Pluto Transit 12th House: Die In Service

Eleven years ago, Pluto was about to enter my 12th house by transit.  I googled for information and found a total pile of crap.  I decided at that time, I would chronicle my experience in order to help others. I’ve kept my commitment.

Here’s that first post (from 2007)

Astrology That Scares The Hell Out Of People: Pluto Transit the 12th House

Here is link to the tag of all the follow on posts – Pluto Transit 12th.  It’s great content for anyone who likes to swim in deep waters…

As for today, I have not updated this tag for almost a year. Pluto will turn direct in a week. I guess that’s what prompting me to write at this time.

I can tell you I am deeper in the inky dark water than I have ever been during this transit. I realize it might seem I am less present on this site than I used to be. This is not actually the case.

I am spending more time in secret though. I’ve got to work on the back-end of the site, a lot.  I’ve also got to cope with technological advances… this adds up to an unseen (12th) burden (Capricorn).  I’m also doing a lot of consultations, which happen with no one looking.

Work plays here because Pluto is in Capricorn but Cancer (home and family) is implicated by default.  I wrote about living on the fringe of society in 2017.

Living On The Fringe Of Society

Today, I’ve moved even nearer the edge.

I realized yesterday, it will take a tremendous effort not to completely sink below the surface. I have a lot of reasons for this. They’re sort of anti-social, which is not too cool for my Libra side. But I am in the water, weighed down.  I don’t really feel like being an inkblot for people.

Elsa – A Rorschach Inkblot?

I think things like, “Go F yourself.”  Probably best I stay home, yes?  So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve quit trying to connect with people who can’t reach me or see me or understand me or whatever.   This is appropriate. Pluto is about letting go.

I know I am going to wash up on the beach, eventually.  Saturn and Pluto will cross my ascendant and there I’ll be. Between now and then, it’s all about my inner circle and also service.

The phrase associated with the 12th house is, “serve or suffer”. Stick Pluto in there, in Capricorn, no less. Without service, the suffering will be out of this world. I’m not really into that.

I am willing to die (Pluto) in service at this time.  My commitment (Saturn) is absolute (Pluto).


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  1. I so easily relate to your post, if I don’t over-analyze. So I won’t. Pluto has been through my 12th House and is Retrograde within one degree of my ASC in Capricorn. My spiritual mining has been, and contines to be deep and so fully tied with my feeling-body (Natal Moon in Capricorn/12th House). Service through expression, and blogging, has been my way through. Who is served? Some of them who are served, I will never know. But, I keep at it.

    With Pluto on the edge, so am I. My blogging service is changing as I leave this comment. I am recovering from a real-life fall that brought me to my knees (Capricorn applied:) And What is important is being reconsidered. Who I appear to be to others? Can’t predict. So I keep serving LUNCH, metaphorically and work on what that ‘tastes’ like literally.

    Glad for the space to relate here. Thanks Elsa.

  2. BIG informative post. The phrase associated with the 12th house is, “serve or suffer”. Any thoughts on what the phrase associated with the 7th house is?


      1. Thank you — with Transit Pluto in 7th House until Feb 26 2020, Pluto square Natal Venus, Jupiter square Natal Pluto, & Pluto sextile Natal Mars I am looking forward {hopefully?} towards the end of Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn. Always the optimist/ negative is nothing, right?


          1. This is good news…because my life theme is loyalty and I do loyalty best. Till death do we part…yeah… we are singing my song 🙂 If this is the theme I will ace this transit…but, we all have to deal with OTHER’S …so will they? I guess we will see. Could there be a test to see if ’till death do we part’ will fly if someone acts out… like in betrayal …cos I don’t do betrayal well at all.

  3. Pluto currently transiting my 12th house. It has crossed over but is still conjunct my natal moon at the moment. My mom has become increasingly dependent, physically and emotionally on me and feel like I’m in service to her. It’s an intense relationship.

  4. Pluto currently transiting my 8th House, getting close to my 3 planets in the late degrees…I don’t know of an expression for the 8th House, but I am feeling mighty bloody minded about most things.

  5. Halfway through Pluto transit through my 12th house.

    “Serve or suffer” indeed.

    For the first half of this transit, I have tried over and over, and in different ways, to serve (various people). Some attempts (most, the big ones) have failed (and I have suffered), some (a few, minor) have succeeded (and I take sustenance from them).

    However, I have been feeling a shift lately. Both within myself and externally.

    Internally, I think I have learned the ways to serve (and who to serve, and who not, and how not) such that going forward, my success rate will be higher and my failures less.

    Externally, and specifically, my elderly parents have recently become ready to actively *want/desire* help (not just ‘accept’ it). They have explicitly made that known to all of us their children. Their readiness activates my serving.

    By the way, this readiness comes because of my mother’s steady and steep declining, healthwise. Her mind is still sharp as a tack, but her body is giving out. Pluto-Saturn will be EXACTLY opposite my Moon in Cancer [mother] in January 2020 (the Biggy that Elsa has written about – see link below). I will not be surprised if my mother has a debilitating stroke between now and then, and if I/we lose her. The precursor signs are already present.

  6. I think things like, “Go F yourself.” Probably best I stay home, yes? So that’s what I’m doing.
    Me too. Problem is Pluto to the 7th IS about ‘the other’ so, if I am to get anything out of this hiding in the basement is not going to work. Still, “Go F yourself” is the first thing I think when the drivel starts….I can hardly stand to listen to it or read it. Its like a finger nails on a chalk board to me…. (like the lady the other day telling me I couldn’t drive on a public city street… that very thing came flying out of my mouth…GO F YOURSELF)

    So, here I am at home. I mean, if I know for a fact that when confronted in any way that is what is going to fly out of my mouth (because I don’t only think it, I will say it) …no point in making it worse for myself or some know it all that is going to provoke me easily.

  7. I hear you and I am feeling the same way, in fact I feel I could have written the same words. I’m staying in today also and keep telling myself, this to shall pass (in between the “go F yourselves”).
    Thank you again for your transparency, you are my kind of people and I appreciate you and your work. Shall we share a libation over the frequencies?!!!!! Be well Elsa, you rock!

      1. This is like a lightning bolt. I didn’t realize Pluto was in my 12th then I looked it up and BAM. It all makes sense.

        So drained. Exhausted. I’ve been hanging onto a thread for two years, and I’ve got 8 left! I have two young children depending on me. I can’t just bury my head in the sand.

        How do you let go? I’m already ground to a nub.

        1. I’m not sure this transit grinds a person down. That might be a different transit.
          Think in terms of sacrificing(12th)for something larger than you.
          Take your children. You had your chance – this is theirs. Merge with your responsibility…

          1. This is hilarious in a way. I was single until 40, very independent. Got married and had my first child in the same year. Suddenly I wasn’t “me” anymore. I complain to myself some days (the bad days) that I’m just a glorified servant. I love my family fiercely and feel blessed to have them of course. It’s just been hard to sacrifice my independence.
            Wouldnt you know it Pluto also entered my 12th at this same time.
            Knowing about this transit is helping me so much. Serving is what I do now. I can make peace with it. Now I understand how to let go. Thank you so much for the insight, this is life changing.

        2. Pluto and Saturn in Cap are transit my 12th (along with South Node).
          I feel like I’ve had enough of the psycho-analyzing of every little thing. It’s everywhere, everyone acting like they know other people, acting like they are psychology experts. I watch them and I see they are all on medications, obsessed with their mental health problems, thinking everyone in the world is just like them. In fact, for some years, I was treated like a mental health case. It was because of my monthly cycle being so painful, causing me to be dysfunctional. Endometriosis is internal bleeding, so if you have a lot of pain, cyclically have to prepare to tough it through every month, but your body temperature drops and you are too exhausted to show up to work and get fired regularly: the stupid psycho-analysts out there call you bipolar.
          I discovered the truth about myself when Pluto entered the 12th House, along with Saturn who said “enough is enough, here are the reasonable limits and boundaries of what other people can know better than you know yourself.”
          I don’t know how this plays out beyond the fact that it changes EVERYTHING. There are lots who still treat me as though I’m a crazy person – mostly because they haven’t got the memo, and even if they did they prefer to be able to bash with the mental stick because they don’t like that I get to operate in my daily routines differently than them.
          I have a lot of anger about all the wrongs that have been perpetrated against me due to this for so many years. How people were able to control and bully me using pain they couldn’t even imagine. And hey Karma (Saturn!) What’s up, anyway? If I find out who is calling the Karma shots, I’m going to have it out with them, because this is bullshit. Past life my ass.

          However, speaking of shit we don’t deserve and how it seems others get to just get over on us, thrive like freaking vampires on our pain and suffering, use it to keep us down and totally prospering? Since Pluto and Saturn started their transit, I had a dream that roots, like big tree roots were starting to grow out of skin – out of my legs, my stomach, my back.
          Externally, my green thumb (which I had prolifically as a kid and teenager) has started to make a come back. Things are growing. Finding my own limits instead of having others control that in my life is bringing back my self-empowerment. I am owning MY TIME again, and this is going to be true for the long haul from here on out.

  8. I hear ya!
    These too, could have been my words. Letting go of guilt, of shame, accepting loss, and thus my health suddenly improved.

    With Saturn transitting here too, squaring all my libra planets, including the famous Saturn-Pluto conjunction in some years, well…. At least these transits are sextile my Sun-Venus-Juoiter-Mercury in Scorpio 10th house. So, work work work, serve serve serve – to my workplace. Be of service, and keep your health up.

    Because Saturn is the taskmaster I think I might need to be on my diet for a long time, but it stabilizes the moodswings, makes me sleep better etc.


  9. Thanks for this, opened my eyes in many ways. My boyfriend has Capricorn rising, 24 degrees. So he’s been dealing with this since 2010. It got worse since Saturn is in his 12th off course. We’ve been together for three months and we are very much in love so he told me about all the shit that’s been going on. As Capricorn rising he’s been in service most of his life, but I’m not used to seeing someone working so hard and it’s breaking my heart, since it’s starting to affect his health. In last couple of years he had big fall-out at work (his business partner betrayed him, and they still have to work side by side), he also broke off long term relationship with a woman who was practically using him for money.
    Only good things that happened is that his sister had a baby and that we met each other (finally). it helps that Pluto is making a trine with his Mars and Venus in Taurus. Square to Moon in Libra ended, thank god.
    He is working 12 hour days, physically demanding job, coming home tired and broken, and I can’t help. I tried to tell him to slow down and take care of himself, but it’s like talking to a wall. It’s like he has to do it and there is no other way. and I guess there is not.

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    This may sound terrible…. BUT – I feel better about myself knowing that I am not the only person who is constantly saying in my head towards other people, “go F yourself!”, while Pluto is transiting my 12H. I have found my tribe at last… ha! 😉

    1. You know what it is? For me, it’s that you can see their agenda. And they will step on your bleeding body, laid out in the street, to advance it.

      Sorry to be dramatic but I’m trying to make a point.

      I’ve said for years, when you put the shadow on me, you’re the one standing in the light. All your flaws are evident.

  11. Hello,

    yes, could have written the same exact post. Pluto halfway through the 12th and Saturn on my Sun right now. I had to let go of my entire social circle, a teaching job and pretty much my identity and have been pushed into service, as my mission. I have trained as a shamanic practitioner and a distance healer, all invisible, otherworldly things, and clearing a lot of darkness, leading people out of their own darkness since I know the roads and shotcuts now. Have a group of women I help heal and empower and I am committed to being there every day, being paid or not, I do it, for years now, and I am helping. I am making POWER girls and POWER women … that’s how I am using my Pluto – he is also a shaman and and personal power. So I had to do it for myself, hermitting and digging in the dirt, and now I help others out.

    Let me know if I can help you, I admire your work and you matter to the world and to me personally, and I know it’s tough. Sending big empowering hugs to you Elsa and to everyone here going through the same.


  12. “pluto and saturn will cross my ascendent” – I’m guessing your a Cap Ascendent and yet you write about pluto transiting your 12th atm. I myself am Cap ascendent 27 degrees. But to me there’s no mistakening pluto, since it entered Capricorn, is a conscious embodiment of my personality and physical identity – it’s as obvious as your a woman and your a lady boy.

  13. Holy crap… both myself, and shortly after, my husband will have Pluto crossing into the 12th… this sounds like fun… chuckle…
    Oh well, we’ve had 30 years of evolving together (often challenging), so I guess this will be the peak of our relationship transformation… if we make it… yikes! We will… we always do… thanks for the insights… Crystal

  14. Right now I have Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Sun, the Moon and my South node are all in my 12th. Pluto will be hitting my ascendant in a couple years then Saturn. I also have Mars in my 12th natally so lots of conjunctions there as well. It’s been rough, not going to lie.. lots and lots of unintentional isolation and extreme loneliness. As I am recently single (since May 2017) these transits make it even harder as I am so lonely and need some sort of romantic companionship but nope, nothing in site. I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away…

  15. My Pluto transiting into 12th house will be happening very soon. I believe some planetary events can be felt in advance, especially with planets like Uranus + Pluto. I feel good about this happening, like it will help me to come from my inner self + be authentic. Altogether a good healing time, looking within – a strengthening from inside.

  16. When Pluto transited my 10th House cusp in 2004, my Father died. My job was privatized and died too. I almost lost my house and almost had to put my animals in the shelter. But, after a year, was the rebirth. Now Pluto is in my 12th, transiting my natal Venus, with transiting Saturn about to catch up. After they move over some, they will transit my natal Jupiter, my ruling planet. I don’t expect find the final love of my life,or get rich, but I have been seriously thinking about moving to Brazil. That will end my old Life for a totally new beginning, in a totally new country. Why go from Indiana to Brazil? A cascade of Synchronicity started it.

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