Sagittarius & Aging – Calming The Restless Soul

sagittarius man transferHi Elsa,

You wrote, or maybe created a video on the subject of recognizing “Restlessness” in a natal chart. It got me thinking about that in myself, and my husband. What are some of the placements that would point to being restless? And is it your experience to see restlessness wrestled to the mat over time, and with age?

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Hi, Restless.

First, I should probably define, “restlessness”.   A person might be mentally restless, which I call, “nervous and jerky”.  That’s not what I’m talking about when I use that term. I’m talking about a person who is inclined to leave.

They want to go somewhere, so they leave.
They get to where they are going,. They’re there, so then they want to go somewhere, so they leave!
There’s always another horizon, see?

Recently I worked with a father who asked if his daughter was going to leave a bad man.

“Yes,” I said.

“How do you know?”
“Because she never stays…”

The primary signature for restlessness is a strong Jupiter, mashed with the moon. A person may have their moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting their moon, Jupiter in the 4th house, etc.

As for a person curbing their tendency to move on as they age, this may or may not happen. A lot of Jupiter moon types see no value at all to being tethered on a short leash. But others come to a point where they look at their life and for all their adventures, they begin to feel it’s all been a cruise to nowhere.

MEANING is big for people with this signature. They’re seekers. It can be painful (for some) to realize there is no one there to share their travels or ideas or philosophies with.  What’s it all mean?

If a restless person does hit this wall, they can definitely change their ways by simply realizing that restraining yourself is another adventure and way to expand and be (further) educated.

This video might help – A Stable Home For The Restless, Wandering Sagittarius Moon

Check this as well – Sagittarius: How Restless Are You?

This is a great topic for this time as Jupiter is leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn.

Are you a restless person who’s calmed with age?  Tell us about it.

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  1. I have Moon-Jupiter, Moon in the 3rd. I have lived this. It still a part of me but I can’t fulfill the desire to seek like I used to because I have a husband and children. With my progressed Moon now in Sagittarius, though, I’m having a flare up. I’d love to take off somewhere, even for a while. What I find in the situation I am in, is that I have to face whatever makes me want to go. It’s some work to do that and I can’t say I much enjoy it! But what you wrote about finding out that a lot of the seeking didn’t have the meaning I was looking for helps me to keep perspective. I’ll never forget when I fully realized, “wherever you go, there you are.”

  2. I think I might be.
    even if my moon is in 8th house, I have Jupiter in the 9th house, mashed with Venus and the Sun. The 9th house (Scorpio) answers to the 8th.

    I definitely flirt when I am in a relationship, but with time I have come to realize ways I have not been seen as the most loyal even if I WAS loyal inside. I could never cheat, but my actions could have been seen as such, as I suddenly find myself enmeshed with someone whose philosophy matches miner’s or is closer to my own than my partner’s. That is a strong attraction factor I have to admit.

    Then I found my current partner and this time I was Aware of this tendency. But this time I just knew I wanted the person like I haven’t wanted someone in my whole life.
    I haven’t had any reason to divert my attention other places.

    Have I won over my tendencies?
    Nay. They will always be there, but being aware of how I have prevented my own happiness before helps a lot! I feel the Sagitarian vibe, but with this current partner I can use it to plan trips out in the world instead. He is a 9th house Moon and loves to travel (of course) …….

  3. My Nadir (IC) is in late Sagittarius, and it has been so for me — most content when I know I’ll be moving on, whether in jobs or living situations or a party or what. Can I go now?

    I also love sci-fi novels of space travel. At age 60 I’m finally setting up my life for near-constant travel from a home base. On to learn the next thing!

  4. Yes this is me. My SAG moon and Jupiter in the 9th. I have lived in this place 5 years . This is the longest I have lived anywhere in the last 20 years. I have finally decorated in the last 6 months. I am ready to re decorate again or move. I hesitate to move as I have a nice place for the money that allows me to have pets.It would be cheaper to redecorate again but unrealistic to redecorate every 6 months.
    I relate to finding people with the same ideas and philosophies. There are very few people that think like I do. That is so painful. I quess I take it personally. My sag moon is in the first house.

  5. This article is spot on. My BFF has the moon in Sagittarius, sun trine Jupiter plus Jupiter elevated in the 10th. She very much perceives the grass to always be greener with another. I am the Opposite; Saturn and Pluto keep me fixed, enjoying stability. Flippant change and variety for the hell of it, terrifies me ?

  6. I too have a restlessness, with Moon in Sag. 1st house and Jupiter in the 9th. I left my native country, travelled across the ocean at 20 and stayed. I used to move at least once a year for the first 10 years, but for the past 20 years I have stayed in the house I bought, raising my 5 kids pretty much by myself. The travelling I did during this time was in my mind. I have a stellium in Pisces in the 3rd house, and a great imagination. But now that the kids are almost all grown up I am getting the urge to leave and explore. I don’t think the grass is greener elsewhere, just different, which is very appealing to me as I am a seeker and love learning about other cultures.

  7. I see myself as a perpetual student. My Scorpio 9H Jupiter/Neptune conjunction trines my 1H Pisces Moon. The conjunction also sextiles my 7H Virgo Pluto. I love to learn and not so much travel.

  8. I love the video that’s linked at the end of the post. I don’t have Moon -Jupiter, I don’t think but my ex does and he is always outside, either working in the yard or wanting to go on a hike. But I have moved 21 times in my life. I love it on one level, and have learned not to own much. I never expect to be anywhere long as I have a Pisces IC (Jupiter ruled at night anyway) and the tides are always pulling me away or I’m out to sea, if I want to be or not. I do like driving on short trips though and just getting around.

      1. Thanks so much! I feel like I’m always wanting to move (sun/moon Pisces in 1) but other people are always sitting on me-lol

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