Juno And “The One”

“You intend no doubt to give me nothing, and are not aware the gift has already been received. Curse me then, and take away the spell. For I am rich, no cheap and ragged beggar but a queen, to rouse the king I need in you.”
                                                   –Alice Walker, The Gift

Juno, the asteroid, is associated with marriage and commitment. Juno the Roman goddess is daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter and mother of Mars (war) and Vulcan (fire). Does any of that sound touchy-feely? As the daughter of Saturn she embodies the feminine manifestation of commitment. Politically correct or not, that is most often associated with marriage.

As with anything that brings up gender, it’s best to look at it as an archetype. People ask, “Well, if it signifies the wife, what does it mean in a man’s/woman’s chart?” I like to look at it as significant in describing the nature of what the yin part of you looks for in a yang counterpart. Male and female are physical constructs; I’m talking archetypal energy patterns. I’m talking about recreating the myth with your own players picked from your own life.

Juno is the mythological archetype of the yin energy in the marriage, the attractor, the receptive. Her counterpart, Jupiter, is a god, powerful, bigger than life, immortal, but not infallible. Juno is not less than; she is a goddess. Being Saturn’s daughter control and commitment are issues. No one controls Jupiter. Juno finds in Jupiter a yang match for her yin power. When your Juno placement meets its Jupiter match, things will not be “swell”, but they will be balanced.

When Jupiter thwarted Juno’s committed nature (cheated) she was brutal to his conquests. It brought out the ugly. A Juno match is one where you see your ideal counterpart to balance your committed nature, but this can also bring out your seriously dysfunctional issues when thwarted in the relationship. If you can stand apart, you can see how this can be ultimately growth-producing. “The One” is also the one who brings out the worst in you. However, if you can tackle these issues and move through them, the growth is enormous. It is here you can see Saturn the father: Do the right thing and reap the benefits (or burn it all down and lose).

Juno in the natal chart, by sign, house and aspect, shows the nature of the “Jupiter” you seek. This is also reflected in what you seek to balance this nature in other ways, other areas of life. It’s not so much “You complete me” as it is “You bring out the issues in me that I must address in order to feel whole.”

Juno does not signify what you are “missing” or what they have to offer. Juno shows where the impetus lies to commit to a partner for the purpose of completing your growth.

So for example, I have Juno at zero degrees Leo in the 12th house. Do I want to marry a Leo? A Pisces? A drunken actor, imprisoned royalty? Well maybe, but I also see more complex patterns emerge. People with Leo and Neptune prominent in their charts raise issues that move me toward completion much more quickly than those who do not. People who have planets or angles that aspect my Juno do this as well. The Juno attraction, my Juno, brings me into contact with people who will challenge me in ways I need to be challenged. But the side effect of this that is so wonderful is the magical feeling of attraction itself. It’s like catnip! Or doughnuts. It’s the blissfully hypnotic lure. It gives us a reason to follow that call to grow. It is what gives you that feeling that they’re “The One.”

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Where is your Juno?

97 thoughts on “Juno And “The One””

  1. When you wrote this article I had just separated from my husband! I think Uranus was involved… anyway, Juno in my natal chart is in Cancer — intercepted in a Gemini 10th house. Any other house system shows it in the 11th, though. I did marry a friend, and it was more of a partnership than a romantic decision. It was a bit scandalous and caused a lot of rumors (I see that Juno is the midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune). The marriage lasted for nearly a decade (Juno is trine Saturn). With every year that passed his insecurities increased to the point of abuse (Juno opposite Jupiter). I’m not sure how the Ascendant is involved though (Juno sextile Asc).

  2. The Juno attraction, my Juno, brings me into contact with people who will challenge me in ways I need to be challenged. But the side effect of this that is so wonderful is the magical feeling of attraction itself. It’s like catnip! Or doughnuts. It’s the blissfully hypnotic lure. It gives us a reason to follow that call to grow. It is what gives you that feeling that they’re “The One.”

    —> Love this. It’s like the Universe’s way to trick us into growth and evolution. Weird and magical. <3
    I have Juno in my 2nd House, in Leo, sextiling my Sun and Mercury. No wonder I always thought my ideal match would be someone in touch with their inner Light.

  3. Astrology when going deeper simply is so amazing. Never really looked into juno, and as iread several articles, it says this is your true love and long term commitment. Immediately curious for astro sake, looked up my hubbys juno……lol….smh……so spot on. 🙂 and in his 1st house(aries) too.

  4. Hello! Im Leo Sun with a Virgo Rising and Capricorn moon, my venus is in cancer my mars is in taurus. I have juno in scorpio in the third house heres my birth chart info: aug 5th 1990 in rochester n.y. my question what kind of person willbe right for me? When will we meet? How much longer must I keep enduring heartbreak until I finally find “The One”? Someone help me….pleaseeeeee

  5. Juno is at 15 degrees Sagittarius in my fourth house. I also have Neptune, Lilith, Ceres, Galactic Center, S/M midpoint and Antares in Sagittarius in the fourth. Tons of aspects, too many to list here. The fourth is on my mutable grand cross and I have a grand air trine.

  6. Juno in Aquarius in the 4th house, trines my Moon in Gemini. No wonder Aqua placements are my catnip! My longest relationship was with a quirky double Aquarius. He has Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius as well, both of which are conjunct my Juno. He definitely brought out all my relationship/commitment issues and a lot of it wasnt pretty. I learned so much from that relationship though, more than any other other to date, about what I want, what I need, and what I cant accept.
    That being said: I will think twice before dating another Jupiter in Aquarius. That’s one of the most un-controllable Jupiter placements I’ve ever encountered. I’m not that evolved yet. :p

  7. While I don’t believe in “*the* One” (too many possibilities, and, no such thing as *perfect* anything/anyone)… I know, from experience, this is among the best, as description of astrological Juno. My Juno is in 12th house, sextile Uranus, 8 sextile Vesta. Conjunct Pallas & True Node. ::thanks::

  8. This article is just superb!
    I have Juno conjunct my NN 1st house 29degree Sag. I’m curious what that means, does that mean that is what I’m meant to do in this life, marry??
    My bf has his moon conjunct my SN in Synastry. Can anyone help with this one please? I’ve read good and bad but its been a little difficult to find interpretations.

  9. Fantastic blog and comments! Juno is definitely fascinating. I’m trying to read up on all of the juno information that I can find. So far, I have found nothing on synastry of Juno between a male and female who have two exactly opposing natal Juno’s. For instance my Juno is 29 Sagittarius and my potential fella that I know has a natal Juno at 29* Gemini in my 7th house. What could this signify?

  10. My Juno is in sag and on ascendant conjunct saturn with 2 def orb opposite Lilith on descendant. As for Jupiter that’s in 4th but doesn’t make any aspect with with of them.

    I think I have commitment phobia… Very flightly

  11. Juno, Sagittarius, 5th. Quincunx Chiron and Square Ascendant.
    An adventurous risk-taker. A free-spirited and happy-go-lucky guy?

    But someone who brings me upsets or conflicts with my persona? Makes sense I suppose. All of my long-term relationships were with guys that came from different backgrounds and were from different states than me. And most of them were always lucky and always had things going well for them usually.

    1. Plus, I might add, these relationships were abusive in some way…(that Chiron and Juno quincunx, and Juno square Ascendant maybe points to that?)

  12. 7H Virgo Juno at 17 degrees. This asteroid was conjunct my ex-husband’s 1H asteroid Ceres (home and nurturing issues) and sextiled his 11H asteroid Vesta (financial and domestic duties). His 1H Virgo Juno was conjunct my 7H Virgo asteroid Pallas (organizing and maintaining order). Yes, I was a stay-at-home mother and corporate wife. Love and passion were sorely lacking.

  13. Avatar

    Juno in Libra, 8th house. The astrologer Bob Marks gives the following description for an 8th house Juno: “You need a sex machine for a partner.” Lol.

  14. I love this post thank you. It makes so much sense to me now. I have Juno is Aries, she is strong, and it’s my main complaint too LOLOLOL

    1. lol how interesting. we complain about the things that we are attracted to LOL life is so weird like that xd
      my first husband’s juno i think was in taurus. How funny!! and the rest after that was in aquarius. my current hubby has juno aquarius. Kind of like how that famous singer/song writer has Juno aquarius in the 3rd house gemini; he is a Scorpio sun/capricorn moon, sag venus, Gavin Rossdale and married long term to a Libra sun/cancer moon (Gwen Stefani) and now after divorce, he is dating for a long while another Libra sun woman who is famous in Germany. lol I like looking at Juno and house placements. its like he is destined for air type women with his house/placements.

      1. speaking of which, Gavin Rossdale’s 3rd house juno is working. lol He is now engaged to a Gemini woman Natalie Golba. May 21st, looks like near Taurus. those Scorpionic men really love taurus energy in women ^^

  15. wow. I just researched my Juno and it is at 29 degrees in my 8th house. Aries rules my 8th house. my soulmate was born April 21st. at 1 degree Taurus. any feedback for me? thank you!

  16. I am worried I have juno in the second house with lilith and pluto squaring Venus.

    Thoughts? I’m I doomed in the matters of love

  17. Very interesting article about Juno!

    What does it mean to have Juno in 29 degrees of Sagitarrius in the 9th house? It seems like several of us who left a comment also have Juno in the 29th degree, and I read that the 29th degree is a degree of completion or the “anaretic” degree. But I’m not sure how to interpret this in terms of Juno.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I’m not a great one to answer, but I noticed this..

      The Sabian Symbol for
      Sagittarius 29: A FAT BOY MOWING THE LAWN


      From Cafe Astrology:

      If a natal planet is found at 29 degrees of any sign, also known as the Anaretic degree, there can be some real issues with decision-making in that part of the personality represented by the energies of the planet. The native may evaluate and re-evaluate situations before making a move one day, and the next day, jump into the action without listening to himself or herself! For example, if Mars is at 29 degrees, the native may devise many plans of actions, worry excessively about the possible actions and different routes to take, and then execute a spontaneous action that is contrary to the decision!

      I know a woman whose Juno is at 29 degrees, and despite the fact that she has many theories about taking relationships seriously, jumps into them quickly.”

      1. Thank you Kri! It’s funny you mention Sabian astrology because the first thing I did when I found out my Juno placement was to look up the symbol. I read somewhere though that in Sabian astrology, we have to round up to the degree….Is that true?… So I guess my Juno in 29’40 Sagittarius would actually be rounded up to the sabian symbol of Sagitarrius 30.

        That’s an interesting excerpt from Cafe Astrology, and actually the interpretation of Juno at 29 degrees in that woman’s case also resonates with me – I do take relationships seriously but I also tend to jump into them rather quickly! Does that resonate with anyone else here with Juno in 29 degrees?

        1. I was born with a natal Juno at 29* Sagittarius and I can attest to what was said above about it. I can jump into relationships somewhat quickly, but I also lose interest very quickly if someone drags their heels.

  18. i was also looking up John Lennon/Yoko Ono’s chart and juno. cause they are two famous couple that gets looked at in astrology and he has Leo Juno in the 5th house. I was huh? LOL Yoko Ono’s sun sign &venus is in the 5th house. Interesting; I guess house placements where ur sun sign is also helps.

  19. (…All under 1°orb…)
    My Juno’s 29°Sag, 4th House,
    conjunct HIS Juno.
    Our Psyche’s are conjunct.
    My Union con. his Child.
    His pr. Vesta con. my natal Dsc.
    His pr. Sun AND pr. Juno exact con. my natal South Node rn.
    His pr. House conjunct my natal moon.
    Wonder what it all means..

  20. My Juno is at 0 degrees of Sagittarius in the first house (I’m a 29 degree Scorpio rising).y husband’s is at 6 degrees of Taurus in the 9th house. My Juno is conjunct his Jupiter in our synastry chart. I have no Taurus placements in my chart, but he has a prominent first house and a Sagittarius signature, and I have quite a bit of Sagittarius in my outer planets as well

  21. My natal Juno is on Algol. I don’t hate men or anything like that, but I unconsciously seek their moral weaknesses and then shoot from the hip with morbid satisfaction. Consequently, I am unmarried. In this year’s SR Moon falls on Juno.

  22. Juno in third house here,- my next door neighbours think I am in love with them, even if I have barely had a conversation with them. This has happened all my life, and the last one who was married delivered one of the worst experiences of my life. These men are very egotistical and want me to pay homage;- and their passive/ aggressive behaviour becomes almost inhumane. I had terrible trouble shaking off the last one – I had to become most unpleasant to his complicit wife- told her there were professional and legal services available who would be willing to satisfy his needs if she is unwilling. She and he left shortly after. He still thinks I am playing cat and mouse with him;- it’s been over 10 years and he has lost his advantage of living next door, so don’t know or care what will keep him going.

  23. Really enjoying this discussion, Satori! It may illuminate the complex relationship I have with a man as both our Junos are conjunct in Aquarius, 6th and 11th houses respectively, where his Jupiter in Aquarius lies, with my moon in Aquarius conjunct.

    1. This is a great time to ponder Juno placements in relationship as Juno moves to oppose Saturn in Pisces. 🥰

  24. And I just noted that Pallas trines Saturn and sextiles Juno during the Saturn/Juno opposition the first weekend in July. This will bring interesting harmonics!

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