Interpretation Of North Node in Libra or the Seventh House

The South Node in Aries is confident, quick, feisty, assertive, proud, and has a strong sense of self. These adjectives are things to be happy about. It sounds like a loud party in an apartment building. Aries is pure Yang energy in astrology. It is straightforward, expressive, ego-based, exciting, fiery, action-packed, and forward moving, masculine, energy.

Yang energy, taken to an extreme, is impulsive, blunt, crude, pompous, unwise, loud, and is destructive. Aries is the ultimate Yang sign. It has little patience, and it can be like a bull in a China shop. But this tactic worked for South Node in Aries. At their worst, they bulldozed their way through people, things, and life, in general. At their best, they were respected for their willingness to go forward with projects, and their strong sense of self.
This sense of self might have had great tendencies towards success and even a lot of relationships. But in this lifetime, you South Node in Aries will find that your negative manifestations of your Aries side might make you realize that you can’t win every fight. Or, you will find that being too aggressive will actually limit your success. I mean, who wants to take orders from someone who barks in their face?

Manners and polite words

There’s a tendency for you South Node in Aries people to be too sharp and straight forward, sometimes. You see this as ‘not wasting time’, but you must realize that not everyone speaks the same way. Some people are softer spoken, some love to just be quiet altogether, and some may prefer more subtle ways of communicating.

You may find that your straightforwardness may turn off some folk. Add in your intense Martian energy, and some folks may just run for the hills. That doesn’t mean any way of speaking is inferior, it just means that you may need to navigate your way with people who aren’t the same as you.
You will learn that having some softness will help you achieve your goals more than just ramming your agenda down someone’s throat. That may have helped you slay dragons, fight off tough ninjas, or even save people in war, but there are times where that type of energy is a little off putting. Not only that, that energy may aggravate someone who you’re trying to win over.

In this lifetime, you are learning to compromise and to move forward. Being too aggressive will not work this time though. You might run into people who differ from your way of expressing yourself. It may be cultural, or it just may be personal preferences. You may want to polish your sharp energy if you want to move forward, at times. You are learning social diplomacy and the art of compromising. You are not just learning intonation and speaking.

North Node in Librans are learning that they may catch more flies with honey than by throwing metaphorical knives at people when they don’t get their way right away. You can really agitate people with your fiery energy and your pushy intensity. South Node in Aries folks can really lead people to not listen, or follow their direction (s), by being this way.

What you Aries types don’t know is that the power of Libra’s charm has lead them far, and has kept them from trouble a lot of the time. Do not see Libra’s sweetness as weakness, but a smart social move. The wisdom of Libra could lead them to stop someone from killing someone else. It could help foreign affairs. It could soothe a person filled with rage planning a shooting. There are myriads of ways Libra is wise. But you South Node in Aries must get rid of the philosophy that, ‘Sweetness and niceness are weaknesses.’ This might lead you down roads you don’t want to go in this lifetime. The universe is motivating you to tap into that North Node in Libra of yours.

Partnerships and Selflessness

Earlier in your life, or in past lives, you may have preferred to be independent, and alone. But life may push you into working in a partnership. You may become a cop, and work with a partner instead of alone. You may start a business……..,but with another person helping you. For all we know, you may start a successful business with your husband, or wife! You two might become a famous couple, or not. But a lot of South Node in Aries learn a lot about life, and themselves, from their relationships, and partnerships, in this lifetime.

You may suddenly have an urge to have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, in this lifetime. Perhaps earlier in your life you didn’t care either way about having a lover, or not. And then you suddenly want to share yourself with another person. This is a natural desire for a lot of human beings; to share their soul, desires, dreams, and life, with another person. North Node in Libras may also be destined to partner with someone to help the other person through something. One of my aunts, who is now over eighty years old, married my mentally ill uncle. She helped him through many decades of suffering. She had North Node in Libra.

In relationships, North Node in Libras must learn to compromise, or risk losing their partner. They will learn that relationships of all kinds: Boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, businesses, acquaintances, and political. All have an element of compromise in them. There is a hard lesson that not everything in life is about the self, or ego. South Node in Aries may first cling onto their stubborn old ways of needing everything to be their way. This might lead them down a path of ruin, and they have a chance to realize that there is a limit to getting what they want. They must learn not to control their partner, or partners, and figure out a way to please both people in the relationship. You both may not get exactly what you want, and that is an epiphany in itself.

The lesson of the North Node in Libra is that we can’t always please ourselves. Life is unpredictable, and exists outside of the self. Life exists within the self, also, but North Node in Libras are learning that life is about more than their egos. They must learn to share, give, and interact, with others. Being used to being selfish doesn’t automatically mean that someone is a bad person, but it can be a threshold towards being one.

Sharing can be hard for these strong headed people. They have spent lifetimes learning to be independent, and learned to stick up for themselves. Perhaps they were born an only child in this life. This may likely make them lean towards looking out for themselves. Or, you South Node in Aries are used to being number one, the best at your profession. Then in comes someone more talented than you. This can cause you to relapse back to your familiar South Node in Aries. This is a challenge the universe may put up for you guys, and girls. Learning that you can’t always be first place, or the best, is a hard lesson for most people.

Overall, South Node in Aries are strong folks who are learning to share, learning through their relationships, and working through on how to interact with people.

Do you have North Node in Libra, or the seventh house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Libra, and/or the seventh house?

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20 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Libra or the Seventh House”

  1. Boy, I don’t like looking in the mirror, Anonymoushermit! You nailed it. I have an 8H Libra Sun and NN; 2H Aries SN. I know one of my big karmic lessons to learn is sharing material assets (8H) via divorce (8H). After helping (Mars) my ex-husband build (Taurus-ruled material success) his business (SN), we needlessly endured a protracted divorce. He didn’t realize that I was prepared for this task: 2H – material assets; Aries – focused warrior; SN – business-oriented, not afraid to go it alone.

    Among my friends, I am a go-to person for divorce and financial planning advice.

    You are right, Anonymoushermit, to note that compromise and equal partnerships are still tricky for people like me. Being a strong, independent woman remains threatening to some men. This is where astrology steps in and points it out for me. I’m making a determined effort to embrace my Libra NN.

  2. My 3yr old sun was born in 2015, during what Elsa dubbed “The fog of war” period. He has 4 planets tightly packed early in Aries (moon, Merc, Mars and Uranus) with Feb 21st Pisces/Aqua sun conjunct Neptune. He also has NN libra etc.
    He’s super independent, loves girls, talks a lot, treats all equally but has a private side to him. Hard-headed for sure, very energetic.
    I feel somewhat prepared for a slight hands-off approach for some situations as he ages, in case the hard way must be learned. I feel that my candor for infrequent meditation, judo, qigong etc can help with patience for him.

    1. Usually, with many planets with the flavor of the South Node, it’s harder for the person to move towards their North Node.

  3. I have Libra NN and I can’t partner with anyone in this lifetime even though I am supposed to. It just isn’t working, somehow. I’m probably just Too Much for people. And I definitely piss people off just by existing a lot and need to stop speaking up. I get in trouble for say, saying someone didn’t do something–but uh, if they didn’t, there is no nicey-nice, mealymouthed way to say that X is refusing to do their job. Come on.

    But…whatever. I truly don’t think this is meant for my personality. I used to try to learn, but it just doesn’t fit me and I was meant to be alone.

    1. There is a nice way to say it, but the other person might still be too obstinate to follow directions, or even listen.

      1. No, it’s more like I have to explain to a third party that we can’t rely on X to notify us about Y. I’ve been told that I’m NOT allowed to “throw X under the bus” or tell the truth about them, or however you want to phrase that bit nicer. But at the same time I do have to say that we can’t count on X, you know?

  4. I have Sun-NN-Mars-Merc conjunct in Libra!

    I could write REAMS about this nodal pair!

    (I have nothing in Aries other than SN.)

    I’ll have to come back when I can condense my thoughts in a digestible way. 🙂

    But for now, let’s just say I have failed miserably, over and over, at “reaching” or “achieving” or “living” my NN.

    Lord knows I’ve tried (and tried and tried and tried) though!

      1. ((((( I hear you, Jennifer )))))

        Much of what you’ve written on this site over time has resonated with me. I’ve often wished we could get together over a cup of “coffee”.

        Please know there is at least one other soul out there who groks you.

      1. I know! My jaw dropped when I saw it! 🙂

        You did a great job of it, and damnit, I’m gonna read and re-read it until some bell goes off that I have apparently been missing for decades!!

        Thank you!

        (And since this is playing out in the 8th house for me, I shall be eagerly looking forward to your next write up as well! With enough clues, someday I am bound to see the light, right?! Never say die!)

  5. Ok, I’m back. 🙂

    Here’s ONE piece of MY puzzle.

    Picture if you will my NN (and stellium) sort of at the top of my chart. Picture my Saturn in Capricorn SQUARE to said stellium, on the left.

    Now, I don’t know if you are familiar with Elsa’s image of the mountain goat, the climbing of a mountain with determination, etc. (Capricorn)

    I don’t watch a lot of videos, but this one came to my attention very recently and I saved it. Now I know why.

    Replace mountain goats with bears. The little baby bear is my Saturn in Capricorn… me trying to reach my North Node. Saturn = timing = delays (but Never say die, and you get there!).

    Now watch the video 🙂

    I will be that little old lady who FINALLY meets the love of her life in a nursing home, age 92.

    I laughed so hard re-watching this vid in terms of me going for my NN that I scared my cat! 😀


  6. North Node is in my 7th house here and I’ve longed to pair up/be part of a ‘pair’ my whole life. To me, relationships are everything. Yeah, I can be happy by myself, but that’s not what I feel ‘called’ to do. There is just such a strong feeling that relationships are the true treasures in this life, that’s what I’ve taught my girls as well. I tell them if you want to learn something, great, go learn it, but always pay attention to your relationships, value them, treat them with the respect & honor they deserve (yes, even the difficult ones, I didn’t say you had to love them, just be respectful).
    With my 1st house (cancer) South Node conjunct mercury, mars, and my ascendant, I’m happy in my own skin, I like being me (on my own), and I have been working very hard throughout this lifetime to learn from/thru my relationships. The part that you mentioned about learning you can’t control relationships has been a very BIG, ongoing lesson throughout my life. But I’m also learning that while I can’t control, there is much freedom in that as well. With my nodes in a 3-degree square to Pluto, transforming both myself and how I relate to others, as well as how I grow in/thru relationships is where it’s at these days (at least for me).
    Very well said anonymoushermit, it’s been a real pleasure to read these. So much great knowledge here 🙂 Thank You for sharing.

    1. “Very well said anonymoushermit, it’s been a real pleasure to read these. So much great knowledge here ? Thank You for sharing.”

      My writing is definitely one interpretation. It’s great to see people reading them!

  7. Yes. I am the eternal bachelor even though I’ve had 3 long engagements (co-habiting) that didn’t end in marriage. Having a family just wasn’t a priority but being self employed was! I usually dated someone equally career focused. Now I have some regret being alone but great friends help a lot when most of my childhood family are gone. A Pisces Asc helped soften the aggressive south Node.

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