Interpretation Of North Node in Cancer or the Fourth House

The south node in Capricorn is responsible, practical, realistic, goal-oriented, and of course, professional. Earlier in your life, you might have been pushed into a position where you had to be responsible for someone, or something. This forced you to grow up fast, perhaps to the point where you had a dry, realistic, and cold, perspective, on life.

In previous lives, you might have taken on the role of a leader. You had to be strong, hide your vulnerabilities, and show a firm poker face, because your people relied on you. This stoic demeanor helped keep your good reputation, saved face, and gave a strong morale to your followers. Or, you had a sick family member, and you needed to bathe, feed, medicate, and clothe, that member of your family. Manifestations of the south node in Capricorn can include past incarnations that were hard, tough, or grueling. These hardships from past lives, or earlier in their life, also pushed the person to have a more mature, and realistic, outlook, on life.

Some of these hardships may have been brung about by another person, or people. This caused you to not trust people, and life. Life was hard, and the rug could be pulled under your feet anytime, so you may not have as buoyant an outlook on life as other people.

This is not to say that all past lives of south node in Capricorns are hard, grueling, or severe. Some were CEOS, bosses, lived lives of riches, and some were famous beyond their expectations. Some lifetimes were luxurious and some Capricorn south nodes lived lives with a lot of power, influence, and money.

Traits such as being in control (to the best of your abilities), laying your emotions aside, and taking on responsibilities, were great traits to have. But your soul is hungry for a different path to fulfill itself this round. It is tired of the grueling, dryness, and hardness, of life. It may also tire of the fast paced, professional, and serious, business world. A good example of this yearning for more warmth and softness is pop star Britney Spears. Her family suffered from financial troubles in the early 1980’s recession. This affected the family throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Britney Spears’ charm, singing talent, and dancing skills, helped pull the family out of poverty once Britney became famous. Britney’s family might have not meant to make her feel responsible, or make their financial situation hinge on the then young girl, but they might have given her that impression.

By the late 1990’s, Britney Spears was a full blown star. We may never know fully how in control Britney was of her career back then, or now. But I can guess that there was pressure and a feeling of being responsible, from Britney Spears, to help her family out. Britney’s south node in Capricorn pushed her into a situation where there was hardship and struggle, at least earlier in her life. This is a textbook manifestation of the south node in Capricorn.

South node in Capricorns are not good at expressing their feelings. This could manifest as physical, or mental health, issues, as decades goes by. They have a habit of sweeping their feelings under the rug, because emotion(s) is looked at as a weakness from these mountain goats. Or they simply feel uncomfortable with emotions, because they can’t control them. This would fit well with Britney Spears’s life. She was taught to be a professional all her life and to work so hard, that she neglected her emotions. Her 2007 breakdown was a manifestation of her Capricorn south Node.

Going to a counselor, or a psychologist, would be good for these strong people. And if therapy isn’t for them, perhaps a night with their hair hanging down, ice cream in their lap, and a sad movie, will help them reveal a softer side to their personality. These people could get a trusted lover to help them open up and thaw those harder and dryer aspects of themselves.

For the past seven years, Britney Spears has laid low, not wanting to attract as much attention as she did early in her career. Britney saw the shadow side of her south node in Capricorn and now yearns to be a mother. Some south node in Capricorns may experience a hard blow from the public life, inspiring them to go build their own nests to seek comfort in. Just look at what actress Marilyn Monroe went through. Had she lived longer, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took refuge from the spotlight. In truth, life in the public eye was one of the contributions to her death. Maybe if she tuned into her north node in Cancer, she might have lived a little longer. South node in Capricorns desire for a more nurturing environment, and a private ‘burrow’ where they can hide from the world a little bit.

Gut feelings

South node in Capricorns may find that they may receive intuitive hunches if they learn to get in tune with their emotions and intuition. They might receive strong reactions in their stomachs, or have a ‘gut feeling’, when certain information, or facts, are presented to them. This is the reward they get when they don’t have blockages in their emotional life.


South node in Capricorns are used to climbing the career ladder in past lives. They may neglect their personal relationships in the process. They may have not learned to emotionally connect with their children, leaving their children to wonder if their father, or mother, has any desire to nurture them.

When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s hard for these folks to open up and express themselves. This is a perfect time for these Capricorn south nodes to use their Cancer energy, to be more vulnerable and open, instead of putting up stony walls in front of other people. North node in Cancers will learn that it’s okay to be a bit more soft and tender when it’s the right time, and setting. They will learn that some people can be trusted, and that not everyone is out to get them.

South node in Capricorns are hardworking people who are learning to ease up on their need to attain every goal. They are learning to open up, and realizing that connecting with their loved ones is just as important as climbing the corporate ladder. They may need a home, house, or place, where they can let their emotions, and feelings, spill out. Their private homes need to be a place to take a break from the interruption of the outside world. Capricorn south nodes are learning that not everything in life has to be a business, and that they don’t always have to be in the public eye.

Do you have North Node in Cancer, or the fourth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Cancer, and/or the fourth house?

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30 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Cancer or the Fourth House”

  1. Read somewhere that NN in cancer can manifest itself through a disabled offspring “enforcing” a long-term maternal role for the NN person to help them develop a nurturing side.
    This has been the case with my NN in cancer Mother. Initially a reluctant care-giver her (now adult) autistic, son is her pride and joy.

    1. I would also add that she brought him up single-handedly after (reluctantly) becoming a single parent. Her son (my brother) is a cancerian. My NN is in Capricorn so we have conflicting nodes.

      1. My mum tells me she had a cold upbringing and a heartless Mother. But she’s done right by my brother and I know it wasn’t easy.
        Her ‘mothering’ of my brother has been her legacy I would say.
        I’m not quite sure she knows how to love me but I suspect our opposite NN’s could be key.

        1. My experience mirrors your mom, Springy, right down to the cold upbringing.
          But I can’t say that I was reluctant to be there for my offspring, though I wouldn’t have chosen this path (of course I did that, while I was hammering out my current incarnation before I was “born”). Being there was what was required – unthinkable not to be – so I was there. Perhaps this sounds a bit like South Node in Capricorn.
          This is a GREAT topic!

          1. I’ve just read North Node in Leo, which my offspring has – right on my Sun! The description fits them to a T, in spite of the (mild) autism.
            This (Cancer) one fits me too.
            So well written and full of insights, AMouse! Now I know both of us a lot better. Thank you.
            And thanks, too, to Elsa for her (usual) perceptiveness in posting your stuff.

    2. My NN is in Virgo in the 4th house. My sole offspring, a Cancerian son, is Autistic. Like your mother I too became a reluctlant single parent through sexual violence (I never wanted children, my son’s father forced it upon me). Despite never knowing his father as I refused to raise him in a violent home, he is just as violent, abusive and overly religious as his father despite not being raised that way. Raising him has come at great expense (no social life, no career as no-one wants anything to do with him). Today I am feeling suicidal because despite working so hard at creative pursuits, nothing happens. All I do day in and out is care for someone who treats me like dirt and who put me in the hospital several months back for bashing me in the head and giving me a concussion. It is absolutely horrible to live in a world where we are expected to be matyrs for men and children who do not value us at all at the expense of our talents and dreams.

  2. I also can’t believe that I’m already 1/3 done with the North Node series. North Node in Leo will begin the middle of the zodiac, wow!

  3. I am completely blown away that this article was posted on here this morning. As I was reading about NN in Cancer all morning then decided to see what the post on elsaelsa was this morning. Wow what a coincidence..

    1. Me and Elsa are both responsible for that. I wrote it, but Elsa posted it the time it was posted.

      The collective unconscious wins again!

  4. Thank you for your excellent analysis of NN in Cancer. I have this in my 12th house so I find myself constantly nurturing family and friends. Almost overdoing it at times. Then there are days I do not want to sacrifice myself (pisces moon) for others who are not loving and supporting (dad), yet I always seem to have those lessons repeatedly occurring. Doing service 6/12 house nodes is the signature in my life. #karma

  5. This is haunting. Really.
    It’s like reading about myself spot on. Well, Mercury in Scorpio, so these tendencies to have this gut reaction in my mind when something happens or something is presented to me, is a very distinct trait in me, and my SN in Cap happens to be placed in the 12th, so it’s even more prominent.

    To say I have psychic abilities would be to put it mildly. No ego here – I have a keen sense on when something or someone will happen in my life (usually). I have predicted for the past 3 lovers who they were, why and how it would happen, and the kind of relationship it would be. The first coincidence showed me past life connection – I was a witch being burned on a pyre, and my previous lover was so full of hate that he was the one to set fire to me! This relationship was karmic in a crazy way.

    I have also been able to predict when something was about to happen on my work place and when I do it, my gut reactions turns to anxiety because I don’t always know what and who. I just KNOW.

    The past years I have been training to use my softer, more Cancerian side to show vulnerability, to show my feelings – and it’s improving. Next step will be the question about children, cause with the NN in the 6th I have a need to nurture smaller creatures, and my cat was the darned most lucky in the world, even my past ex got jealous of it LOL.

    But I am an introvert and I prefer order, system and straight roles in my home, relationships and working conditions. When this isn’t present, stress occur really fast. Also, ethics are a really important theme for me – morally as well as work related. (of course). I would never cheat, and with my iron clad ethic position in this area makes it hard to find people of the same inclination. Cheating brings me down like nothing else.

  6. Great read!! I feel like it’s difficult for me to sense whether this fits my 4th house north node though.. probably because my NN is in Capricorn, haha . Actually my entire chart is mirrored like that: sun in Virgo in 12th house, moon in Pisces 6th house, mars conjunct ascendant with Libra taking up most of my first house, and a Leo stellium in the 11th..

    I suppose that just makes me everything and it’s opposite, at once. I’m still trying to figure out what it means with my nodes being placed like that, and what karmic reason there might be for it. To fulfill all my practical obligations to family, maybe? To become the pragmatic leader in a family unit, or something!

  7. This does sound like me. I’ve always had to be the responsible one. And I lean toward being pretty cold, emotionally. I’m one of the few people I’ve ever known who has the ability to be totally realistic and objective.

    Trusting people to be anything but cruel or selfish is an ongoing process.

  8. i had that feeling too, that Marilyn Monroe would have taken refuge away from spotlight, maybe she would have healed and been happier. She was too delicate to be center of attention. If only she had some people who helped her out on that. Good article on sn/nn cancer/capricorn.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Poor Marilyn. I believe she never dealt with her issues. She didn’t have the right tools. It’s not completely her fault.

  9. Similar to Ivs (I think?) my husband has NN in Cancer but it’s in his 10th house. Does that mean he still needs to carry/balance some of the South Node energy while integrating the NN? How would one do that exactly? Being responsible with your family? Running the family like a business?

  10. My mother was negligent, my dad wasn’t around. I was left alone a lot. When I arrived at a stable home, vulnerability and love was not shared, so I learned to lean on my works. I had an emptiness on the family front, but I channeled that energy into my work. I created positions for myself, I fought to move up, seem relevant in the professional world. I became known as a leader who was accountable for her actions, pushed hard to achieve, and wasn’t afraid to address issues head on. This was and still is who I, I can show up yesterday ways because I’m not as connected to the emotional aspects as others. I am transitioning into a place of respecting emotions, and the various ways people display them. I am understanding my own more and showing them. I am building a family unit with friends since I cannot have children of my own. I am trying to release the need to be successful and embrace vulnerable.

  11. Terrific Post! Thank-you.
    Mine is complicated by Venus conjunction to Cap Sth Node and Part of Fortune sitting on it as well. That is confusing me! Like what the heck? And then, I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Cap nearby. Okay, so I can do the goal-oriented, hard work stuff no worries.
    My 4th house Moon give some access to the Cancer Nth Node in expressing feelings, being vulnerable and opening up. Probably need to do far more of that, as friends have observed I can appear very capable, self contained and not in need of anything. Whoops…that’s not good or that healthy for me. When I have been in need, cried and been vulnerable, some people were shitty and lacked compassion and understanding. Choosing the right people and setting and a patient, understanding lover is still a work in progress.
    I have good intuition and strong gut feelings from time to time, especially strong feelings from my female ancestors, are there watching out for me, but maybe that’s my moon working. Then again, I do have a water trine to the Cancer Nth Node, Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio, kind of other worldly in nature.

    I raised my Pisces son on my own and he may not have received enough tender, loving emotion from me, even so we have a very good relationship and now he is 27 years old.
    Now I’m older, it’s time to turn my goal-oriented self to developing loving relationships. XXX

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