Interpretation Of North Node in Leo or the Fifth House

The South Node in Aquarius is an enigma. On one hand, these folks might rebel against ‘the man’. On the other, they demand that everyone gets a fair piece of the pie. But wait, there’s more. On one hand, these folks don’t want to stick out from ‘the group’. On the other, they will wear purple socks to stick out from a group of forty people. Confused? That’s the Uranus flavored South Node in Aquarius for you.

There’s a part of these people, consciously, and unconsciously, that likes to shock people. You might develop a heart attack around these people if you’re not used to surprises, shocks, or sudden changes. In many ways, they look, walk, and even, dress, like other people. But then that Uranus bolt of lightning hits, usually when their peers least expect it, and these people show themselves as the boat rockers that they are.

But why all this interest in shocking people? For one, it’s just their nature. Uranus energy just is. Just like Plutonian energy just is. Just like a tiger’s nature just is. Another reason is their need to bring change, and innovate. Of course, there is a shadow side to this. All this shock could be a cover up for insecurities, and a way of communicating, because South Node in Aquarians may lack the ability to communicate, or express themselves, properly.

Some Aquarian South Nodes may shock, or rebel, as a way of putting up a ‘help me’ sign, when they’re heartbroken, or in emotional pain. This brings us to one of the problems of South Node in Aquarius; they don’t know how to feel their feelings. Emotional detachment is a norm for them, and they might feel like they’re burdening the masses if they speak up about their problems. They might just plain be uncomfortable with emotions, and feelings, because they don’t know where they all come from, or how to deal with them.

Emotions are alien to you, Aquarian South Nodes, and you would rather stuff them under the metaphoric rug, rather than deal with them. This is partly because you see emotions, and feelings, as hindrances towards solving a problem. You see human emotions as ‘getting in the way’ of reaching higher goals, and travelling farther down towards better places. ‘If only people would just use their common sense and stop letting their emotions get in their way’ is what you usually think, seeing emotions as useless.

South Node in Aquarians sees detachment as helping the masses, and they detach by taking themselves out of the equation. This usually happens when they want to assess a situation, a problem, or an equation. This makes them intellectual powerhouses and great problem solvers. But their detachment can bring troubles within their own worlds, because they neglect their own mental health, emotional world, and psychological needs. They must learn to care more about themselves and realize that looking after their problems isn’t selfish. In fact, it may help those around them. When South Node in Aquarians take care of their emotional needs, everyone around them flourishes and thrives.

South Node in Aquarians’ emotional repression can manifest in many ways. It can come out as drug addiction, a love of hitting the bottle, or as an aggressive lashing out. These folks could use a good emotional detoxification every once in awhile. It is not good for you, Aquarian South Nodes, to push all your issues down.

Individuality and the Spotlight

In past lives, or earlier in your life, you were taught to be ‘part of the team’. Keeping your self interest (s) to yourself was considered a useful way of helping the team rather than thinking of your own needs. You could have been taught to play in unison as part of an athletic team. Perhaps it was a cultural thing. You had to keep in line with the norms of the times, or face the consequences.

Another manifestation of the Aquarius South Node was that you sang in a group, or band. You were expected to play your part, and no more. This helped arrange the notes where they needed to be. But your soul now yearns to stick out from the masses. Being in a group, or a part of masses of people, no longer appeal to you. There is now a desire to strike it out on your own.

The challenge now is to feel comfortable sticking out. You want to see the world based on your opinions, likes, and dislikes, instead of relying on the opinion of the masses. Your soul might also desire the spotlight in this lifetime. It used to desire to blend in, being the ‘every man’, or ‘every woman.’ There is a need to exceed normalcy and carve a path towards excellence in this lifetime. You want to be number one.

Some North Node in Leos will seek out stardom, or greatness. They might start planning their careers early in life, hoping to hit the limelight sometime in their life. The VIP seat and pass is what these people are trying to garner. A lot of you North Node in Leos have charisma, leadership qualities, or talents; you had them since you were little. These talents will serve your life path well, if you learn how to nurture them. It is likely these personality traits, and talents, will help you get the attention that you want.

Creativity and Self expression

As North Node in Leos get older, there is a chance they will feel repressed if they are forced to agree with a group for no good reason. They have a chance in their lives to reject group-thinking and celebrate self expression and creativity.

North Node in Leos will realize that there are appropriate times for being quiet, and sometimes it’s in their best interest to speak up for themselves. At times, they will find meekness and quietness not of use to them. You Leo North Nodes will find that there might be situations where the universe will push you to speak up, express your concerns, and stand up for your point of views.

North Node in Leos might go into art, or creativity. Going into a creative career will give them a lot of channels to express themselves, their views, and their emotional journey. Creative endeavors for North Node in Leos include painting, sculpting, acting, theatre, directing, and singing. These lions might move away from the more scientific and clinical South Node in Aquarius, and grow into their North Nodes.

North Node in Leos are friendly folks who just want to learn to be a little more subjective. It’s good to be detached, but they are learning to honor the more subjective side of their nature, a nature which everyone has. North Node in Leos need to learn to be more comfortable with themselves, and their own uniqueness. It is the only way that their life can flow smoothly.

Do you have North Node in Leo, or the fifth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Leo, and/or the fifth house?

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24 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Leo or the Fifth House”

  1. Thanks Elsa! I’m a NN Leo in the 8th – conjunct Uranus! Have never quite figured out how the Uranus works given that it is the ruler of my SN ( and 2nd house)….??

  2. anonymoushermit


    you have both Leo and Uranus energy. Being that Uranus and Aquarius have similar energies, most astrologers would say you have to balance both of it. Not too Leo, but not too Aquarus/Uranus, either!

  3. Another great node write-up, anonymoushermit!

    I don’t have these particular node placements but you have given me food for thought about the Uranus and Leo factors in my chart. (And made me chuckle too! 😛 ) Thanks!

  4. I have nn Leo eighth house. Youre post helped me make a connection. I do have memories of my last life, as someone who was involved with the khmer rouge in Cambodia, which was of course, a communist force, and one that crushed all induviduality. I can see my Aquarius sn in it.

    As far as my Leo nn, I do have a hard time with it. I tend to only let my self expression out to those that I think will be kind, but even then, its kind of excruciating.

    1. Cool, you had a past live regression reading??

      I have a SN in Capricorn. I was a parent in one lifetime. I was a bit on the emotionally abusive side, though. Whoa.

      Glad my writing helped you make some connections. One of my fears in my writing is that I can come off too ‘over the top’.

      1. No, Ive just had visions from as early as childhood. I saw The Killing Fields as a child (I was exposed to a lot of mature films), and I just felt like the people I was watching were my like my family. The timing is perfect too. I was born in 1980.

        I can access a lot of subconscious and collective consciousness fields, different dimensions and timelines, although it’s something I dont talk about very much, for various reasons. Neptune in the 12th.

        And fwiw, I think your writing is very grounded. Not over the top to me at all.

  5. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Great post!! My 19 yr. old son has NN Leo 10H and I can sure see SN Aquarius in him! I see the yearning in him to be seen and shine as well. It will be interesting to watch him evolve. I want to learn how I can support/encourage him when he leans into his NN… any suggestions for reading material and such? Thank you!!

    1. anonymoushermit

      Elizabeth Springs is one amazing astrologer, and person, to read about the North Node, also! Also, the North Node is not the only thing a person has to learn.

      Also, the North and South Node is to be balanced, you don’t 100% totally get rid of your South Node traits. I suggest reading about the sign Leo, and the the 10th house, to find out the feeling for both things. Also, maybe read about Capricorn, also. Because Capricorn is heavily related to the 10th house.

      As for your son’s North Node. Wow, talk about the spotlight! Leo AND the 10th house?? That’s a lot of attention.

      1. Avatar
        Hildegarde's Girl

        You are absulutely dead on anonymoushermit. Every chart I feel is about balance. Take the gold of the South node and bring it into the North node.
        Elizabeth Spring is awesome.

  6. I have this. Always battling my dislike of attention when I’m feeling vulnerable, aka showing off my creative side. Just waiting (irrationally) to be rejected or ridiculed. Add in my Sun-Pluto square and it’s a challenge! Must be why I love Aquarius detachment 😉

  7. Nailed me. Acting, theatre, directing, singing. Teaching too (Sun conjunct Saturn?). The move into directing was my mid-life adventure to become more individual. Now at 56 I’m dancing between all these. Being extremely 12th house I’ve learned that everything has to be rooted through service. Ageing has given me a strong enough ego to know that it’s not about chasing the dream, the fantasy of fame or wealth. I am wealthy in myself, and if I surrender and learn to live the big questions & love my fate, everything seems to unfold on a divine schedule. And the stuff about feelings rings true too. All that also softens with age and self-nurture. Lovely article, incredibly accurate frankly. Matt x

  8. SN in 1st/NN in 7th. NN inconjucts my Cap Sun. I don’t know who I am, and I definitely don’t understand others. I don’t get those around me, like they are aliens – but then, and only sometimes, it’s like a flash of lightning and I can see clearly. Emotional detachment is def part of why it’s all so hard.

  9. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Girl

    I have a challenging question that no one seems to be able to answer.
    My chart is skewed 180 degrees.
    My North node is Leo in the 11th house of Aquarius.
    My south node is in Aquarius in my 5th house along with Saturn.
    my 2nd Saturn return is coming up.

    I understand that my North node in Leo will need to be acting out in my 11th house of associations and groups.
    But my chart being inverted begs the question
    Will my Aquarian Saturn Return in the 5th house put the cabosh on me moving towards my NN Leo or help it? Will it be the reality check for my blossoming Leo NN??

  10. Hi Elsa,

    What a great article; spot on. One of my favorite hobbies is analyzing the birth charts of notable figures about whom there is a lot of biographical documentation. My interest at the moment is the rock singer Joe Cocker, 20 May 1944-22 December 2014, whom I have thoroughly researched. If the birth time I have found of 5:00 am is accurate, then he had this North Node/South Node position, and how his life unfolded is proof that you have absolutely nailed it with your interpretation. At many points reading your article I found myself saying, “Aw, come ON! This is just too uncanny!”

    Cocker showed talent early, starting singing at age 12 and later becoming part of a band. He did yearn for stardom, and growing into his North Node (in the 5th house no less), achieved it. He definitely would have benefited from some emotional and psychological self-examination. As you said, “South Node in Aquarians’ emotional repression can manifest in many ways. It can come out as drug addiction, a love of hitting the bottle, or as an aggressive lashing out.” We all know how that went down for him, ruining his career several times — but he always managed to resurrect it. As he got older, I believe he became more comfortable with his emotions thanks to his very loving wife Pam, and with her influence was able to quit drugs, smoking, and alcohol and eventually clear the way for achieving international superstardom.

    I also have South Node in Aquarius and North Node in Leo, but in the 10th and 4th houses, respectively. I yearned for a performing career as an actor/singer and worked in the profession for many years (Sun in the 5th House as well). I also have talent in visual arts. In addition, I had an eating disorder and substance abuse issues but have been in recovery for a long time. I find later in life that I am becoming more and more a homebody and more interested in working on myself emotionally and psychologically than being in the spotlight, though I fantasize about getting back into singing publicly.

    Incidentally, both Joe and I have Neptune in the 6th House, which manifested in periods of not being interested in work or confusion about career direction, problems with daily routine, love and kinship with animals (it was very important for him to have dogs) and sensitivity to substances and food.

    Very interesting read, thank you!

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