“Liquidity” – The Word On Everyone’s Lips

what me worryWe’re done with the picky stuff now. The moon is at home in Cancer. If you experience stress today, it will most likely be tied to Mercury square Neptune or Saturn in Pisces.

It’s interesting because Saturn in Pisces is beating many to a pulp, but they miss and blame something else. Misdiagnosis, which is classic for both items, actually. You’d be amazed how quickly you can put things right when you correctly identify what’s wrong.

As you know, these energies will be with us awhile. I’ve got my eye on the incoming Venus Pluto square. Venus is in it’s home sign which may help, but Pluto degrades and the word “liquidity” keeps popping up.

Yeah, we have this banking thing, this finance thing, this currency thing. This is true, around the world for businesses as well as individuals. There is pressure (Capricorn) on finances (Venus)… fear, which is exacerbated by Saturn in Pisces.

This aspect is playing in relationships too. But we can only do what we can do. We have a stellium in Sagittarius so fun and amusement is right there.

There’s the “nitty gritty” but there is also this “nitty gritty”. If you’re feeling poorly, turn it way up and follow suit!

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5 thoughts on ““Liquidity” – The Word On Everyone’s Lips”

  1. I like it when a typo turns out to be funny And right. One liquidity for capricorn , one *liquiTity for cancer. ๐Ÿ˜„

  2. Like the “Liquidity” comment. My Brother(Aries) & I (Taurus) are dealing with (Mom dying in July & Estate) certain funds in probate from my Mom’s Financials being lifted today & placed in Family Trust Fund soon~ that we will split, after he gets paid first what he shelled out in order to sell her house and get paid back first before we split any blance. We are basically estranged yet we are both being cordial & having open communication since Mom’s death to make a clean slate w/ no drama. Thanks for sharing Post Elsa!!

  3. Yesterday afternoon I answered the phone thinking about how it was somebody else, but actually, it was my ‘friend’ whom I was MOH 11 years ago, we lost contact over the years, and I haven’t heard from her for 5 years. She called me, like the last time we talked was the day before, to inform me about the concert in April and my favorite singer. I was sitting pretty much in shock but I accepted our talk like nothing ever happened, and it struck me, Venus-Pluto square. ๐Ÿ™‚

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