Mercury Opposite Pluto: Suspicious Minds

Mercury is opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is conjunct my ascendant making this personal to me. I thought I should say something but I’ve resisted doing to. That’s an example of this energy right there. Pluto withholds!

I’ve had some interesting communications. Several people from my dead-and-buried past have popped up among other things.

I also dug up this post.  I’ve blogged so long and covered so things, I search my site before I write, to see if there is something old that might be better than what I’d write today, in that it would be “raw”.

Mercury is degraded now due to all the controls in place.   On that note, when I started editing to update this post, I had a new pop-up inside of WordPress. Google wants to help me out. You can see the message here.

Mercury aspecting Pluto is naturally suspicious. Some say “paranoid” but that’s more of a diagnosis with a negative connotation.

In reality, we need people who think deeply. We also need people who are willing to to look beneath the surface or investigate things most would rather avoid.

When I posted this in 2008, I included this Elvis’. “Suspicious Minds”.  It still seems to serve here, particularly because Elvis had his Sun, Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, opposing Pluto in Cancer at 25 degrees.

Pluto is currently at 25 degrees Capricorn.   That’s rich.

Do you have a Mercury Pluto exchange in your chart? How does it play?

46 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Pluto: Suspicious Minds”

  1. Me! Me! Pick me!

    I have peregrine Mercury in Scorpio (unaspected) in mutual reception with Pluto rising. I think a lot, I write several thousand words a day, but I don’t speak much.

  2. I work with a guy that has pluto/mercury square. He is very good confronting people with the nonsense they say sometimes. You can feel the air freezing after he shoots a plutonic comment… but then 3 seconds of silence he starts laughing cause he is a Gemini e suddenly the air clears ups. It’s amazing watching him… he does it all the time!

  3. I have Scorp Mercury in the 10th sextile Pluto in the 8th. I think words are power … nahh I’ve taught illiterate adults how to read. I *know* words are power haha.

    I very suspicious of authority in particular, to the point of being Classical Liberal/Libertarian.

  4. Mercury square to Pluto Rising. I used to stutter, or be unable to think of a word I needed. I have much better luck writing.

  5. i have pluto in virgo conjunct merc. i have the ability cut through the fluff and get to the heart of underneath what’s being said or done. i can see through smokescreens. my mars is also in scorpio, so when i fight, it’s with words, and it’s often about uncovering what someone else is either trying to hide or avoiding. i’ve also got a reasonable comfort level with communication regarding the shadow, and things people don’t usually talk about and thus have been able to do counseling type work in the past.

    1. Goddess, I am wondering how you are doing with today? Do you feel it utter necessary to tell the world to quite listening to the one who should not be named? I’ve got that Scorpio in Mercury, and Pluto in Virgo, and my mars is in Scorpio and my Venus in Virgo and 2 stelliums – 6,7th house – and Jupiter/Saturn both in the 10th house in Capricorn. I have about had it up to here with all people. I am Libra Sun, but 3 things in Scorpio, with a Leo Moon, and an Aries Rising, and I don’t know if ever such a person as I has walked on this Earth with another like person.

    2. I have merc conj Pluto in Virgo both conj my Mc which makes Scorpio my ascendant nd sq merc/Pluto…..I totally identify with what you experience

  6. Not directly but I do have Mercury sextile Venus in Scorpio and I love this song so…it should count for something.
    Generally I take people’s word for it, but I am very demanding about the accuracy of information people send my way.

  7. (I am reading these in reverse order – so, kind of building on the response in the following post).

    Mercury conjunct Pluto in Libra in the first house. This is one of my favorite aspects in myself. It may be just that it’s in the first house, and so it’s really accessible and obvious.

    This aspect (I think) is responsible for this feeling of having a lot of power. For good and for ill.

    Some random observations about it:

    I recently made the connection that people who like severe weather, probably will also like (and be able to handle) this energy in me. My longest relationship was with a storm chaser, who was like this cloud that could absorb my anger tantrums (which I feel no pride in having), and who fed off of the more positive lightning that could generate (for lack of better words).

    My voice is too big and heavy for a lot of situations. I have a lot Virgo, and so I want to serve. But then I try to serve, and have all this Pluto energy when I’m communicating – it really gas lights some authority figures. I can’t help it. I know (and am aware that I know) 10x less than the people around me with more experience, and I just speak and sound like I am … some voice descending over the room, directing things, like from an intercom (like the voice of God). I don’t mean to assume the power, but it’s just in my voice.

    But the good side – the part I adore. Is that I have found in myself the ability to turn the lights on in dark rooms. To make friends with the dark, creepiness under the basement stairs. My Virgo parts love this – because I can take the areas of ourselves and of life that are almost unusable, because no one wants to go there – and make them habitable. So we can all that use that space, we can go there!

    I just had a classic (and life changing) example of this happen in my life. Someone very close to me died. And I blogged in a lot of detail about the visitation and the funeral. But I found the beauty in the death and the situation. I did not shy away from talking about the state of the dead body (of this person – who I loved so much) in the casket. Or about what it was like to touch it. About staring into the hole in the ground at the grave site, and instead peering down into the hole with the same curiosity as my young nephews, to see if we could see the walls of my grandpa’s vault (it was my grandma who died) next to my grandma’s space. I talked about the beauty of leaving wet hand prints from the rain on my grandma’s casket. I even took pictures. It’s just what I do.

    But it was a beautiful experience. And I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I would rather be able to walk into these formerly verboten areas of our lives and be, beyond comfortable, but in awe of the beauty. It just seems somehow more right. Like it is our right to be able to enjoy the beauty in the dark. In war and death and hell and pain and all of it. It’s our right to be able to find and enjoy, at least, some form of peace.

    So anyway. That’s one take on a way to make some lemonade out of Pluto-Mercury lemons.

  8. Mercury conjunct Pluto in 4th. I’m pretty suspicious and paranoid at times, but I’ve always been told my words are very powerful.

  9. hey yeah, Althera…your comment can do some good fer sure! People who can speak of death openly are needed in the world, so good on you.

  10. This made me laugh “Is this a trick question”. Im truly smirking at this. Too funny.

    This reminded me of when I was young, I was 7 years old and I told my 5 year old sister “Trust no-one, everyone has a motive”. Being a very sweet but curious Virgo Sun & Gemini Moon she replied “Motive? Whats a motive? Doesnt everyone have reason”.

    I have mercury in the 8th but I think my suspicion comes from my Scorp Sun Conjunct Pluto sqaure my moon.

  11. hm. and i have pluto in the second and mercury in taurus. that seems kind of weak for a mercury/pluto exchange, but maybe it counts to some degree….

  12. …and am rather privacy oriented and unwilling to give complete trust to anything _especially_ authority figures….

  13. I have this opposition in my Progressed Chart. Lots of these (oppositions) are now in my Progressed Chart. It’s making me so aware of what was potential in my Natal Chart, and progressed and evolving if I look at the challenge that way. The opposition is Mercury in Aquarius (along with my Sun) opposing Pluto conjunct Saturn. Priming the Pump of my old ways of thinking to play that opposition. Seventy years of progression to learn to prime the pump.
    Ironic or sardonic? To prime those old-fashion well pumps you gotta have enough muscles to get the water flowing … in older years it’s those younger experiences that either developed or atrophe the muscles.

  14. My MC is 26 Capricorn. So I now have Mercury opposing transiting Pluto across the IC/MC rather than ASC/DSC as you do Elsa.

  15. I have this natally.

    I can just smell when people are going to flake and bail on me. Today appears to be that kind of day, which is disappointing.

  16. I have natal Pluto (Virgo) square my retrograde Mercury (Sag) and am Scorpio Rising. I am a deep thinker and am drawn to philosophical and ‘big picture’ concepts. I’m interested in why people think the way they do and my mind searches for context as an explanation for why people do what they do and think what they think (including myself). Anyway, the challenge of the square for me has been to feel safe enough to reveal my (true) thoughts. I’m fearful of being misunderstood and yes suspicious of others.

    Actually, I just realised (and it’s hilariously cliched considering my astrology) that one of the areas I write about is sexuality, in particular people’s fetishes and fantasies. Not in a pornographic sense but looking at the psychology and the ‘humanness’ of it, the stuff we all feel but so often pretend doesn’t exist. I find it all so curious and just plain fascinating.

  17. I had Mercury in Scorpio, by progression until a few years ago.10th house. I still feel the effects of it.

    For years I did not trust my bosses, period. Nor did I trust my employers. I would scour the news because the facility I was working in went through so many mergers and acquisitions and I could clearly see that the assisted living industry (yes, it’s a business) was all about the money. They even admitted it in a documentary. “Heads on beds” they call it. One of my employers got in hot water with the feds. Meanwhile, I watched one director I worked for lie to the health department and tell them he was getting the broken equipment in the kitchen fixed. (No he wasn’t! He was going to hold off until the new company took over and let them eat the cost of repairs and upgrades.)

    My Mercury is in big-mouth Sadge now, hence the tell-all I just wrote there. ^^^
    Pluto-Mercury won’t spill it—but boy do they smell it, the rot in Denmark. ? ?

  18. Mercury square Pluto. Just found out, through this article, everything that was written sounded very familiar to me and I said to myself to check my chart. I guess square is different than the opposition, but still, there are simililarities. I trust no one, and those I trust, it’s always shady trust on my side, like I’m on guard when they will do something to betray my trust, and then I can say: Yes, I knew it! Dori, you knew from the beginning! To be honest, it’s exhausting to be like this. What I can clearly see from this natal aspect and transit right now, I feel I see things in a bit of a paranoid way, suspicious but I never tell them aloud, it’s like I’m afraid if I confront someone with this I think they are lying to me, I’m afraid what will I do with it. Once out, I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. And then I start holding a grudge. I’m way better at writing than in expressing what I feel or think. My words are the strongest on paper and I’m longing to become a writer one day. My Mercury is in Cancer, 8th House, on the other side I tend to talk about things that make others uncomfortable, death and sickness for example. But to always be on guard, weigh every word others say, feeling, waiting that they are actually not honest, it’s exhausting. Wish I could trust people more, maybe then I wouldn’t feel so lonely from time to time.

  19. 10th house Mercury/Mars conjunction trine 2nd house Pluto in Scorpio. The Mercury also opposes Neptune in the 4th. Unfortunately, people remember everything I say! Since my Mercury/Mars is in cancer, I’m kind of hesitant to talk, but when it I do, it ends up being in public without meaning to (Neptune) unearthing the elephant in the room. I’m still learning to control this aspect in both speech and writing since Pluto also rules the 3rd house.

    1. I also forgot, Venus in the 8th house, (mutual reception to the Pluto) unaspected mostly, likes to talk about things that makes folks uncomfortable.

  20. This transit got me worried about traffic and driving. My partner has Ac same as you Elsa. He’s driving back home from a trip. I told him to be extra careful.

  21. Such great post Elsa. Touches me at the very core of my life experience. I have Pluto in scorpio as the focal point of a yod, with the sun in exact opposition and a mere 2to4 degrees away from the middlepoint between a sextile composed by venus rx/merc in aries, 12H, and chiron/moon gemini. My partners are ALWAYS suspicious, controlling and sometimes cruel. As a fixed sun, I persevere until there is no other way (and Ive tried many ways) than to bring the house on fire and see it reduced to ashes, so I also have had to act that pluto out many times. It’s a neverending phoenix experience to me. Despite my moon in gemini, who wishes to be lighthearted, and fun, i abhor superficiality in relationships. Mercury with venus rx in the 12H is like I speak my heart when I shouldn’t, because I get into a lot of trouble with pluto. Then there’s also neptune aspecting pluto by sextile exact, and mercury/venus by square. I have to die at the end of each close partnership, and I am feel dead inside without one. Pluto seems to be my other half, and I have no idea how to make him trust because the more I say, the more I’m guilty, always. ah well. when there’s a will there’s a way, they say. I’m not sure about that

    1. marc/venus square neptune and quincunx to pluto, they all seem perfect in the beginning, they all seem different from the ones that came before… ? until red flags show up everywhere and im too deep already to get out.
      I have many grim stories to tell. Perhaps I write a book some day!

  22. Pluto sq. Mercury exact.

    I’m suspicious of everything, often believe there are ulterior motives from others, and can be super secretive for no good reason. When positive I can find out anything I need to and unearth deeper meanings, when negative I assign blame and motives where none exist and mess up relationships. I’ve had to teach myself to take people at their word, and sometimes I still haven’t learned.

    1. It’s troubling for relationships with such an aspect in the natal indeed, second guessing the meaning and so on but one can’t *always* take people at their word since some can lie and say whatever with an underlying purpose. For me it’s easier to watch their actions and how they behave with others in general and go from there.

  23. With a scorpio sun , saturn and mercury square pluto, first impressions have no weight with me, I observe, I dig deep. It takes a lot for me to trust.

  24. I like pluto energy usually, have Mercury/Mars/Pluto conjunct not that far from my sun, 12 degrees or less, and have Scorpio as MC. I’m secretive and can dig up the dirt, but I don’t tell anyone. It’s for my own personal pleasure, a hobby, if you will. But Pluto on my 24 degree Capricorn ascendant has definitely brought a reckoning in many life areas, especially relationships. Have lost several, close longtime friendships through death or a bad, blowout fight. My mom died last year, a hard blow. But I got an inheritance (wasn’t Jupiter around Capricorn about that time?) so I can finally do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Pluto is back on my ascendant again, so now what? Can’t really ready myself for Pluto, just gotta roll and flow with the energy.

  25. Mercury 28 Aquarius, conjunct 3 degree Pisces Sun in the seventh house, opposite 1 degree Pluto in Virgo in the first house. I live with this every day. I think of it as a superpower, psychic surgeon, straight to the core of what matters. Along with Aries Moon and Leo rising, direct and heart centered. Venus in the 6th at 1 degree Aquarius, Pallas Athene on the mid heaven opposite third house Jupiter, Neptune, North Node in early Scorpio. Focused on healthy family, community, plant medicine, gardening and the natural world is my passion, a balanced unity my goal!

  26. Mercury Cap in 9th trine Pluto Virgo in 5th, mostly air and fire otherwise, so very direct. Not at all suspicious, have trouble reconciling my naivety, and expected goodwill of others, with the darker side of life, not good for the nervous system.
    Being the one who can see that the ‘Emperor has no clothes on’, and calling it, gets me into so much trouble.

  27. This is one of my all time favorite songs whether it is the Elvis, Waylon Jennings & Jessie Colter, or Fine Young Cannibals. Mercury in Scorpio

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