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moon vintage Christmas ornamentI’m working on a consultation for a new mother. The moon is in Cancer right now – good timing!

I think she’s developed one of the most important qualities a mother can have. I know this is subjective, so I wanted to ask you…

What is the most important quality a mother can possess? Where is the Moon in your chart?

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  1. I was just talking with a soon-to-be mother yesterday and she asked me what was the best advice I could offer her. I said, oh I bet you’re getting a lot of advice–she said, from everyone…I said “Don’t listen to any of it. Go with your gut in what you know is the best thing to do for your child–every child is different.”

    I have a Progressed Moon in Pisces, Natal Moon in Aquarius (Cancer)

  2. Taurus Moon in the 3rd house opposing both my Scorpio Sun and Neptune in Libra in my natal chart. The progressed Moon is in Cancer. If it is possible for a mother to be a stay at home mom at least for the first 5 years of the child’s life it sets the foundation of values the child will need in life. I agree with KathyB go with your gut in what you know is right for your child because every child is different.

  3. My Moon is in Aries 2nd yet rules the 3rd, opposed by my stellium in 8th which includes Mars Sun, Pluto,and Mercury. I think the best quality in a mother is treating her children as human beings, not like a doll or a possession. I know that may sound strange yet I didn’t have much of a relationship with mine to say the least it was a bit strange.

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    I think the most important quality a mother can have is to not deeply hate her child for not being good narcissistic supply.

  5. I think a good quality for a mom to have is the ability to accept a child for who they are and to be supportive. I have an Aquarius moon with lots of aspects in the 11th. My mom is a Scorpio moon and I cannot tell you how good it feels to have a mom that always has my back no matter what. Growing up I didn’t appreciate it of course, but I do now and although I question my abilities as a mom constantly, I hope that she has somehow influenced my parenting skills. I want to be the kind of mom my kids can always count on because ultimately we all want someone who loves us unconditionally. What better person than a mom.

  6. That a mother, besides being unconditionally loving, doesn’t use their mothering as an excuse for martyrdom and self-neglect. That leads to eventual depression and resentment and sometimes flat-out burnout down the road. It’s important that moms also strive to seek balance and concentrate a little on their personal development, tend to their relationships, and practice daily self-care. A healthy mom leads to healthy kids and healthy community! ?

    (Moon in Gemini, 10th house, conjunct Mars & Venus, all square Saturn; Saturn rules 6th ✌?️)

  7. Someone the child can truly connect with — meaning being seen by, feeling heard. I learned this around the time my daughter was 4-5 years old. I stopped trying to ask her to be who I wanted her to be and just let her be who she is (I had her chart read several times) and just allowed that space for her to grow, and fostered her in a way that she can become who she is (not who I want her to be) and I love her tremendously…

  8. Understand, respect, foster, and work with your child’s individuality and uniqueness.

    I’m a Virgo moon, first house, tight conjunction with Uranus and Pluto.

  9. I learned a lot of what to do to be a good Mom by doing what I wished my Mom would have done for me. I have a natal Virgo Moon born to a Virgo Sun Mom. She was hypercritical and shaming. I made a point to fully accept and love my children for whom they are not whom I wanted them to be.

  10. I’m 2nd house Scorpio Moon trine Cancer Venus MC. I ask myself if I’m being a good mother everyday. I always try to get the public to validate this lol. I worry about them everyday. I love my children so deeply, I’d die for them , I’ll Scorpio sting and Cancer crab snap anyone who tries to hurt them. Children just need someone to take care of them period. No mother is perfect and children know it and they’ll be extremely happy with basic care.

  11. Leo Moon in the 7th trine Aries Sun/Mercury conjunction in the 3rd, Ceres in the 5th, mother of four grown children. I think the most important gifts a mother can give are to value her children with her time, help them to become the amazing, unique people they came into this life to be, and let them know how much they are loved.

  12. Pisces Moon in the 7th, Sagittarius Sun in the 3rd. Listen to your children. When they’re just beginning to coo, when they tell you tall tales at 3, when they share their love of their Kindergarten teacher, when they cry, when they laugh,when they lie, when they tell the truth. Open your heart and mind and listen and then try to remember what it was like when you said and did those same things and then be the one who understands, sets them straight but isn’t judgemental.

    That’s a tall order to fill with anyone other than your children, but with them it is possible.

  13. Love and laughter, but then again I’m jaded on that. And often what a child does not get from the mother is key. Coping skills and assistance with problem solving rank very high on the list as well. How to deal with not getting what you want. I suppose that part comes from disappointment at mother being a human individual and separate from the child. ???? I think the child comes to get what it needs and learn to cope when those needs are not met from the outside.

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    Unfortunately, if the parent and child are a poor temperamental match, it’s going to be a struggle period. Not every parent is capable of loving the child they have instead of the child they wanted.

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    I speak from the child’s point of view as I wanted nothing to do with having children, partially due to growing up with a mother (Capricorn sun and moon) who was very angry I didn’t serve her purposes sufficiently.

  16. To nurture, form deep bond, help the child grow, and grow his own strong roots, supply with all the child needs, support creativity and imagination. Good food and lonf breast feeding are so important.
    Says Taurus Moon conjunct South Node and Jupiter 3rd house. Venus conjunct Vesta and Mercury Also Taurus 3rd house.
    Ceres in Cancer 5 house trine Uranus.????

    1. I like your advice. Interesting, I have Ceres conjunct Vesta in Gemini 5th House trine Saturn, Venus in Taurus conjunct 4th house cusp.

      1. Hi Laura, my Venus and Vesta are 29 taurus , close to 4th house cusp and Gemini Sun 4 degrees. So that seems to be the vibe in our charts given by pleiades and hyades stars cluster.

  17. Awareness. Being able to see the child and herself, or at least cultivate that intention wholeheartedly. It will take care of the rest. Moon/Pluto in 1rst.

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