Is Happiness Shown In A Natal Chart?

Jupiter statueDear Elsa,

I liked your “happiness” posts. I would love to see more astrology on this. What do you look at as a happiness base?  Jupiter? Moon?  Difficult or easy Saturn, Mars, Venus?  Probably everything but do you have a standard procedure for a basic  happy-meter?

Wondering in the United States

Happiness as it is generally understood is a feeling so I would look to the Moon.  Buoyancy is a Jupiter or a Sagittarius phenomena. I would give innate happiness to people with Moon and Jupiter in aspect, Moon in the ninth (Jupiter’s) house or Moon in Sagittarius.

You may also see this affect with Jupiter in the 4th (the Moon’s) house although I’ve not thought about that as much.

Now if you expand beyond those who have happy feelings organically, then I would say anyone can be happy.  For example a person can adopt a perspective (Jupiter) that buoys them. People who feel good due their religion would be examples of that.

On other fronts, a Scorpio may be happy because they’ve got a new specimen, an Aries because they’ve got a challenge, a Capricorn because they’re running the show, Virgo due a job well done, etc.

Are you happy? How do you manage it?

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  1. i consider myself innately happy. i have moon and jupiter both in gemini, and i often access a positive viewpoint by conciously choosing to expand my perspective. i find happines by how i choose to think about things.

    for example, if someone does something that i don’t care for, i ask myself things like, “how important is this anyway? does it really matter? will it matter in 5 years? will it matter in 5 days?”

    when i have a difficult situation in my own life, i ask myself what i can learn from it, what helpful things it brings to my life, etc. i’m sure this drives my friends insane sometimes when they are complaining about something to me, but i’ve also been told that if i didn’t put a positive spin on something, they would really worry about it! lol

  2. I have Moon/Jupiter conjunct in Aries, 7th house. I stay happy because I’m always hopeful, and curious about the future. I am very thankful for this conjunction – I feel like it is lucky. Even though it’s battered by a Saturn square and opposed by Uranus, nothing can keep me down for long!

  3. I would look at the Moon but also Mercury; ideally they’d both be strong by position, sign, and no harmful aspects. Also look at the Moon’s next aspect in your natal chart.


  4. I’ve got Mercury conjunct Moon/Venus trine Jupiter, I’m happy until I’m not. Right now I have no good reason not to be happy. I have an eight pack of Snapple, ice pops, many good books, and I might take a walk in the woods. I think some depressed people (that I’ve known) don’t have much actual things to be unhappy about. A girl I knew was insanely depressed when going shoe shopping and eating bad Chinese food with me.

    Plus I’m itching to share this beautiful song in Russian with you. Even though it’s in Russian and the lyrics are very beautiful, I’m sure you can get it without understanding it.

  5. I’m an overall jovial person. I have a ton of squares (in some not-so-good places at that), but I still consider myself happy-go-lucky. Not letting little, insignificant things get me down is key. My sense of humor has also been a great anticdote (cappy moon). But perhaps what has helped keeping all my Saturn, Mars, Moon, and Pluto squares from getting to me is my Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in the 11th?? I have an aray of friends who always keep me smiling.

  6. I have moon exactly trine Jupiter, but I have had problems with depression or at least melancholy my whole life. To speak to that side, I do have Mercury square Pluto, and Saturn square Asc. But I’m curious to see what shifts, if anything, around the end of this year when my Jupiter (natally retrograde) progresses direct.

  7. I am overwhelmingly happy yet people see me as usually irritated or angry. If I project happiness 24/7 I’m actually miserable, though, and if I rant occasionally I’m really fabulous. *lol* It’s the me-fog! Whee!

    Jupiter rising explains the happy part, Moon trine Mars-Venus-Pluto explains the anger part, Pisces MC trine Jupiter and opposed M-V-P plus some Sun-Neptune contact explains the fog.

  8. I’m a quad Virgo – I’m misunderstood! But I’ve been studying metaphyics since I was 16 so I know the power of positive thinking. I know that what you think has alot to do with what happens. So
    I guess I’m a closet optimist who seems serious all the time.
    When I’m deep in thought or concentration, I look pissed off.
    Which I’m not, just in deep thought.

  9. Not really the happiest person but I can project happy easily– I have Jup in Sag trine my Asc and Mars in the 9th trine my Jup and Asc…a really attractive grand trine. It does help me keep an optimistic state of mind.

    But true happiness….my Moon is combust in the 8th and my Saturn in Scorpio conjuncts my IC.

    Jupiter is there in the 4th house so I am protected from depression getting the best of me for the most part. But I still feel very empty a large majority of the time. Empty meaning loneliness and this void or abyss that is just always there. It is just my normal now so I am not happy or unhappy really…in many ways it doesnt bother me anymore, im accepting of it and I’m grateful for a lot of things but I often feel alone.

    I do believe that someday this will change…someday Ill be truly happy, and that makes me kindof happy.

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