Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune

big bangJupiter will conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus on April 20, 2024.  We can look forward to this as the chart is fabulous. I wrote this ten months ago. I thought I should update it.

Jupiter is lucky and Uranus surprises. Taurus rules love, money, values and your self esteem.  The overwhelming majority of people are going to get a good result from this.

This doesn’t mean you should do nothing and wait for the big score. For the best result, you want to work with these planets.

Jupiter asks you to be upbeat, generous, forgiving and open minded.  Uranus loves a unique individual; someone who is not afraid to experiment of break a rule.

It’s pretty likely your Jupiter-ruled beliefs will change in this frame.  This should be exciting rather than depressing.  The future is upbeat.

Whatever happens will be very fast.  People stuck in bad situations could get a windfall here. I realize many feel that can’t happen; if you see it happen, I guess you’ll open your mind and believe. Shock!

If you have planets that will be supported but the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, you may experience luck or expansion that is out-of-this-world.  I’m talking about planets in Earth signs between 13-27 degrees. Planets in Water signs near these degrees will also get a bump.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus 2024

Here are some specific examples of how this transit could manifest in different areas of life with the corresponding planets or houses noted:

  • Finances: You may experience sudden windfalls or unexpected expenses. You may also be inspired to invest in new and innovative financial products or services. (2nd house or aspects to natal Venus)
  • Career: You may be drawn to new and unconventional career paths. You may also be more likely to take risks and start your own business. (10th house or aspects to Saturn)
  • Relationships: You may experience sudden changes in your relationships. You may also be drawn to more unconventional partners. (7th house or aspects to Venus)
  • Health: You may experience sudden health changes. You may also be more likely to experiment with alternative or holistic health practices. (6th house or ascendant)
  • Spirituality: You may experience a spiritual awakening or transformation. You may also be more interested in exploring new spiritual practices or beliefs. (3rd or 9th house or aspects to Mercury or Jupiter)

Update: April 10th, 2024.

I have been working with these energies as I recommended. I credit this pair of planets for keeping me upbeat in this trying time, both personal and worldwide.

I had a severe technical problem on this blog. I benefitted due to foreigner (Jupiter) with skilled with technology (Uranus). The man was an angel. I am now moving this astrology (Uranus) site to Germany aka “Jupiter”, from my perspective. It will literally keep this site viable and again, I am being helped by a foreigner.

I’ve returned to daily prayer (Jupiter) for the whole world (Jupiter) – the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Best of all, I’ve been able to retreat from the internet, more and more, which has been my goal for a long time.  It’s about being free (Jupiter) and liberated (Uranus). I basically, “open the door” to the internet. See, the massive dark storm, swirling. This allows me to shut the door and live, happily.

Click the tag for more positivity – Jupiter Uranus

Where will the the Jupiter Uranus conjunction fall in your chart.  What would you like to see come from this?

Added in, April 2024 – How is it going?

106 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: Exciting Good Fortune”

  1. And what if it squares your Pluto/Venus conjunction in your 7th house? I cannot imagine anything lucky about that!

      1. Hi Elsa…I have the transiting Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in conjunction with my natal sun being sextiled by transiting mars….Big time lucky or big changes?

    1. @Margaret Perhaps you can take the good with the bad if they come together. Jupiter squares overall aren’t really tragic in the right context. Pluto is another thing. Abrupt transformation comes to mind with uranus and pluto. I get your concerns. Mine is opposite pluto and square saturn. That lucky thing is a lil spoiled on the sides. But less luck is still luck, it doesn’t make it zero, right? Power through!

    2. Hi Margaret, l have a Pluto conj. desc. and a Venus sextile Pluto (no not great because a Nept.trine is there too…l wanted relationships and people to be better than they were…they werent–but boy– could l be patient…wishing does not make it so) But l absolutely agree with Elsa, about Pluto/Uranus transformation! Thinking differently ‘being’ different and acting on it. I dont know what you want or need but l hope you get it. Good luck!

  2. How lovely to have something good to look forward to! I actually have this aspect on my natal chart, in Sag, 11th house. It’s a 6° orb so possibly a bit too wide to count?

    This transit will closely conjunct my Chiron in the 5th house and I have a ton of planets that will be aspected in my Capricorn first house as well, including my ASC.

    Gonna expect great things, cuz why not? Hopefully for all of us, we could all use a boost. It feels so far away, but it’s really not.

  3. I have Venus in the 8th @ 20 degrees, that has a Jupiter sextile (I think ) at 21 Aries in the 7th. The Venus is quintrux Saturn in Sag @ 18 degrees.

    So this involves houses, 7,8,3, and I have Pallas in Scorpio @ 15 degrees in the second house. This definitely seems it will be money related.

  4. I will have to wait for that one, Elsa…but l have Uranus sq. Natal moon Leo 21 now 3/6 hse. (Sun Taurus 3rd too) the synchronicities are going nuts! Yesterday, l thought l had been hacked during a money transfer( a big amount for me)…l woke at 4am– l remembered l hadnt received notification–but I had a weird email the day before…l had to wait until 9:00 to find out…and l had to keep calm and fact check, so l didnt lose it–l get panic attacks sometimes. When l reached acceptance– convinced l would be counting pennies again, but also knowing there are worse things…l looked at my balance…all was well.
    This is not the only example–but it will do for now…that Neptune coming into retro. is looking at my Jupiter opps Sun..l think it helped.

  5. Avatar
    James Slattery

    It’s just before the end of my second house, safely inside! Also opp my natal Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th! Fingers crossed for finances as i will be partially retiring. My pension could be better I have to say.

  6. I have it in my sixth house. I would love to be pleasantly surprised by the job transfer I’ve been given.

  7. Hi, I have Jupiter Conjunct Uranus 8th H, conjunct my Sun 7th H cusp opp natal jupiter and progressed jupiter 2nd House. And my daughter has it conjunct her Sun 9th house. This is thrilling !!
    Thank you Elsa, I just love your site.

  8. Loving your newsletter this past few days,totally feeling it, getting some nice out of the blue contacts from people I know but not that well, but been fruitful,positive exchanges …with one it feels like i’m passing on a baton (they asked for it and I’m glad it’s not falling to the floor … slightly linked to Mars in Gemini square Neptune days) … next years conjunction will fall in my 2nd or 4th depending which system I’m dabbling with- no idea… Mars in Leo currently approaching my DC … so maybe I should tone down the smugness! Lol! Sudden reversals and all!

  9. Well, my Taurus DESC is at 11 degrees, so just missed the mark!

    But, this will be in my Solar Return… any ideas on how that would affect those of us?

      1. In that case think it’s my mercury being triggered (blah,blah blah – lol!!), think it was that also triggered during the final mars-neptune square debarkle thinking about it more now & looking closer at orb range … and recent comms fits with that to! …thanking you!

  10. Oooh, some good news. I have mars and ascendant at 26-27 degrees virgo so a boost would be nice…

    At the same time, this squares my late leo planets, venus/jupiter/mercury. I still want to view this as a pleasant surprise, but the square aspect makes me feel like the surprise might be more jarring than pleasant (at first?). In general I realize now that I do have some difficulty interpreting hard aspects with supposedly “good” energies. The bag gets so mixed that I’m not entirely sure where it’ll all land. Jupiter and uranus together looks like a very lucky ticket, but uranus is still gonna urane you know?? So I don’t know. Although at this point, I’m fully ready to be shaken to my core anyway – neptune has been dismounting all of my defenses so let this fish go whichever way her fishbowl tilts, I guess..

  11. I have Progressed Sun within a half degree of these. Hmmmm. At the same time Saturn is approaching my natal Sun within 1.5 degrees. Hmmmm

  12. I have a natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in the second house in a water Grand Trine. The 21 Taurus transit will sextile that and oppose fifth house natal Saturn (also in the natal grand trine) and fill in the empty space of a T-square that includes my chart ruler Mercury. I don’t know that it will trigger anything but it could make any changes I’m working on at that time easier. I’m overdue some ease!

  13. JUP/UR conjunction will be in my 12th house. Likely will be one of the unfortunate minority on this one. Quelle surprise. LOL.

    1. Fingers crossed it’s some sort of spiritual (12H) download uranian style out of the blue, life changing in a good way!

  14. Avatar
    Suzanne Browne

    Hi Elsa,

    This falls right ontop of my 8th house moon 21.37, which opposes my sun 22 Scorp/2nd and stimulates my fixed/T square with Uranus 21 Leo/11th.
    I have had dreams about this…sudden changes/surprizes…looking forward to it!

  15. Oh wow thank you for this Elsa. You said TODAY (28 June 23) is a day that relates to the events of the Uranus/Jupiter conj in April 24. That is AWESOME because today is a day of ‘coming together to stir the pot’ for a group of people around the world (really, from all over) to stand up and say ‘no’ to a contract shoved down their throat that is unacceptable – and these are all people who have dedicated countless hours and effort in their work. And these people are willing and able to find a better way together and not being bullied into unacceptable conditions. April 24 is a good time frame to resolve all this and I am positive because the main person here is an ultra Sagittarius, a super Jupitarian who embraces the Uranian jolts and surprises. We’ll see but this is truly good news. I see it already ….

    The day I will ask you for a consult is coming soon, Elsa 🙂
    Thank you for your invaluable guidance, relentless curiosity, kindness and generous sharing.

  16. my virgo/libra moon caretaker’s father who is taurus sun, stellium won almost 16k dollars at the slot machine last weekend ^^ maybe that brought luck with venusians/venusian ruled ^^

  17. Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    Exact trine to my 21*Virgo Venus in my first house. The conjunction is in my 5th! NN, Venus, Mercury, Chiron stellium in my 8th house. Also, in examining Arabic Parts, I have the Part of Sudden Luck at 2*Aquarius, where Pluto will be! Sounds like a party I do not want to miss!!!!!!!

    1. Avatar
      Susan Steffen

      I meant the Jupiter Uranus CJ is in my 9th- but it is also trine my Saturn at 23 Capricorn in my 5th, and Saturn and Venus create a grand trine with my midheaven (and ceres), and both are powerful in my chart.

  18. Actually this all hits me in a variety of ways involving houses 5,8&11.
    First of today Mars is within orb of conjuncing my natal Jupiter and Venus is within 1 degree (likely conjunction within the week).
    This occurs in 11th house.
    Speaking of ‘Within a week’ Jupe will conjunct my natal Sun in 8th house.
    Simultaneously Jupe squares Mars/Moon in 5.
    That’s all very current.

    Meanwhile Uranus squares Jupiter in 11 and evidently this will prevail for awhile.

    I think this means areas of other ppl’s money, creativity/fun, groups/clubs/circles im in are all activated and can expect unexpected positivity in those areas from now til next year Taurus time.
    Am I looking at this properly?

  19. NN taurus 1st house at 18deg. Mars in taurus at 27 opp saturn. Jupiter 14deg aquarius.
    I have no idea what’s coming up. but I DO feel it coming!
    Blessings to all

  20. Hi Elsa,
    As Ihave a massive stellum in Taurus 3rd house Placidus where Jupiter and the Moon are conjunct and transiting Uranus was already here. These are – from 11 to 29 Tau the moon, Jupiter, the south node, Pallas, Mercury, Vesta, Venus. What was the experience: until now not a windfall, only a great luck in misfortune. My mum had cancer but operation was guided by the best surgeon and she is safe. I had and accident which could be serious but ended in twisted ankle.My child receiv2d a serious diagnosis and our life and diet changed, but right now treatment will prevent future complications. My father had cardiac arrest and then extensive last call open heart surgery and he survived. I am exhausted but we are alive.
    Good that my Jupiter and moon are conjunct….

      1. Ow, I just repressed the first accident- my partner was struck by a truck while riding the bike, but luckily only his hand was broken.Uranus squared his Sum at that time

    1. Avatar
      Susan Steffen

      Big emotions and protection in the area of communications, close family, and travel in your community. Good for you.

      1. Thanks Susan! Jupiter and the Moon are also exactly conjunct the South node, so it looks like good merit from the past lifes

  21. Hi Elsa! Do we locate where Uranus and Jupiter are in the chart to find the house it will be affecting? Or do we look at Taurus?

  22. They will conjunct my North Node, destiny Destiny Destination! Ahhh. Enlightenment is a long and unexpectedly beautiful journey. I’m seeing the potential with a weeklong visit with my son and his, with a baby sister coming (on the mud point) of that Jupiter Uranus conjunction. 5th House is also about creating and creations/ children!

  23. Quiet observation as this will conjunct my partners Sun in the first. Saturn just entered his 12th conjunct Mars.Boils have been erupting.Bentonite Clay and goldenseal is effective.Thank you all for sharing.

  24. This forms a T square with my natal Venus & Mercury in Scorpio at 20&26 degrees (that are in square with natal Pluto in 7th)

    Transiting Jupiter & Uranus will be sitting two degrees applying to my natal 4th cusp.

    Also in play is my natal Uranus at 22 cancer forming a release valve of sorts.

    Thanks for the heads up. Something to watch for. I think I’m ready for some crazy luck!!!

    1. The water signs will benefit as well. It’s an earthy force you don’t expect, coming in to support you; perhaps not from an obvious source or an obvious way.

      1. Ah ,but is not watery signs are not comfortably places wrt to earthy signs. Like Scorpio is opposite Taurus, so the benefits are less likely for Scorpio placements, opposition aspects?

  25. Hi Elsa…I have the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on my natal sun @ 22 of Taurus in the 9th house being sextiled by mars….am I in for a wild ride?

  26. It seems like Uranus is blessed with many aspects this summer season. Sometimes the outer planets seem lonely and distant from everything else. Then times like these several aspects catch the eye. I really appreciate you Elsa. Every newsletter of yours found amidst scores of emails that appear to be propagating again. Is a welcome sight.

  27. I can feel the excitement and energy already to the point I almost feel like I can only be disappointed when the exact conjunction hits! I almost feel like I need daily excitement though.

    I have a Capricorn-Taurus trine at 21° (partile) but maybe my expectations are too high? So many projects on the go and exiting new avenues.

    I remember when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in Capricorn and that whole year was one of growth and new worlds. The effects lasted the whole year and that wasn’t even exactly conjunct at 21°!

  28. This will happen just hours before my birthday on 21 April 2024. Wow! Plus, it will have been and be very focused upon my stellium in Leo – Pluto @ 12Leo, Saturn @15 Leo, and Mars @ 20Leo. Definitely something exciting is going to happen – I can feel it already!!!

  29. My progressed Sun is exactly at 22.1. Yikes!!!! Hope thats GOOD because my Progressed Moon hits EXACTLY my Mercury, while SATURN is one degree away from my SUN. Hope it doesn’t mean I have a heart attack!!!!! All that SUN activity.

    Progressed sun 22.1
    Pro moon conj natal Mercury. Within one degree
    Saturn conj natal SUN within one degree


  30. This is right on my Descendant @ 22 degrees! Looks like a major event considering my solar return for next year has SR Uranus exactly conjunct SR Midheaven, which hasn’t ever happened before. Any thoughts on this ??

  31. this will trine my midheaven at 22 degrees, Uranus at 20 degrees and Pluto at 18 degrees in Virgo; it will also sextile IC at 22 degrees

  32. I am amazed by this, as I have Venus at 21 degrees Taurus (in the tenth) natally, square Uranus in the second, which has not always been easy… And Taurus sun on the midheaven at 0 deg, and this conjunction will fall on the day before my birthday… So will have natal Uranus square a Jupiter Uranus Venus conjunction… I sure hope this is good because I have struggled for many years, as many artists do… That Saturn Mars Neptune conjunction looks a little gnarly though… All conjuncting my Sun Mars midpoint in the ninth… I have a (virtually) unaspected Mars… Can you comment on that aspect as well…?

  33. My natal Jupiter is near, 25° Taurus. Natal Mars/Venus conjunction precisely sextile in water/Cancer.

    I could use a surprise change in just about any of my circumstances–a change NOT related to the loss of a parent. (Pluto transiting my 4th House lately.) But maybe even then, I need to be careful what I wish for.

  34. Hi Elsa, I have been looking forward to this it will trine my mo/jup in Virgo in the 8th and my asc 24 cap. Taurus Ic is 15 Taurus so I am hoping a fab offer on this house and finding the perfect new house. Any thoughts?

  35. Have Varuna at 21 Taurus, my only placement in Taurus. Have Sun & Moon very close to 21 degrees in other fixed signs, 22 Leo & 19 Aqua, respectively. Not sure if the Varuna minor planet conjunction would amount to much…

  36. This is conjunct my ascendant at 23 Taurus! Trine my midheaven and square to Saturn (Ruler of 9th & 10th) in my 4th. I don’t like rollercoasters! This is a scary and exciting direct hit! Career changes that require a move? Elsa I like the idea of that windfall you mentioned lol.

  37. I am feeling so despondent. My longterm partner and I may be separating. I’m a Taurus sun and rising (4 degrees, and 17 respectively) and he’s a Scorpio sun and rising. With Uranus going through Taurus it’s been tough, and add in the eclipses it’s been so so difficult. My father passed during the last Taurus – Scorpio eclipses on this axis (19 years ago) and now his passed this time around. I also have Pluto grinding away on my MC right now. I was feeling hopeful about Jupiter entering Taurus in May but nothing has come easy. My birthday is April 24th. Do you think something positive might happen? I could really use a break :/

  38. Just learning about progressions, and am pretty excited to see my progressed Sun will be exactly conjunct this transit in my second house, where my natal Venus is getting triggered heavily by Jupiter’s retro motion at 6 degrees. All seems rather auspicious. 😁

  39. My wedding day is on 20th April 2024, and the conjunction is in my 1stH. This aspect is conjunct my ascendant, trine 10H cusp, black moon Lilith and semisextile Saturn in my chart.

    Hopefully we chose the right dates.

    1. Same aspects for me! Although I am already married. It could be indicating a big (Jupiter) and dramatic (Uranus) change in status (10th house). So from single to being married with some lovely surprises. Hope you have a wonderful and exciting day!

  40. My natal Moon is in Taurus at 22 degrees of Taurus in my second house. My natal Uranus is at 23 degrees in Scorpio in my 8th house. (Yes, I’m in the middle of my midlife crisis transit – yay) This will be hitting me directly on my natal moon. My natal Jupiter and Mars are in Virgo, which is the sign the moon will be in that day and also waxing gibbous as it was when I was born.
    Any predictions on whether this will be good or bad? I’m dying to hear some interpretations.

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