Jupiter In The 12th House: An Angel On Your Shoulder

Polar Bear SlipI’m not known for my grace. If anything I’m known for my outrageous pratfalls. In school sports I got an award, an award I believe they made up just for me: Most Injured. But considering the level of hilarity and drama of many of my falls (I once hooked my overall strap around the bathroom doorknob and slung myself headfirst into the tub, taking the shower curtain down with me) I’ve had few serious injuries. I credit Jupiter in the 12th. I may take an amazing fall, with my pants down even, but I usually manage to land sunny side up. Jupiter in the 12th could be seen as hidden or unavailable good fortune but it can also be help from unseen quarters.

So a few nights ago it snowed like the dickens and all the kids went off to school without shoveling, leaving icy footprints down the walk. By the time I left, those icy footprints were impossible to shovel out, which I found highly irritating. But this morning as I blithely popped down the stairs to take out the garbage and took a full on skid down the walk, it was those same icy footprints that saved me from a glorious upending in a snowbank. It reminds me of a Zen story, Maybe, and a perspective that helps me stay centered when it feels like things are spinning out of my control.

Everything that seems good is not necessarily good. Everything that seems bad is not necessarily bad. Life is a cycle of flux and flow. When something “bad” happens it helps me to remember that down the road it may not wind up being a bad thing. In addition, I try to remember I have no way of knowing how many pratfalls I may have actually avoided without ever having been aware I was spared.

Among other things, Jupiter is your luck. Where is your Jupiter? Where is your luck?


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  1. Over the past few years, I have taken a lot of risks with my health and my life. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that I’m still alive and healthy. I kind of feel like I have an angel on my shoulder looking over me. So, I typed in “Astrology Angel on my Shoulder” on Google to see what in my chart may have given me these second chances. And I came across this page. But the funny thing is, I don’t have Jupiter in the 12th house. What I do have in my 12th house is my Part of Fortune – and I’ve heard it is similar to a second Jupiter, so maybe that’s what’s always kept me safe even in life-threatening situations. Any thoughts, anyone?

  2. Hi Satori,

    Yeah you’re totally right. And I also noticed that my 12th house cusp in Sagittarius, so that might kind of act like a 12th house Jupiter maybe.

  3. Hello, stars,

    I have Jupiter in 12th house (retrograde), in Aquarius. It’s aspected by part of fortune which conjunctas it. In addition, it forms two beautiful trines, with Uranus and the Sun. I am outrageous, noble, and highly intuitive, which has proven as good fortune to me in my creative endeavors.

    I, too, feel that I have a hidden protector, but, I don’t push it. It seems I am allowed to observe and participate on the agreement to learn about it. On the outside, it looks like I am most unlucky, which is far from the truth.

  4. I have Jupiter in the 12th Aries. I have 3 aspects: Mars squaring Jupiter, Jupiter trine Uranus and Jupiter trine Saturn, which is kind of weird because I have Uranus in my 8th house squaring my moon, and I also have Neptune there as well, with Saturn on the cusp opposing Venus. I’m not gonna lie the 8th house placement scares me, but I feel that Jupiter will somehow help out with the trines. Anyway, in the past 2 years I have almost been hit in two different intersections by someone running a red light. For whatever reason I have been distracted when the light turns green and right when I am about to go, someone would come racing through the intersection, which would scared the living hell out of me! Other times I have felt rather lucky, is my ability to escape disaster by a hair, when it comes to bills, school, and such. I always feel like I scrape by in life. lol

  5. Avatar

    I was born on 1st April 1974. at 6:25 A.M.
    Please …somebody kindly tell me how the Jupiter is and what is my ascendant. I will be your well wisher if you tell me about this.
    Call me ‘Rama’
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi Satori.. where can I post my question in the forum..i did not find any place to post my question..
      could you please tell me how to post ?

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