Jupiter In Gemini & The Birth Of Blogging

xangaJupiter will ingress into Gemini on May 25th, 2024. I quite excited for this; slobbering in fact.

Do you know that blogging began with Jupiter in Gemini? How cool is that.  Little people, all of the world, writing and freely sharing information.

I was there!  This transit will be Jupiter’s second return to Gemini aka, it will mark my 24th year of non-stop blogging.  Er… apparently, don’t get me started.

I also wrote (Gemini) dozens of long stories (Jupiter) at this at this time, and had enormous fun in the process.

Here’s a quirk: I became a writer and a blogger due to exchanges on a business forum I used to hang at in 2000. The thread that launched everything was called “Full Moon – Increased Chattiness“. Ha ha ha.

I miss those days of generous sharing and free and open communication. Long conversations with meaning.  OPPORTUNITY for writers and thinkers.  It was fun, talking to people all over the world, to become educated by they had to say  Honestly, I don’t recall running across a “closed mind”, at that time. Instead, some of the things people shared at that time, are burned into my psyche.   I want to give you an example.

My kids were about two and four. I went to Walmart to get them a kiddie pool; one of those stiff, formed jobs?  When I saw the selection; my eye gravitated to this large pool, as did mu daughter’s.  We both have Leo so hey!  Maximum fun in the sun.  So I bought the pool and headed out to the car to go home.  This is when I realized, I had a little Toyota and it was in fact a big pool!

Comedy ensued. How are you going to get this thing home, single mom?

Well I managed. And I wrote about. And then here came an engineer, who neatly outlined all the possible ways I could have for the pool home. I’m talking about setting the edge on a skateboard, anchored to the card, so I could roll it home.

God, this guy was brilliant. I just could believe the LONG list of options that populated this dude’s mind.  He was like a helpful neighbor. Seriously, that was the feeling. Gemini/Mercury/Neighbor/Ideas

I want to have a good transit.  If you feel similar, consider sharing your fun, beneficial ideas and jokes.  That’s what this transit is about.!

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  1. Love it and thank you Elsa for insighting joys in communication. I remember 24 years ago, I found a mama group that collected to form a mamazine. We got together,instant playgroup, formed friendships and put a collection of poems, articles, and art together monthly. We held fundraiser secret cafes to cover costs. As a single mother, I couldn’t have imagined a better network to create and share information. I learned so much: Why vaccinations were harmful, an herbal medicinal index,gluten free recipes,poetic inspiration and thoughts for essays (kept my mind working), how to pull off secret cafes, playgroup and childcare swapping opportunities. I didn’t realize this was a Jupiter Gemini time til you pointed this out Elsa.I look forward to the upcoming influence.

    1. Another good idea!!! This reminds me of the astrology mailing lists back in the day. I was about to be kicked off a large mailing list, along with about ten others; we were talking about murder too much! Instead, we stayed with the big list, and created a new, smaller list, where we could continue our conversation.

      It was great. No one had to die! Instead, we *expanded*.

  2. I am excited as well. It will transit my 7th house as well as my daughters. I so hope she finds the love of her life like I did at her age. She has been divorced 7 years now. I so want to see her happy. It would be nice if I could find a companion as well. Someone I can travel with and share expenses.

  3. This is cracking me up/open!! I mean I’m compiling end of life details, weary and uncertain of receiving the next breath, and here you come with news from the Cosmos.

    Jupiter will transit Gemini, if I’m still alive in this body IT could be a blasting good time🥳 I want to make room for good times in my life.

    Jupiter transited my 5 and 6 houses back in 2000. I started writing for a tremendous free independent newspaper and wrote my heart into print for almost 4 years!! Some of the funnest columns about life as I found it. Not a lot of money, but the joyfulness.

    The implications give my faith in the arrival of good times some traction . Dare I believe!

    My creativity has always made a way between the current. You’re at it again Elsa, offering hope and unpredictable alternatives to the artificial 😜❤️

  4. Yes, yes yes ! Way back in 76 I got married when Jupiter entered Gemini (actually Jupiter was conjunct my hubby’s moon at the time but I had no idea …LOL) and the following year was awesome – same for all the Jupiter journeys of my 9th house Gemini, including opposing my Sun and Saturn in Sag in the 3rd. I am planning to visit my home country, family and friends during that time – haven’s seen them in person since 2019. I am very much looking forward to it – and also Jupiter through the 10th after that comes handy 🙂 after all that Capricorn and 4th house stuff, I am so very glad it’s (nearly) over.

  5. The wonders of Jupiter in Gemini… I was a child during the first one and started many journals, opened my first email and loved visiting blogs. It had an impact on me as I just graduated with an English degree in 2023. Jupiter will be transiting my 7th house in May, and I’ve been having romance and marriage on my mind lately! Hope it treats y’all well <3

  6. That is so interesting that blogging commenced with Jupiter in a Gemini 🙂. I think it’s a very positive placement and am looking forward to it.

  7. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I have an appointment tomorrow to look into adult education courses to upgrade my skills – natal Gemini 3/4H. Been craving a change. Oh AND my progressed Moon goes into Gemini this May!

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