Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously

logic boardSometimes I talk to someone who has all three outer planets transiting their chart at the same time. I’m not talking about opening up the orbs so wide, this situation becomes usual.  I’m talking about tight orbs; three hardcore outer planet transits hitting you at once.

This was a common scenario back in 2019-20 when Uranus and Pluto we’re conjunct.  If you were hit by one you were hit by the other.  If transiting Neptune was active as well; there you go.  I don’t think if coincidental, this is also when I started seeing people in insanely complex situations.

Err…shocking (Uranus), disorienting (Neptune), unfathomable (Pluto) situations.

If this happened to you back then, you had some company. If it’s happening to you now, you probably do not have company.

Also, because the outer planets are in different signs, if you have this going on, it’s like getting hit from three directions, where each impact sets off a chain reaction. In a word?  Tears.  Maybe not every minute but in most cases, three simultaneous outer planets transits will blow a person’s logic board at some point.  Keep in mind, this person can have a Saturn transit as well and Mars and whatever.

When I see someone going through this, I want to pick them up and carry them… which of course, does not work.  But I wanted to post this for people who are going through this, or will go through it in the future. It’s not your fault, you know?

Have you ever had all three outer planets transit your chart, simultaneously? 

23 thoughts on “Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously”

  1. In 2010:
    Pluto stationed on my Ascendent/Chiron conjunction.
    Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct on my Sun which is natally exactly opposite my Saturn.
    Neptune had opposed my Moon by sign, not exactly by degree at the time the previous 2 transits were active. Also interesting even though not outer planets: Mars was transiting my midheaven and Saturn was squaring my Uranus and my Ascendent/Chiron and opposing natal mercury.

    For a few years prior I had been on a campaign to surface some unethical activity/actors at my employer, hoping to bring about a kind of coup to get rid of the bad and bring in the good. So naive! Around this time I realized it was hopeless and possibly dangerous and hatched a plan, not only to quit, but to move across the country. Oh, and have 2 foot operations before my health care ran out. It was the most intense time. I am leaving out a lot!

    1. Forgot to mention 2023:
      *Neptune conjunct my Sun
      *Uranus opposite my moon
      *Pluto square my MC and Venus opposition

      Don’t touch that dial!

    2. Hey Aspire,

      Sat/Chiron 12th now. Uranus is close enough to Moon etc. to feel it.

      Neptune(Picses Asc) sextile sun ( l have sun sq. Moon)
      So yes, l can relate.

      Secrets surfacing now.

      False friends ‘self servering Christians’ and they are…if only the little woman knew her place…)
      Low on ethics but they sit in pews.
      And before l get thrown off this site–l like the Quakers and St Francis and their
      values …
      I have cut ties. I wish l could have told ‘one’ he was a bad poet and a wooden actor…l did tell him he was an old man with old ideas and a bore.

      Knee issues too. Happened on the first day of the Ukrainian war.

      Don’t try to be ‘all good’ but hold
      your values. Values can change too –l wont be throwing out ‘consideration for others’ but some l will not be considering at all. You see l know their charts and l know what is coming. I am buying popcorn.

  2. It looks like I’ll be in that boat very soon. I have Pluto and Neptune currently transiting and Uranus with be joining in. Not all harsh aspects though, so hopefully it won’t be awful.

  3. Moon, Saturn and Pluto natally in Libra, 8th house.

    Sun, Venus, mercury and Jupiter between 19 and 21 degrees Scorpio 8th/9th house (Placidus)

    Mars, Juno and south node between 4-10 degrees Capricorn, 11th house.

    Let’s say natal Saturn is conjuct natal Pluto as well.

    Let’s say 12th house is in Capricorn.

    You do the math from 2017 up untill now, with Saturn/Pluto going rock hard against Libra planets.

    Ascendant at 2 degrees Aquarius.

    Let’s put it this way:


    At least They were also sextiling my Scorpio planets, but he’ll and damnation, this has been harsh!
    I can’t wait till 2025

    1. *Hell !!!

      Plus – Neptune is now making his square to himself in Sag, so classic midlife showstopper going on as well…. Yiiihaa!

    2. I feel ya. 28 degree Cap and it’s been challenging awful since 2008. I now have Pluto in my 1st house for the rest of my life. I’m 57 except when it retrogrades later this year back in cap.

    3. My beautiful, very ambitious daughter will have Pluto in the 1st house this year ! Shes planning to graduate college, get married to her fiance and get her career during this transit . Im so excited ! shes going to be a firecracker !

      1. I am very much looking forward to have my own powers back again soon. These past years I have been giving so much power to others to obtain anything for myself. I have done it more or less consciously but boy, am I looking forward to get some of it back now!

        Good luck to your daughter! I am hoping to re-kickstart my career now 😉

  4. Uranus op my Mercury (within 3 degrees right now and felt)

    Pluto sq my Venus almost exact right now.

    Then Pluto will square my whole stellium one planet at a time. (All early Scorpio planets) (I can feel it on my sun now)

    Pluto will land in my 8th house for the rest of my life. No way to get out of it. I will witness devastating loss and experience devastating personal loss and health issues until my time is over.

    Did I mention how much fun Saturn has been in my 8th or the fun I had when it squared my moon? That kind of depression is for the books! I mean the mental (Aquarius) torture is what nightmares are made of.

    Don’t let me forget to mention when Uranus was conjunct my moon and op my stellium. Wooooweeeee a move to a place where I don’t know a soul … a 4th house-r living w/o my family.

    This has been one heck of a ride. That I got up laughing at something funny this morning is a testament to a true understanding of what living in a hellscape is. I have decided… fight me. Bring it. I am going to do it anyway. Stubborn people do not give up. You’re going to have to go ahead and kill me. Good luck. I am a Scorpio sun/Taurus Moon. Come here with it! (wink)

    Wait. Did I mention I have Mars in Gemini while Mars has been in Gemini for months on end… and oh the RX was a blast (insert sarcasm)

    Oh… and a Cancer rising in Op to the fun Pluto in my 7th that annihilated my relationships.

    I am still not sure which one killed both of my parents within a month of each other. I suspect Saturn and Pluto got together with Uranus and decided… BOOM. Let’s just completely blow the lid off her life…

    I am unrecognizable. And the party just got started.

    When I see someone going through this, I want to pick them up and carry them.
    You already do, Elsa. (grateful)

    1. Im a Gen X age 50 whos facing Pluto going into my 8th house. I was terrified at first, as I have a few family members that will age out naturally as they are getting old, but I read you can transmute the 8th house into something deep and spiritual, Its my goal for this transit.

  5. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto… (And nodal return). All lighting up personal planets. Intense, but not the first time I get simultaneous hits. Just the way the natal is set up, I guess.

  6. Yes, Pluto is currently squaring my Mercury, Uranus is opposing my Mars and Neptune has just finished trining my Venus.
    Uranus, well, I just don’t know what will happen next – Mars rules my 4th and my living situation is all over the place, literally have no clue where I will end up. Pluto is not helping matters, squeezing down on my Mercury, giving me dark thoughts about all of it.
    I’m grateful Neptune has eased off my Venus, though it is a trine – I just didn’t know what I wanted, not a clue, but now I’m building a solid idea of what I want, going forward.

  7. Hi Elsa,
    How far out are we looking? I can do a few check ups in Otherwise not sure how to track all of this! And certainly not sure how to interpret. I can tell you it’s been hell with Pluto going through my Second House. If I had no self esteem then I am building it now but it’s been hard. Pluto hit my Venus there at some point. And then must have trined Uranus because though my situation was a shocking upheaval, I must have had support from Saturn because though it’s been hell I breezed through other than my work ending with a forced retirement due to an unforeseen dwelling eviction (property had sold) and a move I never would have made to another city if it hadn’t been the only place to go due to responsibilities to that property. And wanting to stay with the person I e known for 40 years. I’m still standing.

    Soup! OMG. You sound like you really took and are taking some hits! I send you good thoughts and commend you for your bravery!

  8. Currently:

    Neptune conjunct moon/pluto opposition, trine Scorp stellium

    Uranus conjunct saturn/mars opposition

    Saturn square Scorp stellium, conjunct NN/MC

    Pluto trine Pluto, sextile Scorp stellium

    It’s hard to describe. A lot of churning and burning, having the rug pulled out from underneath and then learning to fly. Frenemies. Slow to no progress then an earthquake. Waiting for the other shoe (or the other or the other) to drop but it won’t… yet. Letting myself get talked into crap responsibility and out of what I really should be doing.
    I already feel how I’m going to have to set firm emotional boundaries with Saturn in Pisces. People are going to have to own their brushfires.

    I’ve always been an outer planet transit girl being born with Pluto in late Virgo, Uranus mid Libra and Neptune late Scorpio. No escape.

    In the early ’90’s I had Neptune and Uranus conjunct my Sun in Cap while Pluto ran roughshod over said Scorp stellium. Saturn was churning through those same areas of my chart 6 through 9 and when it finally got to Pisces in the 10th I caught a break from the chaos. Those were strange times with an interesting cast of characters, some of whom became life long friends. I was very artsy and bohemian. More my authentic self then. I’m trying to take back that part of me since I have failed miserably at fulfilling the roles our patriarchal society has expected of me.

    I have to think more about Uranus conjunct Saturn in my 12th for this

  9. Neptune (transiting my 6th house) is heading towards Squaring my 27° Gemini Sun.
    Pluto is about to trine my 0° Libra ascendant.
    Uranus is sextile my Cancer Mercury/Mars.
    Chiron has been sitting on my 13° Aries Moon.
    Saturn is about to move into my 6th house…
    It’s been a lot and I’m sure it’s about to be a lot more…

  10. Had it then, have it now, have it in my natal. The concentrated pressure of 2019-2021 was just…incomparable to anything I’d ever felt before, and since.

    The difference now is that the planets are making a variety of aspects to my chart (trines and oppositions), whereas at that time it was harsh aspect after harsh aspect. There was just no relief until the planets moved on and then it took most of a year afterwards to find my way out of the apathy and numbness it had left me in. I’m enjoying this time, though I’d never imagined I’d be where I am now, esp a few years ago!

  11. I’ve been living with this for at least the last three years.
    Uranus has been conjunct my Sun since 20.
    Hell it’s still only 3 degrees away now!
    Neptune is n has been just sitting there squaring my Venus.
    Saturn has both conjuncture Moon n Mars but has most recently opposed Pluto n Jupe.
    Pluto has simultaneously squared my 1st house Neptune whilst opposing my 10th house Uranus.
    It’s been one big helluva party over here.

    The biggest thing I’ve notice most is illusion/delusion.
    I must pay attention.
    Most things aren’t what they seem despite desperate attempts to prove otherwise.
    I’m powerless over most things except me.
    And don’t settle in to anything right through.
    Everything is up for revision.
    There’s always the possibility of an ‘everything must go’ sale as it relates to stability or trying to ‘hold on’ to certain things.
    I must remain limber n ready to go if need be.

  12. Uranus is closely square my Sun.
    Neptune is closing in on my Venus.
    Pluto is closely square my Rising.

    I’m still “settling in” (HA HA) after my move.

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