I’ve Met My Mirror Image

Gemini stained glassDear Elsa,

I started working at my job about 9 months ago. My supervisor is a raging Sagittarius. I’m a Sagittarius myself and I can’t stand them.

Now, as much as she irritates me with her patronizing, know-it-all, arrogant, and self-sufficient attitude I’ve come to realize that this might be a lesson. I’m seeing in her all the qualities that I myself have and never chose to acknowledge or even work on. So my question is are experiences astrologically meaningful?

Double Sadge
United States

Double, I think all experiences are meaningful and that life and astrology are the same thing so I would say yes. This is not meant to be gratuitously mean but your tone in this mail is patronizing, know-it-all, arrogant… etc. so ha ha ha.

This woman is definitely a mirror for you.  It sounds like your Pluto transit has arrived. Shocking (Uranus) relation from the deep (Pluto)!

Happened at work (6th house) via your supervisor (Saturn).

In other words, all is well. You’re right on schedule.

Is someone acting as a mirror in your life right now? What are they up to?

5 thoughts on “I’ve Met My Mirror Image”

  1. My room-mate!! She’s being weaned off of her anti-depressants over the next month or so, and she’s completely unpredictable. It can be either poke-boom, or poke-cry, or anything in between. Not that I’ve ever been snarky, emotional and unpredictable before… who, me? naaaahhh….

  2. Oy. My husband. Always. My Scorpio Sun-Mercury conjunction opposes his Taurus Moon; he also has Sun and Saturn in Taurus while I also have Neptune in Scorpio. Our Huber Nodal Charts show we have some serious shadow work to do with each other. I’m pretty sure the reason we’ll be together forever is because neither of us is willing to blink first!

  3. LOL at Kathy, but yes, been seeing a lot of the shadow, but trying to do some thoughtful reaction rather than knee jerk reaction. Difficult, but I think it will be worth it.

  4. One of my friends that I’ve known for um… fifteen years?
    It’s almost like the Sag’s situation. Although she’s super-Cap and I have no Capricorn at all, we have the same break-down of qualities (5 cardinal, 5 fixed, 4 mutable), so I see in her (and loathe) the things I need to change in me. I had to get distance first, though. I couldn’t see it when we were around each other every day.

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