The Limitations Of Astrology – For Example, The Astrologer!

There is only so much an astrologer can tell you!

I’m cleaning up my site and came across this video. It’s from 2008 but I’m pulling it because it’s still true.

I’m also pulling it up because it’s referencing Saturn in aspect to Uranus. This aspect is in play again.

33 thoughts on “The Limitations Of Astrology – For Example, The Astrologer!”

  1. Oh, my God. I can only imagine what that’s going to do to everyone already reeling from Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn, plus all this Aquarius energy.

    I guess all you can do IS party! ^_^

  2. it helps to know what energy’ out there… in my experience, that gives me a better base to come up with ideas of how to move it in a positive way.

    and warning. warning is good. you can (sometimes) turn a mess on it’s head by taking the same energy and applying it in a different way to something.

  3. Yes wyrdling, I agree about knowing about the cycles. I have about 2 years or less to get ready for my Saturn to transit my South Node, Moon, Ascendant, Neptune and Mars in that order. Is this a mess I’ll have to turn on its head?

  4. yeah but it’s still fun to imagine the possibilities!
    i agree it can go either way / both ways, all ways! in simultaneous different expressions. I guess it’s all up for grabs, what individualists and groups and existing structures are ready for! I’m thinking back to the mid 60’s when this last happened for an educated inspired guess… Status quo’s can resist/limit as well as support/embrace change, or (eventually) having to take it in nilly willy. So, previously ‘wacky’ technology and science becoming the standards while the opposite also happens. e.g. big old oil-related co.’s resisting integration of new energy technologies; ibid with the whole food mass production issues (virgo/pisces), New earth and ocean issues (redux); and we’re all participants…
    whoa, it’ll be great to see! but wont Pluto be involved as well?

  5. What is Astrology good for? Perhaps it’s like a barometer that can sense changes in pressure and let you know a storm is coming long before you see the black clouds on the horizon.

    A great tool for deeper understanding of why things are the way they are but probably not good at fixing things that aren’t broken. Meaning that sometimes we can’t get out of our own way when we are trying to analyze things from every angle. Paralysis by Analysis. Then someone comes along as you are sifting through tea leaves trying to divine something of great importance and says ‘What are you doing Randamandar? Even dogs are smart enough to get out of the rain.’

  6. The Enigma of the Fool [fearless faith]combined with the [here is reality and this is what it looks like its shaping up to be due to Karma]Hermit.

    Last night I had an amazing out of body experience and these only happen once in awhile. I was in our city and it was getting dark, but then it was really dark because there was no electricity. There were people in the streets, no cars just people. I astro travelled home, but it was an effort. I flew over the throngs of people all the way up hillside avenue and made it back into my body safely in my bed without waking up instantly. When I did wake up I was breathing quite quickly.

    But it feels really good, because when I have these experiences I feel like I am where I should be and that my personal power is strong. It removes some of the doubt that has been following me around for a few weeks.

    I am sorry. I know this is not the astrotravel blog but I felt like sharing this. I do not talk about this stuff with too many people in my life, but it feels ok to share this here.

  7. I find astrology good for the broad picture – life cycles, etc and especially good for offering a way to look at what’s going in you and your life with a certain amount of perspective. A good astrologer (Uranus) can offer someone unique information without making the individual feel more insecure (Saturn). I see astrology as a tool and a language for understanding ourselves better . . . and it’s fun!! Uranus conjunct NN in Gemini, both trine Sun & Saturn square Sun here 🙂

  8. hey Elsa, great start on this topic!!
    I simply think as you described, that astrology is good for getting to know the players; the energy involved, for me, being empathic/psychic helps me with the slant of where/how things exist, but it is ALWAYS good to aknowledge what I don’t know and keep that as clearly identified….

    anyway, nice one!

  9. i think of astrology as a way of identifying the energy in the environment, so i can decide how to direct it. it’s sort of like checking your emotional bank balance. it also is very nice during stressful times to know, ok, this is what is in motion, and this is when it will likely resolve, and you can probably work with this energy by looking at these outlets. because it’s gonna express, so if i make an informed choice of how to express it, i can springboard from it instead of being victim to uncontrollable forces.

  10. Even as the seasons change, each season is not the same year by year. One winter is harder than another. One spring is warmer than another. Etc. So it is, too, I feel, with the energies of the planets and their transits. Astrology helps us to know how to prepare for the weather. And I agree: each of us prepares differently, reacts differently to the climate.

  11. I don’t know how to use Astrology to predict anything; but it helps give me insight into what’s going on for me – seeing patterns of behavior (right now, I am painfully aware of my bad habits and relationship patterns) – and this awareness is showing me that I have a choice to make changes and do things differently. How to change, I have no idea yet… I just know that I can’t do things the same way as I have done them in the past…

  12. Elsa, I paid attention, I swear I did. I really love how you say things and the way you say them, personally, because I can understand them and they’re straight forward.

    But, lady? I LOVE YOUR HAIR. As someone with exceedingly curly hair and a long face (so I can’t do short and sassy as well as you do), I’m giving you two thumbs way up. 😀

  13. Hey Elsa,

    I look to astrology to tell me what type of energy is in the air and the energy I possess How it manifests(the uncertainy) of it all is the fun and scary part.

  14. And I like that analogy some people are better at driving than others. The advice or information that an astrologer tells you is filtered through their personality and experience. That’s why I like you.

  15. well, it’s difficult to say what will provoke it, but being prepared for a certain state of mind is always useful

  16. Great topic! I’ve felt at times that with a growing interest in astrology, a lot of times people want to prove a point that it is valid by saying specific things like “Moon/Saturn-your mother was cold” and having them be right so they can oooh and aaah over how accurate it is (who hasn’t thought their mother was cold–which could mean anything [maybe she shivered a lot]–at least once?). That is a mistake I’ve made but I’m coming to see there are better ways to interpret such things.

  17. This is excellent. That’s why I like Elsa the best – she cuts through the b.s. and tells it like it is.

    I like astrology for helping me understand myself better. I don’t look at it for much beyond that.

  18. ha-ha-ha-hair!

    I’m glad to see this video. To answer your questions:

    -I think astrology is NOT good for examining other people’s motives
    -I think astrology IS good for examining your own motives!

  19. Aha. British Election day coming up just after this next Saturn/Uranus opposition. And the shocks are happening already, and not in the way everyone thought LOL

  20. And how! Two words: Financial reform. Or, as I like to call it – progress. What could be more Saturn v. Uranus than that, LOL? Your blog and boards are about as close to prescient as anything I know, to be honest. I was minutes ago reading about the oil rig that has burned and sunk on the Gulf and got an instant flashback to someone on your boards predicting, several months back, that there would be a large disruption to the oil supply/pipeline coming sometime this year. That’s pretty much all I need to know to realize that you and so many of those you attract here are really on to something. Or many, many things, as it were. Awesome, awesome work.

  21. Probably one of my favorite explainations by Elsa done in just over two minutes. Timely as well, since the fourth Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact April 26, and the fifth, and last opposition arrives July 26.

    Oppositions between Saturn/Uranus always inclines through various manifestations. Usually the old versus the new – along with the fear out speaking out, or, the fear of not speaking out. Much depends on how the inclinations are dealt with by the individual.

    Astrologers have to be very careful about their own biases, especially when it comes to the outer planets, and predictions. This is one of the reasons why mundane astrology is very important, but, sadly, not practiced by many astrologers.

    This Saturn-Uranus opposition is generational as most always are in one way or another. Uranus seeks change/reform and Saturn seeks the status quo in the old methods and structures.

    This is playing out now between the outgoing Baby Boomer establishment and Generation X, about to come into power as the new establishment in 2011.

    We won’t see the results of this until the opposition has passed in orb, and, it will transfer its energies to the coming Aries/Capricorn square of Uranus-Pluto that begins in 2011-12.

  22. Well, I think the Saturn Uranus opposition is playing out as the old versus the new, but not as a generational power clash. Rather, it’s a war of ideologies.

    Many people of all ages “woke up” politically after the 2008 election and realized that the “old government” and the “old media” simply do not represent them any longer. Voters who never donated to a campaign or simply cared about anything politically, now take to the internet and take to the street to protest. These same voters, (again-multi-generational,) have already influenced the 2009 governor elections in Virginia and New Jersey, New York District 23 and most recently, the Massachussetts Senate race. This would have been unheard of just a decade ago when local politics stayed local, and/or were funded by the national party orgs.

    This same clash is currently playing out with Florida’s incumbent governor and with the various primaries that run through the summer. Which leads up to the 2010 midterms when all 434 House Seats are up, 37 states elect governors and 36 Senate seats are up, out of which 34 Senators will “take power” in January 2011 for six years.

    I believe “the people” have been speaking for the last 16 months, and the “old establishment” isn’t listening.

  23. I liken it to cooking. Astrology can tell me what ingredients are in the pantry today, this month, by default, whatever – and then it’s my job to decide what I want to cook with it.

    (I’ve got Sun/Saturn and a cardinal T square. Control issues, me? Naaahhh.)

  24. Elsa, Michael Erlewine stated on a recent podcast a good astrologer can tell you where you are at. You are a good astrologer! I’m still processing all the helpful insights from you our last consultation. Astrology can help with timing, cycles and seeing the bigger picture. I still need to do the work with the info gleaned

  25. Elsa, you continue to amaze me with your predictive abilities as an astrologer. You succinctly give the big picture scope, but it’s a bullseye on hindsight! We’re smack in the middle of what you were talking about back in 2008. You’re just simply amazing and very underrated for what you provide. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, denamaria. I think I seem confused in the moment but it’s not that often that I am. I’m just a weirdo and it’s proved to be incurable.

  26. I had a consultation with Elsa in the late summer of 2017 and its only now that my cynicism kicks in and agrees. Elsa was raw, every other astrologer was high on hopium

    1. Thank you. I try to be honest with clients and tell them what I see in their charts and what I think it adds up to. Often enough, it’s not what they expect, but that’s what an outside perspective is!
      I feel my job is to be honest, both at work and in life in general. It’s not a popular way to be at the moment, but sometimes you need a hard data point to move forward/

      I can’t deny “raw” but it’s life that is raw, often enough.

      Yesterday, one of my clients emailed me and said I was “sardonic”. I laughed because she’s right! She wasn’t complaining. It’s just we both know another astrologer would likely have been more “kid gloves”. And it’s not like everyone who calls me gets some harsh message. Often enough, the person is banging on themselves and I try to stop it. Successfully! And I’m good at this as well because I can explain the stupidity of that. And this is why a lot of people get caught / stuck.

      Getting UNstuck is one of the best feelings in the world.

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