How To Work With Saturn Transiting Opposite Venus

toilet paper“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

Saturn transiting natal Venus indicates difficulties with love and money. That would be a yes, and a yes. It also indicates getting serious about love and money. Saturn was just beginning its transit to my Venus (and his sun, moon, Mars) when we had a serious talk and got engaged. It’s a Saturn thing to make a formal commitment.

I’ve also noticed another result, over time. I don’t want a bunch of stuff. I’ve started paring down what I do own and have realized I really don’t want a whole lot of new things junking up my house. Someone asked what I wanted for my birthday: a really big pack of toilet paper, cat food, coffee beans. What I want (Venus) is limited (Saturn). This is a new thing. I don’t even want any new music, which I’ve always loved, because I don’t have room for it on my computer. I’ve been listening to the radio more. Saturn is transiting my moon as well and I don’t FEEL as though I need to own it.

Another associated result is that my interests have become limited. I realized I am just not flitting around the internet like I used to. I have very few places I visit, that I am interested in. This doesn’t mean that I am bored. This is reflective a more thorough enjoyment of the few that I visit. I’m more focused. Because my interest is more focused I’m more thoroughly educating myself in those few areas. Limits are not negative. Saturn limits constrain you in ways that can be disconcerting, however they also can push you to focus on what is important, lasting, and supportive of your development.

Loss of interest in time-wasting activities has resulted in the channeling of my energies into furthering my education in astrology, which in turn supports my career. Saturn restriction might not feel good at first but the results are worth it.

Has a Saturn transit “pushed” you into something that was “good for you?

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  1. I’m feeling Saturn all over the place right now. It’s transiting my natal moon and venus too but I don’t think I’m feelin that quite yet. I’m feelin it more conjunct my sun and mars today
    “You might also be learning to curb some of the excesses in your life, as well as to go about getting what you want in a more mature, temperate, and moderate manner.” yep..and thank goodness cuz i’ve had some stuff go on lately that normally woulda caused me to go OFF my’s a process

  2. This is SO me. I mean, all the time. The not-wanting, the seriousness. I have venus square saturn. I also have moon trine saturn.

    Some saturn transits have brought me tremendous loss – Saturn has done more than push – it has forced the future on me. Forced losses, forced moves (during a moon transit), all kinds of stuff-

    But the “cliche” is true. I was rewarded for doing the work. Ugh. Now the question is how to get over/leave behind the transit once it’s passed. This summer it will be 2 years since Saturn conjuncted my moon and pluto…

    But I digress. Great post! It spoke to me 🙂

  3. my interests have been refined to eating, sleeping, astrology, cutting hair, and making poop/canibalism jokes on the internet. not necessarily in that order, but probably.

  4. Saturn pushes me into the right stuff all the time. He really is my best friend. He has taught me to say “no,” to not scatter my energy on nickle-and-dime projects when I could be focusing on the big fish, and to focus on one thing at a time. And to slow the hell down. In the past 2 years I have undergone Saturn conjunctions to my Venus, Sun, and Mercury and each transit coincided with profound (not tragic) events that forced me to get down to business. But everything Saturn asked me to do ha always been something I longed to do, anyway.

  5. Satori, great post, it spoke to me.

    I have venus in Cap natally, so I never really want for much.

    At the moment, I have transit Saurn conjunct Uranus, moon and square Venus. It’s also in contact with my Sag stellium. Last time this same transit arrived when I was very young and it blindsided me. Or to use MP’s words, it forced the future onto me. But this time round, I have a plan and I am hunkering down to work, and strangely enjoying it.

  6. Oh man, you bet! Saturn is transiting my 4th house and trining my Sun/Moon/Venus stellium. Clearing out all the “junk” – both real and metaphorical – and only keeping what is real, solid, dependable and worthy. Getting serious about a lot of things, and since this is a Saturn trine (thank the Gods!), it’s all good! Liking it, actually!

  7. Some good and bad.Going through my 3rd H. Really stripping out “excess” people. It’s all about real communication, not just talking to talk. Small talk is way out the window. I don’t even bother with it right now, and I imagine some might think I’m quieter, which is odd because I love to talk and I do it a lot. I don’t mind, as getting rid of the surplus let’s me focus on a few core things.

    Thanks satori!

  8. Awesome way to look at it Satori:0) Guess I can see it working on one of my YODS. I have Uranus incon Mars and Sun. Right now Saturn in sitting on my natal uranus. My spuratic actions and being unsure of my inner needs seems to be stabalizing. I am more rutine than I can ever remember in my life and it feels like what “I Need” is begining to become clearer. Not painless but definately more focased.

  9. So loved this post. I have Venus in Capricorn opposite my Saturn in Cancer, 6/12 house squaring my Neptune in Libra 3rd house. So here comes Saturn to my Venus, bracing myself for the outcome. My soul must need to be cleansed and be ready for a new direction in my life. Venus is the leg of my Yod with Pluto and Uranus, while Chiron sits on my Pisces Moon. The universe is talking to me, and I remain optimistic that when Saturn hits 9 degrees I will be ready for it. Bring it on!

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    Placebo Essence

    When Saturn was transiting my Ascendant I had my teeth fixed. Recently Saturn was hovering over my natal Sun, I quit smoking, just like that, I felt like I do not need it anymore. I had less energy to spend but I was wiser about managing my day and activities to avoid burnout, I bought an exercise mat which is surprising because for 30+ years I had no regular workout schedule and I did not care about it really but I feel drawn to it now, it is not forced though. Saturn-Pluto conjunction trined my natal moon (less than 1 deg orb) and I almost died then, 2 complicated surgeries and doctors saying I am lucky I survived.

  11. I have Saturn opposite Venus, opposite Mercury, square Saturn, in my birth chart. It sucks.

    I don’t see how this ends happily, to be honest: I did read Liz Greene’s Saturn book, but it seems filled with high-end psychobabble, with very little practical and usable advice for those actually afflicted.

    Saturn is now transiting my 12th house, while Pluto is transiting my Venus and Mercury, and it all just seems to be a bit much.

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