Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – Deep In The Grim

It’s been more than seven months since I updated this tag. I’ve tracked this transit for ten years now. tag – Pluto transit 12th. There are about fifty posts so I’m off my average pace.  I’m about two thirds the way through this transit.

I haven’t written about this lately because I stumbled on something deeply dreadful. I’ve compared this transit to being submerged, like a submarine. I cruised around like that for a few years and all the sudden things got murky.

After that, they got even murkier. After awhile, I had to tell someone. “I’m pretty sure I have sailed into some shit.”

Reactions have been mixed.

Everyone is shocked. Some are disbelieving.

One is sympathetic.

One is supportive.

Several are scared in various ways for various reasons.

I understand all of these reactions because I’ve experienced each of them myself. That is, I have been shocked in disbelief. I have felt sorry for myself. I have felt strong and I have felt scared in every way humanly possible.

I am pretty sure I am settled now; this is why I am writing. I am not shocked, I believe, I don’t feel sorry for myself, I am strong and I am not scared (most of the time).

I’m learning, now. I understand, really bad things have to happen to someone. I’m one of the people they happen to. I also understand that doing as many good things as I can and being as good as I can, helps in a number of ways that real and tangible.

I think it goes back to something I wrote fifteen years ago; people who give always seem to have something to give.  I have never wanted to be bereft or bankrupt in any way.  So when I find myself with this dark grim reality surrounding me, I know I’ve got to keep the light on.

I don’t think most people would choose to do this but I’m not most people.  And what I’m saying makes sense (to anyone who has Libra, anyway).  The dark and grim must be balanced with light and hope.

I’ve got this going right now and frankly, I see no other way to survive. I can’t be one of the other, because I am both.


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  1. Elsa, maybe it’s like in the Bible, when those people asked Jesus about the blind guy and wanted to know if it was the guy or his parents who sinned and caused the blindness. And Jesus said it wasn’t any of them, that the man was blind so that God’s power could be made manifest within him. (It’s John 9 if ya want to read it) So I think that sometimes people are chosen to experience things that you just described because as you are going through these challenges, and learning from them, and sharing with others, you also become a teacher for many. Perhaps God’s power made manifest through you? Just a thought.

    1. I understand this now, to some degree. And someone told me this, recently. That something good was coming from something bad.

      People don’t seem to like to think in this way. The bad thing, the bad thing.

      The bad thing is not the only thing going on in life. Peaches are still growing on my trees. I can still tell jokes and people like to hear them…need to hear them.

      The older I get, the less I wallow. It’s not the way I want to be and not the way I want to spend my time.

      1. I still wallow now and then or at least feel like I’m in some rut but it’s apparent that wallowing is wasting precious energy and time because it doesn’t help things. It’s better to pick up and do something about it, isn’t it? It gets a person to a better place.

        1. Sometimes, you just have to get up, go over and turn on a light.

          I’ve learned this over time, via intensely painful periods in my life. For example, I left the porch light in front of my home, burned out for several years. I understand, why. But today I would force myself to replace it because I understand it will actually help.

      2. One thing I heard that I liked was that not everything is good, but it’s all for the greater good. I think it’s an easier concept to accept than “it’s all good”.

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    My mom is going through this transit (Pluto in 12th), ever since her mom died and she moved house, forever leaving a state behind (U.S. State and state of being)…

    She basically has explained how she has no more pride… she has lost face so many times since then, there can be none left, lest she hold onto more pain… What she explains is there are no words…. And the people closest to her cannot conjure any idea of why she is riding through what she is going through. She just has had to let go. It’s a deep unfathomable pain for her, one that is definitely felt yet not said.

    What she sees is the darkest of the dark of loved ones, and surrounding people in a lot of pain, yet she has decided to stand up and do what she needs to do anyway… it is what protects her from further pain. It is a loss of believing people are a certain way, and realizing what dark things people can do to one another… when they can’t deal with loss

    1. ” And the people closest to her cannot conjure any idea of why she is riding through what she is going through. She just has had to let go.”

      I can relate to this. It’s wild how much goes on in the shadows. There’s not a lot of use in trying to explain to people. They have their shadows too, whether they know it or not.

  3. @fritzy – I sure like your comment, a lot.
    Thank you too Elsa for sharing your experiences, they always make so much sense.

  4. What happened to the post on Venus + Chiron square Saturn? It was extremely great. Now I can’t seem to find it.

  5. Elsa, I don’t know what is going on and it is not necessary that I know the story. The only thing I hope is that you can give it a place so that you can live with it in peace.
    Because I think that’s what you deserve. I do not know you personally, I only know what you write in this blog. And that is enough to know and I whish you all possible good.

  6. Pluto is conjunct my merc square my natal moon saturn conjunction in the 12th hosue. This transit is active in a hot spot in my chart between the 8th and 12th hosues. I unearthed nasty s**t during this time, that really threw me into the abyss. (I’m still there but now I’ve got some grip on it) 12th house stuff is so complex as there’s no map, there’s no rules. Sometimes things happen quickly and there’s ‘revelation’ and other times we’re stuck landlocked in a hell-hole. I think doing good works is the only way to stay afloat as the bad we ‘see’ and ‘know’ can pull you under and keep you there. Elsa, you have shared so much of your inner world with us, and this goodness will surely come back to you to help along with all the other fantastic things you do every day for others. It’s also true that the more ‘light’ that shines out of your good deeds will attract the equal amount of darkness. There’s only one way and that’s forward, pushing on with more good deeds so that the darkness doesn’t engulf or submerge us, or make it like itself. A great post Elsa, deeply inspiring, wishing you peace and light in trying Times.

  7. 22 degree Cap ascendant here. Natal Pluto in the eighth. Elsa, I can relate to grim murkiness, secrets and suffering. As Pluto approaches the closest it’s been to my ascendant I may be having my first glimmerings of light and coming out of this dark time. Justice, revelations…dare I hope? When my husband had Pluto cross his 22 degree Sag rising, after many years of battling his own demons and being treated as the leper, the truth came out and he was finally vindicated. He got his “power” back and started a whole new life! Will Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn be so kind to us? Maybe not, but I do believe there will be a gift left behind. Gaining our spiritual power by losing wordly power…

  8. Pluto is around my Ascendant right now. I’m pretty sure that last ten years were tough on me, but somehow I can’t make myself think that the life was bad. I think my memory has become really selective 🙂

      1. Elsa you are correct. I am thinking that you have an eighth house stellium just as I do. This will make you tougher than nails and able to handle just about anything that comes your way. Pluto is now firmly transiting my first house and I must say that the 12th house transit of Pluto is a doozy! You will come out of this a different and stronger individual, and as Pluto begins to navigate your first house you will be feeling much more upbeat.

        Take Care and be good to yourself!

  9. Hmm that is 3 times recently that John 9 has come up.

    Best of luck to you Elsa I wish things weren’t so hard for you! <3

    1. Thanks. I’m okay, i just wish I could talk! I learn something new every day. I thought today, it’s a good fortune. Difficult but better than being bored.

  10. Sometimes you just have to get up , go over and turn on a light. Thanks for that. I’m there.

    I never liked SCUBA diving before this transit,and I still don’t like breathing in the dark under water, but with my 12th house cap stellium , you are oxygen to me through this pluto transit.

    Still hoping I will live through it.

    You would not believe the losses, it causes too much PTSD to even repeat them.

  11. I’m wondering where I might pull some light from in my chart?, a leo moon? the 11 house Sagg. venus and jupiter ?

    Something to cling to ?

  12. This ones coming for me when Pluto goes into Aquarius; I’m dreading it. I feel like it’ll be my finish line.

    Stay strong, Elsa!

  13. Pluto is also transiting my 12th. I was shocked to learn that I have (had) bladder cancer. During (alternative) treatment I learned that almost all disease is preceded by an emotional shock/trauma. I can relate. How about you?

  14. I do have libra so I understand the balance thing. It works both ways too. When I’m in a high vibrational/light place I have a compulsion to at least acknowledge the dark. I’ve achieved brief moments of perfect balance and in that state I can actually transcend the whole dynamic. That’s a razors edge though. But now that I’ve experienced it, I’m convinced it’s the most worthwhile goal for me to try to achieve. And everything I’ve ever done has been an attempt to get there.

  15. Hi Elsa, how extraordinary it is to come across you. And how lovely. I was looking for info about Pluto transiting the 12th. Pluto is on my boyfriend’s 12 house cusp and I wanted to see what I am in for. 🙂 I’m sorry you’ve been going through it. I can only say, as others have, that it must be priming you for some very powerful transition, embodying even more your divine essence, and being able to share it with us all.

    I am a 21º Libra with Pluto in my 12th natally in Virgo, almost conjunct my ascendant not too far from my N Node so I am no stranger to this discomfort of transformation – I signed up for it. That said, I have felt as though I’ve been going through the crucible these last few weeks, let alone all the cardinal activity since 2008. All the Grand Cross activity, hitting 3 of my natal planets in and out for the last 7 years has been E x H a U s T i N g! to say the least. With the Full Moon on my Sun a couple of weeks ago and Uranus opposing, I was being stretched on a rack and any injustice I felt was magnified considerably. Then it dawned on me…

    I realized I’ve been feeling the tension between ego and soul mounting and escalating with these transits. Surely if there is discomfort within ourselves then this must be the battle. The ego is always involved in my experience. Since the New Moon in Taurus yesterday exactly trining Mr. Pluto and Mr. Saturn in my natal chart, there has been a release of sorts that has been almost excruciating. Perhaps like you, this is a call to live in my authenticity, no matter what, no matter who, no matter how painful.

    May your passage become more easeful and may all that comes from it be rich and fruitful and ultimately sustaining for your precious self.

  16. Elsa, thanks for sharing info about this transit! :)))

    I can totally relate to every experience you have said, and not said… having had Pluto go through my 12th house Capricorn as well as conjunct my natal moon also in my 12th!

    Totally powerful stuff, of death, rebirth of myself and literally everything connected to me and my entire world! 1 year still to go before Pluto crosses my Ascendant, because Pluto is in retrograde atm….

    Sometimes you feel like your the only one going through such a transit, hence my deep appreciation of your post!

    Big hugs to you upon the journey!


  17. Thank you for this thread. So grateful to you and others here, Elsa. I don’t have words right now. I’ve never been flowery supportive with words like a lot of other people, so I’m grateful for them being able to express themselves right now, about themselves and to you.

    Pluto is going back and forth over my nadir and through my 4th house. I lost everything -materially, reputation-wise, only one family member supports me truly, it is really hideous. Especially being a senior citizen (66). I know that there are many, many women my age going through this experience so that is comforting.

    I remember when Pluto crossed my ASC 40 years ago I had a really bad illness for the 1st time in my life where I could have died. I found astrology right at that time. After that I felt like a new person. It doesn’t mean problems were over but I felt much freer. I was only 26 then.

  18. Forgot, add in homeless for 10 months until recently! Coming to terms that a health condition I was born with is getting worse. Not caring about dying except that my dogs are taken care of. Sounds awful but actually peaceful. ?

  19. Also Pluto transiting 12th.
    My asc is 7aquarius

    Initially there were just big job and relationship struggles, a breakup, a new relationship, my child born, etc, but along with it, my health has been becoming more difficult and the biggest struggle, to the point where I see I might not last that much longer. This creates really strain in my family and I fear I might end up alone and isolated, and die.

    At same time, I feel all this death theme in me, is also connected to all death and struggle happening at the collective level.

    And Saturn will enter Capricorn…

  20. Pluto transiting the 12th…

    It isn’t easy. For me the worst part is not being able to talk to anyone about it. It is an experience that must be lived through to grasp.

    My own chart is in the shape of a fan with the focus (“handle”) being the Moon in the 12th House.
    That moon is opposition my sun. So when Pluto went conjunct my 12th house moon it opposed my sun also. Not fun.

    My mother began to die of dementia, my life was redirected and I even got sick and went broke.

    Then Pluto proceeded to oppose other 6th house planets – Venus and Mercury. I’m still struggling with breathing problems vis-a-vis the latter.

    In case you don’t know, Pluto transits tend to “carry” other adverse transits. So if you have Pluto transiting your 12th you will probably also experience demanding transits of Mars and Saturn. Check your progressed chart to see how vulnerable you are to transits of specific planets.

    I have cooperated with Pluto in his mining operations on my subconscious and I must tell you – he has dug up and brought into awareness about everything that is/was “wrong” with me. Wonderful! Now when this last planetary opposition is over I’m going to take stock of what the devil is left of me. I’ll get extensive medical help, among other things.

    I’m 74 and this ain’t fun at my age.

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