Outer Planet Transits & A Person’s Evolution

Goblin Market Down the glen A client asked me how I thought the 2020 Jupiter, Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn would impact her…

“It seems to me, you’re becoming a solid, formidable person. So that would be my guess. You’re going to show up as a force to be reckoned with.”

As I said that, I recalled this person’s history. I’ve been working with her for a number of years.

“When I first met you, you were like a wisp,” I said.  “You sounded like some mermaid sea nymph,” I explained, using my impression of an ethereal-fairy-voice.  “So this will be very different.”  My client was glad to hear this.

These outer planet transits are something else.  It’s possible to get incredibly lost… and then wash up on a beach somewhere.

As an example, unrelated to my client, a person might be lost in an addiction to a drug. Just as frequently, the drug is a person who takes them off track somehow.

It’s astounding is how far out a person can go, before they find their way back. It’s astounding that they find their way back! Note – Exponential, Not Linear.

The media makes everything seem black and white. In reality, it’s complicated, swirly and surprising, to say the very least.

I’ve alluded to this before – Losing A 10 Year Chunk Of Your Life.


11 thoughts on “Outer Planet Transits & A Person’s Evolution”

  1. Pluto squaring my Mars these days. I’m not too sure how it affects me, but I know I have to watch out because my Mars is unpredictable as is, natally (in Libra in 12th – blecch).

    The subject “Losing A 10 Year Chunk of Your Life”is really great. Thanks for re-posting it.

  2. This reminds me of something I wrote once on addiction. And getting lost at sea in any sense. (I have Neptune conjunction the asc)
    No matter how far out u drift there’s always someone or something waving u back in. And it is for this we should be grateful.

  3. When I read the word addicted
    I think of the empty sentence ,
    The brain tries so hard to finish
    It is the greedy brain just wanting to make right,that keeps the addictive elements:symphony’s build up to that spot
    You(universal you) are on , on the edge of your seat , just a little longer
    One more high note and those beautiful symbols will turn into the shimmer of reflections on the sea in August
    Boom, nope the big drums
    Some pieces are just junk,addictions
    Steal soooo much time
    Brain is tricky
    Shouldn’t we be able to eat a super food that lets us drive our own brain
    I had, have at times, an addiction to
    Fear,I’ve peeled it off, but my darn
    Brain has a shortcut to trick me
    01/12/20 ,end of the piece, please
    I am waiting too ,time is mine
    Don’t want to share anymore

  4. The first Saturn Pluto conjunction will hit my Vertex and my Natal Saturn dead on. Ironically, my dog of 13 years just passed away, and I heard somewhere that I will probably run into more deaths by Jan 2020. I just moved into my first new house, though, too! Here’s hoping it is all good.

  5. Avatar

    I have Neptune Square natal Neptune in sixth house Sag, and trine my natal Uranus/Venus conviction in fifth house Scorpio. This degree of Scorpio is also the current venue for an exact conjunction of prog Sun and prog Venus, due to the fact that venus went retrograde after my birth.

    My expression of all this so far has been to discover the value of daily meditation and devotional practices, consider the ethics of my diet and commit to not eating my furry and scaly brothers and sisters,recognise my addictive tendencies and attempt to eliminate them all by getting at the psychic root of them, to begin daily meditation and change career from an unhappy data analyst to a full time composer/music producer. And to book into an ashram for later in the year when I have left my full time job.

    Thank you so much Neptune square ❤?❤

    I’ve also started doing rituals at the lunation moments and I’m very excited by the prospect of the new moon on Tuesday at 15 degrees aquarius. It is at the exact midpoint of a neptune saturn sextile and forms a whole range of aspects to my natal outer planets – pluto in Libra, uranus in Scorpio, neptune in Sag. I feel this is the perfect moment for me to ritualise my openness to bring party to the manifestation (saturn ruling himself in Cap) of the will of god (neptune in rulership in pisces) on earth for all humanity (ie via the new moon portal in aquarius)

    Sweet blog btw, love it!

    1. I can’t help but notice u have Venus conjunction Uranus in Scorpio. Do u mind me asking how this has played out for you in relationships? I’m currently in a relationship with a man with this aspect in Scorpio. He is very hard to handle.is there any advice in how u have seen it play out…

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        Well I can’t speak for anyone else but in the fifth house it has given me a very unconventional, intense sexuality. I have been in long term relationships for a long time, the first was an open relationship and the second was monogamous but after a couple of years became sexless. Ultimately leading to a loss of intimacy and the end of the relationship just before the new moon at that degree in November last year.

        Now I am seriously considering a period of total celibacy in order to focus on my new career and spiritual life. As a Libra I love the idea of being in a committed relationship but I have found that I inevitably sacrificed too much of my independence within them and now feel as if I need to choose to be single at this time in my life.

        1. Wow . It is similar to what I’m experiencing with my partner…it’s in his 11th…I always wonder if he is cut out for being with one partner or if he gets bored. Lots of drama surrounds his love life no matter who he has been with. I have known him many years but we decided to become more involved in the past 3. Thanks for your insight I appreciate it.

          1. Avatar

            Hope it works out. I can definitely say that having that aspect didn’t lessen my commitment to the relationships I was in from an emotional point of view but the sexual side was definitely an issue, and the need for independence has definitely been triggered by recent lunations and transits.

            It also finds expression in my love of music and creative impulse.

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