Lockdown 2024 – Bunched Up Planets

2024 clusterDuring the pandemic, the world went into lockdown. I noted the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac.  I also noted that people were either shut up at home or out there working. You can look back here – Planets Clustered – Outcast.

This is phenomena is happened, seasonally, for five years or so. The 2024 array is easily as bound as the original cluster.  I expect this to manifest for each of us.

I am not saying we will be locked down. We may lock ourselves down but I can’t even say that, for sure.  But this cluster lands somewhere in everyone’s chart, limiting the bulk of their activities to a certain areas of life.

For example, the planets land in my 1st – 4th house.  These are “keep to yourself” houses as opposed to the opposite houses, which are emphasized in my natal chart.  I am saying, I am a natural extrovert, forced to be more introspective? Or isolated? I don’t like it.

Yes, blah, blah, platitudes. Of course I can deal with it but I do prefer interaction (7th), 8th house meat and the big world (9th).  For me, this is like being dealt a bad hand. If these planets emphasize houses / areas of life, that you enjoy, I would call that a “good hand”.

April 2024 clusterThe picture above is late January 2024. This one is in April. You can see things are even more connected. I think this is worth knowing so you can set your expectations.

Also, these clusters will show up in Return charts. If you have a birthday during this time, the cluster will dominate your Solar Return. Lunar Returns are also affected.

After watching this each year, I’m pretty sure what to expect so I’m planning for it.

If you want to look into this or see how affects you personally, here you go.

Get your Solar Return Report here.
Get your Lunar Return Reports hereThese are super-cheap, if you buy a year’s worth. Thirteen reports – a Baker’s Dozen.

Where will this planet cluster land in your chart? Are you happy with the situation?


14 thoughts on “Lockdown 2024 – Bunched Up Planets”

  1. Houses 6 to 8 and yes, I’m happy with it. All my personal planets are clustered 2nd to 4th, or 5th if I use whole sign houses. I hope that Jupiter in Gemini which follows in May will spice things up and if that doesn’t help, Uranus opposing Mars in 24/25 surely will !

  2. I’m a 3 – 10 gal but these planets are 5 – 9, almost the opposite. So I guess I might be in and out as per usual, tho in different territory.🤔

  3. bottom of my chart, too… January, first chunk in my 3rd which I could use the energy for writing.

    By my birthday in April, will be mostly in 6th, some in 5th 7th.

  4. This cluster affects the end of my 8th house through beginning of 12. It looks like it will be a time of going from wrapping up issues in a not-so-public space in my life, to getting a lot of mileage in 9th house realms, then being very visible and with groups until the energy reverts into something perhaps unconscious. It sounds right, and a lot of it has to do with ongoing career matters (Saturn transit in 10th – hard work yet extremely rewarding) and my very 9th house profession (natal Jupiter in Aquarius)which is about to get a long visit from the Pluto transit).

    It looks like 2024 is highly likely to bring in a radically new phase in my career, for it to really take off, and then it winds down (perhaps to integrate the hidden things that had been exposed within). Thanks for asking, it has me thinking about what to anticipate!

  5. I am looking back to find my
    Lockdown…I feel revolution was within me , boxed feeling
    I take better notice of myself as I am getting on with time
    I believe now that piece of time taught me about myself
    I need a certain quota of outside time
    Makes me think I understand, perhaps a little bit about the homeless, they are rich in out of doors quota, here we are not city so I may never understand the accept of sidewalk living
    That lockdown moment, announced something loudly to my being ,what I needed when everything stopped. Outdoors.What do you need? Calm ?peace ?a belief in one’s self? .or The other side of the coin may offer
    ‘Not this’.So if it’s coming I can do this.

  6. It hits houses 9-12…which seems to suggest I become more public and even more spiritual…The public part won’t be easy…

  7. Plus, there is that solar eclipse on 4/8 at 19 degrees Aries.

    All that Aries is in my 4th. Hadn’t heard that phrase “keep to yourself houses” but that sounds spot on to me. With 3 planets there natally, that’s my way anyway. So will I become even more of a hermit? Had not thought that possible. Looking forward to this!

    1. April our state is set to more than double in population for the eclipse. Not looking forward to it. How that many people have no jobs, yet money and time is beyond me. Don’t they have anything better to do? I’ve seen several eclipses here in the past few years but arkansas (not my native state, moved here to afford homesteading) has been really advertising it for that tax dolla dolla. This state is #1 in the nation for food insecurity while governor brags about millions they’re hoarding and purchasing $19,000 lectern. Basic necessities are hard to find. I really don’t think we have the infrastructure to support that many tourists, winding mountain roads, no shoulders, accidents will be terrible. Texans love to come up here and pollute the mountains with atvs driving them with a beer in 1 hand a toddler in the other. They’ll toss their trash everywhere. Yes, I sound critical… I’ll definitely be staying home, but I’ve worked hard to create a home I love. So maybe some of us will restrict ourselves for sanity and safety, while others cross countless boundaries without blinking.

  8. What a great post!! Just this morning I have spent time online with a yoga teacher friend who has set me up with some great teachers locally..I have been contemplating what i want 2024 to look like..Have been to hell and back in the past 2.5 years, and now that a lot of the “crisis” time is over,I landed back into my regular life except it isn’t what it used to be..it is as if I landed in a new state or country where I don’t really know the language anymore.. we are changed by crisis, and we don’t go “back” to where we were, after we meet the challenges..we are changed. These planets will focus me on houses 12,1 and 2. I RELATE! I am a social introvert.Sometimes I have a lot of fun with others, in groups and in activities that keep me busy, then I get EXHAUSTED from all those PEOPLE and activities! THIS year I want to spend MORE TIME alone, doing some tasks and work and play that is important to ME. Activities that require CONCENTRATION and focus! am beginning an intensive mind/body/spirit program with a new yoga instructor.Much more than just yoga poses.I am setting up a small home business in health/science writing, taking some advanced classes in this, and hope to publish in certain professional circles, as a Nurse I am well suited to this. I will have to PARE DOWN social and “busy” time that i sometimes get caught up in.. I want to have “something to show” for my efforts this year.. physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.SO..these planets and clusters really support my embracing the more introverted side of my Soul which I will need to lean into to meet these new goals. I am also feeling rather “SELFISH” lately.. like now or never.I am not a young chicken, and I lost myself these past 2 and a half years.. I need to nurture ME, big time!! THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!

  9. My car just died and the expense of the repairs is too much. Until I can get a loan for another used car, I’ll be clustered around home and work. I find walking pretty zen, so it’s not all bad. It does make me nervous not to have a getaway vehicle, though.

    The January formation will be “clustering” all over my 8th house stellium and some of it will square my Mercury and Pluto. The North Node and Chiron have been sitting on my Saturn for a while. The Taurus stuff will make a medley of aspects to my Mercury, Uranus and Mars. Should be fun.

  10. This lot will transit my first, second and third houses but being a writer introverted, reclusive, borderline aspergers…well, that lockdown was my default position. However; it wasn’t good for me and I had less confidence afterwards. In his book ‘The Kindness Revolution’ Psychologist and Social Researcher Hugh Mackay says “Social isolation has become our no 1 public health problem. We suffer from Social Hunger when we don’t get enough eye contact every day.” Because socializing is good for my health, I participate in the social stream as much as I’m able to without getting exhausted.

  11. Cluster in my 1st thru 4th just like you Elsa…Were we separated at birth? LOL I am going to have my surg OHS within the next month, so I will be at home recuperating and staying away from germs. I am ok with it, I find that the tie in to the 2020 Sa Ju conj at 0 Aq is bringing up events from that time to be Plutosized ie transformed, rebirthed all those terms, anyone else finding this? Even with this upcoming surg. I am happy to have PL out of my 12th!

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