Mars In Leo – Drama Now!

zorroMars will ingress into Fire sign, Leo on May 20, 2023. People with Mars in Leo are driven by their heart to act valiantly, with panache. Mars in Leo gets what it wants by getting your attention. These people are not wallflowers!

Mars in Leo is prone to grand display of prowess in any form. It describes an actor who commands the stage.

Mars in Leo will bestow a large or generous gift on a person in part due how it reflects on him or her. No one likes a cheap King or Queen! Mars in Leo knows this so typically gifts are significant. If there’s a dinner invitation it will be to somewhere nice, where a person can be seen.

Fights with Mars in Leo are dramatic.  The show is everything. While Mars in Leo wants to slay the dragon as much as anyone else, they will lose a battle if they know the camera will end the show, fixed on them as they wither and die!

Being the star is the thing and what the hell?  Cut the lights and the dead actor pops up, ready for their next film.

How do you feel about Mars in Leo?

8 thoughts on “Mars In Leo – Drama Now!”

  1. My Mars in Capricorn wants to bottom lines it asking is it effective? Yet I can appreciate the entertainment factor in a group endeavor. I worked with a guy who wasn’t the best modelmaker (what we were doing) but was always doing things that were entertaining or contributing to the fun (in a non distracting way while we were doing it. We had management that seemed to get his unofficial role for awhile and the work got done and there was a fun.

  2. My Mars is in Leo 29th degree 12th house and at 61 yrs old I have never liked being the center of attention! I guess that is my 12th house showing!

  3. Thank you for this. My husband’s natal Mars is in Leo, as is his NN (sun in Aries). Oddly, this is not a placement I’ve really looked into before, but this sounds quite familiar! It helped me understand him a little bit better, you rock Elsa. I say bring it on, sounds like fun.

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    James Slattery

    This hits home with my Venus/Mars/Uranus 6th house stellium in Leo at 12′. I enjoy drama from any source and have given out my share but being in the Virgo natural house I may stick more with wordplay/clever sarcasm than physicality and my performance is tastefully understated ( I hope!) and not too brutal. Only once or twice has it become nasty. Haha

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    Jennifer L Hillman

    My natal setup is with Mars in Leo in the 5th, trining my Sun in Sag in the 9th and Aries rising. Lots of fire in me. Fights with my sisters were dramatic, yet ended with laughter. I love having fun and helping others out. I do have a lot of drive to get things done with this activated. Your description feels right to me.

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