Scorpio Acts Against His Nature

My old friend, Ben, reads and enjoys my newsletter.  He’s a Scorpio. He emails me about the content of the letters, sometimes.

I got a barrage of one-line emails from him over the letters I sent last week. All the backstabbing that went on…

He said that he avoided some trouble by double-checking something he did some months ago.  He specifically said that it was not in his nature to look back like that.  I thought of the story about the frog and the scorpion.

I also thought about Uranus in Taurus which will impact Scorpio (and the other Fixed signs), profoundly.

I’m going to have to talk to Ben about this at some point. You get to a certain age and you think you’ve got this sorted… right before you find out that you don’t.

What are you seeing out there with Uranus in Taurus?


24 thoughts on “Scorpio Acts Against His Nature”

  1. Pele, at Halema’uma’u, began making new Earth on Hawaii Island. Personally, this was my affirmation (Scorpio Sun) that were many reasons the answer to my wish to return to Hawaii last summer was “No.”

  2. Yes. I’m Leo Sun Taurus moon. Might be my help we it all other signs mutible but for Saturn Scorpio. I feel like I’m taking the bull by the horns.

  3. Not too much yet, thinking back in comparison when I welcomed Uranus 7 years ago and man I was on fire and change and weird stuff from day one!

    Well I only have 3 Taureans in my daily life and ironically they are all doing the same thing – withdrawing.
    Really unusual as they don’t even know each other. They are saying no to social activities ( and it’s not because of me as these are clubs and community outings that are filled with many people) that we have all done in the past and always enjoyed. One friend is a man who actually turned down his favorite home cooked meal I invited him to, saying he had to work, work, work.
    Very little communication phone text media etc. from all of them.
    I dare to say they might be depressed – don’t know do Taureans even get depressed? I am giving them their space, praying for them and watching carefully.

    Personally, not much yet everything is about status quo. I’ve always been good with money and this transit hits my second house, so far everything good there.
    But I do feel that a little spark ⚡️
    is gone. ?
    Aries Rising

  4. My moon is at five degrees Scorpio. Yestereday, I considered the fact that I might never get respect from my family.

    I felt like that realization cut some entanglements to them and it felt good.

    It might not seem like a big deal, but Ive kind of centered my whole life around my mother. Not just my physical orientation on this planet, but my emotional orientation to myself. I dont think its served my life. Ive made myself small so as not to threaten her. And all she does is push me away anyway, so its like the Universe is pointing me in one direction. If we could both be set free, I think it would be good.

      1. Also, the archetype of the frog as an usher to the other side, has come into my field of conscious awareness several times within the last 24 hrs.

    1. anonymoushermit

      (((((Libra Noir)))))

      Sometimes we get the fuzzy end of the lollipop in some areas of our life.

  5. I realize that I have to walk away from sth that I love….I can’t get it to work right now…..sth has changed form and it doesn’t hold together anymore. I don’t know if I am sad or disillusioned. I need an overhaul that much is clear, it feels terrible. (BTW what is your scorpion standing on, is that frog pulp or scorpion innards?)

  6. Taurus Sun here (also with Venus and Mars in Taurus). Already feeling Uranus in Taurus big time, things are manic. Notes so far:
    a) equipment going wrong (mobile phone broke, printer stopped working)
    b) way too many expenses – or rather, many expenses towards investment
    c) incredibly many communications left/right/everywhere
    d) love news: still zero

    1. Hi keepgoing,
      I hear ya!
      Just finished my 7 years with this big boy. May I ask you what house your Taurus sun is in?
      Aries Rising

      1. Sorry to hear that Valerie, break-ups are such unpleasant events 🙁

        Taurus sun in the 9th (and the expenses I mentioned are almost all abroad). And your sun?

        I’m hoping Elsa will give us some hope about this. So far I don’t like it, it’s too stressful. Elsa has said that Mercury is quite afflicted recently, so maybe the aggravation is temporary?

        1. Virgo Sun in the 6th but Uranus hit my Ascendant so my body appearance even my voice and the manner of my speech and view of myself to the world changed – and all for the better!
          Sorry I was not clear before, the “big boy” I’m referring to is Uranus?.
          My husband died during this transit and now I am not in a committed relationship, but through Bereavement counseling, I am able to enjoy the company of men, and I am just casually dating.
          You are aptly named – just keep on going -but I would add hang on!

          1. Big boy Uranus, lol, apologies I misunderstood.
            Thanks Valerie!
            My goodness you’ve been through a lot. So glad to hear that your life is now starting getting better 🙂

  7. My Taurus husband died just as Uranus was leaving Aries, so I won’t get to see how he handles Uranus through his sign.

    So I will now look to my Taurus siblings to see how this plays out. So far, one becomes a father this summer, one will leave home soon and work in law enforcement, and the third… I don’t know yet.

    Mom has a Taurus Moon. She’s dealing with menopause.

    I have Chiron and then the Moon in Taurus. Feeling a bit untethered at the moment as I figure out what to do about my future, practically speaking as well as big picture stuff. Uranus is in my 5th house and I’m feeling the first winds of perimenopause. Supposedly Uranus in 5th house brings short-lived flings. Taurus doesn’t do flings but we’re talking about Uranus here. Maybe I’ll just have strange bursts of creativity out of nowhere!

  8. I’m a Taurus and not much going on here. It’s actually been really drama free for a change. I am not withdrawing so far.

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      So glad you are doing ok. This transit is starting out slower than most because of Saturn in Cap. It’s 7 years though, so I wish you all the best.
      Talk anytime
      Aries Rising

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