How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Aquarians?

aquarius glassesMedium Marie asked: “…How is Pluto in AQ going to affect us Aquarians? More zig-zaggy than we already are? I’m feeling the need to do something drastically different and am taking steps to make that happen. Complete career change. Is that a possible effect? Positive upheaval?”

This is an enormously huge and interesting question.  Pluto breaks things down and exposes the shadow-side of the a sign and the things it’s rules. I see Aquarius to represent the integrity of an individual via the dual rulership of Saturn and Uranus.  This autonomy will be breached one way or the other.

Straight away, I think of a human being hacked, but that’s sort of random.  It may help to narrow this to just the sun in Aquarius. The vital life energy and ego.

While Pisces flows and Taurus walks the earth, I see Aquarius to live on an uneven plane.  On one level they would like to fit in. On another level, they’ll fit in, over their dead body. They are used to this but when Pluto covers the sun, it will introduce freakish new challenge and a number of levels.

For starters, Pluto operates outside an individual’s control.  Aquarius is a controlled individual. You see the problem!

Beyond that, Pluto takes a person down for a tour of the sewer. Air signs aren’t really into the underground, so there’s a loss ahead. A loss of control and a loss of freedom, brought about by a force or forces outside their control.

Pluto transits are deep and long-lasting which is another problem for Aquarius who hates to be bored.  It’s like sticking a creative individual in closed situation with a boring movie playing over and over, ten years past it’s “sell by” date.  aka Aquarian hell.

How do you think Pluto in Aquarius will affect Aquarians?

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    Aquarius Lurker

    Elsa, your last scenario made me laugh. That’s how I have felt for a long time. I’m confident that what Pluto is helping me get rid of will get me out of Aquarian hell. But it means getting rid of the population inside Aquarian hell too, which means I will be alone doing my new thing, whatever it may be. And that’s not cool either. Hopefully there are trines in the picture that can sweeten this a bit! Ideally something representing me meeting a well-grounded family of builders & growers. What would that be – Jupiter Taurus or Capricorn meeting Mars Libra? Not sure if that’s possible mathwise. Just riffing here

    1. Yesterday, an Aquarius lurker was a detached observer.
      With Pluto in the sign, the lurker is now of the up-skirt variety, peeping up from below. You know. Like Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles?

      Here’s the image in my head.

      *note – this is not personal to you, nor meant to be offensive in any way. Hopefully you think this is a funny and ludicrous as I do.

      You might actually need the cover. Pluto people get slimed!

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        Aquarius Lurker

        Peeping up from below I certainly am! Heh. I never thought of it in that way. As for getting slimed, I am not observant enough to notice it, heh, but I can’t imagine people aren’t doing it. Maybe I’ll make myself a raincoat, now that I am venturing out more. Heh

  2. I have Pluto and Saturn currently transiting my 1st house. My mother is terminally ill, and I will have to sell the house and find another place to live. My world is crumbling daily. My job is keeping me sane.

  3. My son is an Aquarius, 8th house Sun. He seems to be quite ‘at home’ with Pluto energy. I am going to gently steer him towards considering what this transit may mean for him.

  4. i do believe there’s “air” even down in the depths, its just not ” fresh” air from outside. lol no pun intended. ^^ maybe alot of inscense and foulness mixed, only to be liberated outside to realize we need fresh air. there’s always pockets of holes in the darkness from outside where air seeps in.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    💥Revelation🚀 On Steroids?

    I see ⚡️Aquarius♒️ people as Creative Changers, this is what they’re compelled to do. They also tend to put the group above the individual even though there’s also a great focus on the individual because the 🔑key🗝 for change in a group is the change of the individuals.

    Enter deeply transformative •Pluto 🦂Scorpio energies/behaviors, they are detectives going down to whatever depths needed to uncover the Root-Cause of things.

    I see ⚡️Aquarians♒️ will mix that in and systematically start reaching out to Subconscious/Unconscious depths to achieve the deep dramatic changes they seek. Perhaps a global movement towards deep psychological Healing will start and/or new psychotherapy techniques and/or new SPIRITual Healing methods. This may very well happen. Or they may already exist but now be sought in droves.

    On the other hand, 🦂Scorpio people may also feel an overwhelming pull to create change with what they’re good at. In essence, 🦂Scorpio is all about change, it carries deep within itself a desire to change and transform self and others by way of facing their deepest hidden demons / stuff, overcoming it and resurfacing-resurrecting anew. If this is not change what is?

    So basically, I see this 20 year long (Jan 20th 2024-44) •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ transit as the joining of previously apparently absolutely incompatible forces — the 🦂Scorpio ⚡️Aquarius♒️ square — inducing a 🌪typhoon💨 of transformation in society that is hard, if not totally impossible to fathom, as it will occur in the deepest, dare I say Multidimensional, realms of the Subconscious and Unconscious, changing the 🌍World forever, maybe forcing all of the Subconscious and Unconscious to become Conscious, following Elsa’s take that ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is 🌪Air💨 thus above ground and •Pluto/🦂Scorpio underground, then all the effort may be towards making all of the Subconscious and Unconscious become Conscious for all of (group) Humanity.

    This brings great hope since this may destroy all negative power the 🌍World’s old, disguised as new, controllers, Human or otherwise, have on Humanity — when the ⛓🤖slaves🔗🔒 cannot be ⛓shackled🔗 anymore, ⛓🤖slavery🔗🔒 can be no more.

    ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is about group Conscience.

    Maybe a massive 🌪wind💨 of interest over psychology based and even deeper/newer individual or group Conscience transformative technologies may happen.

    After all, it’s not so difficult to determine the effects of •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️, all One has to do it to look at individuals who possess both strong ⚡️Aquarius♒️ and 🦂Scorpio combined in their Astro chart. Look at Elsa, for example 😅

    Around 1965, there was the conjunction of •Pluto and ⚡️Uranus opposing Saturn🪐. Only now it’s dawning on me how this may so strongly represent a push towards deep transformative change of nasty old patterns in self and others. It’s like a psychotherapist signature, depending on other points in the chart of course. So this generation with this opposition, after already having been triggered by Saturn🪐 in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is now again triggered by •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ which they already have built in from the conjunction of •Pluto and ⚡️Uranus.

    And at least in the next 3 years, with Saturn🪐 in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 of other worldly, immaterial, SPIRITual, psychological matters, ⚡️Aquarius♒️ •Pluto will give it even more of a direction towards a spiritual transformation of the old towards the new, supporting the above thesis that this may happen internally to the psyche of the 🌍World’s population, who now more than ever may be open and craving deep irreversible change like never before. And in this there may be a great thirst welcoming a 🌪whirlwind💨 of discoveries of what has been hidden for ages.

    The hope here is that, given that •Pluto and ⚡️Uranus (ruler of ⚡️Aquarius♒️) are forces working through the Subconscious and Unconscious, the 🌍World controllers who may try to manipulate the masses by presenting many fake or manipulated/distorted “discoveries” and “revelations” or to censor and cover up news of great actually ✨True👊🏼 discoveries, that the changes occur subconsciously and unconsciously anyway, like with •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ the entire Humanity may have like a new tuning radio to receive the frequencies of said changes coming from other dimensions of the SPIRITual-Psychological-Subconscious-Unconscious so will thus be beyond the reach of the controllers and thus impact Humanity despite them.

    If we observe what is undoubtedly an on going massive undertaking (attack) on Humanity set to cut off people from their connection to Source-God-Intuition-Knowingness-🍓Heart going to the extreme of trying to insert chips in people’s body in multiple ways, to fill the environment with EMF Gigahertz waves and lock people inside buildings/cities, locking people to addictive cross-eyeing screen based activity, etc., all of this may precisely validate the above thesis that they’re trying to block what will be a natural consequence of an epic 20 year •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ transit. That…

    … in the next 20 years Humanity may profoundly transform itself by way of increasingly accessing the unseen, downloading Consciousness, accessing Knowingness without knowing how, becoming All Knowing thus inevitably seeing the ✨Truth👊🏼. Because…

    … The ✨Truth👊🏼 Shall Set You Free!

    Maybe no 666 chip on wrist/forehead or 👹AntiChrist 🧠brain implants may block this from happening.

    This 20 year long •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ transit may turn out to be a time of ✨Miracles✨!

    Holding this Vision high will be good.

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      By the way, I didn’t mean to suggest Elsa was born in 1965, I was thinking of someone else 😅🤣

      1. @Miguel Melchizedek, like teaching Meditation in small groups, I’ve an Aquarian stellium including sun, and Scorpio stellium, it’s been a plan for about 15 years, I can feel the plan close to unfolding. Your insight into a practical response.

        1. Avatar
          Miguel Melchizedek

          Hi @GabrielleB, having you teach 🧘🏼‍♀️Meditation🧘🏼‍♂️ to small groups will be nothing short of spectacular, excellent, magnificent!

          One time, back when I was starting and trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, I asked him why had he kept himself only to teaching such a simple concept as the existence of Past Lives and not go further and deeper down the rabbit 🕳hole? His answer made me realize that simple things, like telling his story how he went from a scientific skeptic psychiatrist to what he calls a Spiritual Psychotherapist teaching people to Heal Past Lives, and no more than that, is immensely ✨💪🏼Powerful⚔️✨ because it changes people’s lives… and people then may find and take the following steps themselves.

          Teaching people 🧘🏼‍♀️Meditation🧘🏼‍♂️, even though it may be thought of as a simple thing, is pretty ✨💪🏼Powerful⚔️✨ in that it’ll be ✨Life✨ changing for your students… and for you 😺👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

          ✨💪🏼Power⚔️✨ to you, GabrielleB! 🤩👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

          1. Hi back @ Miguel Melchizedek, I agree = Simple is Powerful and builds confidence in the next steps. Thanks.

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          Miguel Melchizedek

          This is a 20 year long transit and it boldens and empowers those with similar configurations.

          I also have a 🦂Scorpio Stellium, including ☀️Sun☀️ and Ascendant ruler, with •Pluto conjunct ⚡️Uranus sextiling it. What I have been observing is a very ✨💪🏼Powerful✨ increase of these energies. I don’t know, just ✨💪🏼Stronger✨.

          It may very well be the case that •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ may push people with these characteristics together to embody the •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ 🌊wave💦, a 20 years long wave — this still leaves me in awe because 20 years is a lifetime — so it won’t be just matters of •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ coming through but also a group of people emerging from all corners and taking action. ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is also groups so there may be some of them coming together in an organized fashion while favoring autonomy and independence… a bit like Open Source software…

          Your comment surely seems to validate this of •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ people showing up for positive constructive action. Nothing would give me more hope and Trust in the future of Humanity than this because nothing can be done without people and people are the enablers, it’s people that make things happen. GabrielleB! 👏🏼

  6. I’m an Aquarius Asc Sun Chiron Moon 1st house with Pluto retro at 29 degrees in Leo 7th house. Without being political Pluto in Aquarius may be indicative of more societies that ban books and remove choice(s) in thinking. Will we have to police our thoughts if AI can mind read? “Human being hacked?” I’ll have to go back to writing cursive in lined notebooks.

  7. I have stellium in Aqua, including Sun, Moon, Venus and a Scorpio stellium including Jupiter, Neptune, NNode all conjunct. I read about Aquarius and groups and really have no idea what this means – perhaps it operates unconsciously, as I am more compelled to point out- the ‘Emperor who has no clothes on’, and therefore with BS exposed, a better outcome for all is expected. Maybe it’s because Saturn is opposite my Pluto today, I feel that this is a lost cause:- people are not interested in the Emperors’ attire or lack thereof, as long as their own needs are met, who cares? Maybe I am weary – lately I discovered that my father, older brother, ex husband and now son have Saturn/Pluto square or conjunction, and have been beaten down by all of them, one way or another. If anyone can suggest to me why my soul would put itself in this position, I would love to understand.

  8. Liz Greene, a Psycholgist, in her book “Saturn a new look at an Old Devil” explains generational groupings like yours. Try ebay. People don’t seem to keep books any more; this one is a treasure.

    1. Not sure if your post was meant for me Maria, but thank you, if so. Funnily, I have all Liz Greene’s books, and devoured all;- together with her collaborations with Howard Sasportas, and they are a treasure, and as the years go by have found them awsomely accurate!

  9. 4 personal planets in Scorpio here, and Aquarius rising.
    Uranus in Sag, natal Sag planet Jupiter in *drumroll* … Scorpio.

    It’s like hearing the door slam and a voice yelling ‘Honey, I’m hooome! Where are you?’

    Hi Pluto, welcome home – you’ve been expected. With excitement as well as curiousity, a bit of dread and mystification honestly.

    I am sure this transit will forever change how we approach individuality, and also how we think of originality.

    And well … If I am going to see the same movie over and over for 20 years? I might as well get comfortable with transformation in the process. When you have seen the movie about 1000 times… It starts transforming the ways of your psyche. You make it transform itself in the process of transforming your own Psyche.

    So there’s that I guess.

  10. This has me concerned. My Son and sister are a 1-degree sun aquarian. My grandson has a aquarian sun and moon, with a Leo rising. My sister also has an aquarian moon.My son and grandson have been going through some dark night of the soul kind of stuff for the last few years already. My sister has accepted some incredible responsibilities even though she has been through cancer. Luckily in remission as surgery is the treatment for her type of cancer. Then of course it is squaring my Scorpio Sun. Its at 24 degrees>My daughter might get through it ok. She is a Gemini sun with a sag asc.

  11. My husband is 1 degree Aqua sun and Venus in the 7th house. I’m just sitting here holding my breath, waiting for…well, whatever it’s gonna be. 😌

    I am an old-timer here. I remember being on this blog over a decade ago, wringing my hands about this transit. Yes, worrying about a transit that was more than ten years away! Ha. It must mean divorce! It must mean an affair! How will I go on?!

    I am older and much wiser now. He’ll be ok. I’ll be ok. What will be will be!

  12. Hi

    I have been off for at least a week, with one day feeling roughly normal and the next not good; I am presuming that it is the Pluto change that is affecting myself, but the question obviously is how does one know whether its Saturn over Pluto, not Pluto over Saturn that is affecting?

    Just asking for a griend…

      1. Hi Elsa,

        Thank you for replying.

        I presumed that it was Pluto as this situation has been ongoing for about the same length of time as Pluto crept into Aquarius: I hope its not eh same as when Uranus and Chiron was going through Aquaries. that was bery depressive:)

        Sorry for spelling mistakes: I am half blind now!!

  13. Thanks Elsa. I don’t know how I missed this. My natal Aquarius Sun is in the Eighth House. Does that help or hurt with this transit?

  14. I think Pluto in Aquarius will not only affect Aquarians but anyone with fixed signs. Pluto in my 1st house. It’s already doing a number on me by opposing my Leo Moon and squaring my IC/MC. I’m going through severe health crisis now but through this painful life threatening ordeal I’ve also transformed spiritually and was finally able to release anger, hatred, bitterness towards all who have harmed me and feel compassion for those that have hurt me. I’ve also become closer to my family as a result. My heart no longer feels blocked and is able to truly love.

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