Karla DeVito – Venus Figure In Meat Loaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light


I love the gal in this video –  Karla Devito. She’s Gemini with her sun conjunct Jupiter. She sings of being “doubly blessed”if you can believe that.

She also has Mars in Gemini (a Mars Mercury exchange). She has Mercury in Gemini conjunct Mars so it’s a double whammy.

On top of that, she’s got Venus in Gemini and she happens to be Italian so she’s got no problem getting right in his face to confront.

I see her as a quintessential Venus figure as she is pretty and (openly) demanding which I think is enormously attractive especially alongside the coy woman prototype. She’s also got planets in Cancer and watch her go for the security!

If you don’t know this song, the teenagers are barely dressed. He’s trying to get laid / lose his virginity.  There is a bit in the middle of the video where a baseball announcer comes on and he tries to get ’round the bases even though the two of them don’t like each other all that much.

If you’ve got the 8 minutes and you watch this, I doubt you forget it.  You will probably be entertained, probably learn something about men and women and at the very least you can see what people look like when they are (seemingly) tweaked on cocaine. ::smiles::

Chemistry? Well, they’ve got it.


32 thoughts on “Karla DeVito – Venus Figure In Meat Loaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light”

  1. yeah.. sex in the car (Mars mercury)..

    she has to KNOW RIGHT NOW!!!!

    Find them cause there was some good shit in my era but this one in particular came from the soldier… and all us Italian gals look alike! 🙂

  2. Elsa, let me first say that at first glance I thought the still photo was one of YOU and I was flashing on a similar top I had back in the 70s but never thought to add the sexy suspenders!

    And I can see what you mean, the astrology IS incredible, she is a duo in every way, including the lust/security, come-hither/go away duality thing!

    Great song, great video and perfectly depicts the man/woman duality as well.

  3. I wonder if Jack Black is inspired by Meat Loaf because he has the same theatrical mannerisms as him.
    The 70’s were sexy as heck to me. Too bad I wasn’t around 🙁
    My folks raised me on good music, but something funny I remember is that my dad had a cassette tape when I was small and he wrote on it “Bread Styx”. I didn’t know Bread and Styx were two different bands so I always thought “Who the hell would name their brand “Bread Styx”. haha.

  4. BTW, what’s the astrology on Ellen Foley doing the album, but Karla DeVito being in the video and on the stage?

  5. I miss songs that have a plot. I spent hours driving around in my 74 Cutlass listening to this album, Fleetwood Mac, The Who…brings back some memories, but I hadn’t put the astrology in there. Very cool!

  6. You know what else always got me about this song? He sticks to his vow – not happily, as he’s prayin’ for the end of time – but he doesn’t walk away from it either.

    And yeah, I’d bet mister Meat Loaf has some chemical assistance going on there. *chuckle*

  7. Meatloaf is one of my favourites… I love the song “Couldn’t Have Said It Better” that he sings with Patti Russo.

  8. i always took this song as a caution to not make promises you can’t be sure you can keep….

    funny how much one can learn from songs 😉

  9. Sounds like you kinda like her aspects Elsa. Would you swap your merc and mars placements for hers? Merc-mars reception and approaching aspect together is a very skilled thinker capable of achieving much in life, depending on the rest of the chart. I only have the separating aspect of Merc sextile Mars with reception. I bet she swears like a trooper and talks dirty to boot, perhaps less diplomacy in her actions.


  10. Yeah, I like the hell out of her, Kingsley but no, like most I would not trade my life for another’s.

    She married Robbie Benson by the way and they still are, I think.

  11. I will have to google Robbie Benson, I guarantee she would not be easy to live with, Benson better have a Scorpio something going on.


  12. Yeah, Karla is amazingly HOT. *lol* Whew!
    But I can never, ever watch Mr. Loaf without thinking of RHPC. He’s just so. . . melodramatic. *cues Perry Mason shocking-twist music*

  13. Ummmm, Mr. (?) Meatloaf…?
    Hmm, LOL, never heard him called that before.
    Still one of my favorite songs, and I clearly remember listening (and loving) the Bat out of Hell album, not sure if I was quite a teenager yet, or just about.

  14. Meatloaf is also great in that remake from Gershwin about 14 or 15 years ago. He is just fantastic and oh yeah that RHPS. I let my 10 year old daughter watch it (so I’m a bad parent…I believe that a little bit of all kinds of sex is better than too much violence…) Anyway, she loved Meatloaf…

  15. Ha ha ha. I can’t believe I watched this. I used to gag and run out of the room when I was a kid and Meatloaf came on TV. I remember that vividly.

    But I watched. Ha ha. This was like my date Sunday night! (Well, I didn’t understand the ending of this song) but basically the boy didn’t respond.


  16. Shell, I’m cracking up at Bread Styx. Dying laughing over here. Also, good point about Jack Black/Meatloaf.

    And from Elsa: “All us Italian girls look alike” – more laughter.

    1. lol@ libra stellium conjunct gotta sleep on it. 😀

      I really like that song too! weird how Wikipedia put her birthday wrong too and some sites say the right birthday.

  17. I’m the odd man out here. Always hated that song with a passion even when I was in grade school and they played it infernally at school dances. Overwrought melodrama IMO.

  18. I don’t get her .. I’m listening to this song right now cause it’s playing… She’s so made up and like really artificial.. and the demands are ridiculous… I don’t get 80s type chicks.. that lipstick must get messed up when it’s time to prove herself…

  19. For me I have different muses.. Ione Skye when she was with Anthony kiedis.. I was looking at and puzzling over uschi obermaier.. what was so special about her? Was she smart? Probably..

  20. Some say we take our vows too seriously here in the U.S., whereas in, say, France, a long-married couple could still enjoy the tension of their fraught bargain (the famous French cat-and-mouse game) because a peccadillo here and there is more acceptable. Personally, I am married and it feels like till the end of time, but it did start out so exciting, and this video made me laugh and cry. Thank you!
    As for the astrology, I will admit that Geminis are way too smart for me. That, and they show up in all their cleverness in my 12th house.

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