Generation Alpha Born 2010-2025

alphaGeneration Alpha includes anyone born between 2010 and roughly, 2025.  Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008, and will remain there until January 2024. Generation Alpha will be associated with Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn ushered in a period of great change and upheaval. Generation Alpha, as they will be shape the world after Pluto leaves Capricorn.

Some of the key characteristics of Generation Alpha that are said to be influenced by Pluto in Capricorn include:

  • A strong sense of ambition and drive
  • Resilient and resourceful
  • Hardworking and focused on achieving their goals

This generation will be deeply grounded, with posture and a steely eye.

What do you know about Generation Alpha?

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    Karen Thompson

    This will be my granddaughters generation. Interestingly, she is a Capricorn by birthdate as well. She’s only 4 & I already see these traits in her!

    1. My grandson will be 3 late November, Sag Sun. Born to a stellium in Libra dad and Leo Sun mom he is focused, determined and speaks French, Hawaiian and his own brand of English and lives off grid.

  2. I can see this in my 4 yr. old granddaughter born with Pluto ruled Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio.

  3. My nieces both have Pluto in Capricorn natally. The older one was born just before generation alpha, but she amazes me with how hard-working and focused she is at such a young age. She’s so serious about getting life right!

    The younger one is firmly in the alpha generation, but what really stands out to me about her is the amount of love she gives to anyone and everything. For a while there she was going around to everyone and saying I love you and giving them hugs and I thought what a beautiful thing to give love so freely.

    Until adults scolded her and taught her it’s not safe to be so open with your love and affection. That pretty much broke my heart, although I certainly understand it these days. We can learn so much from them. Agree on the old souls idea

  4. we have nephews and nieces who are pluto capricorn generation and what we’ve been noticing is that they’re always want to be part of the discussion. what the parents are trying to teach is that they need to learn to respect other people’s input and allow others to chime in. Not their discussion is the one all. and they need to accept no for an answer.
    i love how inquisitive they are though. I was like that when i was little having capricorn but i grew up with adults who told me that if i asked too much questions i would get cancer or bad things would happen. So i just learned to shut up. But i think they just didnt have the answers or didnt want to indulge me. so honestly i think its great that children are now having parental guidance that gives them fuel for their minds and that its healthy to ask.

  5. My son, who is now 8. Born in late February of 2015.

    His sun is conjunct Neptune, squaring Saturn.

    Has four planets in Aries: Mars, Venus, Moon (all conjunct), and Uranus (conjunct his Moon). Saturn trines these planets.

    Mercury in Aquarius opposing Leo Jupiter.

    He is full of energy, as are all of his friends, and they have an innate sense of purpose, love animals, growing plants, and having their space.

    My son will not talk to you if he has not had time to develop a relationship with you, but he is still courteous. He is very observant and wavers between emotional and mental/tactile experience.

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