My Dead Mother, Quoted On Twitter Under The Scorpio Moon

I just read a stupid meme on Twitter; it’s my dead mother’s words, posted on my blog in 2007. “It’s a sin to bore people.”

I heard that all my life so I didn’t think anything of it, but I guess it’s pretty catchy. My mother was a double Aquarius and hated being copied.

A couple weeks after I posted that, some gal came along and write that it was a sin to bore people in the comments. I said, “Hey! You read that here!”

She denied it, the stinkin’ liar. This was back when astrology blogs were few and far between.

She then stormed off the blog, which was just as well, when you can’t WOman-up as they say.

The meme is “Boring people is sinning.” It is credited to “Aquarius”. Blah! My mother would have a remark about that stupid line, that’s for sure.

My mother was Catholic; therefore, sinning was part of her paradigm. My husband (who has his moon in Scorpio), pointed out to me that actors who play religious people will no understanding of religion, can’t pull it off. Pretty interesting remark.  They put a cross on or a crucifix on these actors, but it’s just wardrobe. If you do have some knowledge of these things, watch and you’ll see what he means.

The meme is stupid, because sinning and Aquarius have no relationship. My double Aquarius, Catholic mother…well then it makes sense.

I saw that and I thought, they’d not be able to pull of wearing a poncho and riding a red bicycle everywhere, either.

That’s my mother, pictured, in the 1940’s. It was her birthday and the box there says, “Food For The Soul”.

14 thoughts on “My Dead Mother, Quoted On Twitter Under The Scorpio Moon”

  1. Wow, well it is a catchy phrase, but I was thinking the same thing: winning has nothing to do with Aquarius.

    PS. I so wish I could see a picture of your mom’s bike.

  2. How great to have a picture of your Mom at that age! She was a cutie.
    When I first read that line of hers I laughed out loud.

  3. anonymoushermit

    Sinning is a human thing, not an Aquarius thing. But Aquarius tend to go against the grain, even if it’s the moral grain.

  4. Oscar Wilde quote (which has been variously paraphrased): “There’s just one horrible thing in the world, only one unforgivable sin: the boredom.”
    He was Libra. I think boredom is linked to Uranus, and also very relative. One man’s boredom can be another man’s subject of interest. (Stamp collecting?)
    Wilde also said: “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”
    Sooo, boring people have a future???

    Unrelated: Great picture of your Mom! It’s nice to share this.

    1. Avatar

      Wow! Interesting 🙂 sometimes I guess this is how knowledge circulates… It’s the collective knowledge, that gets interpreted…

      I guess… “Boring” people have a future in awesomeness… once they start accepting themselves, and speaking their own lines! Someone who appears boring may be wholly interesting once you slow down and listen too. Saints appear boring but they had to get through some shit to be where they ended up

  5. I enjoyed this so much thank you! Today I’m taking my home made meal to a church gathering and I’m glad someone appreciates soul food because it almost killed me preparing (I’m not feeling too well)

  6. The meme is “Boring people is sinning.” It is credited to “Aquarius”. Blah! My mother would have a remark about that stupid line, that’s for sure.

    They screwed up the quote, for one thing. Its also badly (re)written.

    I get ripped off all the time – its the way of the internet, unfortunately.

    [‘She lives on though, so there’s that.’]

  7. Avatar

    Reminds me of people taking ideas as their own… This after hearing other people’s ideas, then rejecting them. Days later they forget how they felt before, never admit they were wrong about those ideas, or reflect on their past opinions, and start saying how it was the best thing ever AND their idea.

    Weirdest phenomenon. As if they are unconsciously holding onto pride (an empty confidence), nursing a wound without healing it. Like it’s okay, just fess up… it’s from this blog (one way or another. conscious or not), and from your mom, an Aquarius, no less!

    So for me, it’s fine to say something unoriginal (not great, but acceptable), just give credit (Scorpio). And be honest about it (Sagittarius)! That way you find out where you actually are. Instead of faking that you know or have created everything… Not worth it.

    1. there is no new idea under the sun. but it can be changed up. I remember when my husband first saw “John Carter” with his guy friends on big screen. He went to look it up and found all of the original writer’s books (Edward Rice Burroughs) and that many writers sort of copied, from him. I thought that was interesting because you can see where the ideas /imagination that were taken from him. there were elements from his books that didn’t make sense so the newer writers made it more that it made more sense.

  8. I remember being the go between on the phone back in my high school days-1972. I told my boyfriend my mom was an astrologer so he gave me his birth date…back and forth between him on the phone and mom in the other room writing up a quick chart. he was an came in shaking her head and looking at me…oh no, my little pisces, this will never work!.so to buffer the details she said just tell him that he us everyone’s friend and is a bit eccentric! He would call a few more times and mainly ask for my mom and talk with her!

    1. @Dixie, that’s gotta be her Gemini talking. (I saw she has mercury Gemini too) cause looking ridiculous is too embarrassing. or maybe that’s her leo rising that helps the Gemini in her.

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