Saturn, Capricorn And Long Term Consequences

capricorn goat broochThe opposition in astrology is the one most intriguing to me. A year ago I was reading about how Uranus was going to trounce all over Saturn and rolling my eyes.  The planets were in opposition and the old man was supposed to get his ass kicked I guess. It made no sense to me outside of the fact people have their bias and their blind spots.

Regarding the post on Pluto in Capricorn and the shadow side of parenting the soldier and I both feel that the negative parenting comes back to haunt the person. We’ve both seen it happen, the thing is is takes years and I mean 20 years or maybe even 30.

“People don’t concern themselves with that,” I said.  “It’s too far out for them to care. They will suffer no short term pain to avoid long term consequences.”

“Yeah, but the long term is still coming.”

I laughed in agreement.

“You reap what you sow. I don’t know how people have forgotten this. You’ll not going to get away with anything. It’s all comes back to you, every bit of it.”

This can also be applied to the government. Your vote comes back to haunt you and that’s for good or ill.

How much mind do you pay the long term consequences of your actions?

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  1. When it comes to human relationships I pay a very close mind. Maybe too close? I worry excessively about my niece, and my godson, and the other kids I know who have challenging lives.

    Unfortunately when it comes to the more practical aspects of my future I don’t pay much mind at all. Although I’ve been careful to do my job properly and cultivate decent relationships with my work mates and so have been there for 8 years. I guess (hope?) that means something.

    I worry because I can’t do this job forever–there is no moving up, it is grueling physically, and the pay is worse now than years ago, due to the economy and the fact it’s %100 commission based.

  2. I’m a sun saturn, and I’m always concerned on the consequences of my own action.
    I do that all the time, sometimes I’m very uneasy because of that.
    For example when it comes to make new friendhips I use my mercur/pluto to x ray the person and value how reliable the person can be in the long run.
    My biggest joy in life is to have a best friend that still belive in our friendship as much as I do.
    I’m 29 and our frienship is 26 years old.
    This is very important to me because none of my relatives gives a damm for family or relationship in general, as a matter effect my family is all apart and people do not relate to each other.

  3. I live in a somewhat conservative city, and I’ve noticed the blind spot of Saturn since I’ve been here. I have nothing against Saturn on the whole, because we have a lot of adult children around here! But, one blind spot is that Saturn is soooo slow to innovate. That can be deadly in a time of rapid change.

  4. “But, one blind spot is that Saturn is soooo slow to innovate. That can be deadly in a time of rapid change.”

    I disagree. I see Starbucks dress up their new stores like mom and pops because people have turned on big business.

    I see everyone and their brother wrap themselves in “green” and get people to buy shopping bags for a dollar that they used to provide for free.

    I see business shrinking their products and manipulating prices etc. etc.

    It is the herd who is the slow one… 🙂

  5. Oh! And as for the businesses that can’t or don’t innovate, let them go down!! Get the hell out of the way, let these businesses fail so healthy biz can come up in it’s place!

  6. Another example, first people are scared so they sell them a big ol’ honkin’ vehicle, we have all these tanks going down the road – Hummers on down.

    Then there is a sea change and the car to have is a little tiny mini cooper. 🙂

    I’m sorry but this stuff is funny to someone like me.

    It’s no different then fashion. You get in style and they put you out of style so you need more clothes. Business is innovative as hell! They have convinced a generation(s) to have surgery to alter their appearance for Godsakes and to suck fat out of their bodies and put embalming fluid into their faces.

    Sorry but I think this is pretty fuckin’ slick.

  7. I try to think of the long term consequences. Only time will tell my success. An example: many years ago the husband wanted to buy the daughter something for which she was saving her money. I convinced him to not do it by saying, “Give her the satisfaction and success of planning, saving, and buying something for herself. Besides we don’t want to raise a kid that expects us to pay her rent.” We’ve not paid her rent or bills since she moved out a few years ago! Daughter is a Cap rising with Jupiter and Neptune on ascendant.

    I’m a solar Cap conjunct Chiron, both in opposition to Uranus. I’ve not been shook over the Saturn – Uranus opposition. Life has been normal.

  8. Uranus in Aries will probably bring us a shocking leader. If we’re lucky we’ll get to elect him. 😉

    ha ha ha says the incorrigible Elsa P

  9. I haven’t been shaken up by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, but I’ve got the Saturn-Uranus opposition in my natal chart so maybe this is just normal for me.

  10. “Oh! And as for the businesses that can’t or don’t innovate, let them go down!!”

    This is more what I was talking about. The smart Saturnian businesses have hired Uranians to do what they can’t – they don’t have a blind spot about their limitations, so they fill it. I’m more talking about old school businesses that are still talking about chains of command (and talking down to creative innovators like me) while all around them it is so obvious that titles don’t matter if you’re delivering a product noone wants anymore or can afford. But you’re the boss, it says so on your business card, so whatever. (the universal you, not anyone in particular, and certainly noone here)

  11. I always think of the future and the past.. rarely the present oddly enough! I buy clothes and forget them in my closet after a few weeks.. then 2 years later I remember the clothes and it still looks good. Maybe since I always focus on the future more than the present I must unconsciously buy long lasting ‘fashion’ clothes.. I’m eccentric about my fashion style so I don’t really care about trends too much!
    As for the Saturn-Uranus opposition, I wouldn’t say I really feel it. I’m an Aquarius (trine Saturn) and many planets in Pisces (now conjunct Uranus and opposition Saturn) but since I’m used to worry about the future and the past.. maybe it added more importance and seriousness.. And I have an upcoming Saturn return so makes me worry!

  12. Elsa…that is too funny what you had to say!! I find all of the same very amusing. I feel like I just keep plodding along my camino (path) doing my thing and my friends are all over the place on this same road…several have had plastic surgery and botox up the wazoo!…seriously, 3 friends I know have had breast augmentation! and eye lifts……, others used to talk to me all the time about their fancy new cars and pricey lifestyles…Lexus, Hummers, Suburbans, while I drove my Toyota Camry (2000) and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. (Where I grew up, you wouldn’t make it anywhere if you didn’t have a good little truck that could make it through rivers, mud, huge potholes that would bounce you from one side of the car to the other. There was no air-conditioning and sometimes no radio, and it was definitely a standard shift!) .

    So, I wash my face with Neutrogena and now use Olay moisturizer, while my friends are paying huge bucks for all kinds of miracle creams and what not, especially since they have had the surgeries (gotta keep it lasting as long as possible). Hell, I am looking around my house now and all my furniture is built to last….have not had an upgrade in color or design in over 15 years. I like to buy good, durable and practical accessories that are classic designs so they will last.

    I found a photograph of my mother wearing a suit (classic business) that was taken 19 years ago and took it to show my friends at work…..I was wearing the very same suit. They couldn’t believe it!

    That’s a Capricorn for you….

  13. DenaMaria, thanks for that. It is really a great time to be an older goat. I’d have to think about the kids are going to fare.

  14. What’s interesting to me is that now my kids are seeing me as “somewhat wise”, when all they used to think was that I was “a hardass”. My husband who liked to play the “good cop” to our kids and worried if they liked him or not, has had some challenging moments with two of them lately and he calls me to help him figure out what to say in each of these circumstances…..

    Now…these are my kids I am talking about and how I tend to parent….I can be a complete knucklehead sucker if a friend comes to me with a sob story…..still working on that…

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