Jupiter and Chiron in Synastry

He is REALLY freaking me out

A combination that doesn’t get much attention in synastry is Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter is the planet of joy, optimism, expansion, and opportunity, while Chiron is the wounded healer, the place where we perennially ache, and through that find our own strength. Not exactly an intuitive duo, is it? So what happens when the two meet?

Have you ever, as an adult, watched a child playing and felt that bittersweet pain as you looked wistfully upon their innocence, swept up in the beauty and your own nostalgia for days gone by? That pain as you realize your carefree days are behind you mixed with the sweetness and hope as you think about the way their future stretches endlessly before them? That is how the Chiron person feels.

Now switch to your memories as a child, happily playing on your swing set, hurling yourself higher and higher and shrieking with delight as you jump, soaring through the air, where you catch a glimpse of an adult, watching you meaningfully with tears in their eyes. Er, what? You drop back to earth with a thud. That’s what it’s like to be the Jupiter person.

There can be a lot of frustration on both sides. No one likes to be reminded of their wounds while they laugh with their partner, and no one is comfortable knowing their joy somehow brings their partner pain. There can be a definite wet blanket effect as the Jupiter person tries to make themselves smaller to ease the Chiron person’s suffering and the Chiron person tries, usually unsuccessfully, to mask their discomfort.

So how do you make this work? Well, there are a number of ways, but for this post, let’s point out that there’s another side to each. Jupiter also rules teaching, as well as perspective. And Chiron, remember, is ultimately where we find our power. The Jupiter person can help the Chiron person look at things differently and teach them to see that their own future is also limitless and free. Through this, Chiron achieves the healing it is destined for and can confer this wisdom to others. And Jupiter achieves its own higher purpose, which is not just to enjoy but to expand and grow. Once this happens, the couple can share their joy, which will be even sweeter due to the shared meaning behind it.

How easy this is to achieve relies on a number of factors, including the aspect Jupiter and Chiron make (a trine or sextile is going to be easier to integrate than a square or opposition), each person’s chart as a whole, what the rest of the composite chart looks like, as well as each person’s willingness to make it work. No one factor guarantees success, but there are no guaranteed failures either.

So if you and your partner have this combination, take heart. Go out and play together, talk about your dreams and make big plans. Show each other how beautiful life can be, and you’ll create a future that is brighter than you can imagine.

Do you and your partner have Jupiter/Chiron? How have you experienced this aspect?

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  1. This is a really rare, unique, intelligent, beautifully written post. I’ve never read anything like it. Thank you for writing on this topic. There is so much heart and insight here.

    “Jupiter also rules teaching, as well as perspective. And Chiron, remember, is ultimately where we find our power. The Jupiter person can help the Chiron person look at things differently and teach them to see that their own future is also limitless and free. Through this, Chiron achieves the healing it is destined for and can confer this wisdom to others. And Jupiter achieves its own higher purpose, which is not just to enjoy but to expand and grow. Once this happens, the couple can share their joy, which will be even sweeter due to the shared meaning behind it.”

    I’ve had quite a few relationships (dating or friendship) with men who have their Chiron conjunct my Jupiter. The above quote really describes the dynamic between us. It hasn’t always been romantic but the friendship is so unbelievably easy. My Chironic friends all have wildly different lives and values, from me, which lights up my Jupiter’s desire to learn and experience, and my flexibility of mind and non-judgement helps them open up and reconsider their own lives with renewed hope and vision. They are really dear to me and I’ve never experienced easier communication and vulnerability in sharing mutual pains (my Mercury is there, and they are all quite mercurial, too). Chiron features prominently in my chart so I think that also adds to the understanding. We are never the same but there is a solid bridge between us that we can each walk across.

    I hope this post gets the attention it deserves, because I think it’s a really profound contribution to astrology. I enjoy and relate to the perspective in all your posts, and would love to read more of your thoughts on Chiron if you ever wanted to write more on it.

    1. Buendia, thank you so much! That really means a lot.<3 If you're comfortable, please feel free to share the post!

      1. This was definitely one of the times when I lamented not having any sort of grasp on virtually anything internet, technology, or social media related. My first thought was I wish had somewhere to share it! I struggle with feeling like I communicate ineffectively online—EE is the only place I post and visit with regularity lol. Chiron opp Uranus in the third, there’s some Sun, Moon, and other stuff going on there, too, haha!

        But, hmmm…maybe I’ll do some investigating…I really do want to share it!

        1. Hi Buendia, if you look over to the left here at the edge of the screen, there are three tabs: Facebook, Twitter and Email. I personally use Pinterest which is less popular, but is on many sites and wish it was used here. If you are on FB or Twitter, from this page, I believe if you click on one of those you can share. OR you can copy the link to this page in the tool bar above and place it in any comments on another site or email etc Hope this helps! : )

          1. Thanks Dawn! Sorry I didn’t see this until now. I don’t have any of the more widely used social media platforms, but I didn’t even think of Pinterest, which I do have (uh, might have to figure out how to use it better lolol). After this post, I started visiting and linking on some other astrology platforms (respective of their rules). It seems like some people have found the links I’ve left helpful and/or interesting.

            Thanks for your help! I feel so clumsy around tech, so I appreciate all the help I can get.

    2. Great piece Midara…how many degrees would the conjunction spread be? My friend has Chiron 3 Pisces and I have jupiter at 6 degrees all in my 12th house. Would it be a conjunction??

      Thanks again for an enlightening article!!

      1. Chickie, yes, that would count! Every astrologer has their own ideas about degrees, but I would say 8-10 degrees away is the outer limit. 🙂

  2. I found this conjunction devastating in mundane astrology when it happened a few years ago, just watching the world. I also feel bad when I meet people with natal Jupiter/Chiron in Cancer, and there are some people walking around with that. I’m gonna have to digest this post slowly.

    I can’t game Chiron. To me Chiron in Libra and Chiron in Virgo are some of the more tragic I’ve seen in others’ charts, because wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to help people and improve the world are such basic things..

    1. Wow Im getting curious now? Im one of those ”walking around with that”
      What makes you feel bad about Jupiter/Chiron in Cancer?

        1. I don’t know the rest of your chart or how badly you want a relationship.. but most of the people I meet with Chiron in Libra have other Libra/7th house planets and crave a relationship.. but since childhood either they witnessed divorce or understood how delicate they are. Because of this, they seem unable to maintain relationships in their lives and I’m unsure they ever will. At least with Venus/Saturn in Libra one may eventually learn to be in relationships..

          Correct me if I’m wrong in my understanding of Chiron in Libra… I asked to be corrected 🙂

          1. Thank you for replying back. I was raised by a single mom (father dead) so there wasn’t much pattern in love to copy. Had a relationship when in my 20ies but it didn’t last and it wasn’t exactly positive. Both of us had venus pluto in natal+/synastry, his moon in my 8th. It was like I never learned to drive a bike but then I got up on a tank. Bomb. Then dated someone but he told some lies that I uncovered fast and it was done. Good by myself BUT wouldn’t say no to love if it ever comes. I get some pangs of feeling lonely sometimes but well..there goes that.I have a crush on a virgo but lew behold that sign is on my 8th cusp. I would like a longer relationship to explore and grow together. I am very capricornian/saturnian with venus square saturn. No one knows but I am very cuddly and sentimental *part of why I would love to be in a relationship* so please don’t blow my cover:) I wish to keep appearing dead inside -.-

            1. Hugs..

              I think getting a chart reading will help you get perspective on this stuff. Venus square Saturn gets easier to crack with age as well they say 🙂

              1. Thank you, hug right back at you 🙂 I got lots of answers on my chart as it’s important to get lots of flux of ideas from people. But yea, I hope saturn can mellow with age as it’s very stressed in my chart and he stresses my other planets because of his stress. Wrinkly old potato fellow with a karma kink (that only means well and wants the best for me).

      1. *I’m* curious. I’ve noticed the desire to take care of others and pain and futility when people do try with the people I met with this placement. It’s hard for me to get my head around. Also would seem to amplify insecurity.

        How do you experience it? How much of your chart does it touch?

        1. Ok I can see your point of view? No desire of taking care of others in that type of sense but I definitely been struggling with internal insecurities. Kind a fun talking about chiron, it doesnt get a lot of attention otherwise. Sorry for being curious again(its a gemini-thing) Whats your chiron placement, how does it effect you and how do you deal with it?

          1. I have Sun/Chiron in the 5th. Expressing myself or being in the spotlight tends to go badly. It’s not as if I’ve overcome it and been onstage. I love reading charts sometimes because I love to show people their potential and help them shine, have them reckon with the positive and negative in their personalities. I feel like that’s a very Sun/Chiron thing. Distracting from my own shit like that 🙁

            Truth is these days my life direction is unclear and I’m not doing a lot to save myself. It’s beyond Chiron these days. I’m having Mars Pluto transits along with Sun square Neptune transits..

            1. I kind a recognize myself in your chiron-experience. Even tough Im aware of my insecurites and dont project them blindly onto others (like I used to) I still feel them. Not in a panicky way like before, more of a need to escape them by isolating myself. Maybe thats the challenge with our personal chiron issues, not knowing how to deal with it in a healthy manner and therefore needing to go through all the wrong turns before you can figure it out to fully understand and overcome it. Or maybe we not even supposed to overcome it, maybe chiron just a symbol representing what it means to be a human being meant to have our faults, to just be aware and accept them without judgement knowing everbody else having theirs too.
              Anyways, enough with my theories..My life direction is as unclear as yours, seems to be a theme nowadays. Im heading for a sun square neptune transit in a few years. Its funny how Im more nervous about neptune transits and not so much the others..I guess it’s because Im a 12th house person and already been through a horrible egodeath that brought me to my knees, begging a higher power I didn’t even belive in, to just give me something to keep me going. (that really gained my respect) Within astrology and spirituality theres a lot of talk about free will and such but with neptune/12th house, there is none! Or at least thats how I view it. In the end, the gift is a higher sense of humility towards yourself and others which is priceless when you understand how it all serves a bigger purpose. Im gonna stop rambling now. Feel free to answer if you like, would be interesting to hear how you been experience sun/neptune square so far?

              1. Wow, Gem. There’s a lot of profound stuff in this comment you left. Especially these insights on Chiron.

                I was thinking about this dialogue while walking today before I read your comment just now. I have had a lot of insecurities and issues with not getting approval from men due to my appearance and feeling unpretty and not being able to get drinks at the bar, etc. Which has less to do with wanting to be in a relationship than wanting to know what it feels like to have people want to go for you. I thought today that it’s actually that I have Sun/Chiron in the 5th. Difficulty with fun or being seen in this casual light. I have no idea how to fix this part of my self esteem.

                What you said about the ego death thing, wow. I’m in the middle of this Sun Neptune transit and I do not like it. My motivation is sapped and the flotsam of the pieces of myself keep floating up. I have no idea. Who knows if I’m deluding myself. I can’t reflect too much on this tonight.

                Sometimes I see the tragic in a sun like yours. Or the awkward and weird. I don’t think Geminis know who they are all the time or feel “authentic” but I’ve said that before. The curiosity that they feel, it’s really extreme, almost emotional or from the gut, don’t you think? There’s a real pull to know a bit more about something.

  3. Great post Midara! Very thought provoking.

    My Scorpio Jupiter trines my kids natal Cancer Chiron. I think this sets up as a good mentoring placement for a parent. My kids were wounded through my divorce. I did all I could for them to regain their new footing.

  4. I have Jupiter opposite Jupiter/Venus/Sun in Scorpio/Taurus axis.

    The giving away of my self worth in love has been pretty nasty.
    It usually goes down with a bang, one way or the other. I’ve come to expect this to happen, after several failed relationships.

    If it’s not self worth, it’s money. Big money (Jupiter) and then – boom!

    Also, adds a tinge of sadness and wistfulness to love, a yearning in love that can never be satisfied.
    But that could be from the Neptune/Chiron connection as well.
    Jupiter/Venus is just hedonistic… So to speak 🙂

  5. My working partner’s Chiron is 4° away from my Jupiter, both in Sagittarius.
    His influence on me is very beneficial.
    But is it Chiron helping Jupiter, or the other way ’round?
    I feel I’m getting more out of it than he is.
    I hope I’m helping him as much as he helps me!!!

  6. I sometimes chat with a barista and my Venus and Mars are on her Venus/Chiron conjunction. She has a very self sacrificing Moon/Neptune etc stellium in Capricorn and people are always coming to bitch at her and burden her.. yet I’m the one who makes her eyes full cause I read her chart and talk to her about herself..

  7. I have a very basic question. What does it mean to be a Jupiter person or a Venus person? I see this alot and I don’t understand. Thanks

    1. If you have let’s say a venus in libra in your natal chart at 23 degrees and you have a friend with moon in libra in her/his own at 20 degrees, your venus will make an aspect to your friend’s moon ( in this case a conjunction) so in the synastry you will be reffered as the venus person. If your jupiter squares/ conjuncts/ trines/ aspects another person’s planet or personal point, you will be reffered as the jupiter person in synastry and so on.

    2. Ohh ok. This would be in synastry (the astrology technique of analyzing relationships by putting the charts on top of each other.) So when you directly do this, if your Jupiter is at 10 Pisces (You are the “Jupiter person”) and the other person’s venus is at 10 Pisces (they are the “Venus person”), your Jupiter conjuncts their Venus in the synastry. Meaning they will prob experience you as a very generous lover or friend. The “orb” or the amount that the two planets can vary in degree from exactly 10 degrees to still count as a conjunction can be about like 5 degrees I think? Depends on the astrologer? I know X-rayed explained it.. I guess I wanted to also take a turn explaining it :p

  8. Wow, wow, wow. This post was EXCEEDINGLY helpful and came along at a very critical moment, today, on Mercury station retrograde during an intense moment of crisis. Thank you for writing this, it is so well written and straight to the core. The amount of comfort and help what you’ve written has given to me cannot be understated or adequately expressed.

    You validated astrologically what I’ve been experiencing my whole life with my mother. Her 10th house Chiron is conjunct my 9th house Jupiter in Aquarius. She has undermined and sabotaged my education my entire life out of her painful experiences growing up, to the point of not letting me finish high school. Despite this, I managed to go onto college and graduate as valedictorian. At my graduation, the pictures she took with me — her only child — she isn’t even smiling, and looks visibly pained. I asked her to please throw me a graduation party (a major tradition here locally) to try to be an event that could bring some of our estranged family back together, and she never did, saying no one wanted to come because they were too busy. Later I found out she never planned anything and just said that, which really hurt me.

    The latest installment of this nearly crushed me. She exaggerated a leg injury (how Chiron is that!) to cajole me into moving halfway across the world from another country back home just as I was about to start graduate school at my dream school, one of the best in the world for my field — doesn’t get much more Jupiter in Aquarius than that! The program was online, but I was living in another country planning to do cross-cultural studies as part of my research. This happened while I was visiting home before school. I really didn’t want to move back, but I felt guilted into it seeing how hard she was struggling.

    Shortly after moving back, I discovered that it was all a ruse, her injury “miraculously” recovered, and she turned into some outwardly horrible version of herself, literally mocking me for getting an education, lashing out with terrible things like “I thought you were smart, guess your education isn’t helping you.” This devastated me beyond measure, as I had been working my whole life to make my mother and family proud of me, only to see not only did they not even care at all, but they actually resented me for my success. Even though I managed to ace my first quarter in grad school in spite of all this, the pain of everything got to me. I became filled with self-doubt and “imposter syndrome,” and I ended up taking a year leave of absence, ultimately withdrawing January 2019. I fell into the worst depression of my life, one I am still trying to overcome over a year after withdrawing.

    She has refused to take any responsibility for what she’s done, and refuses to see how any of this has hurt me. After many tearful arguments, it became apparent that she resented me getting a degree because she gave up on her educational goals when she had me. Yet, she fails to own her choices or see that she COULD have pursued a degree, that no one was stopping her but her, but she chose not to.

    Ironically, I ended up getting the same undergrad degree she wanted, even though my intended terminal field was completely different. I’ve encouraged her for years to go back to school if she wanted to get her degree and pursue her dreams in later life, as many people do. The degree she wanted? Psychology, to be a therapist – a perfect fit for a 10th house Chiron!

    Today, after yet another explosive circular argument, I finally decided to look at both our charts more closely WITH her, not only to gain more understanding, but to hopefully help her gain some understanding of herself in another way. There were a number of difficult aspects that explain why we continually clash, but the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction was the flashing siren going off about my lifelong battle in education.

    When I searched articles to get some perspective on it, you were the first thing that came up, and I’m so glad I opened this. You hit it right on the money. Your descriptions of a parent and child were *EXACTLY TO THE CORE.* I read this article to her, and while I immediately got the connection, I don’t know if she is willing to finally own her actions yet. Mercury stationed retrograde conjunct her Sun today, so I’m hoping this is something she can reflect deeply on over these next few weeks and finally own what she’s done to access her healing and move on. Even today I focused on being positive and reminding her that school is still available to her, she just needs to go do it, as she isn’t getting younger.

    I know this was long, but I thought you might appreciate hearing your delineation validated so well. As for me and my mother, there’s a lot of healing left to do. I’m trying to pick up the pieces and hoping to continue with my education this year. I’ll be spending this Mercury retrograde deeply reflecting on what I want to do with my life, and if I need to make a more permanent break from my mother in order to move forward with my education. Time will tell the best route of healing. Either way, I just offer you so much gratitude for this article, helping me gain a deeper, cosmic perspective on something that has been the most painful open gaping wound my whole life. Just know your article has definitely opened up a path to healing for me, and hopefully, my mother, too. Thank you so much!

    1. I am sorry about your mother. She is no longer a child and should get help if she wants good relationships with people (including her only child). I can tell by your post that she is holding you back and bringing you down…maliciously. I was forced to create boundaries for anyone who was not supportive of my choices and I have learned that is a karmic lesson, perhaps one we didn’t do in a past life and should learn to do in this life. It was hard, but I had to do it with my mother and 2 sisters. I still text with my mom, that is safe and I can block her at any time. However, we are not in each others lives. It was hard realizing that my mother was a monster. And she raised monsters (being controlling and narcisistic didnt sit well with me, thankfully, still working on that). I am learning that I made the right decision, my life is better and much more fulfilling without my family. At least my mom was supportive of me going to school. I wish you the best, but for me I know there is a very very slim chance of “helping” her.

  9. Masking discomfort! I have the conjunction as well as a love interest. Both are in Pisces as we are born two months apart. This is at the bottom end of a kite formed in our composite chart. So opposing Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces is Pluto in Virgo. Apparently the tension causes obstacles between us reuniting. We were high school crushes to each other. He is in pain and needs healing but tries to make it nothing. But he almost died years ago. I almost was killed by an assault years ago. (Pluto). It could be healing for us to reunite but he won’t meet until he is better. Any feedback is welcome.

  10. my daughter and I have the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. I have literally cried at her unwavering joy and momentous experiences like swinging on a swing. I cry at her recitals and programs. I have to remember to tell her they are happy tears.

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    Aquarius Rising

    My mother’s Chiron is conjunct my Jupiter-AC conjunction. She despises me and after many years of torment, the feeling is mutual.

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