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comedy stage“So, I talked to my astrologer, yesterday…
You ought to meet this chick. 
She’s MEAN…”

That’s my stand-up comedian, client, up on stage after one of our sessions. It was written in my imagination, though she does use material from our chats. I love it too. Truth be told, I try to get her “pregnant”.  With ideas, this is.  Mars conjunct Mercury!

This is a great example how energy is shared.  She pays me. I help her, which is usually easy to do.  After that, we joke and brainstorm. looking for more, more, more!

The “more” is for my 9th house and her Jupiter in Sagittarius.   Why have enough, when you can have more than enough?

As for the chart of a comedian, this gal is a Cancer with a stellium in the sign, stuck in the 10th house.  That’s a joke, right there.  But her Jupiter in Sadge aspects her Cancer. Matter of fact, it aspects every planet in her chart, save her moon and Neptune.  This gal is at large, all day, every day.

She told me she lived in a small apartment (a Cancer cubby), but she has parties there!

I’m writing this because I’ve been encouraged to go on camera and chat. If I did, it would be like this.  This gal is the picture of mental and emotional health, in my judgment, if for no other reason than she living her chart, fully.

We don’t have to be perfect, you know.  Unless “perfect” means, sharing your talent and living true to your actual design.

Do you feel you live your chart?  Or do you deny parts of it?  Also, does looking at your chart, support your life?  Or does it cause you problems, like worries and fears?

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  1. Saturn in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini, and also squares Chiron in Sag. Mars opposes Chiron. Jupiter in Aries squares 3 planets in Cancer and opposes Neptune in Libra. Neptune squares 3 planets in Cancer as well. Problems, worries, fears? You bet.

  2. I feel more “at home” with my chart. Perhaps this is part of the destiny of my journey. Mine is a very condensed chart with aspects concentrated in the top half, except for Uranus in 6th House Gemini, which sextiles (revolution ing and surprising) a very dramatic and Saturn responsibility to traditional values in my 8th House.

    The benefit of a nearing 80 year life time is understanding why my 10th House Mercury in Scorpio deeply and penetratingly mines ideas and why they must square with my ancestors (in the 8th House) to create meaning. Meaningful life=success.

    My Sagittarius Venus-Jupiter conjunction in exploring “others “ for the gold 11th House explains why I am not living where I was born. That conjunction trines the 8th House planets, for a full-size life. That brings sadness (I feel everything)when the planets and moon are emotion ripe; so my Capricorn Moon in the 12th House gives me the nod to climb under the covers, and chill.

    My 9th House is Neptune’s House. Trines to both sides of my described condensed natal chart. Water, and the Ocean are most of the planet. Lucky I have that Earthy Capricorn Moon, and North Node in Taurus as a destination.

    15 years of being part of the Elsaelsa school of astrology has taught me to appreciate my Scorpio nature, respect and witness Virgo’s work ethic And Satori has made me love Pisces (my mom is Pisces) and a care tenderly my Capricorn Moon.

    Your stand up comedian client example would for sure be a gang busters platform for Elsa Live! Wowser!! Keep us posted.

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