Pluto In Aquarius Trine Natal Pluto In Libra Effects

roto rooterMost born between 1971 and 1984 have natal Pluto in Libra.  Libra is Venus-ruled so we’re talking about love and money mashed up with Pluto. If ever a generation has suffered in this regard, it would be Pluto in Libra folks.

I understand some people with Pluto in Libra are fine but for many of them, love is a swirling pit of pain.  Pluto’s transit through Capricorn added insult to injury, leaving many Pluto in Libra people in a state of despair.  How can they be helped?

When you’re dealing with a deep wound, you can’t just pop a Band-Aid on and be good to go.  Someone or something has to get in there and flush the thing out, completely.  Deep cleaning, not Spring cleaning!

With Pluto in Aquarius, it’s not a feather duster skimming your surface, but an infusion of power that hits your core. I like the analogy of a clog in a pipe.  Nothing breaks it loose, until something breaks it loose!

You can shock everyone by finally having the power to detach from the effects of all the pathological relationships you’ve been exposed through all your life. Whoosh!

Just think about how well a sink works once the clog is dealt with. This is your chance to heal.

Do you have Pluto in Libra? Can you feel this?

11 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius Trine Natal Pluto In Libra Effects”

  1. Thank you, dear Elsa!
    I have Pluto 9 Libra in 8th house while using Placidus, and I do wish to carry less emotional weight and darkness that I met in relationships since my early childhood.

  2. “but for many of them, love is a swirling pit of pain. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn added insult to injury, leaving many Pluto in Libra people in a state of despair.”

    150% true!! Pluto in Capricorn has actually been quite relentless, especially when it came to relationships.

    Kind of like the proverbial pushing a boulder up a mountain, only for that boulder to come crashing down right on your face … and then ghosting you!

    I look forward to that drain cleaner of healing 🙂

  3. Moon, Pluto and Saturn in Libra here (The big conjunction of 1982 of Pluto and Saturn)
    Mars in Capricorn, as well as South Node…)

    Do you mean we’ve been under pressure, devestated by losses in the relationship department, money, status and the like?

    I didn’t grow up untill Pluto hit Cap. Add 3 years of unemployment, 1st Saturn Return (hitting first natal Moon – hello depression – and on its way out, Pluto as well)…
    My Libra is even in my 8th house no less, while Pluto destroyed almost all of my life as I knew it.

    Say hello to therapy.
    And hello to endless and endless relationship pain and emotional abuse, pathological patterns being unraveled and set to healing with therapy.

    I have to say that this has been some of the shittiest years relationship-wise at least. And that’s saying a lot! The saving grace has been Pluto sextiling my 4 personal Scorpio planets at least.

    I don’t know how I will fare with Pluto later squaring my Scorpio stellium, but at least my Moon will have a respite. Pluto has been harsh on her especially!

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better! I can’t wait for Pluto to move on from my Libra planets.. 🙏🏼

    2. That‘s quite a ride you describe. I was 11 at that time 1982. and things went awry parent wise. Libra, the relationships sign.
      For it to become a trine, it seems it‘s still taking some time. I can only say, that before it becoming a trine, (this month) I also had Chiron (Aries) return the past two years. That helped heal a lot. I‘m a scorpio as well, so look for fixed stars and planetoids.and aspects.( is great for that. ) Some of them are fortunate, the others not that much. Some are of plutonian character, I‘d say.
      My advice: work with half sums.(I speak German) but yeah half sums. It‘s the middle of a distance between two planets. These combine, and Ebertin (Astrologer) gives advice on what a mars-moon connection (midpoint?) would mean, then see if it says mars + moon equals this quality. So if that point is of (speculative) neptunian quality, see if that point is neptuneian friendly like pisces.or perhaps ot falls into the decanate of either cancer or scorpio thst is ruled by neptune. If it ecists in English, Gertrud Hurlimann is quite simple, analytical and the drawings chart drawings will lead the way. (Astro offers it too)

      Next are mirror points: anthiszie in German.
      Let‘s say, venus is on 5 degree libra.there‘s a mirror point to that. It‘s on 25 Pisces. You can draw a straight line from these two positions.
      The knack of this : you mirror over the cardinal axis 0 cancer // 0 capricorn.
      These points sometimes are empty, but a planet in transit might pass there. It‘lö not be a classic aspect like trines and that, bug will give hidden hints. Maybe try a past event and look up qualities of house, sign, planets, rulers, aspects.

      If you „put in the work“ (sorry) in the sense of „understanding this/ that“ it‘s a less „what‘s happening to me?!“ aproach and more a „I‘m glad the way I am“ approach.

      2008 til 22 was capricorn to me all the time. The echo of it firdt being a square to my libra pluto on 1 deg libra went on and on the whole time! I thought it‘d ease up. Nah. Well, yes, it did but just like easening the grip as much so that I‘d still not forget it was there.

      Yet: those 20 degrees – years , until there was a glimpse, I learned that it was very much me I wanted to get to know better. Profoundly. Patterns, behavior, desires, attraction, even compulsions at times. Maybe I‘m of no sound advice – but perhaps look inward to find joy. Uranus in Sag should give you drive to travel deep inward as well as outside.
      Feel yourself and stay positive every day, and control what you think by being grateful for 5 things in the morning. It can be „grateful to be able to get up“ smell coffee. Or negative things. Discernment. It takes practice but from habit you go towards routine. Remember: you do what some don‘t always do: confront things head on. Otherwise you would not describe your life with such clarity.

  4. The way I see it, Pluto in Capricorn (square Pluto Libra) has made relationships harder to come by, or to establish into something formal. Capricorn is about commitment, but a square aspect would indicate blockages, barriers, prevention. Maybe deep rooted (Pluto) commitment (Capricorn) phobia (Pluto again) had been a theme.

    So how would it work with Pluto Aquarius trine Pluto Libra? Maybe relationships that were friends (Aquarius) first, or having friendship with a partner as the solid foundation of the romantic relationship? Or maybe more freedom TO be in relationships, with the Capricorn shields now down

    Will we have to deal with detachment in relationships though? Maybe as the article says, detachment from the pathological effects brought on by Pluto Capricorn, to which there were many.

    Maybe with Pluto Aquarius working in tandem with the ruling planet of Uranus in Taurus (Venus ruled), along with our natal Pluto Libra (Venus ruled again) might finally bring the relationship turnarounds (that Elsa has posted before on this site).

    Don’t forget, we will also have the South node in Libra from July too. Maybe a good opportunity to shed and release all the relationship pathological effects of Pluto Capricorn 🙂

  5. I will have this trine happening in a few years from now. I don’t like the idea of losing people! If only there was a way to change relationship dynamics without altering the persons within the dynamic. Classic thought of someone resisting change.

  6. This is true for someone very close to me, Libra Sun with huge stellium of Libra (12th House) born in 1972. I was surprised to see you focused on what that’s like, and affirms how deep to go to get the clogs clear. In my case/ my family’s case the Draino affects a lineage.
    Band-aids not enough… right!

  7. Pluto is my Moon in Libra’s conjoined twin at 3 degrees; I pick up all kinds of vibes that very few notice. It is squared Saturn in Cancer: its energy is expressed as ample hard knocks, karma is real, and through similar themes throughout life. I’ve been told to embrace what is incoming and instead of using these energies solely as defense shields, seize the moment and use then to my advantage. Thankfully, Saturn tells me to use it wisely.

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