Gigantic, Widespread Lying

sebastian-maniscalco-perfLast week someone told me a gigantic lie. It was so obviously a lie, I just skimmed over it.  I didn’t read it in all it’s detail, because I knew there was nothing to be gained.

Of course we see a lot of lying in the news as well.  I’d chalk this up to Mercury’s aspect to Neptune, but here’s the deal…

You’re going to be found out. You’re going to be humbled. This is due to Saturn in Sagittarius.  I warned of this in 2014, High-Flying People Come Down To Earth.

You’re going to have to take responsibility for your lie(s) or live with this sort of bleakness, deep inside. You know of your own lack of character!

What kills me about the guy who lied to me, is that he’s lying to me again. I mean come on. A dog did not eat your homework. I did not believe this the first two times. You think, third time’s the charm?

I see the same thing out in the world. Same lies, told over and over again. Are you kidding me?

It reminds me of comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco’s line,“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Does anyone else see this? Lying liars, telling their same lies when everyone around them can see, plain as day, something ain’t right in the milk?

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  1. Avatar

    I think some people are so arrogant they believe their positions are secure no matter what they do so they don’t care if their lies are detected and called out because it doesn’t affect them in any way they care about. And they don’t believe that will ever change.

  2. I know someone that is a huge liar. I sometimes think they are completely delusional because when they have been called out on some of their lies they don’t see it. It’s really strange. This person has a 12th house stellium so maybe they’re deluding themselves.

    I avoid this person now because I feel I can’t believe anything they say.It gets old and it’s annoying.

  3. anonymoushermit

    Some people lie because they’re insecure. “I have a huge mansion all the way over there.”

    I kind of feel sorry for some people in a way,”Oh you poor child, you probably didn’t get much attention when you were young, did you?”

    1. Yes, this is a young man. I’ve been telling him for several years how ridiculous his lies are. Invariably, he has to come around (to whoever) to cop and make amends.

      I can’t believe he’s not taken this to heart…yet.

      He’s Gemini/Sadge at the late degrees, so I guess his day’s still coming. But talk about REMEDIAL.

      ha ha ha.

  4. I think people who lie do it to try and convince themselves.

    Because if they didn’t they’d have to deal with the truth.

    And for whatever reason, they don’t want to deal with reality.

    If along the way they happen to convince other people then that’s even better.

  5. I’m thinking this pertains to my Sagg EX-boss, who let me go for no real reason a week ago other than he can’t admit to himself that his business is failing because his brain has already gone on retirement and he admitted he is unwilling to do the ONE thing that he knows will get more business- the two hours on the phone with his clients every night like he USED to do.

  6. An old, “dead” (Scorpio) boyfriend contacted me last week and attempted to smooth talk (Neptune/Mercury) me into a date (Tr 12H Mars was trining my natal 7H Venus at the time). His Aries Sun/Moon conjunction (it’s all about him; no empathetic skills) are conjunct my SN – intense past life connection. My lessons were learned and I blocked his phone number from my cell service. My resistance actions felt empowering.

      1. Like lizards they change their skin and come back into power in different guises! Boris has friends in power – he isn’t going away anytime soon.

  7. It is everywhere and if suddenly everyone stopped lying or were forced to speak the truth like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar, we’d all be shocked.

  8. There are a lot of deluded people out there. They believe what they want to believe and they think their “world” is the same one others live in.

    1. This is instructive.. but we all come from a ‘perspective’ that can be difficult to see past unless we know or understand people of a different opinion.

  9. I see a few people who just do not see their situation as it is, and they suffer. Thing is, they don’t have to drag others into their suffering, or more to the point, you don’t have to allow ’em to. And yes, there’s Neptune prominent in most cases. What I’m faced with is, how much do I tell ’em? Do I drop a hint, or remain silent? Chances are, I’ll remain silent until something like a penny drops, or a bomb.

    In the end, honing my own perceptions is what matters, and getting clear.

  10. There are cons, exaggerators (sp), and people that might innocently not tell tell entire truth for whatever reason. Cons are the worst.
    Decided to try to make it work again with the boyfriend. Heard the same story: let’s be a family, let’s go get married right now (um no)…and with actions: us going to church together, being together 24/7 for about a week, everything is awesome until shit hits the fan again…
    it happened today when I went to go pick up my all fixed up car and he had to go to work. My car It’s like brand new again. Everything went swimmingly
    well at the rental car and went well at the body shop. Got my car back and was supposed to be a great day, but no…
    he couldn’t get a hold of me for one hour then threw a fit. Then I found out he went into my apartment while I was gone. But he forgets my eagle eyes because I know he wasn’t alone… there was true blue evidence of that. Told him about it, and he couldn’t deny it. Lies yes.
    I’m done with him for good… (I hope to God I don’t take him back again…)Can’t get an honest answer out of him and even if I did, I wouldn’t know it was the truth anymore. Yuck. Sucks to love a person with such great potential only to see them wreck it out of pure jealousy and scheming and other shite.

  11. I have had to deal with the DIL and her tall tales for so long that I was finally on overload. I just cant do it anymore. I haven’t said more than 10 words to her in over 3 months. Its so nice to be out of her speak space.

    The price I pay is ….I don’t see the kids much. But, you know, I think I am over that too.

    There comes a time when you just have to draw the line. And I drew it. Do I want to keep trying to have a relationship with the worst liar on earth, or keep my sanity.

    The famous and first lie she told was to my son. She said she was on both the shot and the patch. (birth control) I raised him to handle the birth control or the consequences. Today he is living with the consequences. That’s what happens when you don’t wrap it up. Sometimes there’s at the very least 18 years attached to it.

    Then after she told that lie, she started back peddling. Oh, I didn’t know how the shot or the patch worked….then it was something else until she was never on birth control at all.

    I don’t regret my g-baby. She is the bees knees. But she is being raised by a liar. Funny too….when she was 5 years old she told me….Mommy lies. And she lies all the time. Out of the mouths of babes. My response. You know the difference between the truth and a lie. Don’t lie just because you find the people around you do.

    When they met my son was living with his father who is loaded. But he gave nothing to my son. She took one look at that house and within less than two months of knowing him she was pregnant.

    Funny….once pregnant son moved her into a 1 bedroom efficiency and we had to give them the first and last months rent so they could move into it. 8 years later she is finally working to some degree. But they have struggled financially the whole time. What you see isn’t always what you get.

    She has a 2nd house Sag Stellium.

    I cant stand to be in a room with her. The lies start pouring from her mouth like sewer. I would make my day to OUT her on every lie she has ever told to the whole world – in her face and in front of an audience. But…its not my job. Nor is it my business. And, its her life. She’ll end up with her foot in a trap sooner or later. What I can do…is stay as far away from her as humanly possible.

    Her mother ….the Pisces….is WORSE. They could win the Guinness world record for the most lies told at one Thanksgiving dinner. Since I worry my eyes may get stuck in the back of my head from rolling them….we will be going out for the holidays in the future 🙂

  12. Not only do people lie without compunction on a regular basis (including trivial lies that don’t matter anyway), they do so without an ounce of compassion. That’s the real problem. They could care less whether their lies affect someone else in a bad way, in fact it seems to puff up their ego a bit.

  13. Thanks, Elsa for introducing me to Sebastian! I just watched the entire “Aren’t You Embarrassed” and was cracking up the whole time. Hilarious.

  14. A few years ago before he was well known, I emailed Sebastian to ask what sign he was. I thought perhaps he was a Virgo. He emailed back and said he was Cancer.

      1. Interesting. At the time when I emailed him, there wasn’t a date of birth anywhere for him. I thought perhaps a strong Virgo influence due to so much of his material being about cleanliness, etiquette etc.

        1. It’s possible he has a Moon (Scorpio) Venus (Leo) square. But I know what you mean…fastidiousness! He wants women to change out their cubes! 🙂

    1. Avatar

      A Cancer would be the first one to zero in on the terrible loneliness that can motivate the taking a selfie. He is very funny and right on.

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