Mars Opposite Neptune: Attacking Others, Undoing Yourself

My husband and I were talking last night about a gal attacking (Mars) others (opposition) but only hurting herself (Neptune / self undoing). This kind of thing makes me very nervous for some reason. I don’t like to be around people whose judgement is so off.

Do you know anyone, standing in a hole, angry and digging it deeper?

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  1. Nope, but I do have mars in 9th and I see ideological battles everywhere. I am so confused and I feel turned around and backwards in a hall of mirrors.

  2. At the moment, I am this girl at times, and one person I know here, at least, said that she sees me trying to lift myself up. It doesn’t help when others repeatedly see me as doing otherwise.

    My fighting with one person, was and is not one-sided. We wouldn’t be fighting it he could see when he’s in the wrong and consistently being insensitive – consistently disregarding feelings. My judgement is usually very much “on” and I check it often, just in case it isn’t.

  3. I wish there was an edit function here. Someone who knows me just told me that my judgement is excellent, and they volunteered that out of nowhere.

  4. Oh yes – my son has Mars in opposition to Neptune (where Neptune is also in a tight conjunction with Uranus). He not only diges the hole deeper, but in shocking fashion!

  5. My husband and I also talk about this a lot recently due to a gal who we just couldn’t be friends with any longer. The self-undoing, lack of any kind of sound judgement, constant extreme complaining, has put her in a deep grave.

    The icing on the cake was when she was putting other people in jeopardy and not being able to see it. I wanted to help but trying to save someone from their self-undoing? I don’t know how.. I lost my temper when it got into my family’s business. Not cool on my part at all .. should have written a letter instead!

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    curious wanderer

    This sounds like my cousin. She’s on my mind today because last night my sister and I argued with a statement she made, and I guess she took it personal because the next thing we knew, she was making personal attacks.

    I don’t know where my sister is in this at the moment, but I’ve withdrawn myself. I have no desire to get down in the mud with someone who can’t stand a differing opinion. She can keep arguing with herself for all I care, and it looks like she is.

  7. happens to a lot of people under stress around here, but the worst example right now is the office guy who is a raging addict and just goes off on people and no one can figure out who’s the culprit.

    “hey, want to go over this now or at 4?”
    “I don’t want to talk to you! why are you talking to me? [looks around]”

    “hey, had a good weekend?”
    “I doubt it. And I bet yours was terrible. I don’t want to hear it.”

    “[insert normal question]”
    “excuse me? did you just say [something unrelated]? you’re a bitch!”

    ad nauseum.

  8. Nept. opp Mars here.
    I think more than anything, this aspect makes me build people up and when I get disappointed I tear them down.
    Not fun for me either.
    Trying not to get so many expectations.

  9. Me!

    It started after one single phone call. Now I can’t sleep. I can’t believe I’m doing it. It’s absolutely futile but it’s keeping me awake.

  10. I experienced this Friday night (ie: the someone who was angry and just kept digging a hole). What helped was saying to them, “ok, are you making things better or worse with what you are doing right now?” Luckily, they trust me. Or, they could have really spiralled out of control and completely undone themself. And, even at that, I got a really good view of their shadow through their anger and they had no idea.
    I think Mars to Neptune is my least favorite Neptune aspect.

  11. Yes, but for me the’standing in the hole and digging deeper’took place much earlier,on 30th Oct.But what you have described is exactly what happened that day.I wanted some explanations from a close friend which were valid but the way I went about was totally irresponsible.I was upset and I wrote things which were hurtful.I had never before used such hurtful words and I regreted it later but harm was already done and through this whole week I have been asking my friend to forgive me but he hasn’t said a word.I dont know when or if that person will ever forgive me.Elsa,do you think things will get better once Mars/Neptune opp breaks off? Or has the damage been done permanently? And could this effect have been felt one week earlier?

  12. Since Trans Neptune is in my 1st, and Trans Mars is in my 7th, I’ve been pointedly hiding. It’s the easiest way for me to avoid this malarkey with my ex.

  13. I have this aspect natally as well. Over the years I have dealt with it mostly by detaching myself from my anger bc I don’t trust my judgment in the heat of the moment. I step back, analyze, and only communicate the anger in a controlled way with heavy boundaries on emotional outbursts. Mercury Saturn allows for that.

    I think this aspect is very useful for getting me to transcend or let go of anger, ultimately. I am truly capable of nonattachment in that realm.

  14. I should add that for an Aries Stellium, it was a difficult aspect to learn to deal with. And there are other ways in which I don’t have a grip on this thing at all. I am a horrible procrastinator — I run away from work — which is so existentially demoralizing for someone so Mars identified. Plus I have a 6th house Mars to boot.

  15. I have Mars conj Neptune and have a very hard time staying angry. I avoid conflict but I do get confused sometimes and will argue with a person because I sense they are just plain wrong. But I really try not to. I prefer to use that energy in creativity (writing poetry or art and music). I don’t know anyone with these planets opp. Per se but did know a man who had Pisces on the MC and Mars in the 4th. He would say very mean and cruel things to me for no reason. I’d laugh it off and later would say to myself “wait a minute…that was really f’d up!” Had I caught on…at the time of the conversation…it could have gone south quickly and wee’d both be digging a hole!…lol

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