Jupiter In The 12th House: An Angel On Your Shoulder

Polar Bear SlipI’m not known for my grace. If anything I’m known for my outrageous pratfalls. In school sports I got an award, an award I believe they made up just for me: Most Injured. But considering the level of hilarity and drama of many of my falls (I once hooked my overall strap around the bathroom doorknob and slung myself headfirst into the tub, taking the shower curtain down with me) I’ve had few serious injuries. I credit Jupiter in the 12th. I may take an amazing fall, with my pants down even, but I usually manage to land sunny side up. Jupiter in the 12th could be seen as hidden or unavailable good fortune but it can also be help from unseen quarters.

So a few nights ago it snowed like the dickens and all the kids went off to school without shoveling, leaving icy footprints down the walk. By the time I left, those icy footprints were impossible to shovel out, which I found highly irritating. But this morning as I blithely popped down the stairs to take out the garbage and took a full on skid down the walk, it was those same icy footprints that saved me from a glorious upending in a snowbank. It reminds me of a Zen story, Maybe, and a perspective that helps me stay centered when it feels like things are spinning out of my control.

Everything that seems good is not necessarily good. Everything that seems bad is not necessarily bad. Life is a cycle of flux and flow. When something “bad” happens it helps me to remember that down the road it may not wind up being a bad thing. In addition, I try to remember I have no way of knowing how many pratfalls I may have actually avoided without ever having been aware I was spared.

Among other things, Jupiter is your luck. Where is your Jupiter? Where is your luck?

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  1. I have Jupiter in the first. I’m really, really healthy and when something physical does go wrong, I bounce back quickly with little medical intervention.

  2. OMG your descriptions totally made me laugh as I could picture them in my head. LOL. But seriously, it’s not so funny. Ouch!

    Jupiter in Libra in 11th. I’m lucky if I am a member of groups and if I work towards my goals and dreams. But then again, Saturn is conjunct Jupiter, so usually I have to work really hard for my luck 😛

  3. my jupiter and moon are in mutual reception.Caner/9th and Sag/2nd.i have always been intrigued with foreign people and places.I’m not sure abot the luck component.I’ll have to think about it.

  4. Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th.

    Can somebody elaborate on that “urge to merge” and what it has to do with Jupiter in the 12th?

  5. Great one, Satori – I’m another 12th house Jupiter (in Scorp) and as a double Sadge have contemplated the philosophy of all this. I share a birthday with Keith Richards and given all the stuff he has survived have often wondered if he is in the same boat. The voice of the “angel on the shoulder” is not so easy to hear, sometimes, but I know that I’m fortunate, even if what is dealt to me “seems” bad at the time. I suppose I’m always aware that I’m not invincible, even if I am lucky. There’s a lot of luck, but it’s also pretty dark. But I guess it can be profound, then, too.

  6. LoL Satori I feel your pain.. I’m a klutz and I just gotta laugh at myself sometimes to keep from crying!! I have Jupiter in 12th house too and I hate to see others hurt and always root for the underdog! Hopefully one day someone will root for me! 😉

  7. yep, Satori, completely understand this.

    12 H jupiter in pisces @29° conj. ascendant.(

    it’s a tricky placement. i keep having this feeling i was born with nine lives. if that is the case, i only have about five left, due accidents and whatever.

    some of these close calls are so absurd, so RANDOM and seemingly impossible, they’re funny. i can’t think of another word to describe it.

    in fact, when i tell these stories, people usually do laugh, in a horrified sort of way.

  8. Avatar

    This is precisely where my Jupiter is ( 12th house, that is). I’ve noticed that I have no such thing as ‘luck’ most of the time.

    BUT – if in a bad situation, that’s when Jupiter kicks in. If a situation is my fault, I do suffer. If it isn’t, Jupiter steps in and alleviates the trouble.

  9. Jupiter/Uranus conjunct Cancer ascendant. I am fascinated to see how this conjunction will once again play out in Aires where my unaspected 5 degree sun is. I got a brief taste of it back in March. Now it they will be out in the open again. Can’t wait to see it play out.

  10. I have two family member who have jupiter on their ASC in the 12th and I swear the sun doesn’t come up until they get out of bed.

  11. It depends on the house system I’m using. In Equal/Koch Jupiter Rx is in my 11th house.
    In everything else it’s in the 12th.

    I have to say I’ve been lucky in many ways, friends who’ve been there for me,…I’m accident prone and I should have been dead by now,but I’m still here.
    I’ve always felt like I had a gaurdian angel.

  12. Jupiter in the first I’m lucky and healthy and I know it, but believe me it really does run out when you just start relying on it. Always be careful and count your blessings!

  13. Jupiter cj moon in 3rd house, trine Neptune in 12th. The “heaven” pouring down from my pen. Just comes out without me having to “think” about it. “Luck” in that I have inspired words come easily to me for my work purposes.
    I’m lucky with my close environment too, neighbours, friends. I need a babysitter, well, it’s the day an unknown neighbour comes to me and says her daughters can babysitt anytime!

  14. @ cancerwscorprising- how about a flying anchor?

    i was even in my element (water) on a boat in a lake and i came thiiiisss close to being taken out by a flying anchor.

    absurd.- ok your turn!

  15. edit: it wasn’t a total miss, it made a mess of my knee, but i saw it coming at the last minute and pulled most of me out of the way. if i had been facing front, it would have gone right through the back of my head.

    ok, now really, your turn.

  16. My Jupiter is in Pisces at 29 degrees. I really related to this part of your post: “I try to remember I have no way of knowing how many pratfalls I may have actually avoided without ever having been aware I was spared.”

    All my life, I get this ‘sudden urge’ to leave, it’s unexplainable, yet undeniable. I just know that if I don’t follow it, something bad is going to happen and so I do. How many times I have avoided disaster is impossible for me to prove, but I ‘know’ it.

    My husband has learned to not question it- when we’re together, and I tell him it’s time to go- we go. He trusts my instincts.

  17. @ CArRiE- we have the same placement. what house is yours in?

    i understand that “sudden urge” to leave as well, and in fact the one time i did not follow it, i found myself in real danger- but was somehow spared anyway

  18. My jupiter is ‘retro’ in my 8th house of Scorpio..so i have some ‘mysterious’ luck..like messages or random encounters that in turn are fruititious .. because cosmic santa claus is here..i also have a deep spiritual wealth or abudance that comes in handy when i feel like ‘woe is me’ or when i feel like i crashed and burned..i can gleem the silver lining pretty easily .. doesn’t make it easy tho lol

  19. @Emi- 4th house. In addition to the ‘sudden urge’, I think Jupiter in the 4th has provided the luck I’ve had in finding really great places to live! I’ve been a renter most of my life and moved a ton of times and have been blessed with being able to live in some incredible places that I would never in a million years be able to afford to buy. What house is yours in??

  20. Jupiter Conj Mercury Pisces 2nd. I should be able to make a lot of money communicating psychic thoughts. I do have the wishcraft that gets me physical items that I NEED but can’t afford.

  21. Great read, Satori. And the photo … geez!

    I have Jupiter and Venus conj in the 11th. I’m lucky with friendships and travel, and like you say the deal is sometimes the gifts and goods friends give me DON’T LOOK like gifts … until later when I am in a land far far away … the dawn breaks…and I see, I’m not.

    Nice one Satori, I love this.

  22. Jupiter Taurus, in the 7th, retro. Trines my Sun/Lilith/Pallas in Capricorn, Trines retro Pluto, retro Uranus and Mars in Virgo. Sextiles retro Orcus in Cancer. Sextiles Chiron and Vesta in Pisces. Inconjunct Venus/PF/Mercury in Sag, which also contains a lot of midpoints, so there’s a lot of really awkward mutual reception going on between Jupiter and the Sag stellium. No, I haven’t met my rich widow, divorcee or boss’ daughter yet. So far, I’ve only met the bankrupt daughter of a bankrupt businessman, but she was impossible to have a relationship with. Yes, I’ve survived miraculously in situations that would’ve killed or maimed most people. I can run into potentially lucrative opportunities, which unfortunately are impossible to capitalize on. I can capitalize on my Capricorn stellium, only to lose everything to misfortune. Yet, I’m tough to kill.

  23. Jupiter’s sitting on the descendent in 7th & is proving to be a very mixed bag as far as relationships go. Lots of friends at any given time, but they come and go. There’s always a new love interest in my life, but they’re out the door after a year. Feels really unstable, even if it’s exalted in Cancer.

    But I can say that I’m lucky to have had so many second chances for other things. I haven’t had any major accidents happen to me, never been seriously injured. However, I’m having the worst time trying to discover what it is I want to do, because I feel like I am proficient in all, master of none.

  24. Hello Satori and thanks for your great contributions to this site.
    I have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th, conjunct the Ascendant on one side and conjunct Saturn in Cap in the other direction.
    I don’t recognize the accident-proneness in myself but I really do feel that intense desire to merge. It feels like a soul sickness or waiting for the boat to arrive and take me away far from this world.
    I’ve also noticed that “good fortune” and “hardship” are increadibly intertwined in my life. When something really bad happens, I can be certain something outrageously good is about to take place, often as a result of the bad stuff. I guess this is having an Angel on my shoulder…

  25. Mine is in the 6th in Aquarius. I definitely think it brings me luck in the area of health. I tend to be pretty healthy.

    Random factoid (I AM a Virgo, so it’s kinda required that I offer a random factoid no one else cares about lol): President Obama’s Jupiter is also in the 12th house. It is in Aquarius and is conjunct his Saturn in Capricorn.

  26. Jupiter @ 29 degress Sag, cusp 8th/9th houses. I win accolades and scholarships in school and travel with ease – I get great vacation deals on beautiful places, pick up foreign languages easily and love to go with the flow of other cultures. I also get the sex/work/brushes with death 8th house thing a bit too – but I actually feel quite comfortable in all of these realms. I think this is the luckiest placement in my natal chart!! love it!

  27. Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd the corner of a grand cross to Venus, Mars and Pluto. Financially lucky and strong, deeply moving love in my life. That cross is good for something….

  28. Jupiter in Saggi in 12th. I feel I have an imp on one shoulder and a symbol of authoritative convention on the other (an illuminated capital ‘I’ – is this representative of Saturn in Cappy in the 1st?) and one will be dominant and then the other, forever seeking to rebalance what the other brings in. The only time I feel that ‘Angel on my shoulder’ is times like when I am out walking alone back from the country station I live by, or out in the woods and lonely paths – in other words, when I truly need it for protection I guess. Otherwise, not a very ‘lucky’ person at all in fact! and don’t believe in one making one’s own either – except, possibly, in the pre-birth state…

  29. I’ve also got Jupiter in the 12th, Leo, and always had a similar feeling that I’ve got a secret guardian angel watching over me during bad moments. Escaped a few accidents, and also always had good luck not to get harmed during some fun drunken nights in the past! I know two more people with Jupiter in the 12th and they told me similar comments too.

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