Widespread Addiction With Neptune In Pisces: Where’s It Heading?

swirling addictionI came across this old thread in the forum: Alcohol & Neptune In Pisces. It’s all about the increase in addiction to alcohol but thinking about it today, I note that all drug use has increased. We are also addicted to the internet and to information in general. Yes, I’m looking at you, Gemini and Virgo.

We made also be addicted to the truth (Sagittarius) for it’s reasonable facsimile. Whatever passes as the truth.

So what will be the result of all this?  Saturn is now in Pisces… you might think we’re headed for the consequences of this or the karma of it.  Might we be cut off from our drugs?

I don’t know, but I think it’s interesting that the Saturn Neptune conjunct will take place in February of 2026 at 0 degrees Aries.  Between now and then, the fog is likely to continue to swirl.

What do you see in regards to Neptune in Pisces and addiction?

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  1. Funny…everybody in my family has either stopped drinking entirely or cut down to minimal alcohol..and sometimes caffeine as well..

    1. That’s what me and my SO have done! I stopped drinking in January, to lose weight and he followed just recently. I also cut my caffeine intake in half. It just happened organically! I have been picking up and using my phone a lot more though! Could be my Moon in Virgo opp transiting Neptune through my 4th house.
      Wishing your family good health!

  2. If we take addiction to be a feature of ourselves and not a bug, then we bravely start making addiction a real part of our lives? Doesn’t make sense or sound nice. Hoping someone can come up with something better

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    Shimmering Light

    Interesting. There are currently prescription drug shortages in the UK (where I live). In fairness, this started before Saturn ingressed into Pisces but it’s certainly worse now. The issue is down to manufacturing and/or supply issues. It’s a case of trying to find a pharmacy that stocks the items you need.

  4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, Elsa. A number of factors.. With Neptune in pisces, how can anyone expect to “be in control” with substances? And.. this is weird but it made me think of the alcoholic poet I was in a relationship with briefly before I met my husband. I asked him straight up, why do you drink so much? He said it was to achieve clarity. He wrote these long, astounding poems that got to the heart of human issues when he was totally sh*tfaced. Sometime in 2011 or 2012 he fell off the map. No more poems. I wonder if he still drinks?
    In the past 3 or 4 years my husband and I phased out drinking almost completely (for me, completely). It doesn’t do anything but make me fat and irritable. There are better ways of dealing with my problems. Give me oatstraw and motherwort. CBD. Magnesium. Those are my substances of choice.
    Where I live (and a good chance where you whoever you are live) there are legions of zombies on fentanyl and tranq. On my drive to Home Depot when I’m stopped at a light I’ll see 3-5 people.. doubled over, wandering into traffic, bloodless complexion. People naked and screaming. People lying on the ground who might be dead. It’s wild. I heard several different research orgs are working on a fentanyl vaccine. I’m normally wary of vaccines for anything, but these new opiates are a death sentence. Will it be a 6-week-long death? year-long death? I’d heard of people nursing heroin habits up until their 80s. Can you even find heroin, any drugs, that aren’t laced with the killer fentanyl? It seems like a really dangerous game even touching drugs in two thousand and twenty three, and alcohol stopped working a decade ago.

  5. Well let’s see…my niece( a Cap. with a full 12th hse) is going ok with her rehab. (the first) l am nervously excited for her. My sister, her mother, has stepped up (finally). My niece was not the chosen one …her brother was. Mother and brother have Saturn in Picses.Mmmm.

    I have heard from my niece that my other sister spends a lot of time at the Casino.

    Me? I know l have an addictive personality, but l don’t let anything become a habit–ever. You could call me a cleanskin today–l do like wine with lunch sometimes. Picses rising.

    Oddly, Australia has the highest rates of ice addiction and gambolling addiction in the world– per capita We are called the Lucky Country.

  6. I think the bigger addiction is technology. Our whole lives are now contained in a small portable screen, whether it’s ordering grocery items, banking, navigating on Google maps, exercising on fitbits, socialising, dating to entire relationships, checking work emails, listening to music, reading ebooks, deciding what to eat, and so on.

    Everything is a instantaneous CONVENIENT tap, click, swipe away. We APPEAR to have more control over our lives. Got a problem? Simply Google the answer! However it makes us LESS capable of dealing with uncertainty, dealing with the bigger stuff. It also makes us want to put LESS effort into things. Why work on real friendships, when a quick hitting the like button would suffice?

    People can’t leave their phones alone for one minute! If you’re waiting in a queue, stuck in a traffic jam, on a bus or train, out comes the phone … as opposed to dealing with a nanosecond of waiting, silence, and boredom. At which, we can’t handle or tolerate anymore.

    The amount of times I’ve had to slam the brakes because some bozo walked into the road without checking left or right 🙄

    Add new advanced AI chatbots into the mix!

    Saturn in Pisces working in tandem with Pluto Aquarius, is really going to highlight all this, and what the pitfalls have been. Those planets will be hitting th unsubscribe button ON US! 😂

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! I deal with phone reading-texting drivers everywhere-even elderly folks who you’d think would know better! It because they have designed this whole thing to make us dependent on the technology. I can’t sleep well unless I run an app that has nature sounds running while I sleep. I can’t seem to get away from picking up my phone for something, so I try to leave it in my bedroom plugged in and check it less often. But it’s hard with calls I’m expecting or emails to do that sometimes.

      Fentanyl is super scary. We see on the news almost weekly huge smuggled quantities from across the boarder being busted. If I ever see anyone like you have in the streets, I’ll know why now. It’s prevalent.

  7. An after thought. Yes, Mermaid, put scrolling on the list. I avoided it for years (true) but recently discovered ‘Short Vids’. I lose time watching: giant frogs, extraordinary nature, new talent, foraging tips…funny pets. It changes brain function–l know.

    Turning off phone now. Leaving it off and at home. I’m going for a walk. The sun is shining.

  8. i liked the (personal) effects of the last saturn neptune conjunction. might be time to see how much we fixed or didn’t, since then…

  9. I hate addictions. I hate the one I have to information. I hate the alcohol addiction I see in people I care about. I hate it all and it breaks my heart. We’re all in need of comfort of some kind and we seek it out through these escapes.

  10. My drug use has definitely increased the past year. I used to just do weed, but now I dabble a bit with pills as well 🤐

    As a double virgo I’m definitely less stable than I used to be. But after a life time of holding my pisces moon in check the neglect, bad habits and turbulence at least hasn’t made any dents in my economy or my relationships, and I don’t think physically either. I’ve also made away scot free from the authorities, seeing that drug use/purchase of everything but alcohol is prohibited in my country. Saturn in pisces will conjunct my moon soon though, and will square my MC later on. I don’t know what curve ball life might throw me, but I have definitely considered that maybe my luck will have run out, if I keep buying drugs from dealers.

    So I promised myself that as soon as saturn goes direct I’m done. And I am, have no doubt about that! So either way, yeah, I’ll be cut off from my drugs.. rather it’s by my own hand than the laws, though.

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    James Slattery

    Pisces Neptune has been drawing a wide assortment of crazies into my sphere for some time. Also situations which are strange or surreal in some cases as Pisces is my Ascendant. It is currently squaring my Gemini Sun at 27′ leading to low energy levels, more indulgence in sweets and libations (thus the low energy!) and general mental fogginess and forgetfulness. I can’t wait for this long term square to dissolve and go back to being physically and mentally sharp again.

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