Knocked Down, Rollin’ With The Punches & Periods Of Glee

Dog friendsI’ve been sick as a dog over the last week or so. Man oh man, it’s stunning. However, it comes and it goes.

Oddly, ironically or deliberately, the Lupus Foundation called my husband today, asking him if he had anything (in Colorado) to donate to the cause.

He told them he’d left Colorado and his wife had Lupus. “If you get anything, send it to her!” he added. “Her ass is kicked!”

I don’t know if he actually said that. The point is, I’ve had a murderous time lately, however, it’s been punctuated by periods of out and out glee aka “jubilant delight”. I mean, come on. I don’t deny the many setbacks. I also got devastating news right after I got here. I got body-slammed to the ground, however there is nothing I can do about these things.

It’s like being sick. I’m sick! There is nothing I can do about it. If it costs me it costs me, but it does not mean I’m not thrilled to be here.

I am thrilled to be here! I’m also thrilled to be just a week away from moving into a beautiful house…

Do you know I have never lived in a beautiful house in my life?  Maybe you don’t.

I grew up in a house made of mud.  That’s right. I grew up in an adobe house with 12″ square linoleum tiles, laid on top a cement foundation for flooring.  I left home when I was fifteen..,can you guess I don’t know much about decorating?

So now I’m here, starting from scratch in a place where people will help you. People aren’t snobby here…they have a lot of nice stuff, which they will sell you at a fair price.  If I tell them I need help, they offer their, immediately.

“Do you want me to come out and see your house?” the furniture lady asked.

“I do…”

She helped me choose furniture.  A couple days ago, I learned the fabrics I chose have been discontinued. She then met me on the side of the road, with her aged mother in the car, so I could “okay” the new choices. The new choices were better than the old choices…

“Do you think it will be here by the end of the month?” I asked. “I have company coming.”

“Honey, don’t you worry. If it’s not here and your company is coming, I’ll bring you whatever you need. I’ll loan you whatever you don’t have, bring it out and set it up so you can enjoy yourselves. You’ve got noooo worries!”

An hour later I’m flat on my back – oh my God, I’m sick.

But then the little girl neighborhood poodle comes to visit and how can I not like that?

This Uranus Pluto transit has been EPIC. I’m hoping I’ll be okay, once we get moved and settled. I really don’t know.

Some days, I’m pretty sure I’m dying.  And then I think, maybe not.

I am planning to make Sangria for my company. I got a giant, DEEP, elaborate crystal bowl to serve it in – it’s BEAUTIFUL. I also got 22 cups with handles, two gravy boats, a relish tray with inserts, a half dozen glasses and some other stuff…bowls and candy dishes, all matching.

This set me back a whopping $30.  Not that I know what I’m going to do with this stuff. I wanted the bowl, but she wanted the stuff gone. “There’s a lot of it, I’m not gonna lie,” she explained.

I’m hoping to be moved when Mercury turns direct.  My hands are killing me…and I mean DIE.  The chunky cell phone, see?  I can’t hold it.

I’m getting a landline with very thin, lightweight phones. Man oh man, I can’t wait. Jubilant delight!

32 thoughts on “Knocked Down, Rollin’ With The Punches & Periods Of Glee”

  1. Oh, Elsa! I have been so worried about you. (Like the worry of strangers is going to help you/them!)
    I can only urge you to take it easy on yourself. Look at it this way: Picking up roots and moving across the country would be hell for anyone, let alone someone seriously ill! So chill out a little and lower your self_expectations. You have to!
    Many hugs,

  2. <3 I love this. Hope you have a great time with company in your new house. Sangria sounds awesome.

  3. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Please take some time to rest. Everything will get done. You deserve and need a break! Sending love and prayers!

    1. I’m watching the sun, but the moist heat is really nice. I am extremely comfortable, 180 degrees from the dry cold if Colorado.

  4. Gee, I hope you will be feeling better when all this settles down.
    You’ve been through so much stuff, its crazy.
    Perfect time for a sangria in a beautiful cristal bowl in nice humid heat, with all your friends and family – you deserve it!!!!

  5. Wooooof. Reminds me of when I first got diagnosed with my autoimmune challenges. I was sick as hell for a while, but as you say – take the joy when it comes, for sure. I’m so glad you’re happy there, and that you have good neighbors.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. <3

  6. I am so happy you have this lovely new life among such nice people, at this time in your life to balance out the sickness you endure. It’s like the Universe said, “Ok this is gonna suck now and then, BUT, hmm, we’re going to let you find a little piece of Paradise so it won’t be so bad.”

    Buy those punch bowls, and furniture and be happy, enjoy!!!!! You deserve it —and it’s like your own little miracle gift from above — lovely home, sweet people, new kind friends and church. I am sorry you had a horrible bad thing happen not long ago, but maybe it is not an accident that it didn’t happen until you were in a sweeter more supportive warming environment. Like, the Universe tried to compensate? Enjoy that good fortune of a new warm, lovely-people life. I mean, what is Life anyway – be happy in the moments that you can. Yeah, roll w the punches and put out the punch bowl!

  7. Oh Elsa!! I feel your pain…my hands are also numb from endocrine disorder as I told you before and some days I kick ass, painting all day. Some days I cant get out of bed…we take it like it comes and hope for the best! You have friends!!

  8. I hope this will pass and you feel better soon. Moving is always stressful even when it’s a good move and this sounds like your dreams are coming true. It’s great that you are meeting such nice people there. Enjoy your company and Sangria Elsa. 🙂

  9. I am always amazed to see how you respond to the trials you face. You inspire us to take charge, or at least take the high road and make it work. I very much admire your spirit and can’t wait to hear more about how this move changes your life and your health. Well deserved, Elsa. Thank you, as always.

  10. So sorry, Elsa. Hope the bad period doesn’t last long.
    I’m not having a great time myself – I have to remind myself there are people who are suffering more.

  11. Great news Elsa, so pleased for you, really, I’m so glad for you, I’m renavating so understand where you’re coming from. The house sounds wonderful – please don’t forget to post some pictures when you’re well and all is in order. we’re all so curious. Yes, the tiredness and exhaustion is result of uranus pluto square, hit me hard too but I’m hanging in there, your posts are encouraging. I think mercury direct will be a big plus for me too – been putting together a team to work on social issues, I think we’re almost melded. Best wishes Elsa, get well soon, you’re in our thoughts.

  12. Good for you, Elsa, good for you! Imagine wanting something, yet something even better comes along “The new choices were better than the old choices…”. Mercury going direct, new phone, cool stuff for the house, and well-wishers coming to visit – good for you! Enjoy that beautiful house with the cool stuff in it, well deserved!

  13. Moving is so stressful and I think our bodies/minds take a hit no matter how much we want to move. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Ooooh I am very sorry you are feeling poorly. I will say Hail Mary’s for you to improve. I can not offer more unfortunately but it is genuine.

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