How Will The Mutable Signs Fare With Saturn In Pisces

Saturn colorfulWill the Mutables (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) be having the worst time with this during Saturn in Pisces like the Fixed signs had to deal with Saturn in Aquarius? 

I don’t think there is a blanket way to answer this except in the broader sense.  Each individual has their own chart and their own experiences and history and trail of choices they’ve made over the years.  Levels of maturity and humility are also variable.  Age is variable. Access to wisdom and good rather than bad advice – also variable.

What’s common for everyone under a Saturn transit is pressure.  To fare well, you have to clutch it up, face your fear, do the right thing, take responsibility, stand up tall (spine) and act like an adult.  If these (Saturn) principles are foreign to you, expect to be checked.  If you ignore the this, expect to be checked harder, from higher up.  You can extrapolate from there.

Now if have a bunch of Saturn aspects in your chart, or planets in Capricorn, you may very well adhere to Saturn rules as a matter of course. If this is the case, you will probably wind up in a position of authority.  At the very least, you aren’t likely to be badly hurt.  The main threat to someone like this, is self-undoing due to fear. “Do I suck?” Answer that question, “No”, at this time!

To address the specific question, generally speaking, I do think Mutable signs will have an easier time with Saturn than the Fixed signs. This is because of their adaptability. Not to say there are no potential serious threats.  I will try to illustrate what I mean as I go.

Gemini – Gemini is quite smart. Saturn in Pisces will slow them down some. Is saying this or that, wise?  But I don’t seem them getting crushed because they can easily adapt to whatever.  The greatest danger here is confusion.  Mistakes of the intellect. If Gemini can avoid being tricked or mislead… well, have you ever tried to stomp on and oppress a butterfly. It’s hard to do.  The Gemini-Gemini was intentional.

Virgo will meet opposition.  You’ll run into Saturn figures. Some will teach you. Others will oppress you.  Either way, you’ve got to deal. Don’t be afraid to try any and all, endless defenses available to you.  Use the transit to discipline your mind. You will fail here or there. When this happens, get up and move on.  You’re not perfect and you never were. If you’re single, you might get a serious partner.

Sagittarius – Well, hey! So long as you don’t get confused and run off to have the “join-a-cult-experience”, this should be a good transit for you.  Saturn and Jupiter are a natural pair.  You love education. This is more of that at a higher level. Study may be hard… or you may be learning about ethereal things like religion.  If you’re a Peter Pan type man, there’s likely to be a point where you check your course, in case you want to correct it.  Same with the woman.  You may also mature your worldview or be pressure to provide substance to validate your high-flying concepts.  Any inflation will be checked.

Pisces – Now I am sorry about this, but generally speaking,  I expect Pisces to have the hardest time with this transit. The whole of the chart matters. The natal condition of Saturn matters. I’m not saying there will not be Pisces who are very glad  for this transit and benefit greatly from it. But Saturn is SOBERING.  Controlling feelings is hard for Pisces. It’s unnatural.  But boundaries will be necessary. You just can’t give at the office, the office, the other office, the blood bank, etc. You will need to say, “no”, and it will probably hurt.

Humbling is another thing that is universal in regards to Saturn transits.  They say you’ll be brought to your knees and I think this is true. So this happens to you, don’t panic. It literally means, you’re making progress.

How’s the transit going in your life?  What do you see out there?

22 thoughts on “How Will The Mutable Signs Fare With Saturn In Pisces”

  1. The total knee replacement for my husband that was supposed to climax with the surgery on March 7 was canceled due to both of us getting the flu over the weekend. Now re-scheduled for May 24.
    Challenging my Libra Sun Cancer ASC to be more flexible—-a lesson I haven’t been able to learn in 50 years of marriage!

  2. saturn is already on my 1st degree Pisces Sun. not feeling the pressure yet, but I’m sure expecting it soon. The whole year is colored with Saturn theme since its very prominent in my SR chart.
    I’ve been very adult and responsible since childhood,I don’t believe in shortcuts and escapiscm , let’s see what will Saturn bring. Last time it was in Pisces I was steping into adulthood, finishing high school.

  3. Hi Elsa, you are like a big bucket of water thrown on a fire – that’s how I described you to my son, my only child. he’s a quadruple Gemini with a Pisces moon – and has been going through issues at work – allowing for no time off for himself. His chart is one I would have read if it were mine – and I’ve a feeling you’re going to be talking with him soon. He was born only because of Mt.St Helen’s going off, with 2 hernias due to not being able to sustain life or die – he kicked his way out – the placenta had ruptured – I made it to the hospital just in time for him to be born. He’s got triple Libra in the 5th house also – It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at his chart – I’ve learned so much just in the past 3 yrs – so I am seeing it with new eyes.

  4. My Sag sun is in the 4th opposed by Gem Saturn in the 20th. So Saturn is currently traveling through the 7th and squaring both. So far uneventful, but I am still dealing with the health issues that were dumped on me when it passed through the 6th.

  5. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Gemini Sun 27′ and Sag Moon at 4′ and a Virgo Desc. at 2′. I don’t think this is good news and I have been in a serious procrastination mood lately, not doing the things I need to tackle. I feel the butt kick coming up!

  6. Saturn in Pisces 7th house. Libra sun/moon and leo Rising also 28 yrs old. I’m still researching a lot about Saturn returns.

    My ears are open to anyone’s advice or stories. Thank you

  7. Me, my partner and our son will all feel this. For the most part, I think we’ll be fine, but I really feel for my son, Saturn has just started transiting his 9th house, soon to square his 6th house Moon, just at the time in his life when he’s ready to spread his wings and fly. Alas, he is an Aquarius Sun in the 8th, so my advice may not be welcome!

  8. Reactivating natal Saturn square Venus with a Saturn opposition next year but feel it already. Saturn is now opposing husband’s natal Saturn conjunct descendant. This is rough.
    My son’s Saturn conjoins my Venus so he gets the square…

  9. My sons are Aquarius,they work together
    I am hearing things like “ want work done 1/2 upfront”, Saturn taught them not to honor everyone’s word or believe checks in the mail.Lots of BS these days here

  10. I am currently having Saturn opposing my natal moon. Saturn at 0 pisces and my moon at 0 virgo. It is a short term “meeting”, one week. The next time we meet is when Saturn opposes my Neptune at 23 degrees. Both moon and Neptune are in the 5th house. So far only a few mild hiccups.

  11. Avatar

    Saturn coming into Pisces hard is right. With my natal moon @ 24 Pisces I am more than a little bit concerned.

  12. A Virgo Sun with a stellium of 6 in Virgo including pluto
    At 26 and Mercury at 27.Sun at 8 and Moon at 10. South node at 2.Av survived pluto in Aquarius for good 14 years. What comes next?

  13. Sag. rising, Jupiter in early Pisces

    strangest thing

    from when I awoke on the 8th (and while I was dreaming) I seem to have regained some imaginary place of music and poetry that had been drifting off it seemed for a time

  14. This is going to be absolutely terrible. The next 5 years at least. I strongly believe I will not survive it, literally. I am wholly committed to not paying the piper.

  15. i’ve had saturn transit every planet/point [ including second return ] in my chart these 5+ years.
    now con my wide chiron [ end of aqua] sun [start of pisces.
    fun is also being had with pluto sq mc/con mars/venus. major eczema outbreaks including eyes/past life memories re being a leper. + uranus sq uranus trine asc /chiron tranits. today last exact of c trine asc, c sq saturn ongoing. idk what’s doing what. sat in pisces is the least of it. i’ve moon con sat in cap and mars at the very end/vwenus in aqua.
    i fel i’m coming into my sun, finally.

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