sun or a pluto moon could in some cases derive in viciousness.
    I have this coworker who can be really nasty, not only to me but to others.
    Our relationship is quite something, but I guess that we´re doomed with each other and are stuck till we learn from each other: my sun sag opposed her gem sun, conjunct my NN!Our saturns cj, square our suns!!
    If I had to point out a “vicious” aspect in her chart, that´d be MARS cj MERCURY(verbal agressivity) cj Jupiter (arrogance), all this opposed to Neptune (lies) cj moon in Scorpio! (hades moon can be nasty).
    Btw,I´m no angel when this type of people bring out the bitch in me, I have a strong pluto (trine mars,sq mercury), sat sq sun and pluto moon semisq
    I try to cope without becoming a full-time bitch myself!

  21. I think female visciousness is bred in environments where the number of females exceed males AND those males work the visciousness to their advantage. For example, my mom had 3 sisters and no brothers, so there was competion for their screwed up drunk dad. Those sisters were not on speaking terms for decades and wrote really mean letters to each other. One sister always flirted with my dad and that brought out my mom’s worst. My parents had 3 girls and no boys, so we are prone to this visciousnessand have to watch ourselves big time.

    I think the more brothers a girl has the better her sense of humor will be.

  22. I’m glad you mentioned this, Deirdre. I think that environment plays a huge part of it too. There seems to be a lot of people speaking of the viciousness of women and their workplace in the same sentence.

    The average person spends most of their waking life at work; say 1/3 of it. How many people are doing work they completely love? Right now I’m not. And the woman who hates me the most is at work. This has been the case for ALL of them women who have been vicious to me.
    In my personal life this just doesn’t happen.

    When I became a bike messenger when I was 19 I was in a predominantly male environment and the women I met were not only wonderful, they were inclusive and very, very strong. I have friends I made then that I’ve kept to this day (I’m 31 now).

    I was also so empowered by the physicality of the job and the women I met doing it I overcame my bulimia too, and while I know I was the one who did the emotional work, I have my strong, friendly female co-workers to thank for their self-acceptance as well.

    I find if you truly like yourself it becomes easier and easier to avoid these types of people…they actually bother me less and less the more I like MYSELF.

  23. “But the problem is when some people perceive danger where there really is none, and then they do something vicious.”

    AnaBanana I totally agree. I’ve given this some more thought and I think there seems to be a “cold” vicious and a “hot” vicious. Sort of like the air/water types alluded to above. But more like the “cold” vicious is premeditated, while the “hot” vicious comes from people who have a low threshold for frustration and they blow like a volcano. I think the “hot” vicious types are more in number, but the “cold” vicious types are way more deadly.

    Hot vicious: people who are rude to waitstaff and other service industry folks. I mean rude like biting, cutting remarks that are way out of line. These people are vicious, but I’ve seen it in action and it doesn’t seem premeditated, just that they have a low threshold for frustration. (Not to excuse it, just differentiating from the other kind)

    Cold vicious: people who actually “scheme.” Like the co-worker to schemes their way to the top, or the person who schemes their way into a relationship. This I think comes from a really deep-seated shame/fear thing. Plus 12th house I would think, because they seem to keep everything inside.

    I feel sorry for both kinds of people (and I’ve been the hot vicious before, but not the cold). But, unlike before when I would treat them like everyone else, now I have HARD boundaries. I still feel sorry for them, but OVER THERE, not in my psychic space. Ever.

  24. Personally, I have “always” gotten along with men better. I didnt really have any “good” friends until I started making them among boys in highschool.

  25. mostly i think it stems from passive aggression- feeling threatened and not being willing to address the situation directly. there’s a pervasive cultural idea that women need to be nice, and let their men do the fighting for them, and, one way or another, that’s not going to happen, so they work out their aggression weirdly…

    but this is aries speaking ;P

  26. I think 34% of women are secretly vicious women. They usually pretend they are full of life and fun, and I agree with the air of entitlement as well. As soon as you scratch the surface, they turn into spitting snakes who will say or do anything to hurt you. At the same time, they are totally incapable of a fair or direct confrontation and usually cry about being a victim once a confrontation is attempted.

  27. I’ve had the “misfortune” of running into a few of these over the years. They were all frustrated, unhappy, and trying to be something they weren’t.

    I also prefer men as friends over women, even though I’ve made friends with women who are older than me, have been through the wringer, and can laugh at life.

    I don’t have time or room for viciousness or competitiveness in my life.

  28. The astrology? Based on my own experiences: personal planets in Cancer (underhandedness); Sun-Saturn, Venus-Saturn, or Mars-Saturn; Jupiter mixed in with Saturn: hiding timidness and/or feelings of inferiority behind swagger and bravado; very few or no strong aspects to the outer planets (they get all wrapped up in their crap and can’t look outside their own sad little worlds).

  29. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    “hiding timidness and/or feelings of inferiority behind swagger and bravado…”
    Try Sun in Aries/Moon in Pisces, w/Mercury and Mars in Taurus opposite Pluto in Libra:P

  30. I’m a Libra, so maybe I’m just too likely to see all sides of a situation, but I’ve never met a woman who was just vicious period. I’ve met women who, due to perceiving themselves to be threatened (real or not), made behavioral choices that injured another party. I myself have been injured by such women, but I wouldn’t call them “vicious women” because I think that they are acting out of a (often misguided) sense of self-preservation.

    I do agree that women who are paranoid in this manner often illicit gut feelings of fear in me. I remember the wife of a friend of my husbands gave me such a vibe and after we’d left their home, I turned to my husband and said, “She feels dangerous to me” and I was right. But…I also know why she is paranoid and I can’t help but feel that if I believed the things she believes about life in general and about people in particular then I might be paranoid in these ways, too. Okay, no *I* would be paranoid in these ways, but I can see that her insanity makes her this way. I don’t consider her vicious, just paranoid and misguided.

  31. I think anyone can be vicious, but only a small minority choose to be vicious. 10% or less I’d say. Some people are unconsiously vicious (the kinda thing where you step back and go ‘Whoa! How does this person not see what an ass they’re being?’) and I’m not sure that counts unless its full on, and those folks you can see because no one wants anything to do with them and they don’t seem to know why.

    The conciously vicious concern me more. A woman I once knew has some intense mars pluto opposition, uranus sun opposition, neptune trining/sextiling action going on in her chart, and because she is such a victim and so terribly abused by the world she is just doing the only thing she can when she ‘fights back’ or ‘plots’. And some of this crap? False assault charges, currently living with her boyfriend who pays for everything (at least on paper, cause he doesn’t know this but she’s six months from being ‘dependant’ in the eyes of the law because its his name paying all the bills . . So when she leaves . . she gets support. And a share of the house he bought with money he inherited.)

    Anyhow. If your girlfriend’s father tells you to dump her, and to get all the financial crap in writing so it doesn’t look like you pay for everything? You might want to listen.

  32. Maybe it is the astrology of it. I knew a Pisces (they are supposed to be nice right?) who had Mars conjunct Mercury at 4 degrees Pisces sitting on top of my Chiron/South Node at 4 degrees pisces, and some of the stuff that used to come out of her mouth was incredible, hurt and was completely unecessary. For her it was about control and cutting down to size so she could feel better. I just ignored her (she lived in the condo next door).

    I knew someone else who had Pluto oppose her Sun and in her life it felt like it was her against the world –

    point of view

  33. The most vicious women I ever met was my ex’s ex-girlfriend. He broke up with her before we met. Physically violent, stalker, wanted what she wanted and would take herself down two pegs to take you down one. So evil, she admitted to my ex-mother-in-law that she got purposely got pregnant to force my ex to go back with her and marry her (after she chased a guy in Florida and tried to get him to marry her). Then, she complained she didn’t want the baby – she wanted my ex! Vile.

    I’ve told my ex before that she is the female version of him. Those two should have stayed together – they would have killed each other by now.

    She is a Pisces with Aquarius Rising. My Aunt is also a Pisces and is a greedy back-stabber. Pisces women flock to me to be my friend (Jupiter Pisces) – and I have to always look at them with a jaundiced eye.

  34. My particular problem is with Gemini energy. For some reason what I hear and what I see just isn’t what I get. But that’s probably got to do with something I have to work through, like being more discerning and not taking things at face value (whatever that means) SN Gemini.

    And just how bad does she or the repressed feminine in him want and is there ever enough. Venus in scorpio can derail me. And venus in aries, well when that is amped, step aside.

    Mars uranus is crazy for me as I have had to realize, that to my energy set, they are dizzy as farts and make trouble and move on with no responsibility for the mess they’ve created. Again, can’t take it seriously.

    And then of course there is the mars saturn conjunct, war for the sake of war, I’m not saying all because I know there are other factors, but I am aware of that in the limited amount of charts I’ve looked at. Again, lessons on being more discerning. And do I really want to be mixed up in that. It exists I have to accept that and get beyond it is all.

    I would just as soon not deal with the constantly combative that like to fight all the time, and when they show up I’ve learned to shut up and walk away. It’s never ending. Take up mud wrestling or boxing or something

    Question is, is that just the motis operandis or are they aware of what they are doing. In a court of law, the accused is only a criminal if they understand what they’ve done, otherwise they are insane. I could be wrong on that.

    The games that are played for the sake of prankstering can hurt the unsuspecting. And hurt them badly. And if he can’t stand by me. If he’s a woos who games me or joins in others games against me, forget him. Who needs it? Especially that close. Same with friends.

    “Oh the games we people play now, everynite and everyday now” la la la.

  35. I agree with Saroti on the Mars Pluto aspect.
    I am guessing that Water= Estrogen because I grew up with sisters, and we weren’t allowed to act like half the women I know. Women are notorious for passive aggressive murder.

    Men will stab and shoot, but women will use poison.
    The ones that yell and scream don’t scare me. The ones that plot and smile do.

  36. Satori, you called it on the Water type of vicious. Eeriely spot on. I’ve encountered quite a few, especially recently, so I recognized what you said immediately.

  37. How to spot them? LOL.

    You are asking the wrong person. I never could.

    People I thought were good turned out to be bad and visa versa throughout my life.

    All I can do is keep working on my own self.

    I was given a little book of proverbs as a child. This little poem is from it. No author given.

    There is so much bad in the best of us
    And so much good in the worst of us
    That is doesn’t behoove any of us
    To talk about the rest of us.

  38. To anyone interested in this topic, I highly recommend the 1994 John Dahl film “The Last Seduction.” Linda Fiorentino is viciousness incarnate. (BTW, she may well have won a Best Actress Oscar, but apparently the film was shown on HBO before appearing in theaters, thus disqualifying it from consideration.)

  39. Well, mostly in my life the problems I have had are with Aries women. Sometimes out-front bitches, and sometimes just very condescending. I have a Leo female boss and a Scorpio female boss, and I have been warned about both, not to trust them. I actually like the Scorpio, but really don’t trust and actually have NO resonance with the Leo. Thankfully, I am moving to a new assignment Monday, and don’t have to deal with either. But, don’t know what my new boss is.

    The thing is, you really can’t totally trust anyone. I believe that you just have to be the best person you can be and do your best, and hopefully you will win. That’s all you can do. Watch your back, cya, and keep your mouth shut. Sounds terrible, but if I ever really let my Virgo out, it is really bad.

    My sister is a Gemini and I can’t stand her. Very condescending to me.

    I guess some people probably can’t stand me either, but I would say that I am not vicious. I’m probably TOO nice. If I ever would be mean/vicious, it is because my back is against the wall and if I am going down, everyone else is too, and I have too much self control for that to happen. 😉

  40. I actually only have one sorta good female friend, a Libra.

    Mostly I prefer men over women for friends. They just seem to have a different agenda. I don’t mind if sexual attraction plays a role either. If they have an “ulterior motive” they are less likely to want to hurt me, unlike a woman, who might be jealous of me.

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