How Will Uranus In Taurus Affect The Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

Hi Elsa,

With the upcoming transit of Uranus in Taurus, how will this affect resources and debt?

I am immensely fearful or this transit. This will be hitting my 8th house and quite honestly, I am in some debt and sloppy with my money. I am also afraid a deep dark side of me will come out, that I don’t want to show. This transit will square almost every planet in my chart. When it hits Taurus it’ll be squaring my Venus and opposing Pluto. I’m Venus ruled, so God knows what will come out.

How will this affect the fixed signs? I take Uranus is not a safe planet. Does this spell disaster?

Scared of Uranus

Hi, Scared.

First, there is so much fear in your note, I figure Saturn has to be in play. Uranus is not associated with fear. Surprise? Yes. Liberation? Yes.

I have your chart. You have Saturn in Scorpio. You’re afraid of being wiped out!  I can see why a Uranus’ transit to Venus and Pluto would concern you but has it occurred to you that your spending habits need an overhaul?  You are highly fixed. Chances are you’ll benefit from the shake-up.

I’m not suggesting you’re going to be surprised by lottery win, though that is in the realm of possibility. More likely you’re waking up to the fact, you’ve got to change. Voluntarily or otherwise!

Astrologer, Tracy Marks, once said that a person did not have to mind transits, so long as they didn’t mind their house being destroyed… I think you’re in a situation like this. You must rein in your spending, or expect it to be done for you.  CHOOSE to reinvent yourself / your values.

As for your shadow being unleashed, I read this and feel fear that it not be released! You sound like a pressure cooker, ready to blow.

How will Uranus in Taurus affect the Fixed Signs?

Clearly, they’ll be shaken. They will either change or have change forced upon them. Your mistake is in thinking this is a bad thing.

Last, it may not be necessary to show what is hidden to others? Let’s say with Venus/Pluto you spend obsessively. Maybe you’re a hoarder.  What if this transit revealed to you (and only you), the root of what drives your behavior?  And what if, as a result you were liberated from your compulsion.

That would be what I would look for during this transit. Uranus is associated with FREEDOM. Your fear of being bound or having your reputation affected is a Saturn function. Don’t lump these things together. How are you going to change your spending habits? Drastically?

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15 thoughts on “How Will Uranus In Taurus Affect The Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)”

  1. anonymoushermit

    Uranus in Aries really bring out the mentally unstable. Shadow side of Aries is violence. Hopefully, Uranus in Taurus will bring economic happiness in the US.

  2. My natal Mercury is 6 degrees Taurus 9th house. Man uranus will hit it so hard! Haha! My sun is 10 degrees taurus, Oppo Pluto. So it will take uranus years before it hit them but the effect maybe I will feel anyway?

    Not much happened at all when Uranus hit my natal Venus, Jupiter and n.node in 8th over the years, but thats great I think.

  3. I can’t wait for Uranus to get out of Aries, for the reason anonymoushermit stated and a few others. I’m tired of it being in my sixth and my work being nuts.
    I look forward to Uranus in my seventh, since I have no romantic life at all it can’t make things worse 🙂

  4. Uranus conj. my Mars years back and I traveled out of the country during those years. No crashes–still here. And, Mars in 12th!

  5. Uranus has transited my natal Chiron and mars in the 8th house. It has been intense and at times gruesome, and felt like my whole world as I knew it imploded in spectacular fashion. I lost a deaf friend to suicide and was involved in a serious road traffic accident which literally stopped me in my tracks and knocked me for months, and my marriage ended a couple of months later. But that was in the ‘eye of the storm’ and tho I have one more passing to navigate in April this year, I feel so much more prepared and ready to harness the infinite possibilities that this can bring and work with the Uranian energy, rather than have it work on me, as it were. I feel Uranus has literally shaken me out of a world that didn’t fit and has liberated me beyond my wildest dreams insomuch as I have a new found excitement of the possibilities I have to explore. But dear god, I am also very much looking forward to it moving into Taurus, there’s only so much liberation you can take at any given time. And I’m a sixth house Aquarian 🙂

  6. I cannot be the only one that likes all this change. It’s allowing for me to find myself through the reflection of others and allowing me to shed skins or weight. I don’t mind failure for there’s always a lesson to find somewhere midst all the chaos.
    I have super late 7th house Sun, bordering the 8th. Then and Scorpio stellium with 2 of the 3 planets opposing my Taurus Moon. There have been no subtleties in my life. Everything is either really up or really down.
    So perhaps this is not for the emotionally unstable or those who dislike change.

    1. SCORPIO I hear ya! Got a stellium in scorpio, leo moon…Just went through a pluto transformation in the 90’s! Uranus transit got nothing on that pluto transit!…divorce, relocate, finances, physical changes..whew! I am just gonna lay down on this uranus transition, just let it happen! Already going in to it I have lost a love relationship to a big argument. We both were shocked! Had nothing to do with the content of our relationship. Came out of nowhere ! Up in smoke! hahahaha. Shame! Hello uranus in taurus. However on a macro level little very concerned about the last time uranus was in Taurus, WWII…hmmpf!

      1. 11 year relationship wham bam done just recently. Uranus is very powerful and expecting more huge changes in my life and I cannot wait. Bringing it on in 2019 and beyond.

  7. I’ve been through a meat grinder with Saturn transiting my 12th and Asc for what feels like forever. Here I was hoping I had gotten to a resting place – feeling like I had reached the end of the marathon…but now it seems Uranus is going to take a turn at me. Yay! I usually do pretty well with Taurus so I’m going to remain positive – I could use a little Earth in my life!

  8. What do you mean we fixed signs will get shaken? I just got shook through hell with the recent cardinal grand cross (Saturn, Uranus & Pluto) hitting my angles, at the same time. They destroyed my life completely and turned it to dust. Uranus is still at it with career, while Neptune destroys my chart ruler. When Uranus goes into Taurus, it will hit my natal fixed grand cross. There’s nothing left of me, what is it going to shake? I guess it’s just going to blow away the dust that is left.

  9. The second half of my 8th. I’d love to be liberated from my ongoing economic distress. I’ve faced a lot of my mistakes, bad decisions. But damn, I’ve been responsible always, with my son, my debt, my responsibilities, no matter the lack of support. I keep saying, it’s ok. I do without a lot, materially, and general enjoyment of life. Apparently ease is for other people. 🙁

  10. Hi Everyone!!!
    I don’t like to fear transits or changes. I fight against change at first then accept it and embrace it, but honestly this Uranus transit has me a bit worried. Uranus will cross my DC in July. It will oppose by ASC as well as Mars in Scorpio and square Jupiter. I currently am in the process of buying a home with my partner. He and I have committed the rest of our lives to each other, just not legally. I worry that everything will breakdown. I am hoping it wont and we will just have a different version of our relationship. One that is more open and free. Im not sure how to show you my chart on this thread, but I would truly appreciate advice and insight.
    IM a scorpio rising, with venus and uranus in 1st house. Virgo sun in the 11th (home of Uranus) with my NN, and mercury here as well. Taurus 7th house moon. Saturn in Virgo as well, but in the 10th house and Jupiter in the 9th conjunct my MC. My mars is conjunct ASC in the 12th. I currently live in upstate NY, CLifton Springs, NY
    Thank you in advance for your insight and advice/opinions!
    <3 VK

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