Getting Your Hair Done During Venus Retrograde

hairstyle“Having a dull hairstyle is like putting an olive on top of a chocolate sundae. It makes your whole appearance unappetizing.”
–Miss Piggy

Beauty, esthetics, style, these are Venus-ruled areas. Whenever Venus retrogrades there’s talk of makeovers, hair and whether or not it’s a good time to do anything regarding appearance. I hear a lot of fear-based talk. Any planetary retrograde period is a ripe energy for “re-ing,” rethinking, researching, readdressing, remaking. Venus is no different.

I’ve heard fear of a beauty disaster putting people off getting their hair done. But they really want their hair done. Clearly it’s a time where they’re reassessing their esthetic and seeing a need for something different. That’s very Venus retro. Heck, have you gotten your hair cut before? Go get it cut again! Venus Retro. The fear I hear voiced is overblown. Use good sense, just like any time you’re busting a beauty move, and your chances for success are good. You can make a beauty mistake by not keeping up your appearance and getting your regular maintenance.

I do hair. I’m a cosmetologist. I think I do good hair in general, not just when Venus is direct. When Venus is retrograde I’ve done things like rethink the way I cut certain styles. I’ve actually figured out new techniques that people rave about during these periods. Why? Because I’m rethinking the ways I can achieve the esthetics I desire.

The best thing you can do for your look and your hairstyle is exercise good judgement. Sure it’s not a good time to walk into Mastercuts and say, “I’m feeling bold today; surprise me.” You know what? That is ALWAYS a bad idea.

25 thoughts on “Getting Your Hair Done During Venus Retrograde”

  1. THANK YOU for saying this, Satori! Someone finally had to! Overblown fear, indeed.

    In fact, I’ve been amazed at the number of people around me that have gotten a new haircut in the past two weeks – and they all look fabulous, and SO much better than before. (I think it took Venus retro to get one of those guys to notice what a disaster his hair was and finally get it fixed. yay!)

  2. Elsa, please post a pic soon of your ‘new’ do. Two of my best friends in two different states where I used to live were both beauticians who cut my hair for years and did super jobs. And believe it or not, both are Pisces like Satori! I’m sporting a 30’s do myself lately. Kind of like Renee Zellwinger’s in Chicago and also her hairstyle in Cinderella Man. Very breezy and feminine I think.

  3. Hmmm… looks like the hairstyle you had in your 18 year old bartending photo posted recently? definitely 80’s looking. I wore my hair the same way in those long ago days. ;-0

  4. I just realized I cut my hair during this retrograde and it turned out FAB. 🙂 Same style, but I’d been neglecting it and took off about five-six inches.

    Myself, btw. I did it meself, me said. 😛

  5. I’ve been thinking about doing something to my hair but I am terrified of cutting my hair ALL the time, not just during rx.
    I can’t stand the idea that my hair might appear as though I am conscious of it. I don’t want it to look contrived in any way. I want it to look good, but natural so when people tell me how good it looks I can shake my head and go “Oh really?”

  6. opal, I don’t know. I can’t handle the high def web cam. I don’t think I will ever make videos again. It’s the Neptune thing… I just can’t stand the clarity so while I think it looks good in the mirror, the camera is WAY TOO MUCH reality for me.

  7. I got my hair cut last weekend. For the first time, I went with a style that’s shorter in the back than it is in the front. I am very happy with it!

  8. Wellhell, You’ve GOT HAIR however you style it, E! Please don’t terrify us with threats of no morevids – AAARRRGHHH.
    Always loved that Miss Piggy – on beauty or any other subject ^@^ OINK.
    Yeah, Satori, I’m ready for major overhaul and been terrified outtamymind by all this Venus Rx stuff.

  9. OK so $40 bucks for an asto consult. How much for a cut and color?????? Are we allowed to discuss astro during the cut and color?????

  10. Nota… your hair and you look a lot like Marcia Cross to me. She definitely has a non fussy look, no matter what she does with her hair. Mine is straight, fairly thick, but also very fine. So my wash and wear look needs a body perm and looks much better framing my face with the back a little shorter than the front on the sides, like Stacey’s. I think I’ll stick with bangs too…. it’s so nice not to have half my hair in my mouth when the car window is open or I’m out in the wind.

  11. Me too, took my blonde hair to brunette myself. Then had highlights in blonde and amber done professionally. I was a bit apprehensive with Venus Rx, Yeah I thought about it, though felt I HAD to do it! Turned out beautiful for an autumn/winter look. Love Venus Rx!

  12. Venus retro in Scorpio is a crappy time to do anything new that is Venusian, as its in its fall in Scorp, and even more weak by being retro. I don’t find that buying new clothes at this time goes well. That being said, ‘ya still gotta get your hair done. I got my hair coloured, and guess what, had to go back and get it re-done. Of course. lol It was my own fault though cause it was the first time, but we had to make a change cause the old way wasn’t working, so it was one of those forced kind of things. It looks okay, but will look better next time. I’m waiting until Venus at least goes into Libra before I buy any new clothes.

  13. I have been a brunette for the past seven months, the longest I have ever had one hair colour before changing it. Two weeks ago I began the process of lifting it to blonde and am now almost done toning it to platinum/silver. It’s very Gaga circa 2008 and I love it. I’m still thinking I need to play with the cut though- nothing short as I’ve been growing it out since January from a very short faux hawk and it’s now at my shoulder blades. Venus Rx makes sense.

  14. hah! love that last line!
    and thank you… it’s good to hear this perspective.

    wouldn’t mind tips on finding a good stylist, btw. i’m clueless. maybe other people feel that way, too?

  15. @eris….I’ve had good luck when I move somewhere new with asking gals with great cuts who does their hair. I generally just walk up to total strangers if their hair looks great and has the same general tecture and body as mine.

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