8 thoughts on “Lecture #11 Why Aquarians Avoid Commitment”

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    Can Taureans and Aquarian natures partner? I always think Taureans end up being controlling…

    may be Taureans find aquarian types ‘unsafe’

    But my scorpio stellium experiences taurean placements as ‘home’

    LOVE these videos! Double love on the practical / how to solutions!

    THANK YOU 😊🌹

    1. i’ve seen a couple taurus and aquarius famous couples. Look at George Clooney (taurus sun,capricorn moon,pisces rising) with his wife, Aquarius sun/Sagittarius moon/cancer mars. ^^

      and another famous couple, Aquarius sun, Libra moon Virgo rising Elizabeth Banks is with a Double taurus husband, but i notice he has aquarius mars. and maybe something else. But i do notice the taurus and libra there for understanding (venus connection). And her taurus husband has aquarius.

      the videos are great!! always good to have similarities. the same with the other videos with sagittarius and virgo, they have to have some kindred spirit.

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        So I need to find someone with taurean plus aquarian signatures πŸ˜„

        Thanks for the examples! I always thought that George Clooney and wife weren’t the most ‘natural’ couple… But hey they seem to be making it work!

        MAY BE progressed planets helped??! I mean i understand Sagittarius aspects so much more after my progressed sun moved to Sagittarius..

        1. he seems like he’d be hard to tie down. total bachelorhood for years. He has that 11th house moon. lol so i think that her uranus qualities make him feel as if he needs more surprises and excitement but also be steady and stable (taurus/capricorn) he does have aries venus (needs excitement and conquer lol) & leo mars (drama with some style) xD so perhaps his aries/leo loves her sagittarius (trine)
          and they got the capricorn/cancer age difference too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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            nicely done!

            You literally managed to explain them πŸ˜€

            11th house moon is a nice catch! I tend to look at house placements as an afterthought..

            also aries venus would dig that fighting for justice angle!

            wanna do Eric Winter and Roselyn Sanchez next!? πŸ˜€

            I recently discovered a show called ‘The Rookie’ and I am OBSESSED ( venus in scorpio here, not kidding πŸ˜€) with Eric Winter πŸ˜€

            but I think I am more in love with their relationship πŸ˜€

            they have a nice grand trine and mystic rectangle in either composite or synastry charts

            They also have the SWEETEST podcast I have ever come across !

            if you EVER needed proof of the Taurean view in fidelity …




            just ignore me, if u r not too into it πŸ˜€

            It’s my passing phase πŸ˜€

            It’s SO nice to meet you Elisa! πŸ™‚

            1. hiya confusionconfusion lol
              well i’m just trying to learn. and i read alot, but alot of revelations come later, as an afterthought. Actually i dont know who Eric Winter is, or Roselyn Sanchez but i did go google them. they have alot of aries between them. I’ll have to go check out their podcast πŸ˜€ i actually was shocked at their convo at twitter lol I dont really like that kind of relationship they’re talking about but i understand they’re trying to shock. I used to watch another couple’s podcast years ago. Jenna & Bodhi Elfman. they have a nice marriage. Relaxing and funny and sweet. He’s a Cancer and she’s a Libra. Interestingly to go with the topic, she’s got alot of aquarius lol and hidden in 12th house. he doesn’t have much air, except for gemini venus and jupiter libra. but maybe his houses explain alot more.

  2. I’m Aquarius sun, Uranus makes an 8 degree conjunction to my AC and is conjunct my moon. I’d never really had problems finding partner to date and have had several long term partners. They all did like my quirks but most of the time I ended them when I started to feel like I was being controlled or tested. There were a couple where we mutually agreed to split.

    Overall, I did have the belief that having a partner/base/foundation who would be there if I changed course, hobbies, philosophies, etc., was beneficial. I finally married at 43, a Cancer whose sun is opposite mine. I think no matter what, marriages help you grow.

    I also have a lot of earth, including Venus in Capricorn.

    I know I would have benefited from this video decades ago but I don’t regret anything πŸ˜ƒ

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