7 thoughts on “Lecture #10 Commitment-Phobia Case study – Charlie Sheen”

  1. This is an excellent series Elsa!
    Funny how in the show “Two and a Half Men” he also acted like his Sag Moon signature-never committing and going through women like there was no tomorrow- until Rose, his Psychiatrist stalking neighbor, won his heart. She played games and manipulated trying to get him to “see” he loved her. Maybe she was a Scorpio who wanted what she couldn’t have?

    1. ah lol she was portrayed by Melanie Lynskey, interestingly enough, her chart is Double taurus, with aries venus/aries mars; doubly stubborn and wants to conquer -mars. ^^

      charlie sheens’ scorpio mars(sex) went all out, too; and saw he has a libra venus for partnering as well as his 7th house. he will never be alone. me and my husband think he’s super funny during his peak years even long ago when he was still a young comedian. like “hot shots” and similar. he has this goofyness that is just hilarious and stupidly so.

      1. oh wow i noticed he has a gemini rising. Gemini’s can be super funny too like their opposition sag. Just like Jim Carrey: cap sun/gemini moon.

        1. That is so interesting about Melanie’s planets too! I honestly think sometimes, Hollywood uses astrology to help with casting.
          I agree Charlie is a really good comedian and also has that quick Virgo Mercury thing going for him. It is sad he messed his life up with drugs.

  2. Hi Elsa,

    I am enjoying this series but can only access episodes 1 through 10 here and on YouTube. Please guide me to the remaining episodes.


    1. There are a total of 17 videos split into 6 sections. I am posting them one section at a time. The next four videos will be live by tomorrow, latest.

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