Body Memories: Working With The Ethereal When In Distress


If you’ve suffered physical trauma, you may or may not be aware the body stores these memories. This may be a bit hard to believe but some people see the old wounds show on their body in some way.

I’ve experienced this. I see it as a Saturn Neptune phenomena. To be specific, I was in a therapy group in my 20’s. We’re sitting around talking; it was pretty intense. I felt something on my leg so I glanced at it. There was clearly defined, raised, belt-buckle-shaped welt on my leg.

This was good! We all saw it. Had I been by myself, I might have thought I was crazy. Instead, I took this to be my body, sending me information.  To be clear, it was not a generic belt buckle shape. I recognized the buckle! I knew exactly what I was looking at.

I am writing about this now, because Saturn is in Pisces; that’s a Saturn Neptune exchange. Mars’ transit through Virgo will provoke Saturn over the next two weeks or so.  Saturn in Pisces will be lit, activated, aggravated, triggered.  

I’ve already seen something like this manifest.  My client had a red rash on her face, that looked like a rash.

“Who slapped you?” I asked.

This gal has a psych background and put it together, instantly.  She knew exactly whose slap was showing up on her face, decades after the fact.

This is pretty shocking and I realize the the odds it manifests in this way are low, however, the general way to see this is broadly applicable.  Specifically, your body is informing you of something.  It is helping you. Yes, this is “out-of-bounds” (Pisces), but it is also real (Saturn).

When you’re in distress, it’s often tied to something deep in your psyche, wanting to surface and become conscious.  These things can more easily escape, with Saturn in Pisces as the boundaries on everything become filmy.  Mars is associated with courage; Virgo deals with the intellect. If something like this happens to you, why not try to figure it out?

You probably wouldn’t do that unless it occurred to you, your body is working with you and for you, rather than wrecking you with an intent to cause harm. My point here is phenomena like this is not random. It contains good and helpful information so if you run into some strangeness (of any kind) over the next couple weeks, see if you can’t use it to heal and resolve an issue.

It’s a “God talkin'” two weeks ahead. You know what they say. Pick up the phone.

Have you ever had a body memory or other real/unreal phenomena occur n your life?

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  1. Definitely. The animal attacks continue. They target a 35 year old wound. Right on the darn scar. I chalk it up to the animals intelligence of targeting weakness- to take me down. lol. I look at my chart to decipher the pattern. Looks like Pluto on my virgo ascendant gets tapped easily since Mars squares them both.

    1. I would say, I healed as I moved. But I did hit a wall in my 20’s and I had to go to therapy, weekly, for three years. I worked hard in therapy, with two different therapists who were both very good. I’d say I was lucky on that front. The determination was my own but finding the right person is a big key.

      So now I am the “right person” and it all comes around. I am the legacy of these two great therapists… that’s another way to see it.

  2. YES YES YES! Pay absolute concentrated attention to all your aches and pains and accidents! Your body is a living library of memories! If you want to learn more about it, you can look up books by Louise Hay. “Heal Your Body” is my go to.
    And a question: would you talk about Venus and mars conjunct in the natal in Virgo? I’m anticipating a return of sorts in H3. Also have south node conjunct but on the third house cusp. Lately in more contact with siblings…

  3. Trigger warning: rape story ahead. From the ages 25-37, once a week or sometimes if I was lucky, once a month, I would wake up early in the morning with severe nausea, and vomit profusely (and out the other end, too), at least six times back and forth to the toilet over the course of a couple of hours. I had to call in sick at work many times, but would be fine by the afternoon.

    It was exhausting and lasted 12 years… until I was raped and spoke out about it very publicly (this was ten years before MeToo). Speaking out about being raped was the cure to my 12 years of early morning pukefests. Nothing else worked, and believe me, I tried everything to cure this mysterious disease, from natural healing to psychotherapy (seeing a therapist post-rape was not helpful, either).

    I suspect my body needed to purge all the abuse I was subjected to by parents and several men in my life. I usually fought back against my parents abuse of me, and yelled at a few ahole guys who violated me, but perhaps it wasn’t loud and forceful enough for my body to heal. Speaking out so publicly about the worse violation cured me of that physical illness for life. I’ve only felt nauseous a couple of times since my rape 15 years ago, but have never vomited since then. It astounds me.

    The body works in mysterious ways, so if the doctor/therapist/you can’t figure out the reason for your illness or strange eruption, time will reveal the reason and cure.

  4. Oh, this is too good(!) 🙂 I have a 1 degree Virgo Sun that just squeaked into my 11th house by the thinnest of margins:) In 2011 I fell off a wheeled chair I was standing on to water a plant, slipped on a cat scratcher & broke my wrist falling backwards onto a tile floor. I was in a BIG hurry to go someplace I KNEW I didn’t belong any longer but I WAS GOING TO GO ANYWAY:):). In fact, I was so set(pun intended) on it, that I refused to accept that my wrist might actually be broken, that it was probably just dislocated & I could shake it back into place before the pain kicked in & be on my way (can I add Mars in Libra conjunct ascendant opposing an Aries Moon?hahhaha).
    Of course, it didn’t work. Everyone who lived in my house was out of town at the time so I drove myself to the hospital. Almost midnite when they let me out, I filled the pain meds at the all night drugstore & got home to find they had given a one armed person a child proof cap, even though my records clearly request not to do this in any case.

    Fast forward to this morning, with Mars moving to conjuct my Sun & Saturn opposing it all, Pluto Quincunx my Uranus, I was surprised to find the same wrist hurting. Shortly before sitting down to read Elsa, I slammed the same bone on the edge of an upper kitchen cabinet (a feat in itself, & now typing with my whole arm hurting :).

    My plans for the rest of this day off were to sit down & rethink where I am in a number of areas & make a plan….you can’t make this stuff up….:):)

    1. Avatar
      Debby in Kansas

      Do you think that all body traumas are a sign that you don’t belong there? I’m writing down all if my breaks and falls.

      1. No, not at all:) As the years have passed and I’ve become more in tune with this amazing starship I occupy I’ve found mine run the gamut from just life on earth (maybe you aren’t paying attention when closing that car door:), to the profound (you are so disconnected from your soul path that finally, finally, your body or spirit stepped in, sometimes, to “save” your life:))

        To me what you ask is a complex question, whose answer will be unique, like your astrological chart, to each individual. What I do know is, that since I became more able to meet my body on it’s own terms & ways of communicating, especially in dreams, it has become one of my closest allies in living a deeper, richer life, more in alignment with the soul path in my chart….:)

  5. I have quite a few headaches and sore throats. Moon in the 12th trine Neptune in 4th. The Neptune opposite Mars/Mercury in the 10th. I also have Kassandra sitting directly on the Mercury. So I was not and still not allowed to talk about the trauma that happened with my family.

    It’s actually culturally unacceptable to say anything that is considered negative against your own family in the community especially if you’re a female. I have black moon Lilith in the 10 some degrees away and so I’ve spoken about things but I still have sore throats all the time I think as a result of being expected and told not to say things.

  6. I survived something that in all likelihood should have killed me, and all I have are body memories. I have anterograde and retrograde amnesia around the actual physical trauma. My body started speaking up, loudly, about 10 years after the fact, aka “When the body says no.” Allodynia and near constant headaches still persist. I’ve worked extremely hard to make peace with my injuries, and I will continue to chip away at it – I expect for as long as I live. I trust God has a plan for me and that’s what keeps me going. Otherwise I have no clue what I’m doing here.

  7. 23 degree Aries Sun here…As a baby i was dropped down a flight of stairs by my eleven year old half-sister and landed on my forehead. My loving dad often mentioned it and pointed out an unusual shape when I raise my eyebrows. No headaches, but at age fifty that crack started opening up. One night in meditation, I was told that Zoe had thrown me not dropped me, (to punish my mum who was her unloving step-mother.) It was so awful living with that unhappy family that as a primary school child, I used to float out to sea and ask to be taken but the tide always brought me back. They are all forgiven now, but it took a long time. Now, at 80, my right kidney is speaking up. (Am soothing it with apple cider vinegar and honey in hot water. ) In Indonesia I was told that the kidneys are the crisis organ. I’ve been involved in the healing of others since age 21 and Pluto is transiting my Cap ascendant as we speak. : ))

  8. Fascinating and timely discussion, thanks everyone. Very moving.
    I’ve been reading Elizabeth Strout’s Lucy Barton books, avidly of late. Compulsively almost.

    The central character Lucy comes from a deprived and dreadfully abusive background, & family. In the latest book, Lucy By The Sea, Lucy is around my age now, (I’m 68) and is repeatedly through the story, revisiting her past, exploring and detailing how it’s repercussions are still impacting her.

    After years of being active and busily capable (and probably neurotic), I’m only now consciously re-experiencing the suffering of my childhood. Previously, an intellectual understanding had kept me separate from the body memories.

    Reading Strout has amplified and validated me, but oh boy, it’s exhausting witnessing and validating my younger self, & I wouldn’t have willingly done this, but my bodysoul is begging to be seen.

    As a child, my unconscious recourse to respite from the interminable stressors was to become ill, it was a way to flip the switch for a time. And I suspect there was a type of munchausens by proxy gain for my street-angel home-devil mother, ( who of course, also held her own untold story )

    Moon Pluto conjunction leo in the 8th., opp mars, squaring Scorp Sun,Venus, Merc & Saturn. Chiron in the first.

    Writing this seems treasonous, but in truth, I need to be loyal to this struggling vehicle I’m in. Much gratitude to all you brave hearts out there.

  9. Yes, agree with Jeanie, – much gratitude to all you brave hearts out there – confronting the injustices you have experienced. With forums that Elsa has provided, we know we are not alone. I was so moved by Niki’s story – I suspect only those who have experienced rape know how devastating it is, and I do wonder how many men have true compassion. Re the body memories:-
    I have always wondered why my thumbnail always has a dent in it. I was very young I had a splinter deep inside my thumb, and my parents took me to an ambulance bay. The ambos sat me down and began working on chipping away at my thumbnail with scalpels I suppose. They cut a deep ‘V’ in my nail, and it was excruciating. My parents sat opposite me smiling, while I choked down the pain. To this day Doctors comment on my ability to tolerate extreme pain.( I don’t tolerate pain, I just keep my mouth shut like I did when I was a kid) I do have Mars conjunct Saturn in Saggitarius

  10. Yup, going through that kind of sh*t right now.

    Also… I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but…
    The trauma is stored in the hips, and our hips is part of and center for the root chakra.

    Our feet and legs connect us to the ground, anchoring us. Without this physical and spiritual anchor, we could not walk. The legs and feet belongs to our root chakra as well.

    The root chakra is about survival, reaching out to other people to connect and get your physical needs met. (Think Maslow’s pyramid of needs).

    It’s about life and death, the womb and our deepest traumas and fears.
    Its color is a deep red, and funnily enough I have no red element in my home. I live on the first floor.
    So now I am buying red items for the home, pillows throws, carpets. I will continue to add more reds where I can. Not light reds, but deep, earthy reds.

    I have discovered that the deep red/dark dark red color have a rather soothing effect. It’s funny, since I have always favoured the blues and greens.

    I am a quadruple Scorpio, and thus the root chakra should be my “go to” gut reaction. But nope, Scorpio is my 9th house, the airy)fiery stuff from Jupiter and being up in the headspace…..

    I will also begin to work with my hips with yoga-inspired stretches of the hips and lower body.
    Old traumas are sticking their head forward to be released, and I want to aid my body as best I can in the process.

    1. I needed to hear that Anette. For me I buried pain (thoughts and feelings) in a way thats been held in by way of a frozen posture causing many decades of decline. I thank you for opening me to this new insight.

      1. I am so glad to hear it. I had a feeling when I wrote my comment, that it would be important for SOMEONE SOMEWHERE.
        I was right. I know you must go through a helluva lot, but I think you are doing the right thing to open up with the physical body posture, stretching and enhancing the body-mind-body-heart connection for yourself. Go for it and the let the rest come with self compassion in your heart. Best of luck to your process! *hugs*

      2. Also: Try to go barefoot in the grass to connect yourself to nature and the earth. It sounds pretty trivial, but the sensitivity in the feet is incredible! And the feeling of walking directly on the ground is mind opening and grounding as well 🙂

  11. I just discovered I had a concussion since June 30. The last few weeks were hell as I tried to push through 2 magazine article assignment/deadlines. My brain wasn’t working. Duh! Since this came to light in a bodywork session, omg pain! How did I not know how badly hurt I was?!? Well, it activated a concussion of my teen age years 60 years ago. Now I’m on a serious rest & sleep advisory for a few weeks. (Mercury T on my Pluto N opp Mercury N?) I’m claiming a complete healing! Scared me…thought I was heading into dementia & w 6 air planets, well, scary!!
    Also taking on a Venus retrograde T to 1st house. 40 days of painting in my studio. But gently!

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