Jupiter Opposite Saturn – Careful Consideration Of The Broad Overview

Jupiter opposes Saturn approximately every twelve years.  These planets are a natural pair and when you put them together they offer a real (Saturn) opportunity (Jupiter) in some form.

Astrologers tell people that Jupiter brings a benefit and invariably they are going to win the lottery. The lottery has more to do with Pluto (other people’s money) than it has to do with Jupiter (vision, expansion, religion / spirituality, perspective, outdoor sports and higher education).  Winning the lottery is also shocking and unexpected which suggests a Uranus component.  Jupiter does rule luck but I think you can see that Jupiter alone is not going to bring you windfall money except in rare cases.

Jupiter with Saturn promises, the harder you work, the luckier you get.  If you do get lucky under this transit, you can be sure it’s deserved but what you really want to do is discipline yourself to seek the opportunity.

For example, you can travel.  International travel is best but if this is not possible, you can still travel outside sphere in order to expand your perspective.  Spend a day with someone whose beliefs are different than yours and see what you can learn. Take a class. What do your elders (Saturn) believe (Jupiter)? If you are an elder, what can you teach and how can you learn more?

As for the larger cycle between these planets, when the planets are conjunct a person will commit (Saturn) to their vision (Jupiter).  Six years later, when the planets oppose you can see how you’re doing.

As an example, I left my original blog and committed to this one, six years ago.  At this point I can see how far I have come (or how badly I have failed).  If I find the courage to look at  the cold reality of this and to judge it (Saturn), I will be provided an opportunity (Jupiter).

My parenting (Saturn) is another focus.  How is it going? What adjustments can I make that will benefit (Jupiter) the parent – child relationship over the long term (Saturn)?

I realize I made this sound like like a lot of work but hey.  Saturn is involved here and you’re only going to get what you have coming.  The upside of that is that there is an upside of that.

Is there something in your life that could be improved by carefully considering that which can be seen by taking a broad overview?  Tell us.

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25 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Saturn – Careful Consideration Of The Broad Overview”

  1. My good friend won a couple of million in the lottery a few years back. He had Uranus exactly opposing his Sun at the time. He also had Jupiter aspecting his Venus, and Venus was aspecting his Jupiter. It was all good!

  2. I am working on a career and finishing up college. But I will do another course in computer networking, well at least signing up for it.

    I am planning to dream big!

  3. Avatar

    Nice post and timely! I really enjoyed reading this and am looking at ways to apply it in my life… The changes coming may not be easy, but I’ll work for it and enjoy the process as much as I can.

  4. To answer the question though, taking a broad overview of my relationships is coming. I think seeing the big picture will help me not to feel so worried about breaking it off with a lot of people in my town.

  5. Everything??

    Transiting uranus will be on my natal merc squaring my jup opposing my natal pluto.

    Saturn will be sitting on my natal uranus of my sun/mars/uranus yod.

    Jupiter will be on the reaction point of the above mentioned yod. and will have just left my natal chiron…..

    looks like I should be aware of the opportunity for improvement or challange in about every area of my life? We can’t really have opportunity that is fullfilling without challenge can we? If we can… HOW?

    Neptune squaring my natal moon.

  6. Elsa thank you so much. This piece made it all cristal clear.

    On 28th Jupiter´will be on my MC and Saturn on my IC, on the dot. This opposition will remain in my Solar chart because I have my birthday on the 29th.

    Six years back I started a one-woman operation offering training in intercultural communication. The business did not go well (Unfortunately I’m not a sales person) so I closed the shop two years ago.

    Since then I started writing a blog. It was supposed to be about 9th house themes (Mercury at AP conjunct Sun in 9th) but lately I’ve lost the thread and have been writing about a variety of subjects.

    Thanks to you I now understand that I have to stick with the original plan and use my ICC knowlegde and experience as the main source and inspiration of writing instead of going all over the place. This way the blog will have clearer image.

    You really helped me see this. Maybe together with transiting Uranus approaching my Mercury:).

  7. I do not remember the website but a few weeks ago I did read a piece on the astrology of lottery wins(clearly not a vast study) which found that the main commonality was the Jupiter factor in transit rather than Pluto. I did think that Uranus must play a part though particularly in large wins.

  8. Thank you Elsa for the insights. This is the exact time of my Jupiter return (in Aries, House 3). I’d been brainstorming for some time on how I could convert myself, leave the world of entreprise (since I’ve lost my job after a merger – and I see this as an opportunity), to become an independant worker. I’m worried mostly about the “security” issue here, about making ends meet. And these last days, well to be exact 2 day ago, I put my finger on the concept. A week ago, I was still thinking about finding a “position” somewhere in an existing structure, and now I know I will take my chance to become an independant, because I’ve made the reality checks, and there is some good chances of succes (maybe see in 6 years time ;-), all I need to do now is work hard at it!

  9. My natal Sun is at 14 degree Libra, so Saturn will be sitting right on top of it and opposing almost exactly my natal Jupiter.

    I’ve worked so hard in this position at work for the last year and a half and I don’t feel like it’s accomplished anything really. Sure, I have a great reputation at work but I get nothing for it! I even applied for another job in the company (better pay and title) and was successful at getting it but now my current Manager is refusing to let me transfer because she cannot afford to give me up! So I am being punished really for being a hard working employee. It’s a freaking nightmare and so in the meantime I am expected to work both jobs for the price of one (and the lower priced one at that!).

    I feel there is an opportunity here, or rather maybe the motivation I need, to really start looking for another job out of this company. I just don’t feel like I have a good starting place.

    Advice anyone? This is SO frustrating!

  10. How fitting I begin working full time this day…

    I also want to finish grad school this coming September (I’ve already gotten a letter of recommendation)
    and I would like to begin sowing seeds for my own possible business a few years in…

    I’m definitely trying to stay on top of the Saturn return vibes and take advantage of Jupiter trining natal Jup/Uranus conjunction in 12th..

  11. Note to self: Exactly six months ago I took an extra job (low-paying retail, at the State Fair) which was a bit step in putting my long-dormant entrepreneur into gear. I’m an educator, and I work hard even when I’m not working hard (Sun Saturn). In the big picture, I need to look at how much I do that does not benefit myself/family directly, and how to continue to get better at basic self-care so that I can endure. I want to thrive. Right now I have mental energy, but I’m hurting my body.

    Over the past six months, I’ve worked like crazy. Like a fool. It has been good for me and now, six months later exactly, I am resting today from yesterday’s culminating project, which involved teaching kids about business and more by creating, producing, and launching a line of chocolates at a big grocery store to benefit their micro-lending foundation. I mean, we launched a business in a week. With children. We were oompa loompas big time.

    The things I never thought I could do, I am doing. Higher profile. I do feel lucky, and it is true the more I work my Saturn for the benefit of others as well as myself, the better off I am. (Sat. is also transiting my 12th house moon…) Is there a cost? Yes. I am healthier when I work hard in many ways. But I’m beat up and not exercising. I’m learning that accepting my body also means accepting my mind and emotions, and that awareness is benefiting me tremendously. I feel “luckier.” This is also reaping what I have sown, clearly.

    All these planets in 6th house in Aries opposing moon/Saturn, and squaring natal Sun/Saturn and transiting Pluto, I feel like the challenge to use the trines and sextiles.

    Like Satori said once, the sextiles are like peanut butter and chocolate. GREAT natural combinations. Great actor with his part, great swordsman with his sword, etc. I feel like the squares are the arena, where you get to fact the challenges and show your stuff. Also the place where you get to develop your stuff. And the oppositions, probably where the natural limitation, self-sabotaging patterns, etc. come into play.

    When I think of it like that, it’s pretty obvious that it would make sense to work it pretty hard, and that’s the case for everybody, even w/o planets conjunct the transiting ones right now.

  12. Mena, ((And the oppositions, probably where the natural limitation, self-sabotaging patterns, etc. come into play.))

    I’ve also heard it said that the opposition is a relationship aspect that its always something between you and someone else?

  13. I am facing a real dilemma. I want to start my own studio ceramics business. I have saved the money. i have found somewhere to do it. But… Is it the right time – the economic crisis and ceramics is a luxury item. Should I do it from home – I need somewhere bigger – I will need to move. Will it be too much rent for the business to cope with – but the rent is comparable to other premises in the area. This is something I have wanted to do for years – but would it really work – is the dream that realistic now that I am up close and personal to it. I ask people what they think. they say go and do it – its just money – suck it and see. But I have never had this much money in my life – and I have had so few opportunities – this is probable it for me. Make it or break it scenario. And the questions are endless and there are no answers – not a clue – flying blind.

  14. @ h – I have thought of this, but mainly a place where I produce and sell my own work. I have thought of doing raku workshops though.

  15. Thinking about it over night I have come to the conclusion its a non-starter. The infrastructure is not around here. Which means poor choice of place to rent. Which leads to landlords charging too much for what is on offer. I was deluding myself, or was saturn deluding me. If you look at magiastrology interpretation of the jupiter/saturn clash they describe it as nuclear. In other words dont do anything at this time. And on a more personal level saturn is quincunxing natul chiron – another dont do anything sign as this is one of the worst aspects – indeed anything between saturn and chiron is bad and not a time to do anything. Maybe next year.

  16. @Tina, I’ve seen people look at the oppositions, say in Synastry, that way. In one’s own chart, looks like house placement would be one way to see influence as to whether or not we’re talking oppositional influences between myself and another or others, or not. Like 1/7 oppositions, but I’m no astrologer…

  17. Hello to everyone.

    Thanks for the article Elsa.

    Iam about to enter a Jupiter transit oppssed natal Saturn.

    Those anybody had this transits recently or can share me any experience. i had this transit 12 years ago. but i dont remember i was to young.

    Jupiter transits in taurus on my 11th house opposing natal Saturn in scorpio on the 5th house.

    I have read on other sites that this transits have to do with children, i dont have kids so i dont know, where to look at…

    It seems that on wednesday is the begging of this transit. I tell you my info if you wanna look for your self. (September 08 1984, 1:15am. Monterrey Mexico, -6 G.M.T)

    thanks for the support.

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