How Will The 2020 Capricorn Stellium Affect Me?

capricorn mountain goatJupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct throughout most of the second half of 2020. I am seeing my clients of all ages, come to some kind of reckoning. In all cases, the person is humbled in some way. It doesn’t feel good but I believe it’s the best thing that can happen to you.

I state this because if you’re on the wrong path, it’s imperative you get on the right path. If there is some kind of smack-down involved; ultimately it will probably be worth it. There are many ways this is happening…

  • If you’re older, you’ll probably come to realize this in a deeply serious way, over these next months. Oh no! I’m old!
  • It may be that you’re ill, and it’s new to you. Hello! You’re mortal!
  • You may be losing skills, you thought you could take for granted. Uh oh.
    You may have lost your job.
  • You may lose a parent or be witnessing the decline of a parent. If you’re younger, it may be a grandparent, who you see is slipping away.
  • If you’re around Saturn return age, you’ve got to take a serious look at your life. Have kids? Not have kids? Relationships? Marriage? Career?
  • If you’re just starting in life, you’re bearing a heavy burden, growing up in what might be a called a “world war”.

A person having any of the things I’ve mentioned is going to realize, there are limits to their power. There are limits to what they can control, contain or run from. This realization like this tends to hit a person hard because you tend to feel you’re insignificant. Life will go on, with or without you!

The “hard knock” is true for all things, Capricorn. It’s said you’ll be brought to your Capricorn-ruled knees.  But in this case, Pluto is involved. The things we’re encountering are extreme and drastic.

In planning to write this, I thought of this old post concerning Saturn in Scorpio, which is akin to Pluto in Capricorn.  You’ve got to face the ghastly reality. You’re you, who may not match the “you” in your press kit!

Saturn In Scorpio: Facing The Ghastly Reality

If this has already happened to you, then you know what I mean.
If it’s not happened to you can expect that it will.

As for how this experience will benefit you; prior to taking this fall from your perch, you may think that falling is something that happens to others. It’s not!  But once you’re on the ground, you can start to sort your life out.

If you choose to work at this, the result will be brilliant. It’s like saving your own life.  You’ll look back and be so glad you took the fall.  Because you’ll never really be happy so long as you’re inauthentic.

Can you relate?

18 thoughts on “How Will The 2020 Capricorn Stellium Affect Me?”

  1. hello. everything you mentioned here is spot on! i began my saturn return in january, as it returned to my natal eighth house the 12th of that month/returned to aquarius in march. everything pretty much coincided with covid. i got laid off, lost a lot of loved ones due to the virus and i have been severely depressed/anxiety ridden. i was beforehand, but not to this extent i am currently in due to the impact of the virus. this conjunction will also be conjunct my natal capricorn moon (eight house). which makes sense, i guess, with the inner crisis i’ve been feeling along with the state of the world. i live with my mom, she’s older. i’ve been a mess trying to care for her the best i could. she’s restless and wants to do things. mainly go outside. i feel horrible limiting her movements. but i’m trying to be as safe as i can be.. with slight controlling aspects. haha. its also hard because we don’t live in a house, but an apartment complex. relationships wise, i’ve never been intimate. but its never been a top priority of mines. i do get lonely, but i’ve felt this way most of my life. with and without friends. speaking of, friendships have always been my home. with everything going on, i have not seen my friends, physically, in over three months. that has been challenging. there have been some positives though! i filed for unemployment, straightened some of my finances around and finally starting saving money. i wasn’t able to before. as i’m getting more money in unemployment than i was employed. lol! i quit a smoking (marijuana) habit on my 29th birthday (may 5th). i didn’t enjoy the state of mind i was in like i did previously (with friends/after work/at home). i would experience the most negative thoughts, and the paranoia would ensue. i had to stop. i’m now going on almost two months sober! another positive is that i’ve recently discovered christianity. its been a calming source for me in these stressful times.

    i hope anyone who reads this is doing well, and staying safe.

    sending all my love xx

    1. Nicole – you’ve made some remarkable, positive progress in your personal life during these tumultuous times. Congratulations!

    2. Nicole, take your mom for daily walks. It’ll be good for both of you to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

  2. Regarding your Tr Saturn in Scorpio post, I realized I began a very Scorpionic personal relationship with a man in October 2012. Tr Saturn was ignored (lots of red flags) when it became conjunct my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. Once Tr Saturn cleared this orb, I ended the relationship.

  3. Elsa, I’m writing to you from my knees!!!! I have many medical problems, spinal issues, pain like you. I definitely don’t match the me in my press kit. 1/12/54.

  4. Sheesh… A Saturn-in-Scorpio-in-house 8 born and bred here, with the added benefit a Sun-Pluto conjunction on the cusp of house 8. Life is dreadful, has always been like that, pretty much. When Saturn entered Libra and was going over my natal Moon at 1 Libra in 2010 I lost my boyfriend of 7+ years to a combination of chronic illness and a viral infection; and when it zoned in on my Sun/Pluto conjunction at 29 Libra/ 1 Scorpio in 2012, I almost lost my mom to a stroke – the consequences of which we`re both trying to survive and cope with still, and we will always be. In 2018, “good-guy” Jupiter was on my natal Saturn in 8 house Scorpio, while Saturn was on my natal Jupiter in Capricorn, house 10, in addition to Uranus opposing the natal Sun/Pluto – and my dad died of flu complications, out of the blue, in a week`s time. It`s been hurdle after hurdle, at home, at work, struggling with my uncooperative and abusive boss/scientific advisor about my PhD – just heavy and painful, and terribly lonesome. I know it can always get worse, and since it can – it must…and it does, eventually. I have pretty much been “in a state of war”, albeit not a world one, for so long now – I can hardly remember what normal feels like.
    And now, my oh my, Saturn and Pluto (and Jupiter in the mix) are at various degrees of squaring my Sun/Pluto conjunction, while Uranus is slowly but surely zoning in on my Saturn.
    I guess I`ll authenticate the pants out of myself, or die trying.

  5. you’re you: yes my best friend thru thick and thin till the very end, and i’ve still so much to learn,love and do. Cappy and proud .a.k.a woman who craves the breeze, finally coming up for air
    tough week,i think so many feel the ache to breathe for so many reasons.When i stop comparing or trying to please the unpleasing,it becomes more than easy becomes rewarding
    i need only to recognize how tough i am,i push myself just so lightly and truly looking for peace with myself,no shame no pain,finally painting my kitchen,what bloody mess with the sanding but got plenty of drop cloth ok paint brush seconds from dipping in,kisses to each one playing inside their thoughts

  6. Gosh, I am natally Saturn in Scorpio. Is my reality really ghastly? I have been told that I have been through more than most. You mean this is not normal? Too funny!!!

  7. The most interesting thing about natal saturn in scorpio is that it squares natal pluto. Now when I started out looking at this stuff, the astro writers were saying that with this aspect I needed to show more respect for authorities. I actually thought about that. Can you believe that? Upon review, and especially now in this politial climate, I am so glad that I held my ground and did not let authorities turn me into a criminal by obeying them. So the authorities may push me, fire me, bad mouth me in the grapevine, but so be it. Why would I self sabotage myself to please them, suffer the ghastly consequences, and have to pull myself back up again. Like I need more of that?

  8. I’m not sure about what you write about this stellium, all I can say is that I am ditching firms that are self-serving and manipulative, and for this reasen have done me wrong, or done what is right for the individual minuion to keep their job at my expense. I have it with a bank right, who have completely blocked access to my account, money, online access – I cannot even transfer the money out – and its all to force myself to do as they say, and to punish myself as I pointed out that they were saying one thing then changing the goal posts half way through – I think there is a case here to ditch the banking industry and use crypto.

  9. O Elsa, I can relate. My dearest aunt in hospital with a stroke. My good old fulltime job, moneywise essential for me and my familiy was quitted yesterday. Bang. And I just recovered from a femur fracture. Next Monday is the check for osteoporosis. Guess, what…

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    Susan Steffen

    Well, my husband brought his franchise store to #1 nationally 2 years in a row, until they brought in a family member with no experience above him, saying they wouldn’t hire someone he wanted because he didn’t like beards, not to investigate theft by someone because his sister had hired her, and people in his store had to take vacations only in winter, while the other stores could take time off whenever. Then my husband found they were not paying the money they took from his check to pay his government retirement for the past 3 years(when this guy arrived). So one day my husband says he told the guy to shove it three times in one day and they might fire him. Then he became increasingly erratic and stressed and took a medical leave for stress, and got a lawyer on the psychiatrist’s advice, and is suing for redress of a lot of financial irregularities. So I do support him, and eventually it should work in his favor, but in the meantime one has to get used to not working, not having the authority you had, wondering if you saved enough money when some benefits are denied and the suit is slow. BUT it was nice to have him at home for 2 months, we lost weight and started eating way better and much less. We kept it together and are looking at him going back soon and wondering what they might do to him within the law, and if his high value to the company is equal to the value of a family member that has done a lot of illegal things against a lot of other employees as well- well, we are ready for anything. We still feel very fortunate despite the uncertainty.

  11. That doesn’t seem especially different from what’s been going on with other severe Cap transits. “There are limits” “we can’t afford it” “authority can’t be perfect” “obey authority if you want law and order” got it.

  12. “You’re you, who may not match the “you” in your press kit!”
    Brilliantly put!! Love it! Thanks for that clear, concise round up!

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    I am an older Capricorn woman who never considered the planets were responsible for the difficulties in my life. But after reading about Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which are current in Capricorn, my Sun Sign, I have more understanding of my life. I live with my Capricorn daughter now after having to move away from my adult son who stopped taking his medication. My son is a Scorpio and I guess he is feeling his cheerios now. But in the beginning I felt very hurt and thrown to the wolves because of having to move. Now, however, I am much better and quite relieved that I am no longer responsible for him. Also, I feel rather guilty for imposing on my Capricorn daughter who moved me from Missouri to her home in Florida. This pandemic is worrisome, but I am not looking forward to marrying anyone at 74 years old, smile, so my biggest concern is when are the Bingo houses going to open? My main point for writing is to say thank you for the explanations you have provided because I understand why it had to happen. Thank you.

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